Here is the page for the 100th Hunger Games tributes. If you would like to enter a tribute, please comment on the actual page for the Hunger Games. Thank you.


District 0


Name: Comet Ash (D0 Male)

Skills: Swords, Archery, Knives, Hiding, Climbing, Surviving the cold

Weaknesses: His love for Venus, Hot and humid climates

Strategy: Make sure he gets Venus out of the arena alive. He is willing to do anything for her, and wants badly for her to become the victor.

Personality: Overconfident from time to time, but is mostly calm. He never hesitates to crack a sarcastic joke, but never at his own expense. He is very athletic, spry, and strong; and he certainly knows it.

History (if you want it): From District 0, the astrology and meteorology district. When he was 13, he fell head over heels for the mayor's daughter, Venus Blizzard. But she already had a boyfriend. Eventually, Comet worked his way up to being her best friend, and he found out that her boyfriend was abusing her. So he stood up to him for Venus and broke his nose, winning Venus's affection. They've been going out for 2 years, and Comet and Venus were both reaped, neither volunteered. His father is a scientist and his mother is an astrologist. He has no siblings. Comet planned to marry Venus the day after their last reaping, but this plan was blown to pieces when they were reaped. He plans to propose to her during his interview.


Name: Venus Blizzard (D0 Female)

Skills: Bow and Arrow, Her intellect (she is intuitive and very inventive)

Weaknesses: Her love for Comet. She is not very strong or good with weapons, and cannot stand up for herself.

Strategy: Ally with her boyfriend, Comet. She doesn't want to kill anyone, and plans on outsmarting the other tributes. She knows that Comet has more of a chance to win then her, and she will do anything to ensure his victory.

Personality: Very quiet and smart. She is emotional and unable to ever stand up for herself. Boys practically throw themselves at her, and she always has to have someone to love her to make up for her parent's lack of affection. She also suffers from very low self esteem.

History: Lives in District 0, the astrology and meteorology district. Her dad is the mayor and both he and her mother hardly even awkoledge their daughter, though she is their 'prized possession.' Was stuck in an abusive relationship with Mars Len until her best friend Comet stood up for her. The two began dating after that, and have been going out for two years. Venus was reaped at 16 years old, and her 17 year old ex-boyfriend was then reaped, so Comet volunteered to save her.

District 1


Tribute: Sylvio Mattnake

District: 1

Gender: Male

Strengths: Sylvio is very good with many things, but his main strenght is his physical strenght. He can lift heavy weights and now and then, and don't get tired of doing that easily. He also is really good running. His speed is amazing and everyone in his district knows that if they need someone fast enough to run for hours, they will for sure select Sylvio. Weapon of Choice: Sylvio is really good with weaponry, and he can work with many of them. He can work well with swords, being able to slice, cut, rip, shove, stab, and even throw swords at any time of the day. He can also work very well with archery, mainly with a bow and arrow, since his aim is almost perfect.

Personality: He is a wild and loud kid, always around wanting to prank with other people. He is also very athletic, always caring about his health, so he plays and runs a lot every day. He is also mercyless, and if he needs to kill someone, he will do so without hesitate. He loves to watch someone dying, and will not care at all for whatever happens after the kill. He also wants to show the Capitol that he worths it.


Tribute: Belezza Admiravel

District: 1

Gender: Female

Strengths: Belezza is a very-skilled girl, especially with her flexiblity and agility. She is amazingly nimble and flexible compared to the District 1 standards, being able to enter and fit in any small place that she sees. She knows that she knows how to do this, but she does not say that loud. She is also very beautiful and charming, and pretends that herself is a "dumb blonde", but ends up controlling other people.

Weapon of Choice: Belezza is amazingly good with long-range weapons, but the main one is her throwing axes. She can throws axes as no o ne else does in the district, having a incredible aim and accuracy while throwing them. But, as a good career tribute, can also work with weapons. Out of the other ones, the spear is one that she can work well. She can spear and even stab deeply using a spear. Personality: She is that usual district 1 girl, who loves to be charming and seducting all the time around. No one in her district can deny that she is really beautiful, and she uses that in her favour. She is secretly very intelligent and strategic, but she pretends herself as "a dumb blonde", and the boys think that they are controlling her, but she is oversmarting them, controlling them as well. She hopes no one will discover her secret, so she stays quiet and silent for all the day.

District Two


Name: Fernando Llan

Age: 15

Info: Fernando is very sarcastic and likes to make comments about other tributes. The Careers find him funny and entertaining but he isn't the joker... Not by a long way! He loves to train and he wants to be the tribute who ends the Games in the shortest time.

Weapon: Sword, Hammer and Axe

Token: Nothing because Fernando has nothing he wants to take with him.


Name: Matilda Mir

Age: 18

Info: She is one of the fiercest tributes in any of the Games. She started training for the games when she was six by throwing kitchen kinvies around the house. Matilda is quick and clever than most tributes and knows a wide range of survival skills as well as how to use weapons.

Weapon: Throwing Knives

Token: Nothing as Matilda doesn't want anything to distact her in the arena.

District Three


Age: 15

District: 3

Weapon: An electric weapon if he can make one, otherwise a sword

Strengths: Alec is a smart kid who knows how to fight for himself. He also has very good endurance because, unlike many from Three, he knows how to swim quite well.

Weaknesses: Alec has little experience in hand-to-hand combat. He's also kind of small for his age.

Personality: Alec is truly a nice kid. He's kind of quiet around those he doesn't know well, but his friends find him funny (though he doesn't really know why). He doesn't want to kill, but he understands the dangers he faces and the choices he must make to survive.

Strategy: Fly under the radar during training. In the games, analyze everything before making any important decisions. Attempt to construct an electric trap or other weapon if the materials to do so are available.

Token: Nonfunctional electromagnet

History: Alec had a high potential in Three, but was largely ignored. He moved out of his own house at age 13 because his parents spent all their money pampering his younger sister and he barely had enough for food. Now he works at a tough job paying just enough to get by until he finishes his schooling, at which point he will work as an engineer to design medical tools for District 3's hospital. Also, he knows how to fly a hovercraft.


Age: 15

District: 3

Weapon: Bow

Strengths: Olivia is very intelligent and will try to predict the Careers' actions. She is also great at hiding, and she will work with a bow in training.

Weaknesses: Olivia isn't very fast or strong, and while she's okay with a bow she's not very good in close combat.

Personality: From the outside, Olivia seems like a quiet sort of girl, but once you get to know her, you will find her to be funny and quite caring. She tries to make the best out of every situation.

Strategy: Work alone unless approached by another tribute. Hide in the trees and don't be afraid to pick people off with a bow.

Token: Glasses

History: Olivia is a pretty normal girl who lives a pretty normal life. She does well in school and is generally optimistic. After school, if she has time, she will volunteer at the district orphanage. She's gotten to know the people there quite well and always feels good about helping out. Although she knows it's unrealistic, her dream is to one day become a hovercraft pilot for the Capitol.

District Four


Name:River Blue

District: 4

Age: 17

Weapons: Tridents, swords, nets, knife, spears.

Skills: Coming from District 4, River is skilled with a trident and net but River also took Career training, which taught him how to use a sword, knife and spear. River's strong and fast, so he excells at hand-to-hand combat.

Strategy: Career, try to kill others as much as he can. Run into battles headfirst. Fight to the death.

Token: His headband in the lunaii above.

Weaknesses: Idiot. He has no skills in planning or strategy so he will have to rely completly on Careers and its leader. He also doesn't know how to be hungry. Cocky.

Personality: Evil, dumb. Brave, cocky.

History: River has the classic Career life. He comes from a rich family were they gae him whatever he wanted. He went to training. River thinks he's so cool. He has a mom, dad and a older brother named Stream (19).


Name:Karen Ripple

District: 4

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Weapon(s): Karen is from District 4, and because of this Karen knows how to use a trident and net. Karen has also taken Career training and learned how to use knives (throwing and close combat), swords or any size (Preferably smaller though, since Karen isn't that strong), spears (Again, throwing and close combat), maces, bows and arrows.

Skills: Karen is your classic District 4 Career tribute. Karen is skilled with naything relating to District 4, from fishing, to tying knots, from swimming to tridents. Karen is used to warm weather and high tempertures don't bother her. Karen is a fast runner, which she will use to make up for her weaknesses of strength. Karen is very athletic, she can climb trees, run long distances and fight. Karen is smart enogu hto knwo not to lead the Careers, but rather be a member. Karen can identify edible and nonedible plants, as long as they are from tropical climates. Karen is also very sneaky and light on her feet in a fight and is not afraid to play dirty, often taking note of other tributes weaknesses and exploiting it in battle. She is good at lieing and pretending to like people, such as other Careers, while she's planning on betraying them in their sleep.

Strategy: Karen isn't a volunteer, planning to wait one more year, but was reaped instead. Karen doesn't mind though and plans on putting a excited expression on her face. She'll pretty mcuh jsut listen to her mentor and do whatever her stylist tells her to do for the cahriot rides. During training Karen will join the Careers. Meanwhile, she's going to scope out the competition, noting strengths and weaknesses. During the interviews Karen will wear a mini dress that shows off her thin body. She'll act playful with Caesar, but not flirty. During the bloodbath Karen will dash for the cornucopia choosing a knife over a trident at first, planning to run through the fights, stabbing unsespecting tributes in the back. After the bloodbath Karen will grab her prefered weapons and use those to hunt down tributes. She'll set up net traps around the Career's supplies so that no one can steal from them. In the finale battle Karen will turn on any tribute, allies, enemies and even the little 12 year olds. Karen will wipe the comeptition off the board, ensuring her victory.

Token: A silver charm braclet; the charms are random such as hearts, peace signs, puppies, etc.

Weaknesses: Karen is very cocky, often running head first into fights and traps, too eager to fight, too confident in her skills. Karen has been well fed throughout her life, and with out food, Karen will sucumb to the hunger pains earlier then any other tribute would. Karen also has deep insecurities. Cold climates.

History: Karen was born into a very walthy District 4 family. Her father owns the biggest factory where they can the fish. Karen's paretn's gave her everything she ever wanted; a private Career trainer, a pony, the newest clothes and when she turned 16, one of the newest models of cars, straight from the Capitol. Karen was always saguht after by guys at school. She made sure she was always slim, tanned and make-uped so her beauty would be multiplied by 10. Karen was always aprat of the popular crowd, gossiping and bullying about other girls.

Personality: Karen is a mean, ruthless girl. She's your classic mean girl; bossy, rude and filled with vanity. Karen thinks she's the most hot, talented, perfect girl to ever hit Panem. Karen looks down on everyone else and doesn't care about anyone's feelings. Karen loves clothes, make up and jeewery and geos shopping constantly. Karen isn't really sporty, she prefers to sit in the bleachers, surrounded by the hottest guys. Karen does not like working and flat out refuses to do so, often throwing severe temper tanturms. Karen is fond of the games, watching every year and sees being reaped as a chance to bring honor to her district.

District Five


Tribute: Carson Anderberg

Age: 15

District: 5

Gender: Male

Strengths: Strong, Fast

Weapon of Choice: Sword, Mace

Personality: Sullen, Unfriendly, Determined

Appearance: 5'11, Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, Attractive, Strong


Tribute: Aleyen Meyer

Age: 14

District: 5

Gender: Female

Strengths: Quick, Agile, Intelligent

Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow

Personality: Quiet, Shy, Kind

Appearance: 5'2, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Slight Build

District Six


Name: Ford Ryder Mercedes

Age: 17

District: 6

Weapon: Saw Ford Mercedes Description: Ford works on cars back home. He is always carrying metal so he has muscle. Ford has to do the buisness alone since his dad is always coming home late drunk. His mom is also Siltori's. Ford doesn't like his mom and voulenteered to leave.


Name: Siltori Alexus Mercedes

Age: 16

District: 6

Weapon: Machete

Description: Scene (Emo hair) and dresses in grey. Siltori doesn't get interest in many things except music which she always listens to during work. She has an artistic thing for art and sings when shes alone. Winning means nothing to her, all she has is a angry step mom who bosses her around. She still tries though, Siltori doesn't want to loose her life because she will get rich and move out.

District Seven


Thorn Darkwater

Age : 18

District : 7

Gender : Male

Appearance :

Personality : Thorn is a sadistic bastard clean through. He loves the prospect of killing and anothers death at his hands. He is an active satanist, he likes to sacrifice living creatures to Satan. In the arena he will give each death at his hands to Satan. He is straight through evil at times, and loves manipulating people and crowds. His mind may be cracked and works in strange ways, but he is sharply intelligent and enjoys playing crazy mind games to others. One of his deadliest weapons are his vocabulary; he can make anyone hurt with his wonderful array of choice cursewords and hurtful phrases. He loves seeking out trouble, and getting into fights.

Weapons : He has trained for the games, so he is able with almost any weapons, except the bizarre ones like catclaws or screwdrives. He has specialized in throwing axes, he is a real killer with them (excuse the pun). He can also fight with axes at close range, though he prefers maces when he is at swinging distance to another tribute. I don´t think words count as weapons, but he is incredible at both manipulating and cussing out others.

Strengths : As stated before, he has trained to compete in the games as he planned to volunteer when he turned eigthteen. He has taught himself how to survive in open wilderness, and he knows a great deal about nature, it´s resorces and dangers. He is very fit and strong, and can wrestle any opponent to the ground. His arms a incredibly strong, so strong that he can kill a weakling with one well aimed punch. He never backs down from challenges, and is determined to death. He is a fantastic people manipulator, he can scare the living shit out of even the toughest of careers. He knows how to act in public, so sponsors won´t be a problem at all.

Weaknesses : He is a selfish and arrogant brute, and will go through the games without any allies. This may work against him, as he can never have his back covered and he has to fend completely for himself, with no help whatsoever. He loves stirring up trouble, and he´ll probably become a target for the careers at once. He is so engrossed and confident in his own abilities, he tends to underestimate his enemies. His great strength comes with a flaw, he is a little on the heavy side. That means he´s not the most agile and he can´t climb threes at all. He can become so focused on killing that he puts his own safety second, and he´s not too good at detecting traps.

Backstory : He lived in District 7 with his parents and two years younger sister, Aurora. He and Aurora didn´t like theri parents too much, they were both drunks and didn´t care for their children. But they were close to eachother, so they managed. He and Aurora worked in the woods, chopping down lumber day and night. But they enjoyed work, it distracted them from their lazy parents. One day Aurora returned from school with a boy, they had apparently gotten together behind Thorn´s back. Thorn didn´t trust Aurora´s boyfriend, he didn´t want her to get hurt. He spent all his spare time stalking them, protecting Aurora he claimed. One day he floowed them as they were having a picnic by the big waterfall in District 7. Aurora´s boyfriend lead her to the edge of the waterfall, and Thorn through that he would psuh her down. He jumpe dout of his hiding spot, and ran at them. He pulled Aurora away, and shoved her boyfriend down the waterfall. The poor guy was acually supposed to propose to Aurora, but instead his corpse got pulled by the currents in the river, forever lost. Afer that, Aurora broke all contact with her brother, and moved into a different part of District 7, never wanting to talk to Thorn again. Thorn began drinking, he felt a little bit more sympathy for his parents now. To set his mind off things, he got into satanism, and often killed animals and humans to sacrifice them to Satan, his parents included. When he was eigthteen, he volunteered for the games, to kill more and bring honor to Aurora. He thinks that if he win, she´ll talk to him again.

Alliance : None

Token : A small leather box with a lock of Aurora´s hair, the last thing he has left of her


Thistel Foxbell

Age : 12

District : 7

Gender : Female

Appearance :

Personality : Thistel is a sweet and kind girl with sympathy for everyone and everything. She is always helpful and understanding, and she never lies. She wants everyone to be happy, especially people who are nice to her. She loves nature almost as much as she loves her family, and she often dissapear into the woods of District 7 for days. Just when people are beginning to get worried, she always appears again. If she sees others alone or ignored, she will run to their aid and befriend them. She is very afraid of large crowds though, as well as the games.

Weapons : Thistel is often out in ine woods for days to end, so she obviously had to learn some combat skills to fend off the wilderness. She is best with the bow, she can keep her arrows steady and accurate even if a huge, rabid wild dog is running at her. She has learned all about the different poisonous plants, and she often kills game by poisoning it´s drinking water. Her last weapon is the blowgun, but she has just began to use it. She mashes a deadly mixture of toxic plants and dips her darts in the juice. One clean shot and it´s good night.

Strengths : She is a fantastic sneak and incredibly strategic, she is good at predicting what her opponent will do next. She knows how to hunt and to track game. She has great knowledge about poisonous and edible plants, and how they differ from eachother. She can jump and swing from tree to tree without making any noise at all, and is a fantastic spy and eavesdropper. Her natural sweet and helpful personality makes it easy for her to make allies, and she good at detecting betrayal and traps.

Weaknesses : She is small and short and very frail, so she can´t handle too many hits. Her unimpressive physicue doesn´t result in too many sponsors, and she may get ignored and underestimated by her fellow tributes. That´s both a good and bad thing, but mostly bad. She hasn´t any skills in any other weapons than her prefered, and is therefore not very flexible and can become a little unprotected is she can´t obtain her desired weapons. Her dark blue hair makes hiding in certain areas impossible, and she has a deep fear for fire.

Backstory : She was born in The Capitol, but she and her parents had to run away when she was five. Her parents was the leaders of a rebel group trying to assassinate President Snow. But the group had been found, and all the members exept Thistel´s parents was executed on live television. They fleed through the contry, before finally seeing District 7 in the distance. They decided to go into hiding there, and starting a new life. But when the fence to District 7 was visible, two hovercrafts suddenly appeared over them. The hovercrafts began to shoot flamethrowers, and they buned Thistel´s parents to crisps at once. This was what sparked up her great fear for fire. They though they had killed Thistel too, but she had cleverly hid in a small grove. Then the hovercraft disspared, and Thistel buried her parents charred remains in the forest. After that she was moved to an orphanage. The matrons there quickly grew fond of her, as did all the other children and everyone in District 7. Nobody understood where cute, nice little girl had come from. Many made up myths that she was a guardian angel. And in some cases she was, always helping out in every way she could.

Alliance : Anyone will do, except careers as she doesn´t trust them and they probably wouldn´t want her. She can charm anyone, she is very likeable. She makes alliance with District 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Token : The red rose she keeps in her hair.

District Eight


Tribute: Theo Clair

District: 8

Gender: Male

Strengths: Theo has a spectacular aim; with throwing knives by his side he’ll never miss a stationary target. Any ranged weapon will do for him, but he is most lethal with throwing knives; they are his prime weapon which he has been using since he was 10, for his survival. Addition to that, Theo is very quick and agile, he is known for his speed and agility as well. Being a thief, he would not have been successful without that skill. He always thinks before his actions, he is extremely intelligent as well.

Weapon of Choice: Throwing Knives & Knife

Personality: Theo was very shy with his past family in District 13. He’d hold up a conversation with his family and friends from time to time, but throughout the most part of his daily life he kept to himself. He liked to be alone, and let his thoughts wonder without any distractions. The day his parents abandoned him, Theo kept himself isolated from the outside world. He never let anyone see him or have any interaction with him. Theo spent the most of his life in the house that used to belong to his parents. The only reason Theo ever escaped his residence was to hunt and steal from the wealthier. He was very afraid of what could happen if he had communication with anyone. He had major trusting issues, and kept himself hidden from the world to the point where people thought he had died. Once Theo was caught in an illegal act and was forced to flee to District 8, Theo realized he could start his life all over again. He decided to open himself up to everyone, and he became a lot friendlier and nicer. He made many friends with other orphans in the orphanage he was sent to, and built a great bond with his family he was adopted into. He was still somewhat quiet, but he had a cool, calm vibe. He never wanted to return to his past, and he continued to act like there was never a secret about him. He is a calm, friendly person that you can trust. Although he was left nearly death, Theo was still very friendly once gotten to know.


Tribute: Reba Malandra

District: 8

Gender: Female

Strengths: Reba's greatest talent is climbing. Despite coming from District 8, she could bolt up a tree in a matter of minutes. In order to be a great climber, Reba is also quite flexible and quick. Her reflexes are extrardinary, which also came in handy while escaping the dangers on her street during the gang related attack to her street. She's also a somewhat active swimmer, an uncommon hobby from someone in District 8, though she considers it to make herself unique. Reba is also somewhat experienced with fire starting.

Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow & Dagger

Personality: Reba is very kind and supportive; she is a role model at her orphanage. She considers herself as a leader, she stands up for herself and she can tell right from wrong. At first at the orphanage, she was having trouble fitting in due to her amnesia; however she fit right in shortly after while recovering. Reba is very opened with others; she enjoyed spending time with her friends. She never liked procrastinating; she never liked wasting time and is determined to spend her time wisely. Reba doesn't like floating around in the background, she knows she is destined for something in life and she wants to have a voice; a role in society. Reba is very mature and responsible for her age, already considering to start her own company.

District Nine


Name: Milo Amaranth

Age: 16

District: 9

Gender: Male

Weapons: Spear and Throwing Axe

Strengths: He is ok at handling weapons, and is decently strong from working in the fields all his life. He is very good at examining and identifying plant. His main skill though is his speed, especially on uneven ground.

Weaknesses: His eyesight though is not the best, and he can be easily snuck up on, but this also impares his use of long ranged weapons, as he is unable to shoot them in the direction he needs.

Fears: Scelerophibia

Token: None

Allies: None

Backstory: Milo worked with his family in the grain fields from the age he was 5. All the way through his life he was fed with the same boring food, and has the same repetitive day going on. He never hated his life, but he always longed for a life outside of District 9, where he could spend his days relaxing, eating exciting foods and having adventures, and his dreams were answered. One day, a hot summers day, Milo and his family were working in a field that was miles long, and they had to walk about 4 miles to reach the section they were assigned for but sadly the heat struck in waves, and one of the patches were burned up. It spread fast, and Milo lost his way. The smoke partially damage his eyes, blinding him slightly in the left eye. When he found his way back to his home, his family were in tears, 2 of his brothers had been caught in the flames and died. This hurt Milo greatly, and he hardly ever cared when he was reaped.

Personality: Milo is a calm minded boy. He is very relaxed, and has just lived his life as it comes. He knows all about plants, and is actually very intelligent, but partially blind which really has knocked his confidence, and means he is less outgoing.

Height: 5'7

Bloodbath Strategy: Milo will not go into the mouth of the cornucopia, and will just grab a bag from the outside of the cornucopia clearing. Then he will try and put as much distance between him and the other tributes, by going somewhere no one else would.

Games Strategy: He will keep moving, and will never stay in the same place for more than a day so that he wont be caught. He will keep stocked on food though, and always keep near an open body of water, so he can keep up on water.


Name: Themis Asterious

Age: 15

District: 9

Gender: Female

Weapons: Throwing Knives and Throwing Axe

Strengths: Accuracy. Themis has amazing accuracy, being able to throw weapons from long distances and strike with accuracy. She is also very fast, being able to travel long distances aswell.

Weaknesses: She is not very strong, hates fighting at close range, preffering to keep distance while she fights. She can get a bit flushed, and is not good at thinking on her feet, and always ends up on the ground, trying to realise what happened.

Fears: Pathophobia

Token: Her silk black scarf

Allies: None

Backstory: Themis was the niece of the mayor, so lived in luxury all her life. She had many friends, but prefered to stick to herself, and usually only talked to them during the actual lessons, and sit alone at lunches, breaks and when she got home. Since in District 9 they were taught how to grow plants, but also how to recognise good plants, but also bad plants. Ones to avoid, that would help her in the game. Since she was the niece of the mayor she never needed to get tesserae, so she only had her name in the minimum times, so was never really sure how she could get reaped, but sadly for her she was reaped when she was 12. Luckily for her though someone was wanting to volunteer this year, and she got off. Sure that her luck had come now, she passed when she was 13 and 14 and luckily survived the reapings, but when she was 15 she was reaped for a second time, but without a volunteer this time.

Personality: Themis is very quiet, and prefer to stick to herself, and will know how to survive. Knowing survival techniques, and also what to eat, and what not to eat. She is also very strong willed, and will not bend to others opinions, and the Gamemakers will find it hard to break her spirit.

Height: 5'3

Bloodbath Strategy: Themis will not go in for the bloodbath, and will run straight out. Bolting as far as she can, and just finding an area where she can relax, and be safe for a night.

Games Strategy: She will keep low, try and steal from other tributes, killing them as she goes. She will also keep stocked on basics such as water, and food, and keep near a source of water or food.

District Ten


Name: Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson Age: 17

District: 10

Gender: Male

Personality: Gambler is a quite nice and charming guy. He has a great sense of humor and lots of people like him for how he tends to be more casual and easy going and is kind to most people. Of course, he doesn't immediately make friends with every one that passes by, but he likes to make a good first impression. When he first meets you, he'll be kind and helpful but he won't exactly open up to you until he fully trusts you, or respects you a little more. Despite the good, kind aura that surrounds him, Gambler is also very competitive and daring. Losing is fine, he just hates it purely whenever someone makes fun of him for not coming in first. He's a bit arrogant and stubborn, and although the thought of killing another teenager repulses him, he will do what's best during the Hunger Games if it means being able to defend himself and return home to District 10.

Appearance: Gambler actually looks pretty average. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin. He's pretty fit and nicely muscled, as well as good looking in some female citizens' eyes. A significant feature about his appearance is the jagged, lightning-shaped scar that runs from the top of his left shoulder to just a little above the elbow. No one knows why it's there and he doesn't like to explain it, but you'll learn the story of how he received it later on.

Weapons: Being from District 10, one of Gambler's most important jobs is herding cattle, and sometimes, that's not always easy. Sometimes the animals don't like to obey, and Gambler has to treat them rather roughly with a whip, giving him great experience with it. Gambler proves to be quite dominant with a spear. He also knows how to wield an axe.

Reaped or Volunteered: Reaped

Strengths: Gambler has a high endurance, making him quite fast and lithe for a typically buff, muscular guy from District 10. His muscles do provide great physical strength, however, and he's great at hand-to-hand combat. He's not easily frightened whatsoever and is actually rather intimidating. He's okay at swimming, and he's pretty well taught on survival skills. He's not wary of blood and he'll certainly kill another human being if he has to, if it means his own survival. He's competitive and won't let himself be beaten easily in a fight.

Weaknesses: Gambler can't climb to save his life. Due to his heavy weight, the tree starts to shake once he climbs around five feet into the air, and branches are likely to snap under his feet. Even though he'd kill another tribute, that's only if they're around his age as well as a threat. An innocent 12 year old would not be on his 'People to get rid of' list, and he would avoid killing them at all costs, feeling extremely guilty if he accidentally sent a spear through their heart. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer and he has a little bit of insomnia.

Fears: Megalophobia - the fear of large rocks.

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Alliance: Anti-Careers, or a trustworthy alliance

Token: His father's wallet


Name: Amaryllis "Ellis" Blackberry

Gender: Female

District: 10

Age: 16

Personality: Ellis is definitely your typical bad girl. She loves the color black, has a hobby of scaring younger kids, and is an extreme daredevil that will never back down on a dare and will perform any task you ask her to do, as she is rebellious and very carefree. Her motto is; "If you can't live your life and have fun, then you can't live your life at all." She can give you a long list of things she hates, and she is slightly pessimistic. She is easily annoyed and especially hates the people that are very obedient to their parents and teachers. Ellis' parents have actually given up on teaching her things because she never listens to a word they say. The only friend Ellis has that is female is a 14 year old girl named Jamie, who is literally the complete opposite of her. She normally hangs out with the guys, though. She's very sporty and adventurous, and she's not afraid to get down and get dirty.

Backstory: Believe it or not, Ellis used to be a sweet and girly goody-two-shoes. Every adult in the district loved her and told her parents how lucky they were to have given birth to such a good, obedient child like her. However, she was a loner in school, as she was a teacher's pet and a huge tattle-tale, up until her brother died in a house fire when she was ten years old. She was depressed for a while, but when her shell broke, she had changed completely. She started wearing all black and took the dresses that her parents bought for her and threw them in the mud. Her parents thought this was just the actions of anger and sadness over her brother's death, and they tried to calm her down, but she ignored them. She was like this for two years. During her first reaping, when two 13 year olds were chosen to compete in the Hunger Games, she ran up to the stage and started yelling at the escort, asking her how she could pursue such a horrible career like this, drawing names of children in order to send them to her death. After she kneed the escort in the stomach, her parents immediately took her to a therapist. The therapist told her parents that nothing was wrong with her, that she was probably just still angry over her brother's death, even though it had been such a while since then. Her parents had no choice to beat her every night, thinking that would knock some sense into her, but Ellis fought back. One night, she broke a window in her house and escaped through it, running into the fields where the livestock was, and even past that. Her parents screamed for her to come back, but she didn't. She ran until she couldn't hear them at all - until she was in a place that no girl her age had ventured into before: the forest beyond District 10. After several days, Ellis honestly thought about staying in the forest for the rest of her life in order to avoid ever getting reaped for the Hunger Games; unfortunately, though, her parents had sent out a search party and they found her, eating a bird she had roasted herself behind a tree stump. Her parents confined her to her home for a year, but this didn't stop her from continuing to be rebellious and bad afterwards.

Height: 5'7"

Weapon: Throwing knives, spear

Strengths: Fast, physically strong

Weaknesses: Can't swim, often gets herself into trouble

Fears: Confinement/tight spaces

Bloodbath Strategy: Ellis will dart off her metal plate once the gong sounds and reach for a pack of throwing knives or a spear. She won't fight the other tributes unless she has to, and she will escape with her alliance.

Token: Her black bandana that she wears around her neck

Alliance: (can be filled out later)

District Eleven


Tribute:Callisto Evergrow


Gender: Male

Appearance: N/A

Weapon:Throwing spears



Strengths: Callisto is a very good and fast runner. His limit is 70 yards. Being that he has good stamnia and doesn't get tried easily. He is very good at climbing any type of tree like a professional. He has a very superior and useful knowledge of edible plants. He can reconize every poisounous plant from 2 feet away.

Personality: He is a very cruel person. He loves watching people suffer and always thinks of himself first. If he sees somebody dieing he will go to them and finish the job. He is also very ruthless and will swipe at anyone who messes with him. He can be a bit merciful when he sees little kids in agony as he thinks they deserve a good happy life.


Name:Jenna Rod

District: 11

Gender: Female


Weapon:Whip, blowgun

Appearance: Jenna has strawberry red hair that falls in waves to her shoulders a and waves. She has light brown almond eyes and both small lips and a nose. She has arched eyebrows that give her a sly look and has light skin

Personality: Jennna is really calm and collected. She never loses her temper or her head under pressure. She is very wry and makes good observations about others. She is very cool and unflappable, calm under pressure and extremely competent. She does things with minimal fuss while displaying grace, skill and dignity. One could say she is the quiet and sly one in a group. she is a silent observer, and is highly analytical and intelligent. She remains cool and calm in every situation and can be highly sarcastic. She can be very dry and witty when she feels like it. She is very loyal but independent.

Strengths: Jenna has a great plant knowledge and is able to reconize every single edible and unedible plant. She also has good mental strength and physical strength. She isnt bothered by killing either so she is great with killing and weapons. She has a good aim that never fails her adn incredible reflexes.  She is very fast and has good stamnia. She also is very sly and great at stealing from others. She also is great at survival skills and an excellent climber.


District Twelve


Kole Roch





Yes, alliances, but NOT with Careers

Kole is from the Seam and he has three siblings, all sisters. They are all younger than him and dependent on him to win the Games, or else they will only have their old grandmother to take care of them. His dad died in a mining accident and his mom commited suicide not to long after. He hunts illegally for his family and is dating a beautiful girl named Lea Rose. She wants him to win more than anything in the world.

Kole is very funny and charismatic. He is friendly, kind, warming, welcoming, positive, and caring. He has a fierce devotion to those he loves and will stop at nothing to save them. He can be very fierce and violent if he needs to. He is always likable and trustworthy. Kole is clever, resourceful, and ingenious.

Kole is tall, 6'3", strong, and fast. He has ashen hair and grayish brown eyes that are quite entrancing. He is tan with no freckles.


Eucalyptus Collier



Slingshot and blowgun with darts

Alliances, but only if she is with Kole.

Eucalyptus is also called Eucy for short. She is the daughter of the mayor, but signs up for the tesserae to feed the poor people in the Seam. She tries hard to be as nice as she can to others and would give her life to save someone younger than her. She is beautiful and has no siblings and very little friends. She and Kole are rather close, kind of like cousins, but she is jealous of Lea.

Eucy is kind, charming, loyal, and loving. She tries hard to protect those in great needs and dire circumstances. She wants to help all she can. However, Eucy is stubborn and controlling. She can be a great leader, but tries to aviod killing. She is smart and resourceful.

Eucy is 5'7", dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She has pink, tender skin and is beautiful.

District Thirteen


Name: Ice Hunts Ice Hunts District: 13

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: 6'3

Personality: Ice is calm and quiet, only regularly speaking when spoken to. He is disciplined and he will listen to his leader without question. In other words, he is a natural born soilder. He has quick reflexes and he knows the right moment to attack. If someone has something to say, he'll listen to them and he'll discuss if he approves or not. He will sometimes give orders and he doesn't like it if you speak without permission. He loves dogs and he has 2 huskies back at home which he named Fang and Fur. He adores them greatly and he will get outraged if something happens to them. He is an only child who's parents are often busy giving time to himself. The only thing he truly wants is to actually have a discussion with them. In reality, he refuses to believe they are dead and his only friends are Fang and Fur.

Appearance: Lunaii

Weapons: Sickle, War scythe, Crossbow

Backstory: Ice's parents were always away, Ice didn't quite know why. They always seemed to be away. Ice, sadly, refused to believe the unfortunate truth. One day, his parents were carrying out a mission. They were to spy on the Capitol and get some intel for them as D13 was planning a rebellion. Right before his parents were finally done gaining intel, they were found out. A few days later, the heads of Ice's parents were found at the mayor's doorstep as well as note that said, "Take this as a warning." The mayor was horrified by the contents and a wave of grief came over him. He was the one who issued the mission and the mayor was also childhood friends with Ice's parents. The mayor decided not to tell Ice they were dead, at least for now. To distract the young Ice, who was 10 at the time, he gave him 2 newborn puppies that would later grow up to be Fang and Fur. Ice was delighted by the gift, being told that it was his parents who issued him the pups and that his parents were still busy with their mission. The mayor, Adam Devils, decided that he will watch over Ice, in place of his late parents. Over the years, Adam saw how much Ice progressed. He became equiped with a variety of blades, especially the war scythe and sickle. He could easily slice dummies in pieces without breaking a sweat. He also was good with long-ranged weapons such as the crossbow. He gained an ability to see details no one normal could see. He progressed so far, he went beyond the expectations of a teen and he went on to learn the ones of an adult. Ice was now 17 years old. Adam thought he was finally ready to learn the truth of his parents. Adam decided to tell him the day before the reapings. As Ice was playing with Fang and Fur, Adam approached him. He looked at the dogs, that were now quite large. He sighed and he told Ice he would like to speak with him in private. Ice calmed the two and he promised he'll be back. Adam shut the door and he told him about what happened to his mother and father. Ice, taken aback from what Adam had said, asked him if he was joking. Adam's facial expression was hard and grim as he replied no. Ice was laughing now but he stopped as he slammed a table with his fist. He screamed at Adam, saying he was lying. Adam was shocked but he stayed silent. Ice glared at him before going out the door to collect Fang and Fur. He went back inside with his dogs, avoiding Adam. That night, Ice had nightmares. His parents were being killed as wolves surrounded them. When Ice woke up, he decided he had enough. Pissed off by Adam, he skipped breakfast and during the reapings, he volunteered. Adam was no where to be seen at the rime but he visited Ice in the Justice Building. Ice had him promise to look after Fang and Fur and he asked him again if he was telling the truth about his parents' death. Adam just nodded. Ice decided he would win the Hunger Games for one reason, he wanted to make his parents proud.

Strengths: Ice is quick on his feet, being able to outrun all of the boys back at home. He has a sturdy build and he is an excellent climber. His skills with a sickle and a war scythe, though, is what makes people fear him the most. He is like a beast, slicing through tributes as he runs. He is also a great sniper with a crossbow, being able to take down tributes one by one. He also has high stamina.

Weaknesses: He can't swim. He never thought he would need it so he never learned how. He also has a fear of snakes, freaking out if one is nearby. He also becomes enraged if you make fun of his district in any way.

Fears: Ophidiophobia

Bloodbath Strategy: Ice will quickly dash to the cornucopia, evading tributes as he tries to find a pack and his weapons. When he finds them, he'll go to his alliance as cuts a tribute with his war scythe and he'll stab another in the eye with an arrow. He'll avoiding anything that comes at him, positioning himself so it hits someone else instead.

Game Strategy: He and his allies will think of a strategy to first bring down whoever they think is a threat. They will most likely begin with the careers and they will try to think of a way to defeat them and avoid being killed in the process.

Alliance: Anyone

Token: His father's note he gave to him before he went out on his last mission. It says, "Be strong."


Name: Trick Treat Trick Treat District: 13

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5'8

Personality: Trick is cold-hearted and blood-thirsty. She lives to kill and she will do anything as long as she gets to shed some blood. She loves knives and other blades, calling them her babies. She is sadistic as well as masochistic, enjoying the pain of others and herself. She cuts her self daily and when she does, she puts her blood in a bag, called her "juice". She does this with the other people she kills as well and when she's thristy, she drinks it. She drinks the blood. She pours it inside a mug, heats it over a fire (to her, warm blood is delicious) and she chugs it down. If some of it drips on her, she will happily lick it off. The word "modesty" isn't in her dictionary and she will sometimes strip herself of clothing, saying she was getting hot. She loves seeing the greedy looks of men as she walks by, saying it excites her and she gets wet whenever someone glares at her. She is bisexual and she is full of lust, wanting to kill someone by kissing them then biting off their tounge and then eating it.

Appearance: Trick has wild, black and orange hair. She has feline-like red eyes and tattoos. She is considered to be good-looking and a beauty but everyone fears her. She has medium-sized breasts and mainly wears revealing clothing. She has many cuts and scars on her, most of which have faded away but some are still visible.

Weapons: Trick will use anything as long as it has the potential to kill. She once killed a man by hitting him repeatly with his own daughter, killing him and her in the process. She once used her hands to rip out the eyes of a man and she ripped off the dick of that same man with her teeth. She has advanced knowledge on how to kill and she even knows how to kill a person with a dead rat. Her favorite weapon, though, are sickles. She is a complete monster with sickles, cutting through people with ease. She won't break a sweat if she comes against someone bigger then her and she'll easily find a way to kill the person.

Backstory: Trick was always violent. It all truly started when she was 5, though. Her family was enjoying themselves. Her mother was cooking dinner when Trick spotted a knife. Captivated, she approached it and she felt the smooth silver blade. The tip cut her and she winced. She watched as her thick, crimson blood coated the knife. She was even more captivated now. Her mother then noticed the amount of blood Trick was losing. Panicked, she wacked the knife out of hand. Sadly, the blade hit Trick's baby sister, Honey, in the head. Honey, being only 9 months old, instantly died as the cold metal entered her head. Blood splattered everywhere and Trick was entranced, rather than horrified, by the scene. Trick's mother dropped her knees to the floor and she began to weep, not noticing that Trick had retrieved the knife from Honey's head. Trick, now armed with the bloody knife, approached her mother had yet to notice her. Trick swiftly cut off her ears and Trick's mother screeched in pain. Trick made sure she silenced her before she could make anymore sounds. She stabbed her in the temple before finally twisting the blade, killing her mother. Trick grabbed her now dead mother's ears and she added it to the soup. She ripped out her eyes and she added that as well as her blood to it as well. Trick's family had yet to know of Honey and Trick's mother's death but they were to soon. Trick cleaned herself up and looking as natural as she could, she served her family the soup. They licked their lips as they digged in only to have their eyes widen when they tasted it. Trick's brother, Donner, spit out an eyeball and he puked from the sight. Soon, everyone noticed the gore within the soup and they joined Donner. Trick smiled and she slayed them all, leaving the house a bloody mess. Trick left the house later, as she knew she would be trialed for what she had done. Before leaving though, she grabbed a bag and she added her family's blood inside. She took her father's mug and she ran away. She found herself a place in the forest and she hunted animals. She found a lake and there, she drank water and she cleansed her body and weapons there as well. She didn't care that the blood mixed in, she liked it. She began her killing spree, starting with her neighbors. She sliced off Mr. Garrison's head neatly and she punctured Mrs. Garrison's lungs before finally ripping out her heart. She would dine finely after each kill. She soon became crazed with killing and she wanted to expand her killing horizon. She decided to volunteer for the Hunger Games. Her lust grew and she trained herself to be the perfect killer before the time to volunteer was now. She is going to make sure she laughs as she rips out their spines.

Strengths: Trick is simply perfect at the main objective of the Hunger Games: Killing. She is amazing with anything she can kill with and she isn't picky with what she uses. She is swift and she knows how to attack both physically and mentally. She won't fall from a simple knife. It will take more then that to kill Trick. She is also quite strong, being able to lift heavy things which is unusual for girls such as her. Trick is no ordinary girl, however, and she will be quick to have a knife inserted into your back.

Weaknesses: A main flaw of all killers: Arrogance. Honestly, if yoqu go into a dictionary, you are more then likely to see her name mentioned. She is incapable of swimming, focusing primarly on land. She is also not the best climber, she tumbles often while attempting to climb trees and mountains. She also gets furious if someone makes mockery of her. At that time, she will be distracted and it will be more then easy to stick a knife within her.

Fears: Phobophobia

Bloodbath Strategy: Trick will be ready. The moment she is released, she will make sure all hell breaks loose. She'll grab a tribute by the neck and slam them on the floor. She'll step on them with her strong feet, most likely breaking their backs. She'll grab someone by their hair and she'll rip out their eyelids. She'll then french-kiss them before ripping out their tongue with her teeth. She'll try to get a sickle but she'll do fine with about anything. If anyone attacks her, she will rip out their throats and play with their intestines.

Game Strategy: She will focus on killing, not caring about her well-being. She wants to make sure she has the best kill and she will target anyone that has a higher training score than her.

Alliance: Careers or alone


Here it is! Please read and comment on the Games! Happy Hunger Games. Enjoy. 

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