Add ur tributes here. Please describe their personality, appearance, age (only twelve or eighteen for these games) strength, name, token, skills, and weapon Please put your user name next to the District you choose. Thanks.

District 1

F12 Amber Wolfe:appearance-Wavy blonde hair, green eyes, pretty, small. Strength-not super strong, immune tomost,disease. Token-Unknown. Personality-Sly, district underdog, sneaky, not afraid to kill, makes false alliances and will contemplate heavily on killing them, well-liked. Weapons-camouflage, invents her own weapons with resources,surrounding her. (wikiacontributor1)

M12 Name: Shay Stone Personality: Shy, keeps to himself. Weapon: poison darts,knife, dagger, resources/nightlock, slingshot skills: kills people while they are sleeping, can nurse/cure his own wounds,known for setting traps token: small mirror (can use as a "weapon" to look back at people.) Appearance: jet black hair, olive skin, small. other: doesnt make alliances unless they arent capable of killing and are good with survival skills (wikiacontributor1)

M18 name: Echo Cypress

district 1


Age: 18

personality: full of himself, flirty

Weapon: hand to hand combat, dagger, sword, whip

skills: wicked ability to kill, fast, very strong, head career appearance: dirty blonde hair, gray eyes, average height, muscular.token: district 1 coin (wikiacontributor1)

F18 Sapphire Hyland-Appearance-Long, flowing blonde hair, pale, blue eyes, average height, beautiful. Strength-Fast, good with sword, ruthless, easy to like. Token-Unknown. Personality-Overconfident, ruthless, self-absorbed. Weapon-Sword. Skills-good with sponsors, convincing, strong. (madrigal magic)

District 2 Clove74th (reserved)

M12 Davis Clark-Appearance-Short brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin. Strength-Stealthy and fast. Token-Black and green rubber bands. Personality-quiet, shy, sneaky. Weapon-bow and arrows. Skills-Good with plants

F12 Mina Larkson-Appearance-Dark brown hair, brown eyes, tan with freckles. Strength-Not afraid to kill, sneaky. Token-Small locket with family pictures. Personality-ruthless, strong, clever. Weapon-Throwing knives. Skills-good with many weapons.

M18 Luke Emerson-appearance-Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin. Strength-Fast and clever. Token-none. Personality-annoying, sarcastic, funny. Weapon-axe. Skills-hunting

F18 Maria James-Jet black hair, green eyes, pale skin. Strength-Strong and manipulative. Token-Mother's charm bracelet. Weapon-spear. Skills-manipulation

District 3 GoDistrct3 (reserved)

M12 Daniel Wright-Appearance-Short, black hair, pale skin, blue eyes Strength-very fast but not too strong. Token-a black watch. Personality-Smart, cunning, quiet. Weapon-bows and arrows. Skills-Good with mechanics and electricity

F12 Elektra Savion-Average height, ashen skin,Long black hair, green eyes. Strength-fast, average strength. Token-A small locket with nothing in it. Personality-quick-thinking, hesitant to kill, caring, takes risks. Weapon-Knives and daggers. Skills-accurate and resourceful

M18 Eamon Dace-Appearance-Very tall, ashen skin, long black hair, green eyes. Strength-Fast, strong for his age. Token-Military dog tags. Personality-Caring, protective of friends, talented fighter. Weapon-sword. Skills-good with fire

F18 Diana Ross-Appearance-tall, blonde hair, blue eyes pale skin. Strength-Very strong, fast. Token-a simple journal with nothing written in it and a pen to write with about her time in the Games? Personality-cunning and deceptive, not afraid to kill. A bit of a pyromaniac. Weapon-Blowgun. Skills-intelligence, good with plants

District 4

M12 Name: Liir Falconey Personality: Really happy and funny guy. Though when he hates some one he really hates them. Skills: Fast, fishing, good aim and strong stab ( with knife or sharp stick) Weapon: Knife and Mace Appearance: Brown curly hair, sea blue eyes and dazlingly white teeth. Token: A pale blue sapphire on a gold chain. Strategy: Always sticks to water (preferably salt water) and allys with people he thinks are good and not people the public think he should ally with. ( rryyaann0mob)

F12 {C}Name: Erica Scavell. Personality: Sly, Smart, Not Easy To Kill, Funny, Popular In Her District Weapon: Axe, Mace, Dagger, Knife, Sword. District Token: A Charm Bracelet That Has A Fish, A Wave, A Trident, And A Golden 4 On It Apperence: Dark Brown Hair and Eyes, Small but Fast, Skinny, Light Brown Skin Strengths: Trees, Tall Grass, Deep Lakes Weaknesses: Flat Ground With No Water Skills: Hiding, Jumping From Tree to Tree, Swimming, Killing People From Behind (wikiacontributor1)

M18 Zakrip Fak Personality: well liked by sponsors, funny, not afraid to kill skills: strong swimmer and great with water, stabbing, throwing trident, catching fish, knowledge of poisons, uses alliances to his advantage then kills them easily, strong arms. weapons: dagger, trident appearance: redhead, freckles, brown eyes, average height and weight. token: sharktooth necklace (from shark he killed with a trident) other: decendant of Finnick (wikiacontributor1)

F18 Lea Rose-Appearance-Soft brown hair with eager blue eyes and porcelain skin with fair features. Token-Unknown. Personality-can kill viciously, but is usually sweet and kind, Popular among the boys, volunteered for her friend. Weapon-throwing knives. Skills-vicious. (Ladykatniss)

District 5 henryjh98

M12 Mandor Macer-Appearance-tall, black hair, peach skin, a few freckles, brown eyes. Strength-fast and strong. Token-a sapphire ring. Personality-shy, kind, quiet, but cunning and vicious when needed. Weapon-belt of knives. Skills-good with plants

F12 Kelsey Skitjovich-appearance-short, freckled skin, red hair, green eyes. Strength-strong for a girl her size and height. Token-a pin of a hawk. Personality-quick thinking, ready to fight, kind, caring, emotionally stable. Weapon-snares. Skills-a good strategist

M18 Elden Darnin-Appearance- average height, pale skin, blue eyes, blonde hair. Strength-fast, but not too strong when incomes to lifting things. Token-a wooden carving of a mouse. Personality-weak minded, sad and dejected, emotionally unstable. Weapon-sharpened stick. Skills-handy with a fire

F18 Samira Fladbur- appearance-tall, golden hair, green eyes, tan. Strength-fairly strong, fast too. Token-A silver necklace with a golden lightning bolt. Personality-kind but cunning and quick thinking, not afraid to kill. Weapon-spear. Skills-her wisdom and intelligence

District 6


  • Xander Ryan appearance: jet black hair, green eyes, average height and weight personality: liked by girls his age, good sense of humor weapon: spear dipped in poison skills: can make "alliances" with wild animals and can use them against opponents, camoflague. token: wooden ring (wikiacontributor1)


F12 Name:Rose Juna Ice Personality : Shy, quiet, keeps to herself. Strategy : Ally with Joy. Token : A diamond necklace of abird In flight. Appearance: She is tall and she has long red hair and blazing green eyes. Skills: Climbing, jumping from tree to tree and swimming. (polinarose)


Benjamin Woodrew Skills: Extremly Flexible,Storng,Fast and Smart... XD Weakness(es): Dying Weapon: Knifes,Sword, and Mind Token: A book of various insects,animals, and plants.. (KEWLBEN)

F18 Name: Kez Hunter. Personality: Not easy to kill. A bit mysterious. Smart. Weapon: Bow and Arrows; Daggers. District Token: A gold necklace with a sun pendant which has a blue gem in the middle. Appearance: Long black wavy hair. Brown eyes. Fair skinned. Average height. Strenghts: Trees, Lakes, Skills: Hiding. Climbing Trees. Survival Skills. Pretty good at hand to hand combat. Has a good Aim. (theemoticon24)

District 7

M12 Name: Maddox Finch Personality: Really happy, friendly, and helpful. He tries to be nice and is always Mr. Goody Two Shoes, but deep inside burns a LOT of rage. Skills: His mind. Maddox is definatly more intelligent than most. He is also a brilliant alliance maker, will probably be allied with multiple people, as he does have a very social personality. In addition, he is small enough to be a great hider and is a very talented climber and swimmer. Weapon: Maddox is a not-very-weapon-handy person. But,if he had to choose, a knife would be best. Appearence: Short, thin. Olive skin, brown eyes and brown hair. Glasses. Token: A necklace made of leaves. Strategy: Maddox is so great at appealing to people, that he will make alliances easily. He will pretend and lie and steal to prove himself. His alliances are for: preventing them from killing him, long enough for him to slaughter them. He will stick to heavily wooded areas and run as far as possible from the Cornucopia. Avoids all forms of conflict. (wikiacontributor2)

F12 Lila Woods-Light brown hair I a ponytail, tan, short, grey eyes, petite. Strength-Not very strong. Token-Unknown. Personality-Clever, intelligent, quick-thinking. Weapon-Hatchet/axe. Skills-fast, knowledge of plants, (madrigal magic)

M18 Chalen Jorge appearance: handsome, average height, abs but not strong, short brown hair, great smile personality: likeable, gets people into a trance with his looks, intellegent skills: gets people into a trance with his looks than makes them eat nightlock weapon: looks, nightlock token: engagement ring (wikiacontributor1)

F18 Name: Hera Flint Personality: arrogant, confident, charming when she wants to be Skills: She can throw knives like no-one's-buissness, she can set traps faily well, she is exellent at camoflage Weapon: throwing knives Appearance: tan, brown hair in a ponytail, tall, green eyes Token: No token Other: Strategy- she would probably join the careers (foxfacerue22)

District 8

M12 Spence Glow long lost brother to Jessie Glow (reaping united them) appearance: Blonde hair, does NOT look 12, bigger and stronger than Jessie personality: show off but considerate, protective of Jessie, likes girls older than him skills: great hearing and vision, throwing heavy objects, hand to hand combat, stabbing weapons: heavy objects, dagger token: unknown


F12 Luna Snare-Appearance- Strength-determination, sneaky. Token-Unknown. Personality-sacrificing, volunteered for brother, caring, determined. Weapon-blowgun. Skills-Running, hiding, good killer (justafox)

M18 Brandon Marcovich-Appearance-Jet black hair, green eyes, olive skin, slim, handsome. Strength-agile ,speed,, quick-minded, accurate. Token-Jesus necklace. Personality-funny, loyal ,loving, deadly, volunteered for sick sister. Weapon-knives, bow, spear. Skills-climbing, killing, hunting, Camouflage.

F18 Jessie Glow appearance: blonde hair in a messy bun, tall, average weight personality: shy but likeable, VERY intellegent, can kill with her smarts but doesnt like it skills: great hearing and vision, setting elaborate traps, knowledge of plants and animals weapons: posion, eleborate traps that are sure to kill anyone token: golden locket


District 9

M12 Marcus Crow weapon:sword, knifes, talents:first aid

(wikia contributor 2)

F12 Name: Zara Clarke Personality: shy, mysterious, stoic Skills: INCREDIBLE at camoflague (like peeta in the movie incredible) she is sneaky and is good with a blowgun. She can identify lots of edible plants. Weapons: blowgun with poison darts Appearance: pale skin, ice blue eyes, straight jet-black hair, about 5'1 Token: No token Other: Strategy- foxface-like, sneak around and try to do small amounts of damage to the other tribs (foxfacerue22)

M18 Kyle Laque Personality: well liked, vicious killer, not scared of anything (especially careers), very funny, father won his hunger games, determined to win. skills: setting traps, STRONG, can create shelter, can kill with a mace, realized that he was great with swords at training center, can haul heavy objects weapons: mace, swordfighting. appearance: dark skinned, bulky, brown eyes, tall token: father's chain necklace (wikiacontributor1)

F18 Gia Quet Personality: Bursts of adrenalin frequently, sometimes nice but has anger issues, looks at things in positive ways. skills: strong swimmer, overall survives best in areas with WATER, climbing, hand to hand combat, can survive without food for long periods of time, strong and intellegent weapon: hand to hand combat, blowgun, spears from above. appearance: pin straight black hair, blue eyes, tan, average weight. STAYS AWAY FROM CAREERS, although stronger than most, she will eventually hav to leave them anyway. token: poison dart that killed her sister in her hunger games (wikiacontributor1)

District 10

M12 Name: Mark kingston Skills: strong and good with knives Weakness: slow runner Personality: charming and friendly History: Lives with his mum and younger sister Token: silver coin Strategy: avoid bloodbath at all costs! Appearance: brown hair, sky blue eyes, medium height and build (hungersisters1108)

F12 Christine. athletic but very skinny. A little bit, well not crazy but I smile at the sort of things that you wouldnt expect someone to smile about, like, if you told me I was picked in the reaping, id smile, the kind of suspisious smile, i cosider myself scary and unpredictable. I grew up in District 8 and my family and I were poor. Soon before the reaping, my parents kicked me out because they thought I was useless and just another mouth to feed. I was lucky enough to find and kill food for myself. My parents were not so lucky.They starved to death. While I was on my own, I taught myself how to fight. Even learned to dance a little while doing it. Cause to me, it's all a big show. And when I got picked I almost cried all day and night, but I remembered what every dancer, or singer must learn, the show must go on. :) I am not the person you want to run into in these games. Only if we were to ally would I spare your life, depending. (hungerisnottwilight)

M18 Rift Warfield-Name: Rift Warfield Amazing with daggers, good with swords, bows, and spears, good with camouflage Personality: Funny, Calm, Mature, Courageous, married to Ariella (According to my own Hunger Games History: Had an abusive mom who committed suicide and his older brother is a Victor. He has trained in secret for the Games his whole life (so he has Career skill but not personality) Token: a forearm sleeve

F18 Name: Krystal Clearwater Skills: Archery, plants and climbing trees Weakness: Gets attached to people very quickly Personality: Bubbly and bright making her very likeable History: lived with her two brothers and father after their mother died in a accident. Token: sapphire pendant with gold wings ( last memory of her mother) Strategy: Get supplies and hide among treetops Appearance: big brown eyes, wavy dark brown hair that fall just above her waist, slightly tanned skin. skinny and tall (hungersisters1108)

District 11

M12 Name: Sparticus Lucci Personality: Awkward, intelligent, easily frightened Skills: He's incredibly fast and can get away from anyone Weapons: He can handle a knife pretty well as long as his target isn't too far away. Appearance: Pale brown skin, curly black hair, innocent brown eyes, chubby face, about 5'6 and 130 lbs. Token: An angel shaped ring from his mother (effietrinket97)

F12 Name: Arcadia Millington Personality: Outgoing, friendly, talkative, sweet-talking, easy to get along with Skills: She can identify pretty much every plant known to Panem. She's also a skilled trapper, but she doesn't know how to use any kind of weapon except for a sling-shot. Weapons: Maybe a steel slingshot or something? With explosive pellets to shoot at people from above? Appearance: Coffee-brown skin, hazel eyes, curly black hair worn in cornrows (skinny braids), about 5'2 and somewhere between 90 - 100 lbs. Token: No token Other: Strategy-wise, she would probably hide out and wait until the other tributes killed each other, surviving on animals she catches. (effietrinket97)

M18 Name: Jacob Thresh Skills: strength, knives and axes Weakness: non social Personality: silent, strong type History: two little sisters to take care of having no parents and no money Token: weaved bracelet made by his sisters Strategy: fight for best supplies and hide Appearance: short black hair, medium build, brown eyes and very tall (hungersisters1108)

{C}F18 Name: Antoinette Saver Personality: Serious, deadly, stoic Skills: She can make use of virtually every weapon known to man. Weapons: Knife, spear, archery, mace, hand-to-hand combat. Appearance: Olive skin, curly black hair, grey eyes (She's mixed), about 5'8, 119 lbs. Token: None Other: She would never ally with the Careers, or anyone for that matter. (effietrinket97)

District 12

M12 NAME: Marthus Agus DESCRIPTION: A strong bodied teenager with a light brown eyes. He is nice tan skinned person fairly popular. When his family was destroyed by his sister’s death in the 82nd hunger games his mom died of pure grief by starving herself. His dad was died from a public whipping because he was poaching. Left alone with his 11 year old brother he had to hunt to stay alive. The day of the reaping previous victors katniss and peeta’s son was reaped and Marthus Volunteered for the young 12 year old. Before he left for the capitol katniss visited him and he asked her to take care of his brother. WEAPON(S): Knife, Sword, Snares

F12 Audacia Undersee-appearance-Raven black hair slightly past her shoulders,, slim, dark eyes. Strength-quick and nimble. Token-a lightning bolt shaped pin. Personality-sweet, dangerous to enemies, loyal. Volunteered for,Oder,brother who drinks a lot. Weapon-knives. Skills-camouflage, hunting, climbing, basic healing. (srish3211)

M18 Jean Petram. A large and fit young man, Jean is a born killer with remarkable instincts. Lacking any form of empathy, likely caused after several stages of despression in his younger years, and outragouesly blunt, Jean has shunned out most of his emotions. He isn't the most athletic of his district, or the fastest, although he is gifted with brute strength and speed unlikely for his size, he is extensively vicious and cruel. However, the young Mr. Petram is easily provoked into acts of bravado. His hair is neatly shaved into a tight mowhawk taht doesn't extend more than a half inch from his head. A ragged goatee marks his chin and lips. Jean is to be feared in the games for his savage agenda, and likely to be favored for his older age(18) and muscular build. (hunter zealot)

F18 Violet Willowshire APPEARANCE: long black hair, tan, 5'6, ice blue eyes, toned AGE: 18 STRENGTHS: fast, can set snares, can swim, good with a crossbow, can climb WEAKNESSES: doesn't have many sponsors, not good at close range combat (madrigalmagic)

{C}District 13

M12 Name: Jessie Carmal Skills: fast and good in hand-to-hand combat Weakness: Cant climb trees Personality: Sly, Cunning History: Lives with his parents and older brother Token: simple gold ring Strategy: fight in bloodbath and hopefully ally with careers Appearance: blonde, forest greens eyes, short but with slight build (hungersisters1108)

F12 Name: Joy Lacey Smith Female Age : 12 Personality: Quiet, noiseless. Strategy: Ally with Rose. Token: A heart- shaped locket containing a picture of her sister. Appearance: Bronze skin, a flawless completion, beautiful, waist-lenght curly brown hair and large chocolate colored eyes. Skills: Bow and arrows and climbing. (polinarose)

M18 Name: Silas Howitzer Weapon: Anything you can throw, ok with maces and swords (Good at Camouflage) Personality: Funny, Arrogant and Charming Token: The necklace his sister used in the games Skills: Fast,Strong and Smart Apperance: Brown hair, deep blue eyes, 6 foot and rounded features

F18 Samantha Rhodes APPEARANCE: dark brown hair, tan, 5'9, green eyes, muscular AGE: 18 STRENGTHS: can create elaborate traps out of rope, strong, is talented with a spear, knows how to hunt WEAKNESSES: overconfident, can't run very fast Personality: overconfident. (madrigalmagic)

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