aka Allie/Ari/Amelia

  • I live in District 4
  • I was born on April 29
  • My occupation is Being a BOSS/Ninja/Doctor's Companion
  • I am a Girl
  • HereComeTheDrums

    Why so much drama?

    November 10, 2012 by HereComeTheDrums

    (in advance- sorry, I am a really bad speller.)

    When I first came here, I thought this wiki was awesome. there were no trolls, minimal arguments, and real, legit, great Games, Quells and conversations. I came on here every day in the summer, and almost all the time after school. i know it sounds like I don't have a life, but this was my favorite thing to do,

    But recently, trolls have gotten a bit out of control, and more and more arguments are popping up. It's a catastrophe.

    Some people are just really, really mean to each other and it makes no sense. Why take things so seriously??

    It's unfair to people to be rude, I mean, C'mon guys. Half of us don't even know each other- Why would you be so cruel? (You know who you are.)

    Don't blame this on t…

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  • HereComeTheDrums

    Heyo! I am making a sort of gameshow. Yay!

    I have 3 teams, with 5 people on each team. I need you to submit a name(it doesn't have to be yours, be creative!! The more creative the names are, the more starter points there are for that team.) and what team you want to be on. It's a first-come first-serve thing, so if there's already enough people on a team, choose a different one.

    Hence the name, it's a random theme/section of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, or Mockingjay. Sometimes the questions have to do with your team, not the series.

    There will be random... bonus questions that will earn your team more points than normal questions i ask. They will have nothing to do with The Hunger Games series. This time, there will be three sections of …

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  • HereComeTheDrums

    I HAD A GREAT IDEA!!! I love alot of books and movies so-

    You can choose ONE character from ANY Book or ANY movie (as long as they are not imortal. If they are, you can still be them, just so they're not immortal). Please, only two people per person.

    I've never done anything like this so things might get confusing.

    STEVE IS NOT ALLOWED TO WIN. Steve was made to make stupid desicions. Steve cannot harm another character.

    So say someone chooses someone like Max(From Maximum Ride). She has wings, is enhanced and stuff. I'll add reasonable liablillities and reasonable enhancements (NO WAY will she be able to get all calories she needs, she'd starve on the second day.)

    AGAIN, same as my other Games, I hate being argued with. If you're dead. you're d…

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  • HereComeTheDrums

    PLEASE PRESS READ MORE CUZ THE CHART DOESNT WORK! ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Roleplaying Games! You guys can comment and list your top three characters for roleplaying! They can be Tributes/Victors/Chararcters not in the Games EXEPT for

    Cinna, the stylists, Paylor, Coin, Prezzie Snow, Effie T., Ceasar F., Or Plutarch H.

    • No bribes are accepted(lol). No specific tribute will be favored over another. Power playing will NOT be tolerated.Other legal stuff insert here.* Happy Roleplaying!!
    • There will be replacments and people with two characters if nessesary. P.S I apologize to the people that usernames get spelled wrong. There will be incorrectly spelled usernames. I'm sorry, it's just life. I'm so skilled i spell MY OWN username wrong. …
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  • HereComeTheDrums -- original song

    Vollunter for you

    youre to shy to fight

    just stay strong for me

    peeta's in love with me

    my lips dont make a sound

    cant bear to live without

    we're tied together

    travelling by hovercraft

    kissing in the cave

    but gale's the one that i crave

    to old to be that weak

    to young to keep pushing through

    im getting all these scars

    lets take another look

    peeta's hidden well

    i only saw his eyes

    we're tied together

    travelling by hovercraft

    kissing in the cave

    but gale's the one that i crave

    rue died now i'm all alone

    i need some more sponsers

    i thew away my last chance

    but now snow's got his plans

    peeta's leg just

    wont recover

    wont recover

    without medine

    going to the feast now

    cloves got me now


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