The Reapings


"Heather Kastro!" The name rang out through the square loudly. The girl, Heather Kastro, smiled wickedly and began to walk up to the stage. Finally, she was in the Hunger Games! She had wanted it her whole life, and know she had a chance to show her District she was strong. That was why no one volunteered for her, because they knew she wanted it so badly. The District 1 escort Hellina Caboolie shook her hands. "congratulations, Heather!" she exclaimed. "You should be so proud of yourself!" Heather smiled as she to ok her place on the Stage, already to leave for the Capitol.

"And now for the boys!" Hellina chirped. She placed her hand in. The huge bowl filled with names and called it out. "Michael Durwin!" The fourteen year old boy stepped up proudly, ready to show the country all his skills. But his time in the spotlight was ruined by one call. "I volunteer as tribute for Michael Durwin!" Axel Calabad shouted. The fourteen year old flashed a look of hatred at the seventeen year old, but he returned to his spot nonetheless. Axel gleamed wickedly as he. Bounced upm to the stage, hardly containing his excitement. "Congrats, Axel," said Hellina. "You are very brave for volunteering for that young little boy!" Heather rolled her eyes, but Axel nodded. "I couldn't let someone so younggo into the arena!" Hellina clapped excitedly. "Let's get going to the Capitol, then!"


"Our girl is. . . Cathy James!" Rinny called, the escort of D2. The fifteen year old girl walked up to stage, not a single emotion on her face. It seemed, though, as if she were sad that she was in the Hunger Games. "How excited are you, Cathy?" asked Rinny. "You are in the Hunger Games this year!" "I feel exuberant,"Cathy replied in a sarcastic tone. Murfle clapped. "extraordinary!"

"For the boy from District 2, Clay Hurdle!" he called out over the pleasant, crowded square. From somewhere rather far back, Clay strode outand onto the stage, joy beaming on his face. He, at least, was happy to be in the Hunger Games. Rinny beckoned him closer and grabbed his arm. "You look excited to be up here!" "I am." "Fantastic." Rinny cleared his throat. "Give it up for Clay Hurdle and Cathy James, the tributes of the 174th Hunger Games!" District 2 exploded into a deafening roar of cheers and applause.


"Alicia Kennedy, our girl. Tribute from District 3!" cried the escort Jayfar Rafyaj cried. Alicia blinked away tears. Great. The last thing she needed was to be in the Hunger Games. Nobody had volunteered for her, however. That was not very popular in District 3. She put on a determined face, to show that she was ready. nd she would give her all to win. Alicia watched as Jayfar darted his hand into the large glass bowl and pulled out a neat, white sheet of paper with a name written on it. "Aaron Garner!" he cried. "Get on up here." Aaron Garner slowly walked up the stairs, perpetual fear in his eyes. He looked purely terrified to. Be in the Hunger Games. Perhaps it was a sham, a farce, but maybe it was actual fear. Alicia wouldn't know until the Games started, and she might not even know then. She shrugged his fear away and concentrated on her own countenance. Soon, Jayfar had them shake hands and then clapped for them, joined in with a few dozen other encouraging people from District 3.


The whole District stood anxiously in the town square right by the glittering ocean. Who would be the tributes this year? Hopefully two good people. The previous year had been a disaster, both tributes had been killed at the Cornucopia within ten minutes. It had been awful for the district to keep watching, since they expected their tributes to do well. Ermine Corailis pulled a name out of the bowl for the girls. "Elie Fischer!" the twelve year old girl stood wide with shock, taking a moment to register everything. She was going to the Hunger Games. Suddenly, a cry rang out. "I will do it, I will volunteer!" The girl was Shimmer Lesley, a ruthless and cunning girl that took pleasure in killing sea animals. Ermine looked around in shock. "looks like we have a Vol," he said. "How fascinating?" Shimmer introduced herself and then the boy was called, a sixteen year old named Cam Turner. Shimmer smiled. She had always had a bit of a crush on Cam. Hopefully she wouldn't have to kill him. "Happy Hunger Games, District 4!" cried Ermine.


"Attention, ladies and gentlemen!" cried Micka, the escort of District 5. "I am here to reap the two tributes that will be competing for District 5 in the 174th Hunger Games!"

Everybody stared at her like he was an idiot. They all already knew that. That's why they were in the town square. Micka nodded and walked over to the girl bowl. "Famina Jurbin!" The fourteen year old girl slowly walked out of the crowd and up to the stage. She tried not to hide her fear, but it was so obvious. She wasn't strong enough to compete in the Hunger Games! But she mounted the stage and stood next to the girl bowl.

Micka shot his hand into the boy's bowl and drew out the name quickly. He opened up the slip of paper and let the anticipation hang there for a moment. Then he read the name. "Jimmy Kardon!" he cried out.

The redheaded boy walked up to the stage. He was tall and strong, but he wasn't sure if he could compete with the Careers. Maybe he could join them. But he walked up to the stage and stood next to the bowl.

"The tributes of District 5 have been picked!" cried Micka.



M-Axel Calabad

F-Heather Kastro


M-Clay Hurdle

F-Cathy James


M-Aaron Garner

F-Alicia Kennedy


M-Cam Turner

F-Shimmer Lesley


M-Jimmy Kardon

F-Famina Jurbin


M-Ash Motor

F-Kari Bucharest


M-Calvin Shodridge

F-Larmina Larns


M-Michael Urmine

F-Rebecca Camlin


M-Seth Peterson

F-Mina Ranter


M-Harry Harman

F-Jade Curry


M-Leo Jaycar

F-Nina Kimson


M-Kole Roch

F-Maggie Patrick


M-Figo Merdon

F-Serena Castoh

Day One: The Bloodbath

The twenty-four tributes nervously stood on their metal plates, each ten yards part. One hundred feet in front of them is a glittering Cornucopia, its yawning mouth twenty feet high. Stacked in copious piles spreading out from the Cornucopia are a various supply of weapons, food, medicine, and shelter.

The District 11 male tribute, Leo Jaycar immediately fixed his eyes upon an axe that he definitely had the strength to use. Meanwhile, several other tributes focused on the sheer beauty of the arena. In the west lay three picturesque mountains. To the east was an abundant forest that was teeming with life. South was what seemed to be a large lake far in the distance, with a plain and rock field lying in the north.

The gong sounded and Leo Jaycar leapt off his plate, hitting the ground at a sprint. He snatched up the axe, a backpack, and a small tent, sprinting off in the direction of the forest. After all, he did work in the orchards of District 11. He had managed to escape the bloodbath before most contestants had stepped off of their plates. Mina Ranter of District 9 attempted to grab a green backpack and a matchbox, but was socked in the face by the District 8 male, Michael Urmine. He picked up a nearby knife and stabbed Mina in the stomach. She gasped one last time as she died, her cannon echoing across the arena.

Alicia Kennedy of District 3 snatched up a small bag filled with bread and a small vial of iodine, then turned and rushed in the direction of the mountains. She knew there would be water and that the snow was a perfect source of hydration. Calvin Shodridge was from District 7 and pretty handy with a bow. He fired into the frenzy, killing the female from District 6, Kari Bucharest. Then he grabbed up a backpack and retreated farther out, but still in the fray.

Shimmer Lesley and Cam Turner from District 4 allied with each other before the games and intended to side with the rest of the Careers. They hid inside the Cornucopia, ready to fight if anyone came near them. Cam held a sharp sword in one hand, a backpack in the other. Shimmer had a belt of stilettos and a second backpack. They anxiously waited for anyone to attempt to fight them.

Axel Calabad from District 1 stabbed Michael Urmine in the neck with the halberd he’d found lying next to a tent and backpack. Then he stood his ground and waited for anyone to oppose him. A fierce glare gleamed in his blue eyes. He needed to win these games to get back to his brother and sister back at District 1.

Harry Harman of District 10 rushed headlong into the fray, but was skewered by one of Calvin’s arrows. He fell to the ground, dead before his face struck the grass.

Seth Peterson died as he tried to tackle Axel Calabad. Axel stabbed him in the heart, feeling no remorse at all. He stood there fiercely, determined to win.

Rebecca Camlin (District 8) jumped in the air, dodging one of Calvin’s arrows. She picked a trident up off the ground and threw it with all her might. Just to her luck, it buried itself in Calvin’s chest, killing him nearly instantly. She rushed to him, took his bow and supplies, then turned to run to the lake.

Clay Hurdle and Cathy James from District 2 stuck together, skirting around the fight to get their supplies. They wanted to survive long enough to become Careers and then dominate the entire arena. They cautiously watched Axel standing with his halberd, but luckily escaped his gaze. They jumped in fright when they backed into Rebecca Camlin. Rebecca immediately turned and ran. Obviously, she wanted to get out of the bloodbath, but the duo was no threat… yet. Figo Merdon from District 13 fled around the edge of the Cornucopia, but was killed by Clay Hurdle. His District partner, Serena Castoh screamed his name, but Axel Calabad silenced her when he stuck his halberd through her stomach. She collapsed to the ground, dead.

Jade Curry from District 10 tried to evade all fighting and went for a small backpack, but was taken down by a vicious Heather Kastro from 1. Heather mauled her with a mace she’d found, but dropped her weapon and picked up a shiny dagger with an emerald-encrusted hilt. She turned, looking for her next victim with pleasure. She set her sights on Famina Jurbin from District 5 and stalked over to her. She pounced up behind Famina and slit her throat with a quick flick of her wrist.

Kole Roch from District 12 gathered an armful of supplies and then snatched up Maggie Patrick’s hand and led her towards the mountains. He intended to ally with Alicia Kennedy, for he knew she was clever and friendly. They made it out of the bloodbath safely and rushed towards the mountains.

Ash Motor from 6 rushed towards a tent rolled inside a backpack, but Aaron Garner from District 3 ran beside him. Aaron shoved him away and grabbed the backpack. Unfortunately for Ash, he fell into the deadly arms of Shimmer Lesley, who came out of hiding. She stabbed him with one of her stilettos and let the body drop to the ground.

The remaining tributes scurried away from the Cornucopia, leaving all six Careers standing in glee. They all teamed up and claimed the leftover supplies from the Cornucopia. Cam counted the dead bodies on the ground.

“Eleven dead today,” he said. “For now. What should we do? Should we hunt them down or rest for the rest of the day?”

“Rest,” said Axel. “I don’t want to hunt anyone down.”

“Let’s set up camp at the lake,” suggested Heather Kastro. “Not many tributes ran that direction.”

The Careers nodded and began the hard task of moving the rest of the supplies over to the lake where they would pitch their camp for the duration of most of their lives. Clay fashioned together a cart and they moved on out, treading a mile to the lake.

Somewhere deep in the woods, Leo Jaycar pitched his tent in the large crotch of a tree hidden by others. He snuggled into a sleeping bag for the night, hoping to stay warm. Somewhere a league east, Rebecca Camlin lay hidden on the ground, covered in leaves and sticks.

Both the District 12 tributes had rushed to the mountains. There the lay in a small cave, warmed by a small heat-giving lantern Kole had grabbed. All around the arena, many tributes settled down for an anxiety-filled night.


9-Mina Ranter-stabbed by Michael Urmine

6-Kari Bucharest-shot by Calvin Shodridge

8-Michael Urmine-stabbed by Axel Calabad

10-Harry Harman-shot by Calvin Shodridge

9-Seth Peterson-stabbed by Axel Calabad

== 13-Figo Merdon-killed by Clay Hurdle

13-Serena Castoh-stabbed by Axel Calabad ==

7-Calvin Shodridge-skewered by Rebecca Camlin

10-Jade Curry-mauled by Heather Kastro

5-Famina Jurbin-killed by Heather Kastro

6-Ash Motor-killed by Shimmer Lesley

Total Dead on Day 1- 11 Tributes

Amount Dead from Each District on Day 1

District 1-None

District 2-None

District 3-None

District 4-None

District 5-One

District 6-Two

District 7-One

District 8-One

District 9-Two

District 10-Two

District 11-None

District 12-None

District 13-Two

Day 2

Alicia Kennedy froze as soon as she saw the two figures slowly walking up the mountainside. She ducked down behind a rock, debating whether or not to kill them. After all, what if they were friendly? But how would she kill them? She had no weapons. So she decided to wait and hide where she was. She would rather be alone than try to make an alliance but be killed in the process.

The ice under her cracked and she let out a high-pitched scream as she slipped farther down the hill. Immediately, Alicia covered her mouth with her hands. She’d just given away her position! She attempted to get up, but the snow was weighing her down. With her hands moving fast, she easily brushed the snow off of her, but there was so much. It would take too long to get it all off.

The snow crunched under the two pairs of feet coming in her direction. Alicia squeezed her eyes shut, trying to hold back the tears that were probably going to come.

“Alicia?” a voice asked.

Alicia opened up her eyes and looked straight into the face of Kole Roch from District 12. He smiled at her, but she creased her eyebrows. “Here to kill me, aren’t you?” she whined pitifully. “Just get it over with. I don’t want to suffer.”

Kole raised in eyebrow. “Actually, Maggie and I aren’t going to kill you. We’re here to propose an alliance.”

Hope flared up in Alicia’s eyes. She smiled, a short laugh escaping from her mouth. “Oh, that’s so relieving,” she giggled. “I thought you were going to kill me!”

“I won’t kill unless I have to,” replied Kole. “I don’t want to kill unless I have to.”

Maggie brushed the remaining snow off of Alicia and helped her up. “So,” she said, “welcome to the group.”

The trio strode off into the snow, looking for a place to stay as they mulled over ideas to take down the Career Tributes. Meanwhile, down by the lake, the Career pack greedily looked at their pyramid of supplies. They could easily survive knowing that they had all of this, much more than any other tribute.

Shimmer and Clay came back from their watch, weapons in their hands. A backpack was slung over Shimmer’s shoulder. “We didn’t see anyone,” said Clay, “but we found remains of a fire hidden in a copse of trees on the opposite shore of the lake.”

Axel narrowed his eyes. “So some tributes have been here,” he growled. “I wonder where they are now.”

“I would guess some of them might have gone up on top of the waterfall, giving them a good vantage point over the entire arena,” Cathy suggested. “That’s would I would do, if I were one of those putrid weaklings.”

The six Careers all laughed at Cathy’s statement. They were, after all, the strongest of all the tributes. One of them would win, and each thought it would be themselves.

“That’s a good idea,” said Axel. “Let’s go. Cam, you stay back and guard.”

Cam nodded and sat down on a chair. He held his sword across his lap and a water bottle was in his hands. He seemed content enough to guard, hoping that some tributes would come his way.

Axel began walking and stood next to Shimmer as they made their way around the lake. Heather eyed them jealously. There seemed to be something going on between the District 1 boy and District 4 girl. But she wanted to be with Axel. She wanted to be in Shimmer’s place. Knowing there wasn’t anything she could do about it yet, she decided when the time came she would give the audience a good show as she killed Shimmer.

It took about two hours to reach the cliff that looked over the lake. It was a breathtaking sight from up there. The whole arena was spread out around them like a map and Axel even swore he saw some shapes moving around near the Cornucopia. There was no way they could get to those people in time, so they just kept walking towards the waterfall.

Larmina Larns of District 7 sat huddled against her backpack trying to fight off the cold she was facing. Her clothes were wet from the waterfall and she couldn’t risk setting a fire. So she took a strip of dried beef and halfheartedly munched on it, wanting to move as soon as she could. Then Larmina heard a laugh, possibly one hundred yards away. She looked up from over her rock and saw five people walking towards her! The Career pack was tracking her! They must have found the remains of her fire and decided she was up on the cliff. She grabbed her backpack, slung it over her shoulder, and picked up her knife.

Larmina bolted up over her rock and sprinted in the opposite direction of the Careers. “Hey!” they cried. “We found one! I call her! I call her!”

Footsteps pounded behind Larmina as she flew over the rocky ground, panic written on her face. She struggled to keep her backpack on but couldn’t risk stopping. She turned her shoulder, just in time too. A knife whistled right past where her shoulder had been a second before.

Her foot caught on a rock and she crashed to the ground, knife still in her hand. She turned over and scrambled up, but she wasn’t fast enough. Clay Hurdle stood over her with a malicious glare on his face. He held a sharp sword in his hand, ready to bring it down on her. Larmina reacted quickly and slashed his leg with her knife. He bellowed in pain, blood spraying out of his wound. He crashed to the ground, holding his right thigh. Shimmer Lesley came up to her next with her knives and threw it at her, but Larmina’s backpack blocked it. Larmina picked up the knife and threw it back, scratching her right ribs. Axel Calabad gritted his teeth and swung his halberd, but Larmina flicked her wrist and cut a large gash down Axel’s arm. He dropped his halberd momentarily, giving her just enough time to take three steps back. Heather Kastro lunged at her with her long dagger and cut Larmina on the face. Larmina winced and then hesitated for a second, although that cost her her life. Heather plunged her beautiful dagger into Larmina’s throat, spraying blood everywhere. Her cannon blast boomed loudly, signaling her death.

The five Careers sat there, panting. Axel grabbed his First Aid kit and patched up his cut and then tossed it to Shimmer. Shimmer cleaned her graze and then wrapped a bandage around her ribs. Clay, however, lay on the ground in pain, blood oozing out of his wounds.

“We don’t have anything to help him in my kit,” said Axel. “We’ll get him back to camp.”

Axel pulled up Clay and helped him to gain his balance, then leaving the others to help him. He went back and took all of Larmina’s supplies, as well as her weapon. Cathy and Shimmer supported as they slowly hobbled back to the camp on the other side of the lake.

Leo Jaycar woke and packed up his tent. He slid down out of the tree and held his axe up, ready to fight if the need came. There were thirteen other tributes out there, prepared to kill him and everyone else to win and return home. That was why he didn’t join the Careers. He knew that they would all end up killing one another. He knew they had wanted him in their group because they’d been eyeing him at lunch, but he ignored them and decided to separate himself from anyone. However, he did want to find Nina Kimson, his thirteen year-old district partner. She was kind and sweet and he wanted to make sure nobody hurt her. Before the games had even started, Leo decided that if it came down to him and Nina, he would take his own life so she could go home. A twig cracked and Leo stopped, spinning around to find the source. He gripped his axe tightly, ready to swing the giant blade if he had to. Another twig cracked and twenty feet away Aaron Garner from District 3 stepped out of the undergrowth. He turned his head just in time to Leo charging at him with the axe. Aaron bolted off through the trees, fear on his face. He hadn’t had any time to draw his glaive so he turned to run. Leo crashed through the undergrowth, holding his axe high. Aaron Garner was fast, but Leo could outrun him eventually. Aaron was lithe and smaller, possibly more agile, but in the end Leo was determined he would win over and kill Aaron. He was ready to do anything to survive. But he didn’t see the tree he was approaching until just a moment before. He spun out of the way and clipped another tree, but by that time Aaron was gone. He had just disappeared into thin air. Leo looked around, panting heavily. He had no idea where Aaron had slunk off to, but he hoped he was gone. Leo would rather not be killed with a glaive in the middle of the night. Leo grabbed a water bottle and drank it all as he walked north towards the rocks and grass. He would camp out there, in the open, but he would be ready to run into the woods if he needed to. He didn’t want anyone sneaking up on him in the woods, so he decided it was safest to camp in the grass where he would hear someone sneaking up on him. He walked north, cautiously watching his surroundings. Rebecca Camlin had run from the Cornucopia to the lake to get some water. She filled up three water skins and then retreated west into the woods where she spent the night lying on the ground, covered in dirt, leaves, sticks, and moss. She walked around the forest and found a bit of food, then retreated into a small cave to spend the rest of the night. At night, the Capitol anthem plays as the seal shines in the sky. Then one face shows up blaring brightly; the face of Larmina Larns. Some tributes are very relieved that their District partners were still alive, like Leo Jaycar and Alicia Kennedy. Others wished there were more faces in the sky to end the games more quickly.


7-Larmina Larns-killed by Heather Kastro

Total Dead on Day 2-1 Tribute

Day 3

Nothing of great importance happened on Day 3 of the 174th Hunger Games.

Day 4''

Alicia Kennedy woke up to the sounds of howling. She sat up and opened her blue eyes, warily glancing around in fear. Where was the howling coming from? Were they in danger? Alicia shook Kole and Maggie awake. “Something’s howling,” she said. “I don’t know what.”Kole grabbed his knife while Maggie nocked an arrow to her bowstring. Alicia snatched up her javelin, ready to fight whatever was out there. They prepared to step out of the cave, but Kole stopped them. “Wait,” he said. “We might want to pack up. Imagine if we get driven off the mountain with no supplies.”Maggie nodded. “We wouldn’t last a day without our stuff.”Kole bent down and hastily shoved many of the supplies into his backpack, just like Alicia did with hers. They slung their backpacks over their shoulders and crept out of the cave. Standing one hundred feet above them was a huge wolf with fangs as long as Kole’s hands. He froze in fear of the giant monster, almost losing grip on his knife. “Run,” he whispered. “RUN!”Kole took off running down the mountain, but not before he made sure Maggie and Alicia were in front of him. The slobbering wolf jumped from its perch and began to pound down the mountain side with frightening ease. Maggie slid to a stop and crouched down. She sent an arrow flying in the direction of the wolf, striking its left flank. The wolf roared but continued to run. Maggie sent another arrow, this time striking its left forepaw. The wolf stumbled, slowing down its descent. “Maggie!” screamed Alicia. “Keep running!”Maggie nodded and turned to run down beside them. The wolf loped after them, its maw spewing saliva. Kole repeatedly looked back in fear but couldn’t do much with his short knife. The wolf lunged and landed on top of Maggie causing her to sprawl to the ground. Kole turned and screamed her name, plunging his knife into the wolf’s ribs. The wolf howled and raked Kole’s face. He screamed in pain but wiped the blood out of his eyes and retrieved his knife. Alicia yelled a war cry and repeatedly stabbed the wolf in its side. The wolf reared back, giving Maggie the opportunity to escape from its clutches. Her head was slightly bleeding and her clothes were ripped and tattered, but other than that she was okay. The wolf roared and stumbled towards the trio, but fell in the process. Kole slashed it across its muzzle, drawing crimson blood while Maggie fired at least four bows into its chest. Alicia expertly wielded her javelin, plunging the spearhead into its legs and hindquarters while Maggie and Kole attacked it from the front. The wolf screeched an unearthly screech and kicked out both its back legs, hitting Alicia square in the chest. Alicia screamed in pain and flew back ten feet, landing none too lightly on the ground. She lay there, barely moving at all, just screaming in pain. Kole ran over, grabbed her javelin, and threw it at the white wolf. The wolf spun its head right before the javelin pierced its skull. It didn’t even have time to howl before it died. Kole crashed to the ground, blood streaking down his face. He felt so weak after the brief fight with the wolf, but he knew he needed to get back up and help Maggie and Alicia. He sat up, all the blood rushing from his head. He felt dizzy and needed some food. Everything was blurry and disorienting. With a pop, a parachute came out of the air and landed right next to Kole. He picked it up and opened the container to find a green salve. He dipped his finger in it and smelled it. The smell resembled the scent of strawberries that sometimes grew in the Meadow back in District 12. Then he found a note from his mentor, Myra Akumati. She had won the 161st Hunger Games and was one of the two living District 12 victors left alive. The note said:

Use your head MA

The note left him puzzled for a moment and then he realized it. Use your head! He needed to use it on his head. He dipped a finger into the green salve and rubbed it over his wounds. Instantly, he felt better. His mind cleared and the pain went away. He stood up, still dizzy, and walked over to Maggie who was lying on the ground. He rubbed some of the salve onto her head wound and searched her body for any other wounds, but found none. Then he walked over to Alicia. She lay on the ground, her eyes wide open, glassy and blank. She appeared unconscious, but Kole couldn’t tell. He hoped she was unconscious and would soon come around. He hadn’t heard a cannon blast, so he hoped for the best as he rubbed the salve onto her head and stomach. Maggie and Kole carried Alicia to their camp and then tucked in for a restful night.

Day 5

Aaron Garner slipped down from his sleeping bag in a tree and packed up. He intended to go to the mountains. He didn’t want to run into Leo Jaycar like he had earlier, so he would seclude himself in the mountains, hopefully until there were only two people left. Aaron reached the middle mountain by noon. He climbed about seven hundred feet and then rested against a rock and sipped some water. Then he froze when he heard something the resembled footsteps. He looked behind him to see a giant wolf with huge fangs. The wolf barked twice and then brought its teeth down onto Aaron’s head. Aaron screamed for a moment, just before he died. The loud cannon blast rang out across the arena, warning all the others of his death. No one knew who was dead yet, but they would when night came.


3-Aaron Garner-killed by giant wolf mutt

Total Dead on Day 5-1 Tribute

Day 6

Clay Hurdle’s leg wound was infected. Cathy rushed about in panic, not knowing what to do. Meanwhile, Shimmer Lesley attempted to heal it but to no immediate avail. The Careers feared Clay was dying.

Alicia Kennedy came around and was distraught when she heard Aaron had died. She sat on the floor of the cave, sobbing uncontrollably. “Before the Games, I wanted to ally with him,” she explained to Maggie and Kole. “But after the Bloodbath, I wasn’t sure where he was and didn’t know how to find him, if he was still alive. We grew up right next door to one another back in District 3. He was my best friend!”Maggie comforted her ally with a look of pity on her face while Kole stared out of the cave mouth. He could easily be in this position in which Maggie had just died and he was grateful he wasn’t. Maggie and he also knew each other well when they were growing up and it was very unfortunate that they were both in the Games. He would die for Maggie if it came down to the two of them and she knew it, but she would also die for Kole. Maggie began to sing and lulled Alicia to sleep and then came to sit with Kole. They watched out as the sun set over the arena, both saddened by their presence in the Hunger Games. Nina Kimson hopped from tree to tree as she fled from the owl-like mutts. She’d always liked owls and she thought these were normal owls . . . until they tried to rip off her face. She was bleeding on her forehead and her hand had a chunk of skin ripped off of it once she got to close. Nina could hear the owls flapping behind her and she needed to get away fast. She held a long knife in her hand that she retrieved from a dead body at the Cornucopia, but that’s it. She didn’t have anything else she could use against the owls, even though she’d already killed three. Probably six more chased her, each one more eager to rip her apart than the next. Finally, she stopped. Nina could not continue any longer. She was just too tired. She sat down on a branch in the tree and listened to the owls approach her. She closed her eyes and began to doze, slumped in the branches of the trees. Nina snapped open her eyes to see the face of one of the owls just inches away from her own. Petrified from fear, she did not move at all but rather stared into its blue eyes. The owl didn’t move at all, possibly waiting for her to move. Behind her back, Nina grabbed her knife and brought it forward in a quick movement. She plunged the blade into the owls head and pushed it away as three other owls swarmed over her. Nina screamed as she tried to bat away the mutated owls. They clawed at her exposed skin and pecked their razor-sharp beaks at her face. She covered her face with her hands, swinging her knife aimlessly. She felt the knife rip off the wing of one owl and slash the chest of another, but the third owl proved to easily evade her knife. After five minutes of fruitless jabbing, stabbing, and slashing, Nina finally found her target. She lopped off the leg of the owl and then took advantage of its momentary shock by stabbing out its eyes. The owl fell to the ground, dead. Nina sighed and tied herself to the tree. Then she slipped into a restless sleep.=====



Total Dead on Day 6- None

Day 7

Rebecca Camlin woke up and climbed a tree to find some bird eggs. Her stomach rumbled impatiently and she wanted to conserve the few provisions she already had left. She finally found a bird nest high up in the tree, but it was a rather large nest with three eggs as big as her hand. The sheer size of them bothered her immensely. Deciding she’d rather go hungry at the moment than face the revenge of a large bird, Rebecca began her descent from the tree. She turned her head and found herself staring into the face of an owl that was three feet tall. This is no ordinary owl, she thought. Oh gosh, this looks evil! It was obvious to her that the owl was a mutt. There was no way it could be that big and deadly looking to be a real, ordinary owl. But she didn’t know what to do. It was too close to even bother trying to shoot it down with one of her arrows. By the time she raised her bow, it would attack. A hand snatched up her hand and Rebecca took a sharp, panicked breath. Someone had found her. “Don’t move,” a voice whispered into her ear. “Don’t move.”Rebecca did not know if she should attack or not, but she figured she should listen to the tribute that was either trying to help her or kill her. With a huge gulp, she began to feel sweat pouring down her face. A hand flashed forward and the owl screeched as its belly was cut by a sharp knife. It spread its huge wings and launched its self towards Rebecca. The hand darted out again and stabbed the owl in the throat, killing the mutation instantly. “There,” the voice said. “That’s done.”Rebecca turned around and saw the girl from District 11, Nina Kimson. She mouthed a thanks and then turned around and began to climb down the tree. “I want an alliance,” proposed Nina. Rebecca stopped and thought about it for a second. The thirteen year-old girl had just saved her and now wanted an alliance. “Okay,” said Rebecca. “For now.”Nina slunk up the tree and threw the three eggs on the ground, smashing them. “They’re poisonous,” she explained. “I got sick from one. Luckily, I felt sick as soon as I had eaten it. I think if I had eaten anymore, I would have died.”“Oh,” said Rebecca. “That’s nice to know.”

Clay groaned and moaned, sitting in his chair as he slowly died from an infection. The five other Careers stood around, somewhat morbid by the pain Clay was going through. It seemed awful, but Axel felt kind of good that there was soon to be one less tribute to contend with as Clay suffered. “Clay!” cried Cathy. “Clay! Clay!” Clay opened one of his eyes. “It’s done, Cathy,” said Clay. “I’m going to die.” Cathy rushed towards him and threw her arms around her district partner. “Clay, don’t leave me! Clay!” she sobbed. Clay’s eye slowly closed as he slipped into nothingness. Right after he passed into the void, a loud cannon blast signaled his death. Cathy lay over him, crying desperately. The other Careers just watched, partially satisfied that he was dead. Axel and Cam carried Clay out to the field by their pyramid of supplies and backed away to let the hovercraft take his body away. Axel crossed his arms and watched grimly as the claw came down and picked up the dead body of Clay Hurdle. Then Cam Turner, Axel Calabad, and Heather Kastro all decided to go and search the mountains for tributes so they could kill them off if there were any there.


2-Clay Hurdle-infection from a cut inflicted by Larmina Larns

Total Dead on Day 7-One Tribute

Day 8Leo Jaycar packed up his camp. He had seen in the night sky the dead tribute from District 2 and decided he should possibly try to weaken the Careers even farther. Then the idea struck him that he would try to ruin their supplies . . . by burning them. He would build a fire and draw the tributes away, and then he would go and set fire to the supplies. He would probably take a couple things for himself, but then that would change. So Leo pitched camp near the Careers supplies, watching their moves and habits while he plotted how to destroy them.

Alicia Kennedy came running back into the cave. “Three Careers!” she warned. “Coming up the mountain!”In a panic frenzy, Kole and Maggie began to stuff their supplies into the two backpacks the trio possessed. Then they slung them over their shoulders and slid out of the cave.
“Where will we go?” asked Maggie. “To the forest, plains, or lake?”
“I think the fields and rocks,” said Alicia. “I’m pretty sure there are some tributes in the woods, and the lake is occupied by the Careers. But here’s the plan. I’ll go one way, and you two’ll go the other. That way we’ll split the Careers up, shake them off, and then meet up at the Cornucopia.”
“Got it,” said Kole. “Which way should we go?”
“You guys go right when we get to the bottom,” said Alicia. “I’ll go left, taking my person the long way around the Cornucopia.”
“Well, see you on the other side,” Kole said, shaking Alicia’s hands. “Good luck.”
“Good luck, Alicia,” bade Maggie, shaking her hands. “Be careful.”
“You too,” she replied. “Bye.”
Alicia peeled to the left, putting nearly one hundred feet between her and the District 12 tributes. Kole and Maggie soon came into view of the tributes, but they´d already found Alicia. The three of them were setting off in pursuit and Maggie knew they had to draw two of them over to her and Kole. They couldn’t let Alicia face three of the strongest tributes on her own.
“Over here, dumb ones!” cried Kole, waving his hands. Maggie stood behind a rock, her bow in hand. Kole recognized the boy as Cam Turner from District 4 and felt immediately relieved. He was glad Axel Calabad was not pursuing them. The dark-haired boy from District 1 had to be at least 6’4”, a whole six inches taller than Kole. Cam Turner peeled away from the trio and began to chase us. He was too close before Kole realized he was the only one chasing him and Maggie. The others were too far away to hear Kole. So Kole grabbed Maggie and began to run down the mountainside towards the grasslands below. Maggie shot an arrow at Cam, but Cam ducked and kept running.
“He’s fast!” exclaimed Maggie.
The duo sped up as the ground flattened beneath them, but it also gave Cam the advantage. He flew across the grass, seeming almost excited to catch the two tributes from District 12. All of the sudden, Maggie fell to the ground with a cry. Cam had dived behind her and knocked her to the ground. He pinned her down with his foot and plunged his sword into Maggie’s heart.
“MAGGIE!” roared Kole, tears streaming down his face. He rushed at Cam who was still preoccupied with his kill. With his shoulder, Kole knocked him to the ground. Cam yelped as Kole fell across his chest, holding a knife to his throat.
“You. Evil. Monster!” Kole screamed. “What is wrong with you?! What is wrong with you?!”He viciously grabbed Cam’s collar and started to shake him as he screamed vulgar and obscene sayings at him.
The whole time, Cam had a look of sheer terror on his tan face. Then Kole drew his knife and stabbed Cam in the right calf then the left calf. Next came both thighs and then Kole scratched an X into Cam’s abdomen with the knife. All the while, Cam screamed and roared in pain while tears poured out of his bloodshot eyes. Kole pulled Cam up and brought the sword through Cam’s stomach. Cam gasped in pain and then fell to the ground, dead. Kole rolled onto the ground and looked over Maggie.
“Maggie!” he cried. “Don’t go!”Maggie slowly opened her eyes. “Goodbye, Kole,” she said as she died. “NOOO!” Kole screamed. “NO! NO!”
A cannon blast shot over the land, signaling Maggie’s death. A second one followed, signaling Cam’s death. Kole stood up after sobbing uncontrollably for several minutes and grabbed all of Maggie’s and Cam’s supplies. He also grabbed Cam’s sword, intending to use it to kill every Career left. Somberly, Kole wandered in the direction of the silver Cornucopia, where he and Alicia intended to meet. He hoped that Alicia would make it back without the Careers following her. He needed somebody at the moment. When he finally reached the golden horn, he crawled into the back and collapsed, leaning against the cool metal. He stayed awake long enough to look up into the sky and see the faces of Cam Turner and Maggie Patrick shining in the sky. “Goodbye, Maggie,” he whispered to the sky. He then kissed the three middle fingers of his left hand and held them outward towards her picture shining in the darkness above him. “Goodbye.”


4-Cam Turner-stabbed seven times by Kole Roch

12-Maggie Patrick-murdered by Cam Turner Total Dead on Day 8-Two Tributes

Day 9

“Wake up,” whispered Alicia. “Wake up, Kole.”
Kole could barely see his eyes were so puffy from crying for Maggie. He sat up and tried to open them more than they were, but it wouldn’t happen. With a sad look on her face, Maggie embraced Kole in a warm, loving hug. He halfheartedly hugged her back, knowing that Maggie should have been with them.
“I’m so sorry,” she said. “I am truly sorry.”

Leo Jaycar had spent the past day piling branches up in an enormous bonfire three miles from the Careers camp. He was finally ready to destroy their supplies and therefore weaken them by a lot. So, when noon came around, he struck a match, grabbed a branch and ignited the pile. The whole thing went up in a whoosh of flames nearly ten feet high. Leo admired his handiwork for a moment and then rushed out of the woods and skirted around the edge of the lake towards the pile of supplies from the Cornucopia. When he saw Axel Calabad, Heather Kastro, and Shimmer Lesley rush towards the fire, he realized Cathy James was still there. But then Cathy ran off after them, stopping three hundred feet away from the camp. Leo smiled slyly and crept towards the pyramid. First, Leo drenched the pile in a liquid he’d found in the woods that was extremely flammable. Then he dipped a spear from the pile in the same liquid and prepared to ignite after he had taken his share of supplies. Leo held the match under the spear and watched with glee as it burst into flames. With a malicious glare on his face, Leo chucked the spear at the pile and took a couple of steps back. Whoosh! The fire rapidly spread and ignited over the entire pile of supplies. Leo beat his fists against his chest and howled happily with all his might.
“Yeah!” he cried right before he took off. It was smart to clear the area before the others returned. He didn’t want to face their wrath. Leo sprinted off and turned back to see Cathy James tearing at her hair as the pile of supplies burned uncontrollably. Leo fell to the ground four miles away, laughing giddily and crazily. It was the greatest thing he had pulled off in his life. Now, some of the other tributes might have a chance to win the Games.

Alicia and Kole were utterly shocked as they watched Leo Jaycar throw the burning spear onto the huge pile of Career supplies. They were planning to somehow strike back at the Career pack, but Leo had beaten them to it.
“We should definitely get out of here,” said Alicia. “The Careers will be back here any second and they will freak.”
“No, no,” said Kole. “I want to see Axel’s reaction,” he explained with a grim smile on his face. “I want to see what happens.”
The Careers sprinted back out of the woods and stopped in awe at the sight of their great pyramid burning with flames. Cathy James was beating the ground with her fist and pulling her hair, but Axel’s reaction was worse. He screamed and cursed obscenities at the sky, throwing some of the things that had been saved everywhere while appearing to take out his anger on Cathy. He stomped over to her and kicked her square in the face. He seemed about to kill, but Shimmer and Heather rushed over to stop him. Eventually he calmed down, but by then Alicia and Kole were gone, heading to the grass fields in the north.



Total Tributes Dead on Day 9-None

Day 10

Nina Kimson and Rebecca Camlin had slightly bonded over the past few days, but Nina still didn’t entirely trust Rebecca. She seemed like she would ruthlessly kill to win the Hunger Games and she planned to leave as soon as there were only eight people left, if she was still alive. They set up camp near the edge of the forest and soon discovered the massive canyon that laid farthest east in the arena. They stopped there and decided to turn around the next day.



Total Tributes Dead on Day 10-None

Day 11

Nothing of interest happened on Day 11 of the 174th Hunger Games.

Day 12

Jimmy Kardon had been hiding for twelve days. At the Cornucopia, he’d grabbed a backpack, a box of matches, and a sleeping bag and rushed towards the fields to hide for a long period of time. He found his days extensively boring and uneventful. Most of the time he drew shapes and drawings in the sand, reflecting his mood and anxiety, but other times he walked around and explored. He was probably the first tribute to discover the large desert that covered the north end of the arena. He would hunt and kill snakes and rabbits that nested in the grass covered fields. He was lucky none of them were poisonous, or he would have died on the second day. Jimmy wanted to bring pride to his district. It had been nearly forty years since District 5 had had a victor, and now that Famina was dead, it was up to him to win the Games. He patiently waited for the time where he would have a chance to win.=====

Alicia and Kole set up camp in a dip sheltered by some rocks in the rock field. There they warmed themselves by the heat lantern for a cold night that was setting in.



Day 13

Jimmy woke up and decided to explore the desert. So he wandered into the sandy expanse, growing hotter and thirstier very quickly, more than usual. After only ten minutes, his whole body was drenched in sweat. Something was wrong with this desert, something was very wrong with it. He fumbled for a water bottle, opened it up but couldn’t get it to his mouth his hand was shaking so badly. He was hot, very hot and he needed to get out of the desert. Trees appeared over a dune, a stream flowing between the fig trees. He happily wandered to them, only to find they weren’t they. There were no trees on the dune, just more sand. Sand. Sand. Sand. Sand. Sand! There was nothing else in the desert. Jimmy smiled crazily and fell to the ground with a look of confusion on his face. His body began to rapidly twitch as he suffered from some internal ailment. It was obvious he was dying, but nobody was there to see it. His cannon blast boomed over the arena, rousing all the tributes with one thought. Who is it?


5-Jimmy Kardon-died of intense, engineered heat in the desert.

Total Dead on Day 13-One Tribute

Day 14

Nina sat perched in the tree, a small knife in her hand. She watched carefully throughout the forest, looking for any signs of movement. She did not want to be attacked, not right at the moment. It was very important for her to make it to the final eight. All she needed was for one more person to die and then she would be ready to ditch Rebecca. The tall, black haired girl from District 8 seemed untrustworthy to Nina. She felt as if Rebecca would stab someone in the back as easily as she would kill a squirrel for food. A tree rustled a couple dozen yards away from where Nina was perched, which was funny because there was no wind. Somebody had to be in the tree. Nina froze, alert for any more signs of movement. Then a head popped up out of the leaves, but it wasn't a human. It was an eagle! Nine gave a sigh of relief that there was no longer a tribute nearby. Rebecca screamed. Nina's eyes widened and she slid down the base of the tree where their camp was. Rebecca was lying on the ground, a snake clinging to her leg. Tears slithered down Rebecca's face, as well as blood trickling down her leg. "Nina, help!" she cried. Nina dove into action. She spun her knife, grabbed the black and yellow snake, and then stabbed it right in the head. She gasped in fear as it died, though. She recognized this snake as a capper snake, a snake that was deathly poisonous. There was no discovered antidote to the toxic poison that quickly but painfully killed the victim a short time. "Rebecca," said Nina. "I'm so sorry." She dropped the snake on the ground and continued. "The snake is poisonous and there's no antidote to it." Rebecca sighed and leaned her head back against the tree, tears tumbling down her face. "I always thought I had a chance to win these cursed Games, but I guess my chance is gone," she sniffed, fighting through the pain. "I never expected I would die this way. I wanted to win. I can't though, not unless some genius in the Capitol invents an antidote that'll cure me, but I didn’t think I did anything to have them like me." Tears slowly leaked out of Nina's eyes. "I'm so sorry, Rebecca," she said. "I wish I could help with your suffering." Rebecca shook her head. "The only way you can help me is by leaving and taking all of our stuff with you. I'm gonna die anyway, so it doesn't matter. Just leave." Nina blinked away her tears and packed up all their stuff, slinging the backpack over her shoulder. "Goodbye." "Goodbye, Nina," replied Rebecca. Nina began to walk away, but Rebecca stopped her. "And Nina," she said, "do me a favor and try to win." Nina fiercely nodded and promised she would try to win. Then she turned and walked away, away form Rebecca. She was about one hundred feet away before she heard the screaming. "What is wrong with you people!" she cried. "Why would You do this to us!? Why are you evil, you cursed Gamemakers and Capitol citizens? We didn't do anything! Why do you have to take your anger out on children? We didn't do anything!" The end of the outburst was drowned in the sounds of Rebecca's sobs. Nina frowned, but hoped that they had showed that on camera. The people needed to see that, they needed something to rejuvenate them. An hour later, a loud cannon blast sounded throughout the arena. Nina assumed it was Rebecca. She had heard painful screams as she walked away and assumed that Rebecca was quickly dying. She blinked away tears and continued to walk, determined to be the youngest person to ever win the Hunger Games.


8-Rebecca Camlin-killed by capper snake venom

Total Dead on Day 14-One Tribute

Day 15

A booming voice woke all the Tributes, the voice of the Hunger Games announcer Sadiaen Cappappabermann. His voice rolled across the fields, the forest, the mountains, the lake, rich and deep, the perfect announcer voice. "Congratulations, remaining tributes!" he said. "You have made it to the final eight in the Hunger Games. You have survived for fourteen days, drawing on fifteen. Now, the reason I am talking is because I would like to invite you to a feast, for something you might need in the near future. At the Cornucopia, you will find the objects sitting on a table. It is free for you to take. Good luck!"

Alicia Kennedy tugged on Kole's shit sleeve. "Come on, Kole," she said. "We gotta try to get there before the others!"
"Okay," said Kole. "Let's get there and avoid the blood that will be shed today. I don't want to lose you, too."
The duo packed up their gear and set off towards the Cornucopia, running quickly. They wanted to see what was there, and if it was useless to them, then they would leave. Kole was sweating after ten minutes. He noticed it was considerably hotter than it normally was. He guessed it was 90 degrees, when the average temperature was 65 degrees. Soon enough, the duo was looking at a table standing in front of the Cornucopia, topped with three huge waterskins. They were gigantic, probably three feet tall and a foot wide, holding several gallons of water. Kole wondered what they could be for. He bent down and took a handful of some water from a small creek near him. He brought his hand up to his, but mouth the water tasted salty. Kole spat it out, a look of disgust on his face. "What is it?" asked Alicia while she watched him spit out the water. "The water is salty," he said, walking ten yards downstream to try some more. It, too, was salty. "The water . . . is salty."
His eyes widened in fear. The whole arena had an abundance of water, in fact, a surplus. Dozens of streams ran down from the mountains, ponds and small lakes scattered about the arena. Enough to last a long, long time, fresh and clean. Then he realized what the Gamemakers where doing. All the water in the arena was going to turn into salt water, making it undrinkable. He turned to Alicia.
"They are turning all the water into salt water!" he cried. "That will be the only fresh water in the arena, right there! If we want to last any longer, we've gotta get some! Let's go, right now and get some before others show up!"
Alicia nodded and they sprinted all out towards the table. They were ten yards from it when they spotted Leo Jaycar running from behind the Cornucopia. Alicia stopped in fear, but Kole kept on running. He was determined to get some water and get out before anything else bad happened. Kole ran right up next to the table, grabbed the water skin, which was rather heavy, but kept on running. He looked back and saw Leo grab one up, just a couple of yards behind him.

Somebody shoved Kole and he went sprawling to the ground, the water skin flying out of his hands.
"Kole!" Alicia screamed.
Kole turned over and saw Cathy James standing over him, a wicked-looking knife in her hands.
"Do you want to die fast, or have me slowly kill you?" she asked, not expecting an answer.
"You know, I'd rather torture you to death, you devil" Kole spat. "All you're good for is killing, which is something I think is pure evil, but that's just my opinion. Since you're an inhuman monster, I'd assume you take pleasure in killing!" Cathy looked taken aback at his sudden outburst and hesitated for a moment. It was clear this boy hated her, but she wanted to have fun killing him. She contemplated about it for a moment, and that moment cost her her life. Leo Jaycar appeared above Kole and grabbed Cathy by the neck, slamming her into the side of the Cornucopia.
"You deserve to die!" he roared. He slammed her head into the Cornucopia, causing Cathy to scream in pain.
"Axel!" she cried.

"SHUTUP!" Leo roared so loudly that Kole's ears hurt.
He threw Cathy to the ground and grabbed his axe. With a look of pure hatred on his face, he brought the axe down on her neck, killing her instantly. Her head rolled away, a twisted look on her dead face.
The cannon sounded, alarming the three other Careers who had just arrived. Axel yelled a battle cry and charged at Leo. Leo stood his ground, holding his axe against his chest. Axel swung his halberd, but Leo dodged and brought his axe towards Axel. Axel rolled out of the way and jumped up, swinging his halberd at the same time. It hit Leo in the leg, causing him to falter. He stood through his pains, however and swung his axe. Axel knew it was going too fast to completely dodge it, but he put up a hand and leapt back. He roared in pain as his left hand was cut off. Blood spurted out of the stump of his hand, but he kept on fighting. With one hand, he swung at Leo, but Leo leaned back and dodged it.
While their fight went on, Nina Kimson snuck behind the Cornucopia and snatched up the last water skin, darting to a safe position. Kole stood up and scooped his water skin up, backing up to a safer distance beside Alicia. He watched with a grim look on his face at the bloodshed taking place before him.
Axel Calabad swung his halberd right at Leo’s chest. Leo cried out and tried to dodge, but he wasn’t fast enough because of his cut leg. The head of the halberd buried itself in Leo’s chest, right above his heart. Leo’s eyes widened, and then he dropped to the ground, dead. Kole heard the unearthly scream of Nina Kimson as she watched her district partner fall to the ground. She rushed at the two Career girls standing, a knife in her hands, all the while screaming obscenities.
Before Shimmer Lesley could turn around the even remotely defend herself, Nina drove the jagged edged knife through her back, severing her spinal cord and ripping apart her intestines. Shimmer screamed in pain, for she wasn’t quite dead yet. She collapsed to the ground, bent in an awkward position. Nina kicked Shimmer and then drove the knife blade through her heart. Shimmer died, but it still took long enough for her to feel the pain. The whole ordeal had only lasted four seconds, but it was long enough for Nina to kill the sixteen year-old for District 4.
Nina slunk away before Axel or Heather could react to her vicious murder of Shimmer Lesley. Alicia and Kole sprinted away, fearful of facing the two remaining Careers’ wraths.
Nina Kimson set up camp at the foothill of the mountain farthest away from the Careers, in a tree. Tears spilled out of her eyes whenever she thought about watching Leo die. He treated her well for the few days they’d spent time together and she always expected him to win. Now he was dead and Nina felt it was her job to become the Victor of the 174th Hunger Games.
With a pop, a white parachute attached to a silver aluminum can floated down from the sky, landing on the branch right next to Nina. With curiosity, she opened it up to find a gallon of water in the can. She breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that there was more water for her to drink if her supplies ran out.
That night, the five remaining tributes looked at the faces of Cathy James, Shimmer Lesley, and Leo Jaycar up in the night sky.


2-Cathy James-beheaded by Leo Jaycar at the feast

4-Shimmer Lesley-stabbed to death by Nina Kimson at the feast

11-Leo Jaycar-killed by Axel Calabad in a duel at the feast

Total Dead on Day 15-Three Tributes

Day 16

Alicia Kennedy woke up, a thought brewing in her head. She was one of the final five left in the Hunger Games, and she also had an ally, Kole Roch. But if there were two of them and three enemies, it seemed kind of risky for the two of them to stick together. They needed to separate if they didn’t want to have to kill each other while still being allies.
“Kole,” she said. “Kole.”
Kole stirred and looked up at her. “What?” he asked. “Are we in trouble?”
Alicia shook her head. “No, I was just thinking how there are only five of us left,” she explained.
Kole sat up and nodded. “Okay.”
“Well, and two of those five people are us,” she continued. “And the chances that we might be the final two are pretty high.”
Kole’s eyes widened a little bit as he began to realize where she was going with the conversation. He blinked a couple of times.
“I think it would be best for us if we split up. I don’t want to have to kill you like this,” she ended, a single tear sliding out of her eyes.
“Oh,” said Kole, feeling a bit dejected. “That . . . that makes sense.”
She nodded. “So we split up the water and part from each other,” she said. Alicia bent down and rummaged through her backpack, pulling out six water skins, each fairly large. She handed three to Kole and they divided the water equally among each other. Kole’s eyes met Alicia’s and she noted that they looked saddened by the news he’d just heard. They stood up and she extended her hands. “Best of luck to you, Kole,” she said, fighting through her tears.
Kole grabbed her hand and shook it. “And best of luck to you, too, Alicia,” he replied. “I enjoyed having you as my ally.”
“And I you. Goodbye, Kole Roch.” And with that, Alicia turned around and walked east.
Kole sat back down and dwelled inside his mind for ten minutes. He took a sip of the water and looked in the direction Alicia and walked off in. He peered for a moment or two and then he heard a scream. It was a high pitched, clear scream. He instantly knew it was Alicia. She was in trouble.
“Alicia!” yelled Kole. “Alicia, I’m coming!”
He sprinted off in that direction as fast as he could, flying through the coarse grass. Wind brushed at his face while he ran for the girl he’d been allied with for fourteen days. He had already let Maggie down; he wasn’t going to let Alicia down either.
A second scream rent the air and that cause Kole to run even faster. “Alicia!” he cried. “I’m coming!”
In a total of three minutes, Kole arrived at the scene and gasped in utter shock. Five rabbits, all golden, where seething over Alicia’s prone body. “Help!” she sobbed. “Help!”
The rabbits were all fairly large and had huge fangs and claws, too abnormal for a rabbit. These were obviously genetically engineered rabbits bred in the Capitol. Drawing his sword, Kole sliced the rabbits all in half, one. . . two. . . three. . . four. . . five. The rabbits died quickly, purple blood oozing out of each half of their bodies. He kicked them off of Alicia and knelt down beside the girl from District 3.
“Alicia,” he whispered. “I’m here. Don’t worry. I’m here. You’re okay now.”
Alicia opened her eyes. “Kole,” she gasped, barely getting the words out. “Kole.”
With tears pouring out of his eyes, Kole looked down at the wound on her stomach. The rabbits had dug and clawed into her, leaving a hole the size of Kole’s palm and as deep the width of his fingernail on his thumb. He put his hand in there to attempt to staunch the bleeding, but the contact cause Alicia to gasp in pain. He immediately drew his hand back, although it was now stained red and sticky from the blood.
“Kole,” she said. “I can’t live. I just can’t.” A single tear slid out of her eye, rolling down her temple. “They rabbits, what they did cannot be healed, not out here. Kole. Kole, you have to win. You have to take down the Careers and win.”
Kole nodded. “I’ll try my hardest to win. I will try to win, for you and for Maggie,” he promised. “I swear I will try.”
A faint smile played on Alicia’s lips. “Then goodbye, Kole,” she sniffled. “I’m glad to have known you in these last fourteen days.”
Kole sniffed and tears slid out of his eyes. He smiled slightly at Alicia and brushed some hair away from her face. “Goodbye, Alicia.” He bent down and kissed her on the lips, a final display of affection to her.
Alicia smiled and closed her eyes, taking in one final breath before she passed away. A moment later, a cannon sounded and Kole knelt to the ground, holding his hands in his head while he sobbed.

3-Alicia Kennedy-killed by mutated rabbits

Total Dead on Day 16-One Tribute

Day 17

Nina Kimson stalked Axel Calabad as he went out on a patrol for her or Kole Roch. She noticed that the previous night, Alicia Kennedy’s face gleamed in the night sky for several seconds before going out. Only four tributes remained. Nina had never thought she would make it this far and now she needed to win. The only way she could do that was to kill Axel Calabad and then hide, hoping Heather Kastro and Kole Roch would kill each other off. Axel Calabad crashed underneath the tree she was in, heading back to his camp by the lake. Not that it really mattered where the camp was anymore, since all the water was salt water. Even all the snow on the mountain had melted so there was no fresh water but the water from the feast and water from sponsors.

Nina popped out from her tree and landed on the ground silently. Axel did not notice her at all. He held his halberd in one hand, which limited his fighting skills. Nina raised her knife and prepared to strike down on Axel.
Something growled, startling Axel. He spun around to see Nina Kimson standing behind him with a raised knife. Instantly, he swung his halberd. Nina jumped away from the halberd and darted in, cutting Axel on the leg. Axel bellowed in pain, but jabbed at Nina with his halberd. She leapt back and again cut Axel’s leg. He couldn’t move fast enough now that he was missing a hand, and he couldn’t fight as well either. She darted in and out, cutting him as she went.
Axel stopped, in too much pain to continue. Nina froze for a moment, but then darted in and stabbed Axel in the stomach. He roared in pain and collapsed to the ground, still alive but barely.
“Axel!” screamed Heather, running out of the only tent they had salvaged from the Cornucopia. “Axel!” she screamed.
Nina was about to finish Axel off, but she realized Heather would catch up to her and get her before she could. So she turned and fled, knowing that Axel was going to die soon anyway, unless some rich person in the Capitol sponsored him.
“Axel!” Heather cried, kneeling beside him. “Axel! Stay with me!”
Axel shuddered and gasped, his breath leaving him for the last time. A boom sounded, signaling the death of the strongest tribute in the 174th Hunger Games, the one that was most likely to win. Heather screamed and tore out her hair, but decided she would get her revenge by killing Nina.
Kole jumped when he heard the cannon, excitement brewing in him. That meant one less tribute to deal with, but chances are Nina Kimson just died. He would have a tough time if he had to fight both the Careers.
That night, when he looked up to the stars and saw Axel Calabad’s face gleaming in the sky, Kole hooted and hollered with excitement and victory. The final three were there and Axel Calabad was dead.
Nina Kimson jumped from tree to tree, a wild look on her face. Heather Kastro had been chasing her for seven hours, and there were a couple times where Nina had received some wounds when the devil from District 1 got too close. She’d inflicted a couple on Heather, but mostly Nina was receiving the bulk of blood. The little girl was scared for her life, for the first time since the Cornucopia at the start of the games.
Nina guessed that it was near midnight, but she wasn’t sure as she raced on through the trees, Heather Kastro smashing through behind her. The chase went on like this, for hours and hours. Nina was scared out of her wits, while Heather was excited to kill the girl she called a nuisance.

Day 18

Nina jumped off a branch of one tree and landed on a second tree. Heather Kastro was behind her on the ground, occasionally throwing one of the many knives she had up into the tree. The sun was beginning to rise, but Nina felt as if this was bad for her. If the sun was rising, she would be an easier target.
Nina leapt onto a second tree and expected to land on a branch, but the branch cracked under her weight. With a short yelp, she went plummeting to the ground. She landed on the leafy ground with a grunt, gasping while she did. A moment or two later, Heather Kastro loomed over her.
“Finally,” the black haired girl said. “I can kill you.”
Nina kicked up and lashed out with her knife. The blade slashed Heather on the face, drawing droplets of scarlet blood.
“Ah!” she cried. “You little bug!”
Nina laughed and did it again, but Heather grabbed her hand, holding her entrancing dagger. “No,” she said. “Don’t do that.”
Heather cut down with her knife and aimed for Nina’s throat. Nina rolled out of the way, but twisted her arm in the process. She screamed in pain and tried to scramble away from Heather. Heather stomped her foot down on Nina’s stomach, causing Nina to gag, trying to get some air. Heather bent down right next to Nina. “Goodbye, little girl,” she whispered, bringing her knife across the girl from District 11’s throat.
The cannon boomed and Heather stood up, satisfied. It was just her and Kole from 12 left. “Ha!” she exclaimed. “I can kill that idiot quickly.”

That night, Kole sadly looked up at the face of Nina Kimson in the sky. She was so young to die, and he felt like he needed to win for her, as well as Alicia and Maggie. He gathered up his supplies and began to walk to the lake, several miles away in the intense heat.
He saw Heather walking in his direction after jogging for nearly a mile. She was scanning the land, obviously looking for him. She hadn’t seen him yet, which was good for Kole. It gave him the advantage to surprise attack the girl form District 1. He crept up behind her, and when he was about ten feet away, she heard him.
Heather yelled out and charged at Kole. Kole held up his shield and blocked the quick slash that was aimed for his throat. He returned with a quick jab to the stomach, grazing Heather’s side. She growled and dove at him, but he rolled out of the way. She stumbled forward and had to quickly regain her balance.
Kole spun around and saw Heather swiftly running towards him. He yelped and before he could react, she cut him on the thigh. He roared in pain, but swung his sword to make sure the vicious killer didn’t take advantage of his wound. She tried to jump back from the swing, but the sword was too fast. The blade clipped her on the shoulder, drawing blood. She screeched loudly, but continued to fight.
Heather lunged at Kole and her dagger pierced his arm. Blood spurted out of the wound, but Kole continued to fight. He would not die, not after he made it this far. He returned the jab by thrusting his sword towards Heather’s stomach. Heather spun to the side, dodging the blade entirely.
Kole rushed at her and scratched her shoulder with his sword. She fall backwards onto the ground for a moment, but got back up quickly. She kicked out with her feet, attempting to knock Kole off balance. He received the kick in his right calf, but suffered through. After all, his arm was cut and his thigh was punctured. He swung at Heather, but she dodged it nimbly.
Heather kicked Kole again, knocking him flat onto his back. His sword flew out of his hand and Heather was on him before he could reach it.
“Time for you to die,” she laughed. “Time for me to win the Games and bring honor to District 1.”
“I’ve been in a situation like this before,” Kole growled. “And now I know what to do.”
He clenched his hand into a fist and swung it at Heather’s jaw. He hit her in the jaw and felt bones crack beneath his fingers. He gagged, but stood up and stabbed her in the side. She fell to the ground, a hole gushing blood on her left side.
Surprisingly, she got back up and scratched Kole on the face, carving a red line from his middle forehead to his chin. Blood leaked out, blinding him from her. He screamed and lunged at Heather, but missed entirely. Heather returned his attack by stabbing him in the chest, eight or nine inches away from the heart. Kole screamed in pain and grasped his chest, trying to staunch the blood flow. He wiped the blood out of his eyes and saw his only plan: run. He took off, quickly hobbling on his wounded led.
Kole Roch was heading to the Cornucopia. He had a plan that would have to do with him getting there. He hoped it worked and he could kill Heather to get the torture in the arena over with. So he hobbled south, Heather trailing behind him.
It took ten minutes for him to travel the half mile to the Cornucopia and when he got there, he leaned against the gold metal for support. He was on the verge of death, at least he thought he was. But the thought come to mind of his six year old sister and eleven year-old twin brothers. He needed to get back to them, he needed to help them, to show them how he won because of his family. So he reached up and grabbed one of the grooves on the Cornucopia, pulling himself up. After two grueling minutes, he collapsed on top of the golden horn.
Heather Kastro decided to follow his lead and attempted to climb up after him. That was where his plan took action.
Mustering all his strength, Kole grabbed his sword and swung it down at Heather. Heather looked up in fear just as the blade pierced her heart. In the last seconds of her life, she made eye contact with Kole, glaring at him with a look of hatred, anger, pain, and loss. She collapsed to the grass, staining it red. Kole gasped as the cannon sounded and then dropped his sword, lying on the top of the Cornucopia, dying painfully.
Congratulations to Kole Roch of District 12, the winner of the 174th Hunger Games!” roared the voice of Sadiaen Cappappabermann.
A hovercraft approached as Kole heard the live applause from the Capitol streaming in. The roars were rather loud, but he had heard them louder. He guessed he was not exactly the most wanted victor of the games, but he had to be somewhere up in the top 10.
The hovercraft claw pulled him up and the last thing her remembered was seeing a doctor’s face before blacking out.

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