Heyo! I am making a sort of gameshow. Yay!

I have 3 teams, with 5 people on each team. I need you to submit a name(it doesn't have to be yours, be creative!! The more creative the names are, the more starter points there are for that team.) and what team you want to be on. It's a first-come first-serve thing, so if there's already enough people on a team, choose a different one.

Hence the name, it's a random theme/section of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, or Mockingjay. Sometimes the questions have to do with your team, not the series.

There will be random... bonus questions that will earn your team more points than normal questions i ask. They will have nothing to do with The Hunger Games series. This time, there will be three sections of Bonus Questions. The catigories are: Doctor Who, Holidays and Songs.(Yeah, I know they aren't very epic. Work with me here.)

To stay in the game, you must awnser the questions I give you to gain points. If a question is incomplete, I'll give you some credit. The team with the least points faces elimination. I will ask that team to awnser a question and the person with the wrong awnser is eliminated. If not everyone has awnsered the elimination question in a certain amount of time, theperson who did not awnser is eliminated.


I will not be able to update this for a minimum of three weeks. I'm going on vacation then camp,no access to computers. Sorry :(


Team Finnick Team Katniss Team Snow
ButtconebaconnuggetKing -Mysims


Redfire -Rainbow Shifter

Ame'yla -Thena.airice14

Googlie Eyed Cheese Puff -Prezziesnow9704:)!


Sasquatch -NerdDFTBA

Jordan-A Wikia contributor

Reader Who Reads Things Of Awesomeness And Writes Randomly Cuz She Has Nothing Better ToDo (ReaderofAwesomeness)-Readwritelivenikki
Toaster The Pedobear Who Watches Squirrels Sleep (Toasty Pedo)-Catnipkatniss Queen Bacon Nugget -Rue district11 Toffee Candy Corn- Tammydaisy

Supreme Overlord Of Monkeys And Grapefruits (Monkeyfruit Overlord)-CallamD97

District 14 -District4 Tribute Lexi Hart-Rosemelrose

Starter points for Team Finnick:10

Starter Points for Team Katniss:10

Starter Points for Team Snow:10

Challenge 1-corrected

Team Finnick:

1: How was Boggs killed? He stepped on a pod.

2: Why was Darius turned into an Avox? He tried to stop Thread from flogging Gale.

3: What is Prim's goat's name? lady.

B: Finish this lyric:

So if you have a minute why don't we go, talk about it somewhere only we know,This could be the end of everything,so why don't we go,somwhere only we know .

Team Katniss

1:Who did Peeta use as an excuse for Katniss knowing the Avox girl? Delly Cartwright.

2:Who was Haymitch's ally in the Secong Quarter Quell? Maysilee Donnor

3:What does Effie think commpressed coal turns into? PEARLS.

B:Name all of the 10th Doctor's companions.In order, prefferably.

Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Sarah-Jane Smith, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness, and Donna Noble. I also would have accepted single-adventure companions, who would be K9 MKIII, Astrid Peth, Rosita Farisi, Jackson Lake, Lady Christina de Souza, Cassie Ride, Jimmy Stalkingwolf, Adelaide Brooke, and Wilfred Mott.

Team Snow

1:How/why was Seneca Crane killed? In the movie, he was locked in a room with only nightlock to eat, but in the book, he was hung.

2: What is the neame of the Peacekepper that replaced Cray? Thread.

3: Who replaced President Coin when she was killed? Paylor.

B: When did people actually start to celebrate Valentine's day? It was first celebrated in Rome, at about 498 A.D.

Team that Lost:Team Finnick

Final question... In the final moments of the penultimate episode of the fourth deries, "The Stolen Earth", the Doctor is attacked by one of his most feared enemies, the Daleks. He does the only thing he can do- regenerate. But, when he regenerates, how many people were in the Tardis with him and who were they??

AWNSER: Three people were in the Tardis with him. Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, and Captian Jack Harkness. Sarah-Jane Smith tried to reach him but was not there.

Who was Exiled: Well...

Challenge 2-

Team Finnick

1: How many tributes were in the Second Quarter Quell?

2: What District was Titus, the tribute that resorted to cannibalism, from?

3: The Tracker Jackers kiled Glimmer AND...?

B: In the Doctor Who Episode "Smith and Jones", What was the name the Plasmavore the Judoon are searching for went by?

Team Katniss

1: What is the first material Katniss uses to conceal the cave?

2:What District was the girl who started the fire on the first night from?

3: What WEAPON did Katniss use to kill Foxface? ( ;) )

B: MULTIPLE CHOICE: What is the LAST LINE of this song?:

Like a diamond
From black dust
It's hard to know
What can become
If you give up
So don't give up on me
This isn't the awnser----> Please remind me who I really am

Team Snow

1:When is Katniss's birthday?

2: What is Katniss's first meal after the Hunger Games?

3: What is the name of the song that Katniss sang on the first day of Kindergarden?(I think it was kindergarden...)

B: What was the origin of Mardi Gras?

Team that Lost:

Final Question:


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