Hey I am writing my second Hunger Games, the 175th Games so enter your tributes on 175th Hunger Games Tributes Page. Here is the Quell twist. To remind the rebels that the Capitol is ultimately powerful and it will not hesitate to destroy any person who defies it, young or old,it is requiredthattwo 12 year olds and two 18year olds must be sent to the Games this year. Remember to post ur tributes inthe page below. Thanks. Don't forget, I include D13!


D1 Liean 1st Year

D2 Rinny

D3 Ellya Jib 1st Year

D4 Ermine Coailis

D5 Micka Linter

D6 Hithri Mishu

D7 Cora

D8 Lildyen Flowers

D9 Boe Capit

D10 Seenwa Listo

D11 Lorry

D12 Amber Trinket

D13 Markunk

175th Hunger Games Tributes


M12 Shay Stone

F12 Amber Wolfe

M18 Echo Cypress

F18 Sapphire Hyland

D2 Clove74th

{C}M12Davis Clark

F12Mina Larkson

M18Luke Emerson

F18Maria James

D3 Godistrict3

M12Daniel Wright

F12Electra Savion

M18Eamon Dace

F18Diana Ross


M12 Liir Falconey

F12 Erica Scavell

M18 Zakrip Fak

F18 Lea Rose

D5 henryjh98

{C}M12Mandor Macer

F12Kelsey Skitjovich

M18Elden Darnin

F18Samira Fladbur


M12 Xander Ryan

F12 Rose Juna Ice

M18 Benjamin Woodrew

F18 Kez Hunter


M12 Maddox Finch

F12Lila Woods

M18 Chalen Jorge

F18 Hera Flint


M12 Spence Glow

F12Luna Snare

M18 Brandon Marcovich

F18 Jessie Glow


M12 Marcus Crow

F12 Zara Clarke

M18 Kyle Laque

F18 Gia Quet


M12 Mark Kingston

F12 Christine (Surname)

M18 Rift Warfield

F18 Krystal Clearwater


M12 Spartacus Lucci

F12 Arcadia Millington

M18 Jacob Thresh

F18 Antoinette Saver


M12 Marthus Argus

F12 Audacia Undersee

M18 Jean Petram

F18 Violet Willowshire


M12 Jessie Carmal

F12 Joy Lacey Smith

M18 Silas Howitzer

F18 Samantha Rhodes


The arena is a huge grassland surrounded by nearly a dozen mountains. In the center of the arena is a gigantic tree five hundred feet tall and two hundred feet wide. Several tributes head to the giant tree immediately for safety. The roots of the tree are gigantic and stretch out through the woods that surround the base of the tree. The Cornucopia is situated on the east side of the arena near a mountain. Green grass takes up all the rest of the arena. Dozens of edible plants abound in the arena and on the tree is a whole different ecosystem. There are many edible plants and animals, as well as bugs and water. Rainwater is one of the best sources of fresh water in the arena.

There's a huge secret that will be revealed during the Games. You'll like it alot and be very surprised.


Districts Across Panem

President Rain appeared on the giant TV screen on the stage. Thousands of kids looked up at the screen in fear, all in their districts. The Reading of the 7th Quarter Quell was about to take place. {C}The little boy walked up to Rain and held out the box. Rain reached in and pulled out an envelope marked 175. He opened it up and pulled out a thin sheet of yellow paper. After a few moments, he raised his grey eyebrows in surprise and what seemed like shock. The thousands of tributes puzzled lay looked at the screen in curiosity. {C}"To remind the rebels that the Capitol is supremely powerful and will not hesitate to kill any person who defies its orders, no matter the age, it is required that two twelve year olds and two eighteen year olds must be selected for each district to represent their district in the 175th Hunger Games, the 7th Quarter Quell." he looked up from the paper. "Guess all you who aren't twelve or eighteen are lucky this year. You will not be going." A malicious glint gleamed in his blue eyes. {C}All around the thirteen districts, the twelve year olds wailed hopelessly or nervously looked around. It was their first time in the reaping and their chances of getting in were now hundreds of children more.

District 1

"For our twelve year old female tribute!" yipped Liean, the escort. He pulled out a slip of paper. "Amber Wolfe!" she exclaimed.

Amber Wolfe walked up to the stage, a little scared that she was in the Hunger Games. But she was also proud to represent the best of all 13 districts, District 1. Her friends cheered her own as the Peacekeepers made sure she didn't try to run away. Liean made sure she stood right next to her bowl, a smile on her sly face.

"Now, for our oldest female tribute," said Liean. His hand darted in and picked up an elegant sheet of paper. He carefully read the name, making sure to process every little detail. "Sapphire Hyland!" he cried to the corwd. The beautiful 18 year old walked out of the crowd and confidently strode up to the stage. She glared at Amber the whole while, although she made it seem as if she were smiling encouragingly. Amber knew even if they were in an alliance, Saphhire would still hate her.

Sapphire took place next to her bowl, standing proudly and smiling from ear to ear. She was vicious and ready to kill, even people from her own district. She knew she would win. She knew she would come home.

"Shay Stone is our twelve year old boy tribute!' Liean roared. "Let's go, Shay!"

The small, shy boy darted up to the stage, trembling with fright. He was not as strong as the other Careers and he knew he probably wouldn't ally with them. Well, if he did, it wouldn't be for long. He'd steal some supplies and kill a couple people and then leave in the night to find some other ally. That is, if he could survive the Corncopia.

"And our last tribute, Echo Cypress!" The huge 18 bounced up to the stage, looking cool and calm but really exploding on the inside. He was one of the oldest and the strongest that would be in the arena. He would win and he would kill an endless amount of people to win. He was vicious and strong and frowned upon the other excuses for Careers next to him.

District 1 exploded into frenzy once the four tributes shook hands. They were sure one of them would come home in a couple of weeks and bring glory and honor to their distrct. They would cheer them all on. They would support whoever was still alive.

District 2

{C}Rinny, the District 2 escort, stood at the stage, beaming. "Well," he said, "if it isn't my favorite district of all! The best, strongest, toughest, and coolest district in Panem!"

The gathered District 2 erupted in cheers at Rinny's statement. They hooted and hollered, jumping up and down. Hands waved in the air and they were prepared for the reaping.

"For our twelve year old girl!" yelled Rinny. He gracefully picked up a neat sheet of paper from the bowl holding all the twelve year old girls' names. "Mina Larkson!" he hollered.

The dark haired girl proudly walked up to the stage. She was determined right there and then to bring honor to herself, her family, and her district. She stepped up onto the stage and looked Rinny straight in the eye. He could see the excitement in her entrancing brown eyes. He smiled at her. "Congratulations, Miss Larkson!" He grabbed her by the wrist and raised her arm in the air. Hundreds of people erupted in yells of encouragement.

Rinny quieted them down with a wave of his hands and stood at the podium. "Now it is time for our elder female tribute," he said, his eyes twinkling. With a flick of his hand, he picked up a second slip of paper. "Maria James!"

The tall girl walked out of her age group, a fierce determination on her face. She fixed her eyes on Mina, as if to say, You will go down, and smiled at Rinny. Rinny smiled back and kissed her hand. "My, you're beautiful," he commented. That's what he always did, flattering the tributes. He was almost like Albus Maegerman, the interviewer of the tributes. He was so nice and friendly.

"People of District 2, Maria James!"

Everyone clapped and cheered and screamed for Maria. Maria stood and smiled at them with a wide grin on her face. A minute later, Rinny quieted them down.

"And for the third tribute of District 2," he announced, "our twelve year old boy is. . . Davis Clark!"

The young boy quickly walked up to the stage. His face showed little reaction to his name being chosen from the reaping and he ignored the stares of Maria and Mina. He knew that it could possibly come down the the three of them and he would stop at nothing to come home. He would kill, even people from his own district, if it meant surviving the Hunger Games. He stood next to his ball and let Rinny put his arm around him.

"Davis Clark, ladies and gentlemen!" he roared. Davis stood there, still as a statue. The expression on his face was one of disinterest, but inside his head a storm of thoughts were brewing. He was plotting, step by step, what he would do if he survived the bloodbath. While the other people would be moving with the flow, he would be one step ahead of the game.

"Now, the last tribute of the day," Rinny said, gleaming, "the eighteen year old boy. Who is it? That is the question we are all thinking. And we will know in five," he picked out the sheet of paper, "four, three," he opened it up, "two," he read the name to himself. "One. The eighteen year old boy tribute is Luke Emerson!"

The boy strode up to the stage, ready to fight. After all, he had been training at the academy for several years. He walked onto the stage and stood behind his bowl. Rinny smiled and shook him slightly. "Give it up for our four District 2 tributes!"

The whole of District 2 exploded in a frenzy of roars and screams. For several minutes, the loud sounds split the air as they cheered for their tributes in the 175th Hunger Games. They knew one would be a winner. They had faith in their friends, brothers and sisters, family, sons and daughters, cousins. They had to keep that faith steady.

District 3

Ellya Jib stood on stage in her over-the-top outfit. Most of the children in the reaping couldn't even stand to look at her she was just so eccentric. "Happy Hunger Games!" she cried. "And may the odds be ever in your favor! Now, for our first tribute!" She clomped over to the bowl holding all the twelve year old girl names of District 3. They all stood in fear, hoping their name wouldn't be called.

"Elektra Savion!" Ellya cried. The horrified girl walked up to the stage, shaking with fear. She would have a hard time fighting against some of the other tributes. Luckily, she wasn't weak or short, but she was younger than most of the other tributes. She had just turned twelve the week before. She stood next to her bowl, fighting to stay upright. Ellya smiled at her. "Doesn't she look happy?" she asked to the crowd. No one answered.

"Okay, then," Ellya grumbled as she walked over to the bowl of eighteen year old girls. "And our eighteen year-old girl tribute is. . . Diana Ross!"

Diana Ross walked up to the stage, smiling proudly. A small tongue of fire seemed to glow in her blue eyes. She smiled evily at Elektra and shook Ellya's hand. Ellya put her hand to her mouth. "Aren't you excited to be in the Hunger Games!" she exclaimed.

"Super excited," Diana replied. "I will be returning here soon."

Ellya winked and then walked over to the thrid bowl. "Our twelve year old boy tribute of District 3 is Daniel Wright!"

The small boy slowly walked up to the stage. His worst fear had come true. He was at a total disadvantage because he wasn't very strong or tall. Luckily, he was fast and smart. He walked ontot the stage and stood next to his bowl. "Daniel, how do you feel about this?" asked Ellya.

Daniel shrugged, refusing to speak.

Ellya rolled her eyes and walked to the final bowl. "Our last tribute, the eighteen year old male from Distrfct 3 is Eamon Dace!"

The huge boy strode over to the stage, nearly a head taller than all those around him. Daniel and Elektra were scared now, frightened. How would they fare against someone Eamon's size? He was huge! Eamon smiled at the crowd and stood straight up next to his bowl. Even ignorant, creepy Diana seemed intimidated by him. She began to slightly tremble, but quickly composed herself.

"Give it up for the tributes of District 3!"

Nobody clapped.

District 4

"Erica Savell!" Ermine cried. The twelve year old girl walked up to the stage, feeling happy and proud to represent her district in the Hunger Games. She stood next to her bowl and smiled out at the crowd. She was surprised nobody had volunteered for her, though. Usually people did. Erica stood there, feeling the ocean breeze on her face.

Ermine smiled. "She looks happy!" he yelled, clapping. All the gathered people laughed and cheered.

He reached into the next bowl and pulled out the other girl's name. "Minny Liki!" he cried.

"I volunteer!" cried Lea Rose, Minny's best friend. She knew Minny wouldn't survive long in the Hunger Games. She refused to do anything that had to do with fishing in Dsitrict 4. She loved plants and animals and was the nicest person ever. She could never kill someone.

As Lea passed, Minny smiled encouragingly at her and mouthed thank you. Lea nodded and walked up to the stage, standing proudly next to the girl's bowl. A single tear of relief leaked out of her eye.

Ermine clapped for her. "Our volunteer," he said, "excited to get in this year's Hunger Games."

Every body clapped and cheered and hooted and hollered to her up on the stage. Ermine quickly quieted them down and reacahed into the twelve year old boys' bowl. He pulled out the name. "Luke Maxin!"

"Hey, hold up! I'm volunteering for this kid!" cried Liir Falconey. He bounced up to the stage and stood next to the boy's bowl. Down in the crowd, Luke glared at him murderously. Liir smiled and winked at him.

Ermine whistled. "Two volunteers! Wow!"

"Anyway, let me draw the final tribute." He reached into the fourth bowl and pulled out a name. "Zakrip Fap!" he cried. The redheaded boy darted out of the crowd and was up on the stage in only a few moments. He obviously was happy.

"You look excited!" cried Ermine.

"I am!" Zakrip responded.

Ermine nodded. "Give it up for the tributes of District 4!"

The whole district erupted into cheers and shouts.

District 5

"Who's ready for the seventh Quarter Quell?" cried the escort, Micka Linter. "Well, I am! Let's see if this year's tributes are ready too!"

He bounced over to the first ball and scrounged around in it for several seconds and then pulled out a slip. He tore it open, crying, "Kelsey Skitjovich!"

The twelve year old girl walked up to the stage calmly. She did not want anyone to think she was weak or vulnerable. In fact, she was prepared for the games. She was strong and tough and had trained with snares for her entire life. That was her weapon. Snares. She'd seen them before on previous games and she was trying to think of a way to kill a bunch of people at once with one snare. Maybe she would rig up an electrical trap? A spiked pit for the Careers? She shrugged and was determined to make her district proud, unlike the failures Jimmy Kardon and Famina Jurbin from the previous year. They both died in miserable, pathetic ways. At least Jimmy survived the Cornucopia.

Micka hugged Kelsey and carried her over to her bowl. "Congratulations!" he cried. "You're in the Hunger Games!"

She ignored him.

"And the other girl tribute is Samira Fladbur of District 5!" he cried. The tall, beautiful girl walked up to the stage and stood next to her bowl quietly. She didn't even look in Kelsey's direction. Confused, Micka shrugged and walked over to the twelve year-old boy's bowl.

"Mandor Macer!" The tall boy slowly walked out of the crowd and wiped his nose. Kelsey saw through the act right away. He was going for a weak and vulnerable air. Why hadn't she thought of that. She'd seen a recap of a girl who had won by doing that. She shrugged and let Mandor stand next to her.

"Mandor, how do you feel about being in the Hunger Games?" asked Micka.

Mandor shurgged and a tear leaked out of his eyes. Micka turned back to the eighteen year old boy bowl. "The last tribute of District 5 is Elden Darnin!"

The boy walked up to the stage. He was nothing intimidating at all. He wasn't very athletic or strong, and seemed emotionally unstable. Already, tears were pouring out of his eyes. All three other tributes immediately knew it was real, not a fake. Kelsey and Mandor felt bad for him because of his emotion issues, but Samira saw it as an advantage.

"Give it up for the tributes of District 5!"

Friends clapped lightly, offering moral support for their friends, but nobody else clapped. Nobody wanted to cheer on these kids only to wach them die.

District 6

Rose Juna Ice clung to her best friend's hand. Her palms were sweating with fear. She did not want to be the tribute for this year. It was her worst nightmare. Hithri Mishu, the escort, looked around after pulling out the name for the twelve year old girl. She walked over to the microphone and said, "Rose Juna Ice."

Rose, frozen in fear, stared blankly ahead as the girls around her backed away, except for her best friend. Her best friend whispered something to her and she walked up to the stage, moving slowly. Hithri looked at her funny. "You don't have to be so scared!" she giggled.

"Shutup!" snapped Rose. She began to fume. Hithri had never had to live with the fear of being in the Hunger Games. She was safe in the Capitol. Hithir backed away and walked to the next bowl.

"Kez Hunter!" she cried. The eighteen year old girl walked up to the stage, trying best to hide her fear. Hithir motioned for her to get up and she did, standing twelve feet away from Rose. Rose looked at her and they both nodded.

"For our third tribute," said Hithri, "Xander Ryan!"

The twelve year old boy walked up to the stage confidently. He looked up at Rose and smiled. She could not tell why he was so cool and calm. Was he hiding a skill or something? Did he think he actually had a chance to win the games?

"And our last tribute for District 6 is Benjamin Woodrew!" cried Hithri.

The boy walked up to the stage shaking with fright. He wasn't a physical wonder of anything like that. He was jsut an average boy who lived and average life. He stepped up onto the stage and stood next to Kez. Hithri smiled at him and said, "Well, the four of you ought to shake hands."

And so they did. But nobody was clapping, even though several people wre quietly sobbing into their clothes.

District 7

"Lila Woods!" The girl sighed and tried to remain calm as she walked up to the stage. She did not want to appear to be a meal for the Careers like she knew many other tributes were. In fact, a girl next to her had been crying before the reaping.

Cora warmly pulled Lila up onto the stage. He was a nice escort and he understood the tributes' fear of going into their perpetual deaths. He hugged Lila and walked over to the next tribute bowl.

"Hera Flint!" The tall girl strode up to the stage and Lila began to tremble. Hera was very tall and strong and could throw knives amazingly, better than anyone. She was also vicious and not afraid of a fight.

She stood twelve feet away from Lila and smiled a fake, cruel smile at the twelve year old girl. Lila tried her best to stay calm and she did, turning away from Hera. Cora put a hand on her shoulder and smiled.

"It's okay."

Then he grabbed a third paper for the twelve year old boy. "Kam Finch!" he cried.

The small, weak twelve year old boy walked up to the stage, a look of mass hysteria on his face. He was petrified of being in the games. But of course, that made sense. His left leg below the knee was crippled and he was weak and small.

A taller boy, but still short, walked out of the crowd. He slightly resembled Kam. "I volunteer!" he cried. "I volunteer for Kam!"

Kam looked back and a tear leaked out of his eyes. He hobbled over to the boy and hugged him tightly. "Thank you, Maddox," he whispered.

Maddox nodded and hugged his brother. "Goodbye, Kam," he said as he walked up to the stage.

"Wow," said Cora. "That was extremely brave."

Maddox nodded. "I couldn't let him go into the arena. It would not be fair for him becuase he is a cripple."

Cora nodded. "Now, let's draw our final tribute." He walked over to the bowl and yelled the name moments later. "Chalen Jorge!" he cried.

The boy walked up to the stage, trying to get there quickly. Then he stood next to his bowl and looked straight out at the crowd. He was extremely good looking and Cora stopped for a moment. Then he continued. "Give it up for the tributes of District 7!"

District 8

Lildyen FLowers stood smiling on the stage. "Hello," she said. "Now, for our first tribute, the twelve year old girl, I will be reaping in just a moment. And she is. . . " she darted her hand in and pulled out a slip of paper, "Luna Snare!"

The girl walked up to the stage, scared and nervous. However, she was determined to win. She wouldn't just go into the games and expect to die like most people. She thought she actually might have a chance. So she stood next to her bowl and stared out at the crowd.

"Oh, how excited are you, Luna?"

There was no answer. Lildyen frowned and walked to the second bowl. "The eighteen year old girl is. . . Jessie Glow!" she cried. The tall girl walked out of the crowd and up to the stage. She looked a bit scared, but she was intimidating with her height and she looked capable of winning in the games.

"How do you feel?" asked Lildyen. Jessie numbled something inaudible. She seemed to be a bit shy. Lildyen patted her on the shoulder and walked over to the third bowl. "Our third tribute, the first boy, is Spence Glow!" The boy who walked out of the crowd was huge. He looked like he was sixteen, not twelve. He was strong and intimidating. And also, he looked a lot like Jessie.

"Oh my God," said Jessie. "He. . . he's my brother."

Spence stopped in his tracks. "What?" he asked. "I'm an only child."

Jessie shook her head. "You look just like me and Dad. You are my brother, Spence."

Spence nodded and stood opposite to Jessie. He refused to make eye contact with her and they both stood out to space, trying to contemplate on what was going on.

"Well, isn't that exciting?" Lildyen said. "A brother and sister, united at the reaping? What a conincidence! Now, let's get on with the reaping and draw our final tribute." She walked over to the final bowl and picked out a name. "Our lastt tribute is. . . Brandon Marcovich!"

The boy was very handsome. He looked pretty strong too. Luna had seen him hunting in the woods that bordered District 8. He would have a chance when it came to finding food.

"And our tributes of District 8!" cried Lildyen, looking proud and happy.

District 9

Boe Capit stood with the name in his hand, looking out at the crowd. He opened it up and said, "Zara Clarke!" Zara walked out of the crowd, her jet black hair billowing in the wind behind her. She was very short but she looked very smart and crafty. She walked up to the stage and stood next to her bowl, not even looking at Boe.

Boe nodded and walked over to the bowl of the second girl. He pulled out the name and read it into the microphone. "Margie Quet!" he yelled. The small, wan girl walked up to the stage, coughing. Boe frowned.

"I volunteer!" somebody cried. "I volunteer for Margie Quet!"

A tall, strong girl raced out of the crowd and hugged her sister. She then pulled apart and kissed Margie on the head. "I wouldn't let you die, too. Sorrie died and I couldn't allow myself to watch you."

Margie nodded and limped back into the crowd, tears streaking down her face. Gia, the volunteer, walked up to the stage and tried not to cry. She did not want to look weak in front of all the other tributes, because there would be so many of them. She ignored everything Boe said about her and a single tear rolled down her cheek.

"Well, we have two more tributes to reap," said Boe. "Our twelve year old boy of District 9 is Marcus Crow!" The boy walked up to the stage and stoood next to his ball. "How do you feel, Marcus?"

"I'm scared," he whimpered. "Very scared."

"It's okay, Marcus. You'll do fine," Boe assured. Marcus nodded and Boe went to draw the final name. "Our eighteen year old boy is Kyle Laque!"

Kyle was the son of one of the previous vicotors nearly twenty years ago. He was strong and well liked, but could be vicious and mean sometimes. He stood next to Boe. "I'm ready to go," he said. "I'm ready to fight in the arena."

Boe looked out at the crowd. "Give it up for the tributes of District 9!"

Several people clapped. Friends and family clapped for their relatives and buddies up on the stage. Most of all, they clapped for Gia because she volunteered for her sick, weak sister.

District 10

"Christine Ignotum!" cried Seenwa Listo, her bright hair flashing in the wind. "Come on up here, darling."

The skinny girl loped up to the stage, fear on her face. She was the first tribute from all four of the outlying districts this year, and it would draw much attention to her for a little while. She shivered and stood next to her bowl. Seenwa clapped for her and then moved on to the next bowl.

"The eighteen year old female tribute is. . . Krystal Clearwater!" cried Seenwa. Krystal was skinny and tall, with long arms and beautiful flowing hair. She walked up to the stage and did her best to hide her horror. She stood next to the bowl, disbelief shredding through her entire core. There was no way she was in the Hunger Games. It just. . . didn't make sense. Why would she be in the Hunger Games? Why her and why not some other girl? A tear rolled down her face as she reminisced on past memories tending to the cows and pigs in the fields, having fun and laughing in the flowers. She would miss that. She would return. She would try her best to make it back to District 10.

"Congrats, Krystal," said Seenwa. "Now, let's move on. Our twelve year old male tribute is," she paused as she read the name, "Mark Kingston!" The twelve year old boy walked up to the stage and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. He looked down at his feet and gulped. His worst fear had come true. He was in the Hunger Games. But he was in it at the worst time anyone could ever be in it. . . when there were 47 other tributes up against you.

"Come on, honey," Seenwa beckoned. "You're holding up to the show."

Mark nodded and walked up the stairs to the stage. He stood next to his bowl and tried hard to not breakdown. He was scared, very very scared.

"The last tribute for this year in District 10 is Rift Warfield!" she cried. "Well, come on up here, Rift!"

The boy walked up to the stage, looking confident with his forearm sleeve on. He had been training his entire life for the games, in preperation for them. Some tributes were not prepared, like the boy before him just last year. Harry Harman had died at the bloodbath because he was stupid and ignorant. He would not end up like Harry Harman. He would try to win. Rift proudly stood nex to his bowl, a look of determination on his face.

"Give it up for the four tributes of District 10!" cried Seenwa. She was the only one who clapped, however.

District 11

This year, the entire population of District 11 was gathered in the town sqaure. Thousands upon thousands of people watched, spilling into the fields beyond as they craned to get a glimpse of the reapings. All of the parents prayed their children would not be picked.

Lorry, the District 11 escort, stood with a creepy smile on his face. "Welcome to the 175th Hunger Games. Now, four tributes will be reaped this year, instead of the usual two. Our twelve year old girl tribute is. . . Arcadia Millington!"

The small girl walked up to the stage. She was smart, of course, but weak and short. How long would she last? It wasn't fair, thought Arcadia, that twelve year olds had to go into the Hunger Games. She stood, shivering, next to her ball and tried to stay calm.

"Now for our second tribute of District 11!" cried Lorry. He pulled out the name and read it. "Antoinette Saver!" he cried.

The girl walked up to the stage, serious and tall. She looked unsurprised, a fierce look of determination on her face. Arcadia could tell she was ready. Antoinette was tall and strong, serious and unfazed. She was not easily distracted, or easily anything, either. She would most likely not ally with anyone and do her best to win the Games.

Lorry clapped twice and then patted her on the back. "She looks ready," he commented. Then he moved to the third bowl. "The twelve year old male tribute for District 11 is. . ." he stopped and looked around at the crowd, eagerly watching their anticipation, "Spartacus Lucci!"

A huge group of boys parted up in front of the stage to reveal Spartacus. He looked frightened and positively scared out of his mind at the moment. The fear on his chubby face made Arcadia's heart beat faster. Slowly, he walked up to the stage.

"Congratuatlions, Spartacus," said Lorry, grabbing his upper arm. "Come on. Come on."

Spartacus gulped and stood next to Antoinette, shivering crazily. He was absolutely terrified at the moment.

"And for our last tribute," Lorry finally said, "Jacob Thresh!"

All three tributes on stage froze. Jacob Thresh. They all knew who he was. He was possibly the biggest eighteen year old in the entire world, huge and strong. They had absoulutely no chance against him. He was probably seven feet tall. They knew even the Careers would be scared of Jacob.

Jacob mounted the stage and stood up straight, towering over everyone else. He was over a foot taller than Antoinette. Jacob probably had the best chance of winning the Hunger Games. He was by far the strongest tribute and that was why he worked in the wheat fields, where he could carry nearly three hundred pounds of wheat.

"Give it up for the four tributes of District 11!"

District 12

Audacia stood in the square with the other children. It was her first year in the Reaping. She was very nervous - it was her first year in the reaping and chances that she was going in were suddenly a lot more. The fact that she had applied for teserae didn't help. She clutched her best friend's hand tightly and prayed that she wouldn't get picked.

Amber Trinket, the District 12 escort, climbed up the stage. "Welcome, welcome!" she said, "To the 7th Quarter Quell. Happy Hunger Games! As you all know, this year, the tributes will be selected from the 12 year olds and 18 year olds. I will, as usual, start with the ladies." She thrust her hand into the bowl which held the names of the 12 year old girls. She pulled out a slip of paper and opened it. Audacia tightened her grip on her best friend's hand.

"And the 12 year old female tribute for this year this..." anounced Amber Trinket, "Audacia Undersea!"

The first feeling Audacia had was one of disbelief. This couldn't be true, she couldn't get picked. She thought maybe Amber had read the name wrong, but the look of horror on her family and friends' faces confirmed the fact that she had been reaped. Even her 18 year old drunken brother had turned pale. Audacia slowly let go of her best friend's hand and climbed onstage. "No need to look so horrified, child!" laughed Amber. Audacia glared at her. Amber had never had to live with the fear that she'd be reaped, she thought.

Amber smiled out to the crowd. "Our second lady tribute will be," she said, "Violet Willowshire!"

Violet walked up to the stage, disbelief etched upon her face. She stopped halfway there and glanced back at her friend in the crowd. Two Peacekeepers surged forward and pushed her in the direction of the stage. Looking back one last time, she stumbled forward onto the stage as some tears leaked out of her eyes. She walked up the stairs and when Amber reached for her hands, she smacked Amber's away. Amber jumped back and frowned. "Manners!" she snapped.

"Shutup," said Violet. "Nobody cares about your manners! Not when this happens!"

Amber looked flabbergasted and took a step back. She stuck hre tongue out at Violet and then walked over to the fourth bowl. "Now it is time to draw our gentlemen!" she giggled. "First up, the twelve year old male." Amber stuck her hand into the bowl and moved it around for a rather long time. Then she pulled out the name and held it close to her face, looking over the slip of paper. "Marthus Argus!"

The strong bodied boy walked up to the stage and evaded Amber, just like Violet. Amber again frowned, but this time didn't comment on it. She was obviously displeased with two of the tribute's manners. Instead, she turned and walked to the final bowl, right next to Audacia. Audacia stared at Amber and really felt like pushing her off the stage.

Amber darted her hand out and delicately opened the slip of paper. "Our final tribute this year Jean Petram!"

Jean walked up to the stage, his muscles bulging. He was a fit and strong eighteen year old, capable of killing. Many times he had gotten into fights at school and all three tributes had seen him display his strength on numerous occasions. He certainly would make it far into the games. Amber stood between the four tributes. "Now, I want you all to shake hands," she said.

Simultaneously, all four tributes smiled at each other and backed away, hands tight at their sides. They had to stifle their laughs and smiles, trying hard to break out. Amber gasped and her mouth dropped. "Never have I seen such awful manners."

Despite the gloomy reality, many of the District 12 citizens laughed.

District 13

The seven thousand District 13 citizens stood gathered in their square. For nearly one hundred years, District 13 had been a district even worse than 12. They dreaded the reaping with everything they had, for it was one of the worst days of every year. That and the Victory Tour, because whenever a Career won, they had usually killed a District 13 tribute.

Markunk stood on the stage, holding four slips of paper. He knew how much they hated the reaping, so he drew the names out before reading them and then announced them to the crowd, to build up suspense. Every citizen of the District hated him.

"Our first tribute is Joy Lacey Smith!" he announced. "Come on up here, Joy."

Joy took a deep breath and calmly walked up to the stage, breathing in and out repetitively. She closed her eyes and tried to calm her turmultous inside down. But it didn't work. She just began to shiver and rock crazily. She stood on the stage, as far from Markunk as she could get, and looked out at the crowd.

"The next tribute I have reaped is Samantha Rhodes," he said. "Hurry along, now Sammy."

Samantha strode out of the crowd, confident and poised. To Joy, she looked ready to go. She stood next to the stairs and looked back at the crowd, waved once, and then walked up the steps. Joy looked at her and then turned her head back to the gathered District.

"For the twelve year old male you are giving up to the Capitol," said Markunk, "I have drawn the name of. . . Jessie Carmal!"

The boy walked out of the crowd and lifted his chin high, ready to fight in the games. From what Joy had seen of him, he always talked about the Careers when the games were on and she assumed he would try his best to ally with them. He also adored the Cornucopia. He said it was the most exciting part of the games. Gosh, Joy really wanted to punch him in the face. He was a Hunger Games fanatic.

"You look excited!" chirped Markunk. Jessie nodded.

"I'm ready to go to the arena. Ready to fight."

Markunk smiled and patted Jessie on the back. "This is a perfect child, right here!" he cried.

Joy shivered. Markunk's idea of a perfect child was very dsiturbing, then. She watched Jessie pull away from Markunk and smile at her. She gagged.

"The final tribute of District 13 is. . . Silas Howitzer!"

Silas was tall, but not as tall as the other Careers they would be up against. He probably thought he would ally with him, but Joy wasn't so sure. He wasn't the right kind of guy to fight with them. He was too nice and kind and funny.

"Here are your District 13 tributes for the 175th Hunger Games!" Markunk roared.

Chariots Rides

Here, the citizens of the Capitol are getting their first looks at the tributes for this year. Since the amount of tributes is doubled, there will be two chariots per district, making there a grand total of twenty-six chariots and fifty-two tributes all dressed in the splendour of their districts.

Here comes District 1 riding out in what appears to be two precious gemstones. One is a sapphire and the other is an ruby. Funny, how Sapphire Hyland, one of the tributes, is riding in a giant sapphire. The two girls are beautifully dressed in extravagant dresses; Sapphire is wearing a deep blue dress that matches her eyes and the chariot. Amber is wearing a ruby red dress that sparkles and shimmers in the light. She can be seen holding hands with Shay Stone, the twelve year old male of District 1. He is wearing a splendid golden crown and a flowing red cape. Underneath is a red and blue robe that shines. Meanwhile, Echo Cypress is donned in another king's getup, but he has a silver sceptre studded with sapphires. His cape is blue and he is wearing a black cloack underneath his cape. The Captiol citizens love it.

Out comes District 2, dressed as. . . Peacekeepers? Wait, no the Peacekeeper uniform is shedding and here the four tributes are standing in shining armor and deadly spears in their hands! The Capitol is going crazy! The tributes hold their hands in the air and wave them to the Capitol citizens. Everybody loves it!

District 3 rides out in a boring costume, but intricate. The girls' dresses are made out of hundreds of wires woven together to make a sparkling scene. The boys are dressed in silver tuxedos that blink and wire hats. Daniel Wright is taking apart his hat and making it begin to glow. The Capitol fans find that entertaining, but they switch back to their favorites.

District 4 is wearing sea blue dresses that are positively beautiful and the boys have on swimming pants and tightly woven nets on their upper body. . Lea Rose has a hat on that is a coral reef, with movnig fish. She holds up her hands and waves at the crowd who go crazy at her dress and her hat. Liir Falconey leans over and kisses Erica Savell lightly on the cheek. The fans go crazy.

District 5 comes out in a getup of power. They are wearing suits, all of them, that have collars that stick out in the back, stretching nearly three feet behind their heads. On those collars are miniature models of power plants, glowing with energy. Their chariots are glowing brightly and have cords trailing behind them. Mandor Macer grasps Kelsey Skitjovich's hand and raises them in the air, spinning her around. Her suit brilliantly gives off light and the Capitol fans cheer. Samira Fladbur then looks over at Kelsey and they both nod. Elden Darnin and Mandor back away as Samira and Kelsey reach over and grab each other's hands. Samira presses a button and a cloud of smoke covers them for a few moments. Then it dissappears and Kelsey and Samira are wearing beautiful golden dresses that sparkle and produce shocks of electricity. The Capitol fans go crazy over the mysterious change of outfits.

District 6 rides out in two cars with seats on top. They are sitting down, waving to the crowd. Their outfit is a mechanic's outfit, greasy and ugly. The Capitol fans boo and and turn back to their favorites. Kez Huntre stands up and spins in a circle trying to attract more attention, but it doesn't work. District 6 just had an awful outfit.

Next comes Dsitrict 7 but the tributes cannot be seen. Then, the chariot grows and joins together, making one chariot with two giant trees on it. The trees are thirty feet tall and the tributes can be seen standing on the branches, weaving in and out of the leaves. The girls are dressed in dresses made out of leaves, wearing circlets of thorns on their heads. Lila Woods and Hera Flint then begin to dance and play reed flutes. The Capitol fans began to go crazy. Then Maddox Finch and Chalen Jorge appear from the branches wearing skirts made out of leaves and sticks. They jump from branch to branch and swing off of them. Then they pull something out of the tree and appear wearing glowing crowns of redwood and holding rowan staffs. The Captiol fans scream and cheer and turn all their attention to District 7.

District 8 rides out in two chariots covered in quilts. The tributes themselves are giant balls of yarn. They dance and jump up and down, but the Capitol only finds it somewhat entertaining. However, Luna Snare accidentally bumps into Spence Glow and causes him to fall down, rolling on the ground. The Capitol citizens laugh but then turn their attention back to the favorites of the night. Jessie Glow frowns and bumps into Brandon Marcovich.

District 9's chariots are small and made from wheat fronds woven together to create a stable platform for the tributes to stand on. The wheels are made out of more wheat and grain. The tributes are completely covered in grain and wheat except for their heads. However, their stylists have painted golden wheat tatoos onto their faces. Gia Quet spins in circles, her wheat fronds flying out around her. This attracts the attention of the Capitol and they cheer. But it isn't their favorite, however.

District 10 rides out on giant chariots that look like. . . cows. Mark Kingston is dressed like a cow, Christine Ignotum like a pig, Rift Warfield like a horse, and Krystal Clearwater like a goat. The Capitol fans find it stupid and childish, ignoring it mostly. The District 10 tributes try to get more attention, but it doesn't work. The Capitol fans don't even waste time booing.

District 11 comes out in a chariot that is a farming field in the front and an orchard in the back. Jacob Thresh is holding bundles of carrots and tomatoes in his strong arms, wearing a straw hat and overalls. Antoinette Saver is wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt, planting some seeds in the dirt. Arcadia Millington and Spartacus Lucci are dressed in green and brown clothes that blend in with the trees while they pick apples and cherries. The Capitol fans clap at the act but do not find it their favorite. Many still watch, but most turn back to their favorite ones.

District 12 comes out in a huge, black chariot. The four tributes are clustered together in a depression in the middle, their colorful clothes growing. Audacia Undersee is wearing pulsing yellow, Marthus Argus in vibrant orange. Jean Petram is wearing dark red, glowing brightly, and Violet Willowshire is wearing orange with a glowing center of blue and green. The Capitol fans understand the idea; they a the embers of a dying coal. They clap but turn to their favorites again.

Finally, District 13 comes out and they are wearing silver clothes that look like graphite miners. Samanthat Rhodes is glowing and Jessie Carmal is holding up rocks. The Capitol fans boo and jeer at the awful outfit and turn back to the ones they like. District 13 hang their heads as they feel ashamed at their bad costume.

And the chariot rides are over. The Capitol fans depart for the night. But here are the leaderboards for the favorite chariots and outfits.

1st Place-District 7

2nd Place-District 1

3rd Place-District 2

4th Place-District 5

5th Place-District 11

6th Place-District 4

7th Place-District 12

8th Place-District 9

9th Place-District 3

10th Place-District 8

11th Place-District 10

12th Place-District 13

13th Place-District 6

Training Scores


Shay Stone-9

Amber Wolfe-9

Echo Cypress-10

Sapphire Hyland-8


Davis Clark-10

Mina Larkson-8

Luke Emerson-9

Maria James-10


Daniel Wright-6

Elektra Savion-7

Eamon Dace-9

Diana Ross-6


Liir Falconey-9

Erica Savell-8

Zakrip Fap-10

Lea Rose-11


Mandor Macer-10

Kelsey Skitjovich-8

Elden Darnin-5

Samira Fladbur-7


Xander Ryan-8

Rose Juna Ice-6

Benjamin Woodrew-10

Kez Hunter-9


Maddox Finch-8

Lila Woods-7

Chalen Jorge-9

Hera Flint-10


Spence Glow-11

Luna Snare-6

Brandon Marcovich-8

Jessie Glow-11


Marcus Crow-5

Zara Clarke-8

Kyle Laque-10

Gia Quet-9


Mark Kingston-7

Christine Ignotum-8

Rift Warfield-10

Krystal Clearwater-6


Spartacus Lucci-7

Arcadia Millington-5

Jacob Thresh-9

Antoinette Saver-9


Marthus Argus-8

Audacia Undersee-7

Jean Petram-10

Violet Willowshire-8


Jessie Carmal-9

Joy Lacey Smith-7

Silas Howtizer-8

Samantha Rhodes-8

Premade Alliances


Amber Wolfe-1

Shay Stone-1

Echo Cypress-1

Sapphire Hyland-1

Davis Clark-2

Mina Larkson-2

Luke Emerson-2

Maria James-2

Liir Falconey-4

Erica Savell-4

Zakrip Fap-4

Lea Rose-4

Chalen Jorge-7

Benjamin Woodrew-6

Hera Flint-7

Kyle Laque-9


Spence Glow-8

  1. Jessie Glow-8

Rose Juna Ice-6

Joy Lacey Smith-13

Placement Chart-

52nd-Elektra Savion-3

51st-Mark Kingston-10

50th-Brandon Marcovich-8

49th-Jessie Carma-13

48th-Lila Woods-7

47th-Marcus Crow-9

46th-Samira Fladbur-5

45th-Zara Clarke-9

44th-Christine Ignotum-10

43rd-Marthus Agus-12

42nd-Xander Ryan-6

41st-Rose Juna Ice-6

40th-Maddox Finch-7

39th-Luna Snare-8

38th-Violet Willowshire-12

37th-Samantha Rhodes-13

36th-Spartacus Lucci-11

35th-Gia Quet-9

34th-Elden Darnin-5

33rd-Amber Wolfe-1

32nd-Kyle Laque-9

31st-Jean Petram-12

30th-Bejamin Woodrew-6

29th-Eamon Dace-3

28th-Antoinette Saver-11

27th-Joy Lacey Smith-13

26th-Mandor Macer-5

25th-Spence Glow-8

























The 175th Hunger Games Begin!

Day 1: Part 1-The Bloodbath

"60. 59. 58. 57. 56. 55. 54. 53. 52. 51. 50..."

Mandor Macer looked at the huge tree to the west and nodded. That was where he was going to go after the bloodbath. He would fight for supplies and then run as fast as he could to it. With a nod, he turned back to face the Cornucopia.

"45. 44. 43. 42. 41. 40."

Echo Cypress made eye contact with Luke Emerson three plates away. They both nodded. They were Careers and they would dominate the entire Cornucopia bloodbath. After that, they would take control of the Career pack, which had sixteen people in it, all from District 1, 2, and 4, and four from other districts. Echo turned back and stood on his plate, ready to run.

"33. 32. 31. 30. 29. 28. 27. 26. 25."

Arcadia Millington shivered, scared out of her wits. She was about to enter the worst part of the Hunger Games, the bloodbath. The odds were not in her favor today. No. Not when she was up against 51 other tributes. She shook and tried to calm herself down.

Kez Hunter was on the end of the half circle surrounding the Cornucopia. She scanned over all the other tributes, trying to find the ones that would be the most threat to her at the bloodbath. Breathing deeply, she fixed her eyes on a bow fifty feet in front of her.

"19. 18. 17. 16. 15."

Kelsey Skitjovich froze. The games were about to begin. The bloodbath was about the start. The deaths were waiting to happen. Her eyes stared blankly ahead, terrified and scared. She could very likely die today, up against 51 other tributes.

"10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0."

The gong rang and all the tributes rushed off their plates. Marcus Crow headed towards a yellow backpack nearby and bent down to grab it. He sntached it up by the handle but was only knocked down by Eamon Dace. Marcus let go of the backpack and fell to the ground. Eamon picked it up and kicked Marcus in the face. Then he rushed off, leaving Marcus on the ground with a bloody nose.

Elektra Savion watched Eamon take off into the grasslands with a knife and a backpack. Then she turned in the direction of the Cornucopia and rushed forward. She was heading towards a backpack forty feet in front of her and wanted to get it and take off, just like Eamon. They could possibly ally. As she ran, she tripped and sprawled forward onto the ground. Then a foot clamped down on her leg. Looming above her was Benjamin Woodrew. He picked up a nearby spear and plunged it down on Elektra. She screamed on time before the blade plunged into her stomach, killing her quickly. He grabbed a backpack and ran towards the mouth of the Cornucopia where he was aiming for a sword.

Elden Darnin immediately rushed off his plate, grabbed a small backpack and ran away from the bloodbath. Tears streaked down his face as he attempted to run from the killing and murder. He stopped one hundred feet away and looked down on the horror going on below him.

Brandon Marcovich beat most of the tributes to the mouth of the Cornucopia. He grabbed a backpack, and tent, and a curved blade. The boy from District 11, Mark Kingston, rushed at him with a spear. He jabbed at Brandon with the pointed spear. Brandon leapt back, kicked the spear away from Mark and swung his blade at Mark's throat. On the ground below him, blood spattered from Mark's limp neck. Brandon Marcovich spun around, looking for anyone to fight. However, he didn't see Davis Clark creep up behind him and stab him in the back with a knife. Brandon crumpled to the ground, dead.

Zakrip Fap picked up a silver trident from the mouth of the Cornucopia and threw it at Samira Fladbur. Samira rolled out of the way, grabbed a backpack and rushed out of the bloodbath. Zakrip growled and ran to get his trident. He snatched up a backpack and found someone else grappling over it with him. Quickly, he lifted his head and saw Jessie Carmal trying to grab it, too. Jessie looked at Zakrip and immediately frowned.

"Wait, I didn't realize it was you I was fighting!" he cried. "Please, stop!"

"Can it, punk!" growled Zakrip. He spun his trident and plunged the forked edges into Jessie's chest.

Kez Hunter snatched up the bow that she had been wanting and immediately nocked an arrow. She fired into the fray of the bloodbath and shot Lila Woods through the neck with a silver arrow. Her body crumpled to the ground, the arrow sticking out of her neck. Kez sprinted forward, grabbed the arrow and a backpack and ran towards the giant tree to her west. Then a knife flashed and something cold struck her leg, followed by a searing pain. Kez screamed and looked behind her. Hera Flint of District 7 had a belt of knives and was throwing them at her. Kez pulled the knife out of her leg and hobbled away, eager to rest and get to safety.

Mandor Macer kicked Maddox Finch in the face and stood up. He had been knocked down by the boy from 7 and could have almost died. He set his eyes on a backpack and grabbed it. Then he turned towards the tree and started running in the direction. For a few moments, he was flying over the grass and the next thing he knew, he was on the ground with a heavy weight on top of him. He looked up and saw Marcus Crow on top of him. Marcus held a sharp knife in his hand and was ready to slit his throat.

Suddenly, the weight vanished and Marcus was lying on the ground next to Mandor. Mandor looked over and saw Kelsey Skitjovich holding a blowdart up to her lips. She nodded at Mandor and beckoned for them to run towards the woods. He picked up Marcus' knife and ran off with Kelsey.

Samira Fladbur ran for a backpack that seemed to contain a good amount of materials. She grabbed it by the handlestrap and began to run towards on of the mountains. The next thing she knew, she was on the ground, blood streaming from her mouth. She raised a hand and patted at her back, finding the knife that perforated her heart from the back. Then she looked behind her and saw Hera Flint running at her. A few moments passed and she slipped into the dark void of death.

Hera Flint grabbed the knife from the back of the late Samira Fladbur and grabbed the backpack that lay beside Samira. Then she threw a knife at Zara Clarke from District 9 and watched as it sunk into her heart. Zara collapsed to the ground, blood staining her shirt. Hera retrieved the knife and ran off towards the grasslands.

Luke Emerson grabbed the axe off of the rack at the back of the Cornucopia and ran out of the mouth with two backpacks on his back. He looked around for anyone to kill. Then he saw the girl from District 10, Christine Ignotum. He rushed at her as she tried to grab a backpack from Marthus Agus. Luke swung his axe and cut off Christine's head. Marthus scrambled away on the heel of his hands, looking up in fear at Luke Emerson.

"Oh, no you don't!" he growled. In one large step, Luke sunk his axe head into Marthus' chest, killing him instantly. Luke grabbed the backpack and looked for his allies.

Audacia Undersee grabbed a bag containing a pair of socks, a small pocket knife, and an empty bottle of water twenty feet into the bloodbath. Then she took three steps forward and grabbed another bag containing two packs of dried beef and two packs of dried fruit. She spun around and ran towards the distant woods. Her head smacked into something hard and she collapsed to the ground. She quickly got back up and looked down on Joy Lacey Smith. Joy scrambled back and stood up, staring at Audacia. They both opened their mouths slightly and ran in opposite directions, fearing for their lives.

Spence and Jessie Glow sprinted into the bloodbath together. They both grabbed backpacks and then Spence rushed into the mouth of the Cornucopia where he snatched up a spear, a long coil of rope, a tent, one dagger, and a small mace. Holding the small mace in one hand, he looked around for anyone attackers. Then he saw Xander Ryan from District 6 rushing at him with a sword. Spence swung the mace down on the sword and cracked the blade. He kicked the sword away and hammered his mace into Xander's head. Xander fell to the ground, his head severly bleeding. A second later, he died. Spence ran back to Jessie, gave her some of the loot, and the duo ran off towards the giant tree.

Maria James bolted out of the Cornucopia with three spears on her back, on in her hand, and a backpack on. She saw Rose Juna Ice running towards a backpack thrity feet away and sent the spear soaring through the air. It struck Rose right through the temples, killing her instantly. Maria ran towards her body, grabbed her spear and picked up the backpack.

Joy Lacey Smith screamed as she saw Rose, her ally, get struck down. She rushed at Maria James with a knife and threw it at her head. However, the knife missed target and hit her in the shoulder, burying itselt into her skin. Maria screamed and fell to the ground. Joy stomped on her stomach and picked up the backpack, feeling vengeful for Rose's death. With a look of hatred, Joy ran off into the woods.

Jacob Thresh darted into the Cornucopia mouth and grabbed an axe and a backpack. He looked around, reaching for two more backpacks and a tent with a sleeping bag attached to it. He slung all three backpacks over his shoulder and held the tent under one arm. Then he ran out of the Cornucopia, only to be confronted by Maddox Finch holding a sword. Jacob rolled out of the way as Benjamin slashed with his sword. Then he swung his axe and Maddox's chest. The axe head buried itself into Maddox's heart.

Echo Cypress grabbed a whip lying on a table, the final foot covered in deadly barbs. Then he grabbed a nearby beautiful dagger. He rushed out of the Cornucopia and swung his whip at the nearest tribute. Luna Snare screamed as the barbs plunged into her skin. Echo yanked on the whip, dragging Luna towards him. She screamed and writhed as he grabbed the hilt of the dagger. Then plunged it into her heart, silencing her screams and killing her instantly.

Echo glanced around at the fading bloodbath, looking for another tribute to kill. He set his eyes on Diana Ross who was grabbing a backpack. He swung his whip but missed her as she ran quickly away from the Cornucopia. Enraged, he spun around and swung his whip at another tribute. He tugged and saw that Violet Willowshire was struggling to breathe because his barbed whip was wrapped around her neck. Blood trickkled out of the wounds and she tried to claw herself away. But Echo shook his head and yanked on the whip several times until she died of strangulation. He unwound the whip and then rolled it up, attaching it to his belt. It looked like he had made the final kill of the bloodbath, because only he and the other fifteen Careers remained.

"Let's get these supplies all taken care of," he said. Then he began to pile a bunch of supplies into his arms. "We make camp over by that hill." He tied a bunch of backpacks together and grabbed more supplies, heading off to the hill two miles away.

Luke Emerson nodded. "Do what Echo's doing. We should get all the supplies to the camp by nightfall."

All the other Careers obeyed, scared that they might be murdered if they disagreed. So they moved the supplies, all the rest of them, over to the hill where they were going to make camp.

Day 1: Part 2

Mandor Macer and Kelsey Skitjovich had been running through the woods ever since they fled the Cornucopia. Mandor was leading them towards the huge tree in the center of the arena. He told Kelsey he thought it would be a safe place to wait out the games until there was a limited number of tributes left.

"Finally," said Mandor as he walked out of a bush. "We're here."

The tree was huge. It was so tall, Mandor couldn't even see the top of it. "Wow," said Kelsey. "That is one big tree. I wonder what it's here for."

"Hopefully not anything bad," Mandor replied. "Let's go."

"Go where?" she asked.

"To start climbing. We need to get some vantage point," he explained. "For all we know, the Careers could be a mile behind us."

Kelsey shrugged and nodded. "I guess. But let's stop once we double the height of the regular tree level."

Mandor nodded and walked over to one of the roots which was taller than he was. "Look at the trunk. It's like they want us to climb it. It has all sorts of footholds and handholds on it."

Kelsey walked up beside him. "That's true." She put her hands on a knob sticking out of the root and pulled herself up. "Don't fall," she cautioned.

Mandor nodded and followed her up the root. Soon, they were nearly six feet off the ground. However, the root stretched for six or seven hundred feet until it met up with the trunk. They would have to get there fast if they wanted to reach a campsit before nigthfall. Mandor looked at Kelsey, took her hand, and then walked forward along the root.

Elden Darnin scrambled over the rocks on the huge pile until he found a cave. "I'll wait out most of the Games here," he said, "until it's safe enough for me to go out. I have enough food and can catch some lizards and other small animals."

He went through the contents of his backpack, which happened to be a sweatshirt and a thin blanket, several bags of dried beef, a bottle of iodine and a small canteen, and some matches. He donned the sweatshirt and the thin blanket, snuggling down for a night's sleep. He was scared and tired and he wanted to go home. Just before he drifted off, a thought occured to him that he should block off the entrance to his cave. So he crawled out and dragged a big rock in front of most of the opening and then went to sleep.

Spence and Jessie were flying through the woods, hands linked together. They were running from a trio of deadly, large squirrels that had ambushed them as they headed towards the giant tree. The squirrels moved so fast that their weapons had no chance against them. The only option was to flee.

"Jessie, watch out!" cried Spence as a fourth squirrel launched itself at Jessie's head. She screamed and ducked, throwing her hands up to protect her head. Spence drew his dagger and swung the blade, slicing the head off of the squirrel's body.

Spence sheathed his dagger and continued to run, the branches whipping at his face. He ducked under a large tree branch and spun around a rose bush very nimbly and athletically. Then Jessie tripped and tumbled to the ground, her foot stuck in a tree root.


Spence spun around, fear etched on his face. He drew his dagger and rushed to Jessie's aid. A squirrel the size of his forearm (tail excluded) leapt out of the shadows, claws extended. "Ah!" he cried, rolling out of the way. The squirrel landed on the ground to Spence's right and immediately spun around to face him. Spence waved his knife at it, but only managed to nick off a part of its tail. It lunged at him and he had to lean back to evade it.

A second squirrel emerged from the shadowy bushes, hissing and clawing at Spence's legs. Spence screamed and kicked it off, doing nothing more than aggravting it. He rolled out of the way and jumped up, holding his knife ready. A third squirrel jumped out of a tree and he swung his right hand, batting the creature out of the air. It tumbled to the ground and lay there for a moment. Spence took the opprutunity and stomped on the squirrel's head, cracking its skull and neck. It died instantly.

The two other squirrels flew at him, claws extended. Spence leaned back and avoided the first one, but the second one latched onto his shoulder and dug its sharp teeth in. He screeched in pain and batted the thing off. It fell to the ground but landed on its feet. The other squirrel launched at him again, clinging onto his side. It clawed and bit at the soft skin just below his right hip. Spence roared in pain and shook it off. He was so preoccupied by that squirrel that he didn't have time to fight off the second one, who was biting fiercly into his calf. He roared and rammed his leg against a tree trunk, squishing the squirrel as it came between his strong leg and the tree.

The other squirrel was crawling up Spence's leg, heading to the wound it had inflicted earlier. Spence swung his dagger carefully and chopped the mutt in half. He sat down, panting. Jessie freed herself from the root and walked over to Spence.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

He nodded. "What were those things?"

"Mutts, obviously," replied Jessie. "They are vicious and scary for squirrels. Miniature devils."

Spence laughed and sipped some of the water he had gotten earlier that day. Then he stood up, dabbing a little bit of it on his leg and side. "We've gotta go," he said. "The tree will be our best place to hide."

Jessie nodded and walked by his side through the trees.

Joy Lacey Smith set up her camp high in the trees, tying herself to a large branch with a rope. She was dismayed at Rose's death, unable to grasp how she hadn'y survived the bloodbath. It was one of the worst things that had ever happened to her. She opened up her pack of dried beef and ate one strip, putting the rest back in her backpack. She wanted to conserve as much as she could. Maybe she'd find another ally. Maybe she'd be able to find someone else to befriend. No. No. She didn't want any friends. She didn't want anyone to grow attached to and then have to watch die. She wasn't going to let that happen. With a couple shed tears, Joy rested her head on some soft bark and tried to fall asleep.

Daniel Wright was quietly walking through the grasslands. He had seen Eamon Dace head in this direction and he wanted to ally with his district partner. Elektra and Diana were nowhere to be found, but Daniel prayed they were both alright. He would know soon, however, seeing how the sky was growing darker. Earlier that day, he had passed close by the Career camp and had frozen in fear. Luckily the sixteen of them were too busy setting up camp to notice him sneaking by. He rolled his shoulder, bringing the backpack strap closer to his neck.

Daniel scoured the land for any sign of Eamon. He was afraid to go into the woods alone, not wanting to get attacked or ambushed by some other tributes.

Suddenly, Daniel felt a knife press against his throat and a strong hand wrap around his neck. "Tell me who you are and what you're doing and then I might spare your life."

"Eamon," breathed Daniel, feeling slightly relieved as the grip relaxed a bit.


"Yep," he replied. "I've been looking for you all day."


"Ally," said Daniel. "I need one."

"I don't want anyone," Eamon snapped.

"We'll last longer together," replied Daniel. "It'll be better."

"Fine," Eamon growled, pulling the knife away. "But don't do anything stupid that'll get us killed."

"I'll try not to," he responded. "Believe me, I don't want to die at all."

"To bad only one of us can win," Eamon grunted.

Daniel didn't reply.

Audacia Undersee snuggled in a den made out of tree roots. She had gathered together many leaves and moss, attempting to create a bed of sorts on the cold floor. Then she put the socks on her hands and pulled her clothes close up to her, shivering and trying to stay warm. She looked up at the sky, nervous to see the faces of those who had died. She hoped no one from her district was dead.

Jacob Thresh was sitting in a place of high grass near the woods. He was trying to get far away from the mountains and closer to the woods without going in them. He didn't trust the mountains. There was something. . . not right with them. He had yet to pitch his tent; he was waiting to see how everything would turn out that night.

As the thirty-seven remaining tributes settled down for the long night, the Capitol anthem played and fifteen faces gleamed in the night sky. Elektra Savion, Mark Kingston, Brandon Marcovich, Jessie Carmal, Lila Woods, Marcus Crow, Samira Fladbur, Zara Clarke, Christine Ignotum, Marthus Agus, Xander Ryan, Rose Jna Ice, Maddox Finch, Luna Snare, and Violet Willowshire all gleamed in the night sky for the last time before disappearing forever.

Deaths on Day 1

Elektra Savion-killed by Benjamin Woodrew

Mark Kingston-slashed by Brandon Marcovich

Brandon Marcovich-stabbed by Davis Clark

Jessie Carmal-skewered by Zakrip Fap

Lila Woods-shot through the neck by Kez Hunter

Marcus Crow-shot by Kelsey Skitjovich

Samira Fladbur-stabbed by Hera Flint

Zara Clarke-stabbed by Hera Flint

Christine Ignotum-beheaded by Luke Emerson

Marthus Agus-stabbed by Luke Emerson

Xander Ryan-killed by Spence Glow

Rose Juna Ice-speared by Maria James

Maddox Finch-killed by Jacob Thresh

Luna Snare-whipped and stabbed by Echo Cypress

Violet Willowshire-strangled by Echo Cypress

Day 2

Krystal Clearwater leapt out of the tree, her bow strung and nocked. She was very alert for any signs of danger or other tributes. Whatever happened, she did not want to die. Looking around, Krystal began to walk farther into the forest. This arena's perfect for me, she thought. I should head for the giant tree. 'Wait, many tributes might already be there. Hmmm, I don't know where I should go.

Krystal shouldered her backpack and began to walk, deciding to camp out right beside the huge tree and scope out the territory. She did not want to take her chances in these games. After all, it was only the second day. Suddenly, a twig snapped. She spun around the aimed her bow from where the sound came from. All of the sudden a giant squirrel popped out of the trees. It launched at her, paws outstretched. Reacting quickly, Krystal fired a bow and shot the squirrel right through the head. It toppled to the ground, dead.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Krystal retrieved the arrow and stood up. That could have been close, since that squirrel was gigantic. A leaf tickled her neck and she spun around to brush it away.

"Ahh!" she screamed.

Three more giant squirrels were perched on a branch right in front of her. They watched her quietly, their tails hanging low. As soon as she screamed, one of them leaped. It landed right on her face and began to scratch it up, gouging claw marks into her skin.

Krystal shot her hands to her face and began to try to bat it away.It didn't work though. The squirrel was just to strong and violent. It moved a bit on her head and she could see out of one eye. A silver blur all of the sudden shot through the air.

Whump! Whump!

The two squirrels on the branch fell out of the tree, two knives sticking out of their hearts. Then a body streaked out of nowhere, slicing off the head of the squirrel attached to Krystal's face. Krystal breathed lightly, her face stinging. The next thing she knew, her body was shoved against a tree and she was staring into the face of Rift Warfield, her district partner.

"Give me one reason I shouldn't kill you right now!" he growled, a knife being held up to Krystal's throat. "Just because I saved you doesn't mean-"

He relaxed a bit as he recognized it was Krystal. Afterall, they were from the same district. "Oh," he said. "It's you."

Krystal threw her arms around him in a huge embrace. "Thank you so much!" she cried. "I would have died without you."

Rift pushed her off. "Go," he said. "Go!" His arm flew out in an arrow pointing away from him.

"Wh. . . what?" stuttered Krystal.

"Go!" he repeated. "I don't want an alliance and I don't want to be slowed down by someone! Now go, before I decide to kill you."

Krystal felt hurt. She pushed herself away from Rift and grabbed her bow and backpack. Taking two steps, a single tear leaked out of her eye. Furious, she spun back around and started to yell at Rift.

"You know what!" she cried. "You're a jerk! You save me life and then tell me to leave or else you will kill me! I have every right to stay here and do what I want! You can't just tell me what to do, Rift! You can't just control that I won't ally with you! I can follow you around as much as I want, you seflish loser!"

Rift bit his lower lip. "Fine," he replied, maintaining a calm composure. "Two days. Two days as allies and then we split up. Only because those are some nasty cuts and I don't want you to draw attention to us. For all we know, the whole Career pack could be moving towards us."

After several minutes of silence, Krystal finally let him begin to treat her wounds. She sat down on a log and let Rift move his strong and steady hands over her face, cleaning her cuts.

Kelsey Skitjovich stood up and shook Mandor Macer awake. "Come on, Mandor," she said. "We gotta keep climbing."

Mandor opened his eyes and yawned. He sat up, taking a swig of water and a strip of dried fruit. Then he stood up and began the climb with Kelsey. Far below them, he could see two other tributes camping on a ledge. He hoped that they hadn't spotted him and Kelsey. They needed to get to the cover of leaves soon, or else they were at a total disadvantage. Luckily, a large amount of leaves still covered them from small branchs growing out of the tree.

With a call from Kelsey, Mandor swung onto a branch and followed her up the tree.

Zakrip Fap snatched up his trident as the fifteen other Careers stirred. Luke Emerson and Echo Cypress stood at the front of the gathered group, both holding numerous weapons. Echo Cypress began to talk.

"We're going out on a search," he said. "We haven't seen any tributes since the bloodbath and we need to narrow down the competition."

Luke stepped forward, holding his axe. "Two groups of five will split up and search around the arena for others. Six of you will stay here. Um. . . "

Echo continued for him. "Zakrip, Kyle, Mina, Amber, Shay, and Hera, you six stay and guard the camp. Sapphire, Erica, Davis, and Benjamin, you're with me. Liir, Maria, Lea, and Chalen, you'll all be with Luke. I'll head over to the rock piles and Luke, you scout out the area around the Cornucopia. We'll search the forest tomorrow. Okay, let's go."

Echo turned south and began walking towards the hazy rock pile miles away. He grabbed his sword and whip, ready to kill any tributes he came across.

Elden Darnin woke, a stream of light trickling into his little cave. He could see the dust particles floating around in the air. Yawning, he stretched his legs and sat up. He grabbed a strip of dried beef and ate it in a couple of bites. He pulled off the sweatshirt and got ready to go outside.

Suddenly, he heard a noise.

"Hey Davis, you see any tributes?"

Elden froze, scared. There were at least two tributes outside of his cave and he could not die. Not now.

"No," replied Davis. "Why are we checking over here, anyway?"

"Because some tributes could easily be hiding here, idiot," came a third voice.

"Shut up, Erica," Davis snapped.

"Whatever," said the first voice. "Let's just keep looking."

"I agree with Echo," replied Erica. "We could get some good kills right here."

"No, I think we're done here," said a fourth voice.

"Really, Benjamin?" a fifth voice asked.

"Yes, Sapphire," Benjamin replied. "I've check all the nooks and crannies around here. Haven't seen a thing."

"Let's go, then," said Echo. "In fact, since we have more time, we'll even delve a little bit into the forest."

Elden let out a sigh of relief. They hadn't found him after all. He closed his eyes, waiting for them to go away.

"Hold on," said Davis. "I just heard something." His footsteps padded back over to the area where Elden's cave was. Elden froze. They were coming back. He was dead. He was going to die. He would never make it back to District 5.

Davis lingered for a moment. "Nevermind," he said, "it must have been my imagination."

He crawled back over the rocks to join his friends. As soon as Elden heard them leave, he gave a huge sigh. "Thank goodness."

Key Hunter grabbed her bow and walked towards the mountains. She wanted to be on high ground. But, then again, she could always go to the giant tree. After all, something about those mountains bothered her.Turning around, she began to head towards the huge tree in the center of the arena.

Then a twig cracked behind her. Key spun around and no led an arrow to her bow. A large buck stood beind her, nostrils flared. Its antlers stuck out and seemed unusually sharp. In fear, Kez slowly began to back away. The deer brayed and then charged. Kez screamed and spun around to run away. But the deer was faster. The sharp antlers rammed into Kez's back and side. She yelped in pain as she flew to the ground. But she wouldn't let this monster kill her. She turned over and shot it right in the neck. It roared in pain, but charged again at Kez. This time it hit her in the chest. She rolled back, but took an arrow from her quiver and slashed out.

The sharp arrow pierced the deer's eye. It squealed and then fell to the ground,, dead. Kez gasped from the pain and looked at one of her wounds. Already, it was turning purple, slowly spreading up her ribs. The deer has poisoned antlers. She was going to die from it. This was the end.

"My life is over," she muttered to herself.

Then she heard a pop and looked to her side. A parachute was drifting down from the sky. Kez opend it up and looked inside. A green salve. It probably would extract the poison. But then she also saw a syringe. Maybe the syringe would extract the poison and the salve would heal her wounds. She plunged the syringe into her arm and the began to wait for it to set in.

JoyLacey Smith woke up and ate a strip of beef. Then she moved over to a tree closer to the large tree. She had seen three tributes get attacked by squirrels and knew how dangerous everything was. But she wanted to stay in. The trees. It was her best chance to survive.

Samantha Rhodes jumped out of a tree and then moved on through the woods, She did not know where to head. Probably to the other side of the arena, since not many people would go there. She wanted to stay out of the fighting until there were only a few people left.

For nearly two hours she walked, but then she realized she was heading in the wrong direction. How had that happened? The Cornucopia lay gleaming beneath her, several discarded items like socks and plastic sheets left scattered about.

"How did I get here?" she asked herself. She would leave, but then she decided to take some things from the Cornuocpia. There might be a bit of food there. She rushed down the hill and began to search through the leftover supplies. She searched for a bit and then saw it. A tiny pack of dried beef and fruit sat by the mouth of the horn. It must have fallen put of a backpack. She smiled and picked it up.

Samantha turned around, looking at the beef. But when she lifted her head, she was staring right into the face of Luke Emerson.

"Hello," he said.

Samantha screamed and kicked Luke in the stomach. Then she turned and ran as fast as she could towards the mountains. But Behind her, Lea Rose threw a knife at Samantha. It struck her in the back and she toppled to the ground. Chalen Jorge ran over to her and stuck a knife into her neck. Samantha was wrapped up by a wreathing cloud of darkness as her cannon went off.

Jean Petram was lying in a sheltered cave on the edge of the forest, right near the Career's camp. He had grabbed a backpack from the Cornucopia. But nothing else, except a sword. He was bored. Very bored.

Nothing much else happens on Day 2 of the 175th Hunger Games.

(sorry if I haven't written anything about your tributes yet. It's just so hard, because there are so many people. They will be written about soon.)


Samantha Rhodes-killed by Chalen Jorge and Lea Rose

Day 3

Gia Quet scrambled up the side of the mountain. She had a feeling she would be safe up on higher ground, and she also believed that lots of tributes would be up at the huge tree. She climbed over a rock and sat for a moment on a ledge. She was getting very thirsty, for climbing was exhausting.

For hours, Gia climbed. She had seen no one since the Cornucopia, and was feeling glad about that. She wanted to stay away from everyone. At around noon, she was halfway up the mountain and was standing under a huge wall. There was only one way up it, all the way on the side next to another mountain. She began to climb up the small pathway to get to the top of the wall. Finally she did, and we Gia saw shocked her.

"Oh. My. God."

A huge lake of water was situated behind the wall, just a few inches beneath the edge. Gia felt nervous, but at least there was water for her. She scooped some up in her hands and drank it. It tasted clear and clean. A surge of enrergy blossomed through her, and she decided to stay right where she was. She would be able to use to water for a source of hydration for a long time.



Day 4-6

Nothing of great importance happened on these days. There were no deaths. The Capitol is getting very very bored. They want more bloodshed. The Gamemakers have a plan, but the President is mad.

Overview of All Surviving Tributes

Audacia Undersee has moved closer to the huge tree, but is in another den of roots. There seem to be a lot of them in this arena. Joy Lacey Smith had seen Audacia moving around and is now debating wether or not to ally with the girl from District 12. The Careers do daily scoutings of the arena, but have not found any tributes. They haven't even thought of looking near the big tree. Eamon Dace and Daniel Wright have been camping in the fields for the duration of the Games. They have not moved very far. Jacob Thresh is still camping on the fringes of the forest. He watched Samantha Rhodes get killed, and he really wanted to attack the Careers, but he was all alone. Though, Leo Jaycar of District 11 last year was alone and destroyed the Careers' supllies. Hmm. Mandor Macer and Kelsey Skitjovich have reached the canopy of the tree and are making a large hut intertwined between the thick branches. Elden Darnin is still hiding in his rock cave. Gia Quet has built a lean-to out of sticks and stones next to the mountain lake. Spence and Jessie Glow have made it far up the tree, but are staying away from Mandor and Kelsey to prevent fighting. The two twelve-year olds would definitely have the advantage. Krystal Clearwater and Rift Warfeld are camping in a copse a half mile from the forest. They have plenty of food. Kez Hunter is now doing better and has moved back towards the woods. She is camping in an underwater cave, (waterfree of course) next to a large stream, but she wants to move, even though she has possibly the best camp in the whole arena. Hera Flint has moved around and set up camp in a divet shelterd by the golden Cornucopia. She spies on the Careers a lot. Jean Petram has been plotting a way to destroy the Careers for a while. Spartacus Lucci has made an alliance with Antoinette Saver and they are camping in a overhang under one of the mountains. Silas Howitzer is following Arcadia MIllinton, wondering what to do with the little twelve year old. The Capitol audience is getting bored and tired of watching bloodless Games. No body has died in three days. They are on the verge of rioting if something is not done soon.

Day 7

Silas Howitzer crawls down from a tree and begins to silently follow Arcadia Millington. What is he to do with her? She has no skills except plant information, but yet is no threat. Should he kill her? Or should he ally with her.

Suddenly, he stepped on a branch and caused a loud crack. Arcadia spun around and fired a pebble in his direction. It hits Silas on the forehead and he stops. "Ow!" he snapped. Then Arcadia Millington is right in front of him, prepared to shoot at his throat with a rock has big as his thumb.

"Don't move or I will kill you!" she growled.

Silas was quick thinking and he threw up his hands. "Allies?" he asked.

Arcadia bites her lower lip for a moment and then nods. "Fine," she answered. "But I'm not a fighter."

He shrugged. "Whatever."

The two of them sit down and eat a little of beef.

The Career pack one again decided to split up into groups. Luke lead Davis, Sapphire, Lea, Chalen, and Liir in the direction of the mountains.

"Why did we come here?" complained Chalen as they reach one of the huge rocky mountains.

"Because," Luke snapped back, "there are probably tributes over here."

Liir looked around and then nodded. "Look!" he said. "There are two tributes sleeping over there! Let's go!" |

Lea gagged. She didn't want to kill anyone else. Several days before, when she threw a knife at the girl from thirteen, she felt sick after causing her death. It was unfair that they had to kill each other. Why? Why was the world like this?

She rolled her eyes and took off running after her allies. They crept over to the overhang where the two tributes were sleeping. It was Antoinette Saver and Spartacus Lucci from District 11. Luke grabbed his sword and then stepped over to them.

Antionette's eyes flickered open. She screamed and kicked Luke in the wrist. He cried out in pain and dropped the sword. Spartacus woke up and picked his knife up offf the ground. He shouts in fear and stabbed blindly at something. He doesn't know what he hit, but it made contact with something soft. He opened his eyes and saw a knife sticking out of Davis Clark's thigh.

The fear overcame Spartacus and he bolted, grabbing Antoinette's hand. She dragged herself after him, but not before breaking Luke Emerson's wrists and knocking Lea Rose out. But then, as they are running away, Liir threw a knife towards them. It hit Spartacus' stomach, but the boy kept running. Slowly, the Careers faded into the background. Spartacus collapsed to the ground and pulled out the knife.

"Help," he croaked.

Antoinette put a bandage over the wound, but it was too late. The knife had cut his intestine and his insides were hanging out. She gaggged and looked away. "I'm sorry, Spartacus."

He nodded and closed his eyes. Moments later, the loud blast of a cannon sounded and hundreds of birds took off from the nearby trees.

NOthing else of interst happened on day 7.


Spartacus Lucci-killed by a wound from a knife of Liir Falconey

Day 8

Nothing of interest happened on day eight. The plan of the Gamemakers is about to come into action.

Day 9

Gia Quet woke up to shaking and rocking. She looked around in fear and everything was tilting. What was going on? She rushed over to the lakeside and grabbed a sip of water. Then she looked around. She could see the Careers camp miles away, very small. But the world seeme to be shaking. The mountains in the distant were too far away to see anything in great detail, but Gia could tell a lot of rocks were falling off of the side. There was an earthquake going on. Then she saw something blue rushing down the mountainside. She cocked her head and then realized it was water. Her eyes grew wild with fear. Water. On the mountains. A roaring sound echoed in her ears and she looked at the neighboring mountain, at all the mountains. Water was tumbling down the side.

Gia looked behind her and gulped. There was water behind her. Her life had come to an end. There was no chance of her surviving. The girl screamed as the dam beneath her broke and she fell down dozens of water until hitting water. She was wrapped in a swirling mix of chaos and he life ended as she bumped her head against a rock underwater.

The arena was flooding.

The cannon blast woke Joy Lacey Smith up from her nap. She yawned and and climbed up here tree, peaking her head out of the branches. She was going to scan the forest for any signs of other tributes, besides Audacia. She knew where Audacia was.

"AH!" screamed Joy. She had seen the millions of gallons of water pummeling down the mountain slopes, heading in all directions. Huge waves of water crashed down the rock mountainside, a thunderous roar getting louder and louder.

Joy scrambled down her tree and sprinted towards the gigantic tree a mile or so away. She sprinted past Audacia, who jumped back in fear. "THE ARENA'S FLOODING!" screamed Joy. "WE ARE ALL GOING TO DROWN!"

She didn't care who heard her, or what for that matter. The arena was going to be filled with water and everyone was going to die.

Audacia cocked her head at Joy's strange behavior, but when she heard her shouts, she scrambled up a tree. Sure enough, what seemed to be an ocean of water was heading down all the mountains. She screamed and ran off after Joy. Everything was becoming dangerous.

Benjamin Woodrew woke up from his night's sleep. Being allied with the Careers was nice, since you always got plenty of food and rest. He was doing fine, just camping out in the woods pretty much. It was the life. Well, the life in the arena.

He opened his eyes and stood up, yawning. Then he looked in the direction of the mountains. Water fell down the mountains, streaming across the plains. On every single mountain, water was threatening to drown everyone.

"RUN!" he roared. "THE ARENA IS FLOODING!"

Benjamin grabbed a backpack and sprinted away. Around him, Echo Cypress, Luke Emerson, and Liir Falconey awoke. They screamed and grabbed some meager supplies, then took off after Benjamin.

"Save yourselves!" cried Liir. "The supplies are done for!"

The other twelve Careers woke and scrambled up in fear. Lea Rose picked up two backpacks and her belt of knives. Sapphire Hyland grabbed a small bag of food and a sleeping bag. Chalen Jorge picked up an empty backpack and shoved various weapons into it, as well as grabbing a tent. Davis Clark grabbed some knives, a trident, a sword, and two backpacks. Mina Larkson and Maria James both grabbed one backpack each and ran off after several other Careers.

Zakrip Fap grabbed a backpack and threw it towards Erica Savell. Then he grabbed another one, threw Erica over his shoulder and sprinted off along with Lea and Davis. Amber Wolfe screamed and grabbed a tent, but tripped over a rock. She heard her leg snap, but couldn't get up. Shay Stone ran right past her, completely oblivious to his District partner.

Kyle Laque began to pile food and supplies into a backpack. He threw it at Shay Stone, who caught it and ran. Then he threw another at Zakrip. It landed in front of the District 4 boy and he snatched it up. Kyle began to put together a cart of other supplies that would be needed wherever they were heading. But it was too late.

Kez Hunter swam up from her underwater cave, ready to get some fresh air. She broke the surface of the water, but it seemed all she could hear was screaming. Luke Emerson and Chalen Jorge sprinted right past her, panic clear on their faces. A moment later, Echio Cypress crashed through the undergrowth.

"What's going on?" she asked herself.

Two more Careers splashed by, running with several backpacks each. Confused, Kez stood up, but decided that if they were running from something, it might be safer to just get back to her cave. She jumped back into the stream and swam three feet down into her nice, cozy cave. It was a great hiding spot. But what was going on?

Elden Darnin heard the roaring of water and woke. He stretched out his legs and then opened his eyes. Was it raining? He crawled out of the cave and saw a thunderous wall of water tumbling towards him. He screamed out and ducked back into his cave, packing up his backpack. He was too later, howwever. The water thundered over the rock pile and crashed down into his cave. Elden screamed out, only to have his mouth fill with water. His lungs screamed for air, but soon it was evident they weren't going to get any. Slowly, Elden stopped panicking and just let the warm wreath of death take him over. BOOM!

Amber Wolfe struggled on the ground, screaming in pain and fear. Using all her strength, she turned to see the rushing water streaming towards her. Kyle Laque stood rooted to the ground ten feet in front of her. What was he doing here? Why didn't he run?

But it was too late for her to care. They were going to die anyway. The water crushed over her, pressing her to the ground as she drowned.

Kyle Laque struggled under the thirty feet of water. His lungs screamed for air, but he couldn't swim up to the surface. The Career's camp rushed around him, keeping up with the water moving towards the center of the arena.

He could see Amber Wolfe's dead body floating in the water ten feet away from him. He felt bad for the little girl. She was only twelve years old and she had to die in an awful way. . . drowning. He wished her life had turned out differently as he slipped into the void.

Jean Petram woke to the sound of pounding feet and screaming Careers. He sat up and crawled out of his hiding space, only to see many of the Careers sprinting as fast as they could into the woods. He turned and saw, just a hundred yards away, a wall of water rushing over the plains towards him. His eyes grew wild with fear and he screamed.

Jean spun around and ran forward. But he only made it five yards before tripping. He pushed himself up and continued running, be hit a tree and collapsed to the ground. Panic was taking over and he couldn't tell right from left. With weak limbs, he stood backup, but only resulted in hitting his on an overhanging branch. The water crashed through the trees, knocking them over. A falling tree crashed down on Jean's legs, snapping them and crushing them. Even if he got out of this alive, his legs would forever be useless.

With a dying scream, the thirty foot wall of water rolled over Jean's prone, broken figure. He struggled to breathe as the water seeped into his lungs and cut off his air supply. Jean attempted to breathe in, but water only rushed into his nose. He struggled and put his hands up to his throat, though he could get no air. Slowly, he fell into unconsciousness and drowned, water flooding into his partially opened lips. BOOM!

Benjamin Woodrew sprinted right behind Echo. He hated the leader of the Careers. So, maybe he would take down the devil from District 1 while they were running to safety.

He threw a knife at Echo's leg, but missed. Quickly thinking, Benjamin lunged at Echo and attempted to tackle him. But Echo, already wary, spun around and kicked Benjamin in the face. Benjamin's head flew to the side, blood and spittle flying out of his crookedjaw.

Echo drew his sword and pinned Bejamin to the ground. The raised the sword and looked deep into Benjamin's eyes. "You should have kept running!" he snarled, and then brought the sword down on Benjamin's neck. His head rolled away, soon to be taken by the hovercraft. BOOM!

Eamon Dace stood up from the ground and looked around. "Daniel," he murmured, "run."

Eamon Dace shook Daniel awake and took both of the bags. Daniel stood up and Eamon could see his eyes grow wide with fear as he watched the approaching wall of water. The duo sprinted off together, running as fast as they could to get to the giant tree in the center of the arena.

"Hurry, Daniel!" cried Eamon. Daniel nodded and sprinted up to Eamon and they crashed through the trees into the forest. The water thundered two hundred feet behind them, steadily growing closer.

Eamon tripped over a tree root and his foot became stuck. He cried out and collapsed to the ground. Daniel spun around and looked back at his ally and friend.

"Eamon!" he screamed.

Eamon shook his head. "Go!" he said. "Leave me!"

Daniel shook his head and ran over to Eamon as the eighteen year old was shouldering off his backpack. He handed it to Daniel. "GO!" he roared. "Leave me! It isn't your time to die!"

A tear leaked out of Daniel's eyes as he sprinted off towards the tree, deeper into the forest. He looked back one last time at Eamon's figure hobbling slowly away. Even though he could walk, he sacrificed himself to save Daniel. That showed real courage. The Careers, they think they were the bravest people in the arena, in the world. Daniel was going to prove them wrong. He was going to prove everyone wrong.

Daniel was going to come out of this arena alive.


Kelsey and Mandor watched as the arena quickly filled with water from their tree three hundred feet in the air. They had already heard six cannons. How many more people were going to die today?

"Thank goodness we were already up here," said Kelsey, looking at Mandor.

He nodded. "Yeah. Imagine the terror of it down there. It would be awful."

They were silent for a while.

"Mandor, do you think Elden is still alive?"

Mandor shrugged. "I don't know. I'm honsetly surprised he's made it this far into the Games."

"So am I," replied Kelsey.


They both looked around in fear. "Seven," Mandor said. "Seven dead today."

"This is horrible," Kelsey muttered, gagging. "Why does it have to be like this?"

Mandor shrugged. "I have no idea. Maybe because the Capitol is evil."

Kelsey nodded and leaned up against Mandor. "I'm scared, Mandor."

"So am I, Kelsey," said Mandor. "So am I."

Rift Warfeld and Krystal Clearwater reached the roots of the great tree as soon as they saw the water. They climbed up onto the huge roots and ran across them towards the trunk of tree. Soon, they reached it and climbed up around forty feet.

"Phew," said Rift. "I was scared for a while."

Krystal shuddered as a cannon went off. "How many have died so far?" she asked. "Five? Six?"

Rift shook his head, saying, "Seven. Seven of them have died today."

"Oh." Krystal looked out at the forest, imaging how something so peaceful could be so deadly. "I want to go home.""

"We all do, Krystal," Rift replied. "But only one of us can go home."

She nodded and closed her eyes, leaning up against the tree.

Joy Lacey Smith stumbled out next to a tree root and slithered up on top of it. She crawled across the giant root and up towards the trunk until she was more than thirty feet in the air. Then she collapsed onto the ground, panting out of exhaustion. She'd spent so long running, sprinting as fast as she could to get to the tree and away from the flood.

"I hate this," she cried, tears pouring out of her eyes. "I want to see Mom."

Audacia Undersee sprinted off after Joy Lacey Smith, but decided to stay away from her. Joy seemed almost unstable and she probably was, too. Many people who went into the Hunger Games ended up mad. Three years ago, the victor could not talk correctly and ended up saying that the tributes of District 12 for that year won and he was just in a dream. He had gone paranoid after watching his District partner and other ally get viciously murdered by the Careers.

Audacia reached the roots and found a hollow fifty feet up from the ground. She snuggled in it and took a sip of water. Sixty feet away, a prone figure lay on another root, heaving up and down. It was probably Joy Lacey Smith. She sighed and wished she were back in District 12.

Diana Ross ran through the forest, trying to outrun the flood of water from the mountains. She had seen numerous other tributes also running, but ignored them. She did not want to have to fight, not when water was chasing her, eager to drown her in its dark, wet bowels.

She was panting heavily, but could see one of the roots of the tree up ahead. Behind her, she could hear trees crashing to the ground, crushing many things in its path. Deer, squirrels, and other forest animals pounded past her. She wasn't the only one running for her life. Even the squirrel mutts ignored her. Everything had a fierce instinct to protect itself.

Soon, she scrambled up onto the tree roots and ran up them until she felt she was high enough off the ground. Diana sat down on the tree bark, tired and fatigued. But she realized how dangerous things were going to get. Everyone was heading to the tree she was currently on. There was going to be some bloodshed.

Diana shook and stood up, continuing to climb. She wanted to get to the cover of the branches, which actually wasn't super high. She could probably get there before nightfall.

The Careers crashed out into the clearing before the giant tree. They crawled up onto the roots and established camp on a flat area right by the trunk. They would be safe from the water there.

Shay looked around. "Where is Amber?" he demanded.

The others shrugged. "How can we know?" sneered Hera.

Shay lunged forward, but Echo and Sapphire held him back. "You better watch your back, Flint!" he snarled. "Because you have just made an enemy."

"Settle down," Zakrip said. "Let's just hope that she is okay.""

Antoinette sprinted for the trees as the wall of water tumbled down the mountainside. Could she get to the great tree in time? It would be hard. Branches and ferns whipped at her face, but she was too scared to care. Her life was at risk. She could die!

Antoinette leapt over a fallen log and ducked under a tree leaning up against a rock. A hundred feet behind her, a tree fell to the ground, water rushing over it.

"I'm not going to make it," chocked Antionette. Tears slipped down her face and she began to sob as she ran. Her death was soon approaching.

The water swallowed up Antoinette moments later, eager for her. She struggled to get air, but the swirling water was too much for her. Slowly, she slipped into the void and died. Hopefully life would be better there.

A twisting, turning, splashing wall of water descended into the areas around the great tree, filling in the spaces between the roots and even flooding some of the trunk. The Careers looked out in fear as it rushed towards them. They had thought they were safe, but they cold easily be destroyed by the millions of gallons about to drown them.

"Get to higher ground!" roared Luke Emerson, grabbing his supplies and beginning to scramble up the tree.

The rest of the Careers screamed and began to follow Luke, scurrying to higher ground. There were several handholds that they could latch onto, but it might not be enough for all of them.

Hera Flint had gotten the lucky straw and was the last one to begin the ascent higher into the tree. Above of her was Maria James and she was moving very slowly. She sighed and then grabbed onto her ankle. "Move!" she roared, attempting to pull Maria down.

"What the-!" she cried, trying to escapeHera's grip. She felt herself being pulled farther down the tree, but in the last second lashed out with her freet foot and kicked Hera right in the face.

Hera screeched and then stumbled back before falling down and hitting her head on the wood. She screamed out again as the water grew closer and hurried to get back up, but she wasn't fast enough. The water tumbled over her, pressing her down, shoving her down. The last thing she heard was somebody shouting her name before she slipped off into death.

Audacia Undersee looked out when she heard muffled voices and saw torchlight. Night had fallen and nobody else had died but the nine already dead.

A group of four people were walking across the root where she had seen the prone figure, probably Joy Lacey Smith. Careers. Audacia drew her knees in and pressed herself into the shadows of her hollow where she was taking shelter.

One of the Careers drew a sword and hovered it above Joy Lacey Smith. A second one kicked her and she woke up. Dazed, Joy sat up and looked around. Then her eyes fell onto the Career's face and she screamed a terrified, hopeless scream. The Career laughed and plunged the sword into Joy's stomach.

A cannon sounded, signaling her death. Audacia shuddered and scooted back into her hollow, praying to be avoided. Luckily she was, and she saw the ten faces of the dead tributes before drifting off to sleep.


Gia Quet-killed by falling off one of the dams when it broke and hitting her head on a rock while spinning around under water

Elden Darnin-drowned in the flood while taking shelter in his cave

Amber Wolfe-tripping on a rock and breaking her ankle in the flee from the flood, later to have the water crash over her

Kyle Laque-staying to long at the Career's camp while getting supplies, drowned by the flood

Jean Petram-crippled by a falling tree and then drowning in the flood

Benjamin Woodrew-beheaded by Echo Cypress after trying to kill him

Eamon Dace-tripped and twisted his ankle, later drowned by the flood

Antoinette Saver-drowned in the flood

Hera Flint-fell while climbing the tree and drowned by the flood

Joy Lacey Smith-stabbed by Luke Emerson at the tree

Day 10

Kez Hunter woke when a drop of water splattered on her face. She looked around and then sat up, yawning. Yep, she was there in her underwater cave. Personally, Kez thought the cave was pretty cool and that she was extremely lucky to have found it.

Then her mind drifted off as she thought about how water had just soaked through the roof of the cave, and dropped onto her face. She frowned and then nodded. "I'm not sure what it is like above my cave, but I think it might have rained and caused a little bit of a flood. Anyway, if water is getting through, I don't want to be here when it collapses."

So Kez decided to swim out and back onto shore and find a new campsite. She gathered her supplies and then closed her eyes, breathing in. She stood over the hole in the ground that led outside of her cave and then jumped in. She opened her eyes and began to swim forward, then up once she got out under the surface. She swam up, and usually the stream was only about ten feet. She would break the surface soon.

But the surface never came. Kez started to panic as the air level in her lungs slowly decreased. Why couldn't she break the surface? What was going on? She looked around in frenzy and saw some leaves and branches float past her. Only a couple feet behind her was a dead deer, its eyes wide and blank, drifted past her.

Kez wanted to scream, but she knew if she were to open her mouth, the water would flow in and she would drown. Instead, she just kept swimming and swimming, hoping to reach the surface, or what ever was at the top of the water.

The water became lighter, but Kez felt like her lungs were about to burst. Tears flooded into her eyes and she knew she was going to die. Unconciously, as she began to drift away, Kez was still pumping her arms and legs to reach to the top of the water. However, her life force was fading fast and she had no air left in. She could feel her heartbeat slowing down. It would only be a few seconds before she died completely.

And then her head broke the water and Kez screamed out in a mixture of fear, relief, pain, and sadness. She greedily gulped air as she treaded water. It was several minutes before she looked at her surroundings.

All Kez saw was water. An endless expanse of water. The tops of some trees poked out of the water, but none was taller than fifteen feet above the surface. Driftwood and several other light things floated by. Kez swam to the nearest tree and grabbed onto a sturdy branch. She closed her eyes and yawned. The swim had made her fatigued, but she wasn't ready to sleep yet. She needed to find more stable ground. Kez began to reassure herself.

"I mean, there has hardly been any bloodshed these entire games," she muttered. "I don't think they would flood the entire arena, making there be no land to fight on. They probably wanted to push everyone to a center point so we could all kill each other there, being forced together. Now, where would they push us?"

The answer was so obvious, Kez felt like smacking herself. "The huge tree, of course!"

She turned her head and could see it in the distance. She smiled grimly and then pushed away from the tree, heading to the tree that provided the only land in a long, long way.

Mandor Macer and Kelsey Skitjovich had climbed even higher, fifty feet more than they had been previously. They knew that there were probably one and a half dozen people down at the lower part of the tree, moving around. It was a deathtrap. And they wanted to last as long as they could in the arena, possibly even one of them winning.

Mandor looked around at the branches. There was little light, for they were almost surrounded by green leaves. Barely any light could get through the canopy.

"Do you think the water is poisonous, Kelsey?" asked Mandor.

She shrugged. "It's probably salt water, so there we can't drink it. But we can get water from rain. Speaking of which, it just did rain so let's get some."

Kelsey wandered over to a huge leaf and held up her water bottle. She tipped the leaf forward and water dripped down into the battle, fresh and clear. Mandor did the same until he had drunk one bottle-full and refilled his.

The duo sat down with their feet dangling over the edge of the branch. They looked down beneath them, not able to see the roots because of the thick foliage and leaves.

A branch cracked and Mandor spun around, looking for a sign of intruders. He spotted a flash of blonde hair, but it dissappeared as quickly as it had came. He stood up and drew his knife, looking around warily. Kelsey stood and grabbed her blowdart. She reached out and gripped Mandor's hand, looking into his eyes deeply. He looked back and something inside both of them clicked. This was the end of their alliance. One of them was about to die.

And then the twang of a bowstring resonated through the air as a aerodynamic arrow sliced through the air and struck Mandor in the chest, right above the heart.

"MANDOR!" screamed Kelsey. She rushed to him and bent down beside him. His eyes twinkled and he smiled up at her, the arrow sticking out of his chest. Weakly, he raised on hand and stroked some of Kelsey's hair.

"Goodbye, Kelsey," he muttered. "Goodbye.""

"Mandor!" she sobbed, leaning down on him. "Don't leave me. Don't leave me!"

Mandor smiled faintly and then closed his eyes, the smile still on his lips. BOOM! Kelsey sobbed loudly once, screaming out for everyone to hear.

Then she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. She grabbed the knife out of his hand and delicately cut the arrow from his body. She held the arrow in her hands, a devilish look on her face.

"Come out here," she said. "Face me like a true person. Don't be a coward and hide in the leaves! Coward!"

A rustle of branches, and Spence Glow emerged from the green leaves, with a mace in his hand. He looked regretful, almost sad.

"I don't want to kill you, Kelsey," he muttered.

"You had no problem killing Mandor!" she screamed back.

Spence sighed and closed his eyes. "Have it your way, then," he growled. He held up his mace and sprinted towards her, a war cry echoing from his mouth.

Kelsey darted past him and scraped the side of his stomach with the knife. He gasped in pain, but recovered quickly and spun around, swinging his mace. She leaned back, and the mace narrowly missed her head. Before he had another chance, however, Kelsey loaded her blowgun and shot a dart at his neck.

It didn't hit his neck. He moved with his mace and instead of hitting the neck, it hit his shoulder. He screamed out and fiercely turned onto Kelsey. A rage shone in his eyes, so mad that he could tear Kelsey to pieces. That's where Kelsey got scared. Spence was way bigger than her and she probably could not overpower him. She would have to outsmart him.

Spence rushed at her and Kelsey fired another dart, this time hitting him in the stomach. He grunted but kept moving. With agility, Kelsey slid under his legs and slashed both of his ankles before swinging back up to her feet and crouching down, firing another dart. It hit him in the thigh but he ignored it. He charged at her and swung his mace.


The mace smashed into Kelsey's fingers on her left hand, breaking two instantly. "Aah!" she screamed in pain. Her hand was bleeding, but luckily the injury was not too severe. She fired a fourth dart and hit him in the neck this time. He froze, paralyzed with confusion and fear, teetering on the edge of the branch. Kelsey frowned, sighed deeply and charged at him with her knife out. She slashed him across the chest and before he could react, pushed him off of the branch.

"Jessie, help me!" cried Spence, falling through the air quickly.

A tall blonde girl rushed out of the leaves and leaned over the branch. "Spence!" she cried, tears pouring out of her eyes. "Spence!"

His body got smaller and smaller as he crashed down, before hitting a branch fifty feet below. With a loud, bone sickening crunch, Spence groaned loudly. He slid off of that branch and tumbled down ever further.


"NO!" screamed Jessie. She turned and rounded on Kelsey. "You killed him!"

Kelsey hid her face. "And you killed Mandor!" she spat back. "An eye for an eye. This is the Hunger Games, Jessie. It's a fight to the death and I did what was neccesary. I'm sure you'd have done the same if Mandor had killed Spence first."

Jessie screeched loudly and sprinted at Kelsey. Kelsey stepped out of the way and grabbed Jessie's hair, pulling her closer to her mouth. "We're even, District Eight," she muttered. "You killed Mandor and I killed Spence. We're even. I don't want to kill you, either."

Jessie screamed out and pushed Kelsey down. Kelsey scrambled back as Jessie lunged for her. Instinctively, she whipped out the arrow and slashed Jessie across the face. Jessie cried out and stumbled back, glaring at Kelsey.

"Listen, little girl," she said. "I'm letting you go this time but you watch your back."

With that, Jessie stalked away. Kelsey gathered her supplies and took Mandor's before the hovercraft could come and take him away. After traveling up several feet and walking along a new branch, Kelsey loooked back at Mandor's body. A claw dipped down from the sky and picked it up before any animals could get it. A single tear leaked from Kelsey's eye as she walked into the setting sun.

Nothing else much happened on day 10. The Careers are at their campsite and Kez has made it safely to the tree. The other tributes are scattered throughout the tree. Only twenty-four of them remain alive and it will not be long until everyone but one is dead.


Mandor Macer-shot with an arrow by Jessie Glow

Spence Glow-pushed off of the tree by Kelsey Skitjovich

Day 11

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