Prepare for the epic Hunger Games of Benders and Jedi. Post your made up characters elbow, each representing a certain District. Each District must have one Jedi and one Bender. You can have up to three tributes.







Weapon(no light sabers):




Thanks and keep looking for the games to begin.

Name: Kezaiah Bianca

District: 1

Species/Bender: Water Bender (Weird. I'm in District 1)

Age: 15

Token: A gold necklace with a sun pendant that has a sapphire in the middle.

Personality: A bit sensitive, mysterious and very sly. Can be very compassionate and may look innocent but actually has a deadly defensive side.

Weapon(no light sabers): Daggers/Bow and Arrows (if we can have two XD)

Skills: Very light on her feet and very fast. She has great survival skills, some tricks up her sleeve in hand to hand combat and a way with plants and trees.

Strength: When I'm using my weapons, hand combat (a little bit) and when there's water of course.

Background: Became an orphan by the age of 7. Currently lives with her adoptive parents and works part time as a Goldsmith.

Name: Benjamin Woodrew

District: 6

Species/Bender: Metal/Earth Bender and he's a a Half human and a half robot

Age: 17

Token: Book of various plant,insects, and animals

Personality: Nice but sometimes harsh,Kind but sometimes Brutal,Friendly but sometimes No-mercy to others, Smart but has an epic mind

Weapon(no light sabers): A gun,Hammer and a Boomerang with sharp blades

Skills: Fixing things,Building things,Studying things, and using all weapons

Strength: Well there is land every where and he can get metal about 50 km away.. So he is quite powerful especially hand to hand combat he always do a metal and earth punch on the abdomen and face.. so he is so powerful... Earthlord XD Background: While He is in the repair shop of his father it blew up.. that's why his flesh and bones on the upper part are replaced by metal or iron.. so now he is a half robot(i think) and a half human.. and His weakness is water...

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