The 100th Hunger Games is an upcoming Hunger Games created by Henryjh98. It is the Fourth Quarter Quell, which means there will be a big spin on the games. If you would like to submit tributes, comment the district, names, and I will put them in for you. Please pick one district and submit two tributes for that district. 

And I will not be doing reapings, training, and whatnot because that bores me and takes too long. I want to get straight to the action! 


President Rexus walks onto the stage.

"Hello, Panem," he greets in his deep voice. "It is time to pick the spin on the Hunger Games for the Fourth Quater Quell."

A young, frightened-looking boy walks onto the stage holding an elegant box. President Rexus reaches his hand slowly into the box and then pulls out a folded, white slip of paper. He reads the paper and raises an eyebrow. 

"An interesting Quell," he murmurs. Clearing his throat, the President continues. "In this Quarter Quell, eight of the first twelve tributes to die will be revived and brought back into the games at a random time."

There is a short silence while the crowd takes in the information. Then they burst out into a defeaning cheer of interest and happiness.

Fourth Quarter Quell

In this Quarter Quell, eight of the first twelve tributes to die will be revived and brought back into the games at a random time.


  • Twenty-eight tributes from the thirteen districts. 
  • Eight tributes will be revived and brought back into the arena at a random point in the game



Massive circle with Cornucopia in the middle on a tall hill with icy slopes on the way down. Around the Cornucopia is a large grassy field. To the north of it is a forest. The deeper one goes, the darker and older it gets, and strange things haunt the depths...... To the south of the Horn of Plenty is large body of water (cannot tell whether it is like or ocean or something in between). West of the bloodbath area are five mountains. Behind the mountains are rocky lands and geysers and even some lava pits. Yay, lava!. Lastly, to the east are some rolling hills and trees and caves, as well as a little shack. A river runs through the arenas and there is a big waterfall in the mountains that leads into a small lake. So, that is the arena for the 100th Hunger Games. Nothing very special....yet.

Submitting Rules

These are the rules for submitting two tributes. You must do it this way, or I will not approve of them.





Weapon of Choice:



Tribute List


Tribute Chart


District Male Tribute Female Tribute Creator
Zero Comet Ash Venus Blizzard Jabberjay78
One Sylvio Mattnake Belezza Admiravel ViniciusDeAssis1999
Two Fernando Llan Matilda Mir Rainbow Shifter
Three Alec Tromagnet Olivia Faraday Beetee19
Four River Blue

Karen Ripple

Angry Birds12
Five Carson Anderberg Aleyen Meyer RossInSA
Six Ford Mercedes Siltori Mercedes ClovelyMarvelous
Seven Thorn Darkwater Thistel Foxbell EHKnight
Eight Theo Clair Reba Malandra Ninja~Toast
Nine Milo Amarath Themis Asterious The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Ten Gambler Richardson Amaryllis "Ellis" Blackberry D1 Obsessed
Eleven Callisto Evergrow Jenna Rod Beautiful Mistake
Twelve Kole Roch Eucy Collier Henryjh98
Thirteen Ice Hunts Trick Treat Hybrid Shadow

Alliances (Pre-Games)

These are the Pre-Hunger Games alliances.

The Careers

District One: Sylvio Mattnake, Belezza Admiravel

District Two:Fernando Llan, Matilda Mir

District Four:River Blue ,Karen Ripple

District Seven:Thorn Darkwater

District Thirteen: Trick Treat


  1. District Twelve:

Kole Roch, Eucy Collier

  1. District 6:

Ford Mercedes, Siltori Mercedes

The 100th Hunger Games

Day One:Bloodbath

Kole Roch-12:

Bright sunlight filters into my eyes as I rise out of the tube and onto my platform. I blink a few times and try to adjust to the light.

A few moments pass and I can finally see. One hundred feet ahead of me, I see a glittering silver Cornucopia with piles of supplies underneath its mouth. Scattered around it are backpacks, weapons, and other supplies. Just ten feet in front of me is a box of matches.

I take the opportunity to scope out the landscape. Straight ahead of me, to the north, I can see a massive forest. To the west are some mountains, and to the east are distant hills. I don't want to look behind my plate; I can do that after the bloodbath.

We are standing on a hill, raised a few feet off the ground on metal plates. Next to me are the boy from five and the girl from eleven. I scan the semicircle for Eucy, my district partner, and I finally see here five plates away. We make eye contact and I nod to her.

My insides are boiling. I'm so unbelievably nervous. My hands shake and my palms are sweaty. I don't want to be here. I'm scared.

I could possibly die in the next three minutes.

I just hope that Eucy and I can survive the bloodbath and work towards lasting long in these cruel, sadistic Games. I would give my life to send her back home. She's like my sister. She doesn't deserve to be here. 

The deep voice of the Gamemaker counts down. "46, 45, 45, 43...."

Comet Ash-0:

My hands are dripping with sweat and my stomach is flipping over constantly. I feel like I am about to throw up.

I have to pee.

I'm the last plate on one side of the semicircle of tributes, about one hundred feet away from the Cornucopia. In front of me I see a small backpack and a bottle of water. That's what I'll go for. I don't want to go too far into the bloodbath and risk getting killed. But more importantly, I'm going to make sure Venus isn't slaughtered, either. I spot her just three plates away and I look at her. She catches my eye and I dip my head to where I am standing.

She nods, comprehending that I want her to meet me right near where I am.

I squeeze my palms into fists, focused on grabbing that backpack.

"39, 38, 37..."

Belezza Admiravel-1

I'm so excited to being the Hunger Games! I'm standing near the end of the semi-circle, my eyes focused on the plethora of objects. Unfortunately, I see no throwing axes, my favorite weapon. But I do see a rack of spears, so that's good. It means I'll have some weapon I'm good with.

I see Sylvio standing across the plates and spot the two from District Four nearby me. Trick Treat, the freaky girl from District Thirteen that we let into the Careers only because she'd eat us if we didn't, is only two plates away. Both District Two tributes are next to each other at the tip of the dome.

I focus on the tribute next to me, that tiny girl from Nine. She'll be my first target. I just think she's too much of a weakling to last long in these Games. 

I smile wickedly at the thought of starting the Games and slaughtering people in the bloodbath. My eye twitches in excitement and I focus on the Gamemaker's low voice.

"31, 30, 29...."

Milo Amaranth-9

Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap. I'm so f-ing scared. I want to go home. The other tributes have such an advantage over me. I have awful eyesight. I can't handle weapons. I want to go home. 

A tear leaks out of my eye, but I quickly brush it away, hoping no other tribute saw it. I'm already disabled; I don't want them to think I'm a crybaby, either. 

My eyes lock onto the forest to the north. I'll head that direction. I'm a very fast runner and I can identify plants. That's where I'll go and stake out for a while. It's decided.

I can get there as long as I can survive the bloodbath.

"25, 24, 23...."

Thorn Darkwater-7

I can't wait to feel the hot blood trickling down my hands once I sink a knife into another tribute's stomach. I killed several people back in District Seven and it was amazing! I just need to get a hold of some weapon and began my fury.

In no time I'll be heading back to District Seven, and this time, my sister will be my next target.

"18, 17, 16, 15...."

Carson Anderberg-5

Boy, I hope I don't die.

Let's face it, that was stupid. Of course I'm going to die. It's just a matter of when. I hope I can get past the Bloodbath. 

What am I thinking? I'm just letting my fear take over me. Hell, I'm going to win these Games and show the Capital they aren't all-that. I'm going to kill everyone one of the Careers and tell those three egotistic districts that they aren't the only districts that know how to kill someone. 

That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to get out of here alive.

"10, 9..."

Olivia Faraday

"8, 7, 6..."

My insides are shaking. I don't want to fight. I want to go home and take care of my little children at the orphange. That's all I want. I don't want to be fighting in these awful, horrid Games. I just want to go home. 

"5, 4..." 

The gong is about to ring and then I'll be fighting for my life. The kids I love so much could watch me die. I could die in any second. This is so scary. I let out a quiet whimper and hope that the other tributes don't hear. My whole body starts to shake as the final numbers are muttered. 

"3, 2, 1."


Reba Malandra-8

The gong rings and I waste no time. I sprint out onto the grass and into the fray. I can hear the other tributes pounding beside me. I look behind my back and see the boy from 0 charging at me. I step to the side and stick out my leg. He trips and falls flat on his face, taking in a mouthful of grass. 

I snatch up a backpack and venture deeper into the Cornucopia. A few tributes have already reached the mouth, the two Careers from District Two. I weave around them and pick up a wooden bow lying ten feet away from the mouth. Two feet to the side is a quiver of twelve arrows. 

I spin around and see the boy from five running at me with a knife in his hands, a dangerous glare in his eyes. 

I whip an arrow out of the quiver and quickly nock it. I fired and the arrow soars through the air and strikes the boy in the throat. He drops to the ground, dead.

With a quick movement, I pull the arrow out of his throat and sprint away from the Cornucopia just before all hell begins to break loose.

Ford Mercedes-6

I just watched the girl from Eight shoot that guy from Five in the throat. Pretty scary stuff.

I pick up a small bag and a bottle of water and then back away, my eyes darting around. I spot Siltori, my sister, running away from the Cornucopia with a saw and a long knife in her hands. I smile. She grabbed my favorite weapon.

I pick up a few packs of dried meat and meet her at a tribute plate. I nod and together we run towards the edge of the hill.

Our feet hit something slippery and I fall, taking Siltori with me.

I realize the slope of the hill is ice and that I'm sliding over two hundred feet on freezing cold ice.

I bump, twist, turn, and roll down the hill, my insides bouncing back and forth before my sister and I collide at the base of the hill.

I sit up, my head pounding and my insides sloshing around. Before I know it, I'm leaning over and barfing in the grass. 

This is not a good way to start the Hunger Games.  

Callisto Evergrow-11

I'm livid. The Careers turned me down when I requested being their allies. 

They turned me down! What the hell is wrong with them?

Not thinking clearly, I charge into the bloodbath and punch a random tribute in the face. They stagger backwards, blood pouring out of their nose. 

I pick up a spear lying fifteen feet away from the mouth of the Cornucopia and see the girl from 0 lying on the ground, a knife embedded in her stomach. She's trying to crawl away, tears pouring out of her eyes.

The boy from 0 is sprinting towards her, screaming and yelling. But I'm faster. I rush towards the girl and hold my spear tightly. With intense force, I drive the spear down and into her heart. She screams for a short moment as the life passes from her eyes.

I laugh loudly watching as her district partner screams in rage. 

Comet Ash-0

The bastard killed Venus! Venus! My love, my companion, my one ally, and she's DEAD! Because of that cruel, evil psycho from eleven!

I take the throwing knife I am holding in my fist and grab the blade, ready to throw it into Eleven's heart. 

He jabs his spear at me but I easily dodge it and then duck under it as he swings it at my head. I pop up, kick him in the shin and then throw my knife. 

It misses the heart, but hits him just below the neck. With a gurgle, he coughs up blood and falls to the grassy ground. 

I run at him, pull the knife out of his neck, and drive it into his throat, red rage blinding my vision.

With sadistic and disgusting satisfaction, I retrieve my knife and run over to Venus. I grab her face in my bloody hands and kiss on the forehead one last time before I sprint towards the slope of the hill. 

Trick Treat-13

I run around the bloodbath, laughing like a maniac as I watch tributes die beside me. With intense glee, I watched as the boy from Eleven killed the girl from Zero and then was killed by the boy from Zero. It was a beautiful death.

I hold a bolo knife in my hand and charge at the nearest tribute. The boy spins around and then squints as eyes as if he is having trouble seeing me. 

It doesn't make a difference. I tackled him and started slicing his arms up. He screams in pain and I laugh and sneer in his face. This is thoroughly enjoyable. 

Once his arms are covered in slits and scratches, blood gushing out of them, I kneel up. Tears are pouring out his his eyes and he is screaming in pain, murmuring for me to have mercy. Mercy! What a funny word!

I cut a long, shallow slice in his stomach and he writhes in pain. I flick the knife up in my hand and then quickly slit his throat. His pain clouded eyes fog over and his heads rolls to the side. 

The whole ordeal lasted about a minute. I know it was short, but I needed to kill some more tributes before they all run away. 

Eucy Collier-12

Kole had grabbed a back pack and three knives while I had retrieved a small bag of food, a water bottle, and a slingshot. We slid down the hill and landed uncomfortably, but soon we were on our way towards the hills with no tribute following us.

With concern, I watched as two tributes ran in a direction parallel to us and a girl sprinted towards the forest. But Kole reassured me and we sprinted on towards the rolling hills.

We stopped once we had climbed two of the mounds and I glanced back at the Cornucopia. All I could see were shapes moving on the summit, but I couldn't tell if there was fighting or anything going on.

I bury my head into Kole's chest, wishing that I could be back at home in District Twelve. Anything was better than this. My insides were stilling shaking from the fear of being killed during the bloodbath. Luckily, Kole had helped me get out by punching a tribute in the face. As of right now, he was unwilling to kill anyone and so was I.

We moved on after a while, silently waiting for the cannons to go off.

Gambler Richardson-10

The Careers and a few other tributes were pretty much the only ones left at the Cornucopia. Four dead bodies were lying around; the girl from Zero, the boy from Eleven, and the boy from Five. I gulped loudly, hoping I wouldn't be joining them anytime soon.

With a loud grunt, I spun and watched as the Career from Two, I think his name if Fernando, sprints at me with a war hammer. He screams out loud and swings it at my head.

I duck the first blow and kick Fernando in the crotch. He hunches over, but that doesn't stop him for long. He swings his hammer and catches me unprepared.

The heavy, blunt weapon catches me in the ribs and I hear them crack and puncture my lungs. I scream and pain, but no sound can come out. I am panting heavily, trying to grasp air as he swings and shatters my other rib cage.

The lights quickly fade away and I pass into the dark void of death.

Matilda Mir-2

I hold the blade of the knife lightly in my hand as I rush at the small girl from District Three. Her glasses had fallen off of her face and now she was picking them up and putting them back on.

When she shes me running at her, she screams out loudly and turns to run away. Unfortunately for her, she isn't very fast.

I quickly catch up to her and push her over. She falls onto the ground with a whimper and a sob. I quickly finish her off by throwing my knife into her heart.

I watch with satisfaction as the life fades out of her eyes. 

These Games are going well so far. I've made my first kill and I'm not done yet. 

Alec Tromagnet-3

I watch in horror as that skank from District Two stabs Olivia in the heart. I thought Olivia would last longer than that! She was smart and nice. She didn't deserve to die like that.

I pick up a small sword lying near the mouth of the Cornucopia. The other Careers are occupied on something else. While I slip out, I also grab a large bag and then begin to run towards the hill.

But I realize that I need to avenge Olivia's death. That Career just killed her like I would swipe a bug off of my shoulder. She has no remorse for it.

Rage clouding my judgement, I sprint towards her, quietly and steathily. While she is staring at the dead body of my district partner, I stand up behind her. 

"This is for Olivia!" I scream, running my sword through the small of her back.

Matilda turns her head around and looks around in confusion. Then she screams out in frustration and anger before collapsing to the ground. She falls over, her blood staining the green grass red.

Not waiting any longer, I sprint away from the Cornucopia and step onto the hill. I feel the ice beneath my feet, so I quickly fall down and let the slippery surface slide me down the hill.

Once I reach the base of the mound, I see one of the Careers looking over the hill, pointing and yelling at me. Two more join him, but they quickly decide it's best to not follow me.

I smile grimly, then turn around and sprint towards the glittering sea I can see in front of me.

Siltori Mercedes-6

Ford and I stopped at the end of the mountains, closest to the ocean, lake, or sea. Whatever it is. 

"Well, we both survived the first day," I mutter to my brother.

He grunts in response and takes a small sip of water from the tiny stream that runs by where we set up camp. 

"Do you think the bloodbath is over?" I ask him.

Ford shrugs. "Maybe. I wonder who died."

In response, I hear the first cannon. 

"One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six." The last cannon boom goes off, echoing around the arena. "Seven."

Ford raises his eyesbrows. "Wow. Only seven. That's a low death rate. I bet the Capitol is unhappy."

I chuckle. "Good. That means that the Gamemakers are in trouble with the people, which means that they might be punished."

My brother looks at me with a funny expression. "Wouldn't they just do stuff to make the Games bloodier?"

"Yeah, I guess," I say, before we both fall silent.

Ice Hunts-13

I sprint towards the hills, hoping no other tribute it following me. Since I am so quick, I was one of the first tributes to the Cornucopia. I grabbed a backpack, a sleeping bag, and a small war scythe before bolting the hell out of there. 

I was the first tribute to leave the hill and luckily I survived the bloodbath.

Once I was a fair distance away from the Cornucopia, I stopped briefly and strapped the sleeping bag to my backpack. Then I kept running toward the hills, since they seemed to offer the most protection. 

I run around the base of the first hill I come upon trying to conserve my energy. But for the second hill, I decide to summit it and get  a good view of the landscape. 

In a few minutes, I reach the crest of the hill and look around. The hills seem to stretch on forever in one direction. To the north is a forest. I can see some large body of water several miles away, and across the flatlands are a bunch of mountains. I can see the hill and the light reflecting off of the Cornucopia, but nothing else. 

Getting a good layout of the land, I back up and start off down the hill.

I didn't notice the bush root.

My foot caught under the bush's root and I flew forward. I hit the ground with a thud and begin to roll helplessly down the hill. 

My head began to ache in pain as it bounced off of the hard ground and my arms and legs were getting seriously bruised. I crashed through some branches and roll into a small copse at the bottom of the hill.

Dazed, I close my eyes and lie on the ground, pain coursing through my body. I don't know how much time passes before I decide to get up. I use my sore arms to push myself off the ground....

....and suddenly I am stopped halfway up.

A foot is planted on my chest, preventing me from going up any further. My eyes trace up the leg and I see a girl with blue-black hair staring down at me, fierceness in her eyes. She has a knife in her hand, angled downward, ready to drive it into my heart.

As her hand moves back to stab me, I throw my arms up to block the blow.

"Wait, stop!" I shout. "I have an alternative!"

Intrigued, her hand halts and her eyes narrow. 

"Allies?" I say weakly, my arms shaking.

Ellis Blackberry-10

What the hell? I was just about to kill this boy and he asks me to be his ally? Why? Who does he think he is?

But I realize I need an ally. It just makes it that much easier to survive. And then I can ditch him and he can fight it out for himself.

I narrow my eyes at him and then nod. "Fine," I say. "But don't even think about killing me!" I add sharply, pointing my finger at him.

"Great!" he exclaims, breathing out a sigh of relief. "My name's Ice Hunts. I'm from Thirteen." He stuck out his hand as if he expected me to shake it.

I was laughing on the inside.

"Ellis Blackberry. Ten."

He nods, smiling awkwardly. I look at my fingernails and then turn away without saying anything. I walk through the copse and out into the open again.

Crashing behind me, he follows and stumbles out onto the hill slope. "Let's try and find somewhere to camp for tonight," he eagerly says. 

"Whatever," I mutter.

We walk for over an hour before we find a sheltered clearing just as dusk is beginning to fall. I walk over to a mossy area and plop down on it, getting comfortable. I dig threw my small bag and pull out a thin blanket. "I"ll take first watch," I request. "I'll wake you around midnight."

Ice laughs. "Wait, I'm not going to sleep yet. Not until they show who died, at least."

"Whatever floats your boat."

He sighs loudly and unties a blue sleeping bag from his bed. With a heartfelt gesture, he looks at me and points at the sleeping bag. I shake my head; I'm used to being cold. I didn't really use blankets back in District Ten. 

We sit silently next to each other, waiting for the faces of the fallen to appear in the ever-darkening sky.

Jenna Rod-11

I am glad that I escaped the bloodbath. 

But unfortunately, I didn't grab anything useful, besides a bottle of water, one knife, and a towel that I could use as a blanket. 

Oh yeah, I also grabbed a small bag of food. 

I might not have much, but I'm probably better off than some of those other tributes. I bet there are a few that didn't even manage to grab anything.

I plop down under an alcove. I ran for the area between the mountains and the forest. It'll be my first spot for the night. I just hope no one else passes by and sees me. I don't want to die on the first day.

I don't want to die at all.

Dusk turns to blackness and white stars begin to rise on the horizon, swirling into the entrancing indigo color of nighttime. Most people like to watch the sunset. I like to watch the night rise.

I hear the national anthem of Panem come on in the sky above and eagerly look up at the sky. I want to see who's dead and who's alive.

The seal of Panem flashes away and is replaced by the first picture. The girl from Zero. I think her name was Venus. 

I huff. She seemed like a nice enough girl. Too bad she had to die right away.

The next face is a shocker. That Career from Two is shining in the sky. I did not expect any Careers to die. But it happens, I guess.

The girl from Three, the boy from Five, and the boy from Nine are the next to be shown.Then the guy from Ten. Lastly, the number Eleven appears in the sky and I see Callisto's face appear.

It's kind of sad that he died. But I won't shed any tears. He was heartless, and that's just one less threat to worry about.

The seal shows again and the anthem is cut off before the sky goes black again. I shift deeper into the alcove and close my eyes, hoping to wake up the next morning. 

End of Day One

Day One Deaths:

Venus Blizzard-0, killed by Callisto Evergrow

Matilda Mir-2, killed by Alec Tromagnet

Carson Anderberg-5, killed by Reba Malandra

Milo Amaranth-9, killed by Trick Treat

Gambler Richardson-10, killed by Fernando Llan

Callisto Evergrow-11, killed by Comet Ash

Day Two

Sylvio Mattnake-1

I wake up to early morning light filtering through my tent. 

Fernando is still asleep about three feet away from me. On my other side, River Blue is also sleeping. River, Fernando, and I got into the one tent we have for the first night. Belezza and Karen will be in it tomorrow night.

It was a blow to the Careers that Matilda died. None of us expected one of us to die on the first day. It was pretty pathetic and that sappy kid got away before we could skewer him with some sort of weapon. 

Today we are hoping to hunt down some tributes, but unfortunately we were too busy going through the Cornucopia to actually watch where the other tributes went. So we are going to head for the mountains.

I crawl out of the tent and grab a slice of bread and some dried beef from the food stock. Trick Treat and Thorn Darkwater are already up. Trick is sitting near the edge of the camp, fiddling with some of her weapons. I shudder. She creeps the hell out of me.

Belezza and Karen are talking over by the Cornucopia. Fernando comes out of the tent and yawns, his abs flexing as he stretched. "But a shirt on, dude," I say. 

He laughs and walks away, picking up an apple. I join him by the food stock and then pull out a jar of peanut butter.

I smile wickedly. "Time to smear this on River!" I laugh.

Fernando looks at me and smiles. We both run into the tent and I crouch down beside the District Four career. He snores loudly, which means he is fast asleep.

I dip my finger into the peanut butter and began rubbing it all over his face. Then I splatter some across his chest before throwing it onto his thighs. I laugh quietly and sneak back out of the tent. I screw the peanut butter lid back on and lick my fingers clean so he won't suspect me. 

Fernando and I look at each other, waiting for him to wake up. 

Aleyen Meyer-5'

I almost froze during the night.

Well, not really, but I was freezing. All I got from the Cornucopia was some dried fruit and two pairs of thick socks. I put them on my hands and ears, then covered myself with some grass and curled up in a ball. 

At least the mountains stopped the wind from blowing on me.

As soon as I grabbed my stuff from the bloodbath, I dashed away towards the mountains. I'm going to go around them and then see what lies beyond. Maybe something useful, like a lake or a hidden stash of something. I watched a Games when a boy from District Eight found a cave filled with supplies and ended up winning the Games. Maybe that'll happen to me! 

I really just want to go home. And I'm going to try and not kill anyone until I have to, because I don't want blood on my hands. 

I take the socks off and start walking over the mountains. The terrain is rugged and rough, but I am determined to get to where I want to go, so I keep on going.

I wish I had an ally, I suddenly realize. It would have been smart to get one. I could keep them until there were only a few tributes left, and then we could go our own ways and not have to kill each other.

That's what I seriously regret not doing.

"Oh well," I mutter. "I can still do it later in the Games," I add before heading further into the mountains. 

Thistel Foxbell-7

I wake to sunlight streaming through tree branches. 

I'm wrapped in a tight ball and my hands are stiff and cold. I spent the night under a small den made from two trees' roots. I managed to grab a small blanket and some matches from the Cornucopia, but I sprinted away as fast as I could.

I think I should've taken my chances and stayed longer. 

With a sigh, I crawl out of my sleeping spot and stand up. The forest is warm today and I can hear birds cheeping and flying overhead. That's good. It must mean there is food here.

My stomach rumbles and I clench it, hoping to hold off the hunger. I walk around the woods, looking for anything that looks edible.

I see a bird on the ground, hammering its bill into something hard. I take a quiet step forward. The bird does not notice me. 

When I look down at my hand and see the blanket there, an idea formulates in my mind. The bird is so busy with its nut or whatever that it doesn't notice me.

A small smile creeps across my lips as I slowly get closer. Once I am about five feet away, I lunge forward.

The blanket leaves my hands and collpases across the bird. It squeals and cheeps under the suffocating material. I see the shape moving and I rush up to it.

With a quick movement of my hands, I crush the bird's neck. I wince as I hear the tiny bones cracking and I whimper quietly. The thought of knowing the bird is helping me survives comforts my feelings of killing the bird. 

I delve deeper into the forest and crouch down under two thick trees. I gather some small rocks and put them in a small circle. Then I search for two forked sticks and stick them into the ground. I start plucking the feathers from the bird's skin and gag as my hand touches the slimy, pink surface under the soft, smooth feathers. 

Once I'm done, I stick the bird above the stone circle and light a fire, slowly rotating the bird, waiting for it to be cooked. I smile as I do it, realizing that so far, I'm doin' pretty good. 

Theo Clair-8

I walked out from behind a huge rock and see another rock, a giant wall stretching hundreds of feet. Right at the end of it is a large pool of vibrant orange lava. Leaving now space to between the lava, to the right is another massive rock stood proudly at the other side of the lava pool.

Quickly, I jog up to the rock and scan the area. Bubbles emerge from the lava and pop, spraying the motlen liquid around. I jump back a few feet in fear of being burned.

That's when I spot the trail on the rock on the right side of the pool. A thin, sloping trail traces its way over the pool and onto the other side. 

That's my way across. The alternative is to walk for the next ten minutes until I can navigate around the rocks.

Precariously, I begin my way up the ledge. I can barely fit both feet abreast each other, and I am trying to keep my balance. There's no way I'm falling into a pit of lava. 

My insides quiver as I walk across the ledge that narrows to about eight inches wide at some parts. I am pressing my chest against my chest and am happy my backpack isn't too heavy, or else I'd be burnt to a crisp by now.

With a grunt, I jump off the ledge once I'm five feet away from the bank and land with a roll. I sigh, relieved that I made it across that without falling in.

As I walk up the sloping ground, I hear voices behind me. I look over and see two figures standing at the opposite side of the lava pool.

It's the brother and sister from District Six. And they are going to come across the pool.

Even though they never appeared particualarly strong, I turn around and sprint away. 

Siltori Mercedes-6

My brother and I arrived at a large pool of lava. We see a ledge on the side of the huge rock just beside the pool. 

"After you," he mutters, slightly bowing.

I laugh and run up to the ledge then back off nervously. I didn't realize it was that thin. 

My brother gives me an encouraging shove and I walk forward. As fast as I can, I make it across the ledge without any mistakes. I watch as Ford, who's large than I am, begins to walk across the ledge.

Please don't fall, please don't fall! I plead in my hand, closing my eyes.

Ford reaches the thinnest part of the path and looks up at me with fear briefly. I smile at him. "Don't worry. Just don't look down."

And then the earth starts to shake.

I scream loudly as I am knocked to the ground. Small waves begin to bob up and forth in the ground. Rocks fall down from the giant forms and land in the lava with large hisses and splashes. Ford grabs onto a handhold, but his foot slips off of the ledge.

I scream his name and lunge forward, but I realize I can't walk through the lava. His grip breaks and he tumbles off of the ledge, fear and sadness in his eyes. He screams my name just as he hits the molten lava with a giant splash. 

With blurred, teary eyes, I see for the last time, his fair hair slip under the lava and hear his dying screams.


Reba Malandra-8

The earth is still quaking as I hear the boom roll across the arena. 

Who is it? I immeadiately think. I hope it's not Theo. Theo was always nice to me, and everyone. He doesn't deserve to die, not in these Games. 

I am angered at the Capitol. Why do they do this? Why do they send us all to our deaths? It's not right to do this to us. We're just children!

"We're just children!" I scream into the air.

My hand shoots over my mouth as I realize I shouldn't have done that. That wasn't very smart. Anyone could have heard me. 


I pick myself up from the ground that the earth quake had knocked me too and shake off the dirt. I begin to walk through the ever-thickening forest.

I hear a twig snap and nervously look over my shoulder. Some bushes rustle and I pull out my bow, quickly nocking an arrow.

A girl stumbles out of the undergrowth and I pull the string back, ready to shoot her through the throat.

"Wait, don't!" she pleads.

I slightly loose tension and lower the bow, but I keep the arrow nocked. "Why?" I ask fiercely.

"Because I don't want to die," she replies pathetically. 

I let my bow go and nod. She's just a little girl. "Allies?" I ask kindly, outstretching my hand.

She looks up at me with a huge, adorable smile and shakes my hand. I nod. "Well, let's go!" I say enthusiasticly.

"Go where?"

"Deeper into the forest," I answer simply. "We'll be safer."

"I'm Thistel Foxbell from Seven," the girl introduces, smiling. 

"I"m Reba Malandra. Eight," I tell her back kindly. "Nice to meet you."

"Do you think one of us can win?" she asks out of the blue.

The question startles me. Do I think I can win? What about her? She has next to no chance of coming out alive. 

But I can't answer that question for myself, either.

Themis Asterious-9

Sand filters out of my hands as I spread my fingers apart. The ocean crashes a few yards away from me. 

I chose to come over here because it seemed like the most peaceful place in the arena, and the one the least amount of people would go to. But I'm on constant watch for either tribute from District Four. They would have a huge advantage in this area. 

I felt the earthquake earlier and heard the cannon, which still leaves me wondering who died. I wonder if another tribute killed that tribute, or if the quake caused the death.

I'll never really know unless I get out of here and rewatch the Games. 

The sound of feet on sand triggers me back to reality and I snap to attention and grab the hilt of the small knife I grab.

I spin around and see a tall boy walking near me. But he doesn't see me. 

And that gives me an advantage....

Comet Ash-0

I walk on the sand, my head hanging down. All I can smell is Venus's beautiful hair. All I can hear is her smooth voice. All I can taste is her lips on mine. All I can fell is her soft skin.

I hate the Capitol. 

I hate them. I hate them. I hate them.

In a fit of rage, I spin around and kick up sand. Tears blur my eyes and I look up.

A girl is standing in front of me with a knife. Her eyes widen in shock as she sees my flaming eyes. But she quickly recovers and lunges at me. I dodge to the side and grab her arm then toss her to the ground. I pull out my knife and pin her to the ground before looking into her eyes.

I hate her. I hate her because she is in the Games and she should have died rather than Venus.

"I hate you!" I scream, spitting in her face. Then I close my eyes and drive the dagger through her heart as she answers back, "Why do you hate me?" 


'Kole Roch-12

Dusk is falling. Today I've only heard two cannons. I wonder who they were. Maybe some Careers. I'd like it if the Careers died. 

Eucy is curled up on my chest. I am stroking her hair and we are both silent, sitting on top of a hill while the sun is setting in front of us. 

Night falls and the stars rise. The national anthem of Panthem rings out across the arena and the seal pops up in the sky.

The first tribute was that weird boy from Six. I think his name was Ford or something. I wonder how he died, but I feel bad for his sister. That would be hard to lose a sibling in the Games, while in the Games. 

The next tribute is the girl from Nine. I didn't even see her at the bloodbath, so she might have left right away.

The seal flashes again and then vanishes from the sky.

Eucy looks up at me.

"Kole?" she asks.

"Yeah?" I say.

"How much longer do we have left?"

I sigh and close my eyes. "Just don't think about that, Eucy. All you need to worry about it now."

Eucy nods and turns her head, but I glimpse the silver tears sliding out of her eyes.

There's no way I'm letting Eucy die. None at all. 

End of Day Two

Day Two Deaths:

Ford Mercedes-6, fell into lava

Themis Asterious-9, killed by Comet Ash

Day Three

Alec Tromagnet-3

Horror stretches across my face as I watch the boy from 0 kill the girl from 9. How did that even happen? She had the total advantage of surprise. 0 didn't even know she was there! 

I stand up and begin to creep away from the bush I was hiding behind. But my foot catches on something and I fall over the plant, crashing onto the sand with a thump.

The boy from 0 spins around and fixes his gaze of hatred upon me. 


I scramble up to my feet and pull my dagger out of my belt. Holding a steady stance, I lick my lips as he rushes towards me.

As soon as he gets within arm's length, I lash out with the dagger and cut him lightly on the face. A red gash appears and blood begins to spill out. He grunts and then jabs his knife at me. I dodge and slice him on the arm. Crimson drops of blood shoot out and stain the sand red.

I'm too slow moving away and his blade catches me on the shoulder. I gasp in shock as the cold metal pierces me skin. Luckily, my momentum is still going and I slip away before it can do any more damage.

Ducking under his next blow, I jab up towards his face but he blocks with his knife. We hold the parry for a moment before I leap backwards and stare into his hateful eyes. 

I lunge towards his neck, but halfway through change and aim for his stomach. He throws his arm to protect his neck but realizes his mistake. Nimbly, he sidesteps and my sword catchs him on the side. Screeching in pain, he lashes out with his knife and slices me on the forehead. 

Searing hot blood tumbles down into my left eye, blinding me. I groan in pain and backaway, trying to wipe the blood from my face. He charges at me and I duck away out of instinct. His knife arm slashes downward and stabs me in the  back. I scream out in pain and tumble to the ground.

But I'm not letting him kill me yet. I kick him in the shin and he stumbles forward before he can strike again. I leap up, my back screaming in pain. He's still unbalanced and his run my dagger down his back, leaving a foot-long gash. He shouts in agony and I back away as he whips around.

Our eyes lock and he throws his knife at me. It catches me on the neck and I gasp in pain as it tears off a hunk of skin. Luckily, it didn't go deep, but it still hurts like crazy. 

He stumbles backwards and lands on the ground. My hand flies up to my neck and I gingerly touch it. Wincing, I step back. We both make eye contact one more time and then I spin and run away. Away from the tribute. Away from the battle. 

Away from where I nearly lost my life. 

Karen Ripple-4

I look out towards the mountains, wondering how many pathetic tributes are cowering there. 

"We're going hunting today," I growl to the other Careers.

They grunt and shrug in response and I scowl. "In one hour we're leaving and we're going to kill some people. Barely anyone has died and we've only killed four or five tributes in total. We need to go!!"

"Fine," mutters Belezza, sitting on a rock while sharpening her knife. 

An hour passes slowly before I stand up, all my supplies and weapons at the ready. "Okay, so I, Fernando, River, Thorn, and Trick are going to go hunting. The rest of you, stay here."

Without waiting for a response, the rest of the patrol and I step forward and begin to slowly descend from the hill. 

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