I HAD A GREAT IDEA!!! I love alot of books and movies so-

You can choose ONE character from ANY Book or ANY movie (as long as they are not imortal. If they are, you can still be them, just so they're not immortal). Please, only two people per person.

I've never done anything like this so things might get confusing.

STEVE IS NOT ALLOWED TO WIN. Steve was made to make stupid desicions. Steve cannot harm another character.

So say someone chooses someone like Max(From Maximum Ride). She has wings, is enhanced and stuff. I'll add reasonable liablillities and reasonable enhancements (NO WAY will she be able to get all calories she needs, she'd starve on the second day.)

AGAIN, same as my other Games, I hate being argued with. If you're dead. you're dead. I don't hate you, just gotta keep the games moving. If arguing gets out of control, you're character/character's alliance could be in major trouble.

AND I can't spell worth crapola. Keep that in mind if I spell your username wrong or something.

PLEASE, be fair.

And remember to check out my other games, The Roleplaying Games!!



Where's Finnick? Odair he is! <3 FinnickisBOSS! 23:14, June 3, 2012 (UTC)

Characters and Stuff (CLOSED AS OF 6/9/12)




Killed By/How





  • Mystery Characters!


Maximum Ride


Finnick Odair


Katniss Everdeen


Annabeth Chase


Dakota Whatshislastname


Astrid Ellison


Sam Temple


Lena Haloway


Tenaya 7


Hermione Granger


Barriss Offee


L Lawliet


Haruna Kojima

CallamD97 Percy Jackson
comicrelief029 Steve
Catnipkatniss Darth Vader
Catnipkatniss/CallamD97 Jabba the Hut


Pack Leader- Hunger- A wolf that can speak, but only in very broken english. I don't have much more info, I looked him up and couldn't find squat. I haven't finished reading Hunger, so don't hate if I mess him up.

Cybermen-Doctor Who- Technically, they're robots. In this case, they cannot kill you, only give out a strong electric shock that will either make you pass out or strongly hillucionate, or both. (see?I can't spell.) BUT- there will be some cases of..."Glitches" That may make a shock Fatal.

Jabberjays-Hunger Games- I think we all know what these are and what they do.

Meducies-variation of Percy Jackson's Medusa- A golden fishie that when eaten or looked at for more that 5-10 seconds, will turn a character to stone. if it is eaten, the character can be revived within 2 hours. If looked at for 5-10 seconds, the character is dead. When turning to stone, it starts at the character's feet and up to the character's head, giving the character time to freak out. The fishie is beautiful, with golden, shimmering scales so it's hard to look away from it.

FINAL MUTT-totallymadeup- ???

The Mystery Character(s) can/will be anywhere.


The Cornicopia is in a meadow. then there are four terrains around it. Mutts will (normally) stay in one terrain.

North- A mild-tempeture(again,bad at spelling), dense forest.

East- A rocky plateau.

South- A continuation of the meadow, just will more trees.

West- A sandy beach-like scene

Nightlocke and other dangers can be found in the terrains.

Day One- The cornicopia/bloodbath

The plates rise. All of the tributes stand and face each other.


One of the biggest plates has trouble getting up. Finally it reaches the top. On top of it is the ugliest thing that the tributes have ever seen. It looks like a giant worm or something, but it has a face.



Max's POV-

The gong sounds. I sprint right towards the middle sized pack, but some girl get to it right as i do. That chick, Annabeth. I swing a right hook that lands on her cheek, but it wasn't too hard. Still, she loosens her grip enough for me ro wrench it away and put it on. I adust my wings through the straps and fly over to the forest.

Finnick's POV-

I race to cornicopia as fast as possible and grab up two tridents, then I find myself facing a kid a bit younger than me who has two tridents as well. Percy, as I recall. I make an alliance with him and Annabeth, who had gotten two daggers and a small backpack. We all head to the beach. Not a bad group, I think to myself

Katniss's POV-

Before the gong sounds, I debate whether I should get the bow and arrows at the Cornicopia. I didn't pay attention to the count down, and I findmyself stumbling off my plate. Then to the Bow and Arrow, but something slices past my shoulder. without paying attention to who threw it, I run from the cornicopia with my Bow and Arrows and a bag of apples. When I look over at my shoulder, I notice a pretty deep gash in my arm. I'll be fine, I decide. I then run for the rocky terrain, thinking that i can circle around to the meadow.

Annabeth's POV-

(Greek curse) I can't belive that I let the girl get away with the bag! Now i survey the Cornicopia. I run in and grab two knives and a smaller bag. I seach frantically for Percy and find him having a stare down with another guy who was older than him. When i get over to them, Percy trells me that he made and alliance with this guy. Finnick is his name, i think.

Dakota Whatshislastname's POV-

I run for the biggest bag of all, grab it up, and reach for a sword as well. I see a tall man in black walking towards me calmly. I through a knive at him and run for it, very intimidated. When i reach the forest, i sit down and investigate my pack. a sleeping bag, apples, a vial of purple-y stuff that i know for a fact isn't grape Coolaid, a bage of jerky, a waterbottle full of water, two knives, dried fruit, but NO COOLAID. I think I'm about to have a panic attack when a parachute floats down. I reach up for it and rip it open. COOLAID! Packets and packets of it. I might just survive.

Astrid's POV-

Instead of running to the Cornicopia, I run towards Sam. He's already gotten a backpack and a sword. I grab a knive thats been stuck in the ground, and we both head for the rocks. In his backpack is a few apples,beef jerky, night-vision glasses, and a vial of purple stuff. Sam wants to just thow out the purple stuff, but I think we should keep it, so I convince him to.

Sam's POV-

I run towards the cornicopia, grab a backpack and meet up with Astrid. She grabs a knife, and we both head for the rocks. In my backpack is a few apples,beef jerky, night-vision glasses, and a vial of purple stuff. I want to just thow out the purple stuff, but Astrid think we should keep it, so she convince me.

Lena Haloway's POV-

I don't run to the Cornicopia, as I wanted, instead, I run straight at some creepy guy (L) and slide tackle him to the ground. but instead of pinning him down and sliting his throat with the knive nearby, I take a foot to the face. i am thrown back a few feet and now I am getting wailed on. How could I have undersetimated him? The last thing i see is him grabbing my knife.*BOOM*

Tenaya's POV-

Running to the Cornicopia, I get a sword. I debate getting a bag, then grab a small one. I head to the rocky place. I don't see anyone, and I need time to figure out a stratege.

Hermione's POV-

I can't just run to the Cornicopia- I'll be killed for sure. But I need supplies. Finally, overthrowing my gut feeling, I sprint as fast as I can to where the last of the packs are. Theres one marked HG. I grab it and run, wondering why nobody took it, or if they saw it. I run to the meadow and sit up in a tree. I look in my pack- there's a sleeping bag, a vial of purple liquid, sun glasses(?), gloves, apples and- my wand. Or, a variation of it. I can notice little differences.

Barriss's POV-

I'm the first to the Cornicopia, i think. I grab up a sword and make a run for the beach. pretty golden fish swim around in the shalow water. I'll admire them later, I need a plan.

L's POV-

Right as the gong sounds, I hit the ground running, and find myself tackled to the ground. I kick my attacker (Lena) in the face and pin her down. I slit her throat, take the knife, and run to the forest. I climb up into a tree, supply-less. I quickly get down, now in search of food. But i know i will soon lose hope, what will i find? A candy bush??\

Haruna's POV-

Running to the Cornicopia, i trip over an abandoned knife. When I look up, someone dark is standing over me(Vader). A sword comes down too close to my head, I roll to avoid it, but It catches my shoulder. With a cry , I swing myslef around, taking out my opponent, but he stabs me in the side. I get up and grab the knife that tripped me, and throw it at him, then flee to the meadow, already exausted. I need to think, I need to plan, I need to- sleep. I collapse. *BOOM*

Percy's POV-

I run to the Cornicopia and grab up two tridents, then find myself staring into the eye of another guy, who has two tridents as well. We just stare at each other for a while, than he offers an alliance. I agree on one condition, that Annabeth could join. He agrees and with Annabeth, who has gotten two daggers and a small pack, we head to the beach.

Steve's (Steve is purely comical. he will not win) POV-

I stroll casually to the Crnicopia and immediatly fall on my face. I get up and get a small pack. I walk into the forest and climb at tree, only to fall out of it. I just sit at the bottom of it and stay there for a while, not bothering to look through my pack. A waste of time, I could be daydreaming about winning right now. I'm hungry, so i peel off bark of the tree and eat it, like i saw some guy on tv do. What show was it? Man vs. Wild or How Not to Survive?

Darth Vader's POV-

I walk to the Cornicopia, taking my time. A kid throws a knive my way, but i block it. I pick up a sword, which was the closest thing to a lightsaber that i could find. I turn and swing at a girl on the ground behind me, hitting her shoulder. She swings her feet at my legs, tripping me, but not before I stab her side. When I get up, she's getting away and there's a knife coming towards me. Before I can stop it, It stabs me in the tummy (yes, tummy. deal with it) I get to the rocky terrain before I fall asleep, with only a sword as supplies.

And finally...


Curse myself for being so slow! Thankfully, noone bothers to attack me. Incase of supplies, I can't really use weapons. So I grab a big bag of fish and go off to the meadow.

The Fallen:


Kwanito44- Haruana Kojima- Techincally Darth Vader- blood loss.

TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3- Lena Haloway-L- Slit throat

Sorry if you're dead, it's random. Not a personal attack.

The First Night...

Only two cannons go off.

Max is in a tree, sleeping. Finnick is on watch for Annabeth and Percy, who are sleeping. Katniss in patching up her shoulder with some cloth from her shirt sleeve.Sam is on watch while Astrid sleeps. Tenaya is hidden in a bush in the meadow, unable to sleep. Hermione is sleeping. Barriss is wandering the beach, restless. L is putting out a concealed fire. Steve is building a fire, and singing some song about surviving. Darth Vader has fallen asleep by a small stream. Jabba is asleep far down the beach.

Day Twoo- Mutts show up

Max- I'm in a tree when I hear alot of barking and a strangled scream. I'm about to investigate when the barks stop. I turn around and come face to face with Katniss. She loads her bow and shoots down the dog attempting to climbing up the tree. I offer and alliance, and she agrees. The dogs finally leave. We split the limited supplies and we get out of the tree, now insearch for more food. a knife wizzes past Katniss's face. We chase after who threw it, but he was gone. So we get back in a tree to make a plan. Then hear a scream. We look down from our tree and find Steve being chased by a big group of dogs. He's just fast enough that they can't get him, and it's funny to watch, really. We look at each other and crack up.

Finnick- Percy, Annabeth and I found shells as big as my face lying in the sand. The edges were sharper than Annabeth's daggers, so we kept afew. I debated with Percy if we should catch the fish, but Percy had a good reason not to. They're mutts, after all. Who knows if they're poison or not.

Dakoka- I was walking along in the woods when I heard a scream. I really didn't want to investigate, but my curiosity won out. Two girl tributes were up in a tree, whispering quietly. I took a sip from my flask of Coolaid(Kool-aid?) and waited. When they came down, I panicked, threw a knife at them and ran.

Astrid- Sam and I find Vader by a stream. I don't want to kill him, and I don't think Sam wants to either. Then Vader wakes up, and all heck brakes out. He's yelling and grabbing for his sword(Which Sam took). Then he uses the Force to rip it out of Sam's grasp and he slices my lower arm. But we get away after a while of running from him. Now I wish I killed him when I had the chance.

Tenaya- I'm walking along a stream when I hear an extreamly loud conflict. I hide behind a rock and peep my head over. Three tributes are fighting. I turn around and head downstream. I fill and purify water in my water bottle. I hear heavy metal footsteps coming my way. When I look up, two robots are looking down at me. I slowly get up and back away. When they start to walk towards me, I aim a punch right at the base of one's neck .It shoots out a hand and grabs my wrist with surpirising reflexes, sending out a shock. Then they seem to dissapeer, leaving me stumbling around near the stream. Then I pass out.

Hermione- I'm wandering in the meadow, examining "my" wand, when I hear screams.There are so many different ones, all belonging to those I love. Harry, Ron, Ginny, My mother and Father, whatshisface, etc. I scream and fall to my knees, my hands covering my ears.

Barris- I'm walking in circles on the beach, needing a plan. Why, I think to myself, didn't I get actuall supplies?? I here a strange noise coming from father down the beach. When I get there, a brown backpack is just sitting on the beach, like it was waiting for me. I scoop it up then heistate, Where could this have come from??

L- I'm walking around in the forest, seriously craving some candy. I hear a sharp whistle from somewhere to my left. When I look over to where the noise was, there was nothing there. I start to keep walking but before i get far, i notice a bag of lolipops, partialy hidden in the tree. I scoop it up but before i stick a lolipop in my mouth, I examine it. What if they're poisonus? Where did they come from. What if- I didn't care. I stuck one in my mouth and kept walking.

Steve- I wake up and immeadialy freak out. A big-ish dog is staring down at me. I throw a rock at it's face and jump about three feet in the air when it spoke. I had no idea what it said, so i screamed and started to run. It followed me, and it was joined by abig pack of other dogs. I ran and ran and ran from them. When I saw two other tributes in a tree, I veered towards them. Either they would help, or the dogs would decide to eat them. "Bad doggies! Sit! Stay! Don't eat me! SOMETHING!" I screamed. The other tributes are laughing their heads off by the time I'm up a tree.

Jabba- I'm starving. I ate all my supplies the first day, and I need food. I move into the water and find the fishies aren't scared of me. I reach down and pick one up. It doesn't even mind beng out of water. I eat it and move back onto the sand. When I look back and think of eating some more(ahah oops the first time i wrote this i said someone), I catch sight of myself. I'm turning GRAY! I try to move, but I feel so heavy- more that usual-when my arms turn gray I find that I'm being stone-ified! Curse that delicious fishie! Acckk!! (he's not dead yet).

That Night... It starts to rain. Like, pouring really really hard rain. All tributes run for cover, all except Steve, who is doing a rain-go-the-heck-away dance. It' startyed to rain harder. Then all of a sudden it stopped. The tributes are a little freaked out, what was the rain for? A warning, perhaps?

The Fallen: Shockingly, no one has died today.

Day Threee-Mystery Characters...?

(These POVs are really annoying me. Bye Bye, POVs! Hello,l basic overview!)

Max and Katniss are sweeping the forest, looking for other tributes when L jumps out of nowhere. The lolipops made him crazy! His eyes are bloodshot and silver. He takes Max's knife and knocks her to the ground, his foot on her neck. But before L could kill her, Katniss shoots and arrow at his heart. He drops the knife and falls over,*Boom*, dead. The knife falls and hits Max's side, but not too bad. She'll be ok, maybe.(muhahahahaha!)

Finnick, Annabeth and Percy are walking on the beach when Annabeth stops. She points ahead. There is the statue of Jabba! As they get closer, they hear a crisp*Boom* and realise that It was Jabba's cannon. Then, from out of the meadowed area, staggers Hermione. She looks awful, her eyes are bloodshot, and she looks so sad and angry. She takes one look at Finnick and slidetackles him. "You did it!" she screams. "You hurt them!" She tries to draw her wand but gets her knife instead. She is just about to plunge it into Finnick's neck when Percy pushes Hermione off Finnick and into the water. The knifew is sent flying through the air, just catching Annabeth in the arm. After a while, they realise Hermione didn't comeback up from the water.*Boom*. They look in the water and find a statue of a girl holding a beautiful fish. They realise that it's the fishies turning tributes into stone. We decide to head for the Rocky place.

Dakota is wandering in the rocky place when he hears the weirdest noise. he goes just behind a rock to spy in whatever it was. when all he sees is a flash of white light and blue. He turns and comes face to face with- a robot?!? "Delete. Delete. Games must move on. Delete." An electric current runs through it's hands. Dakota panics and turns, running blindly into a blue box. He is knocked unconcious.

Astrid and Sam are wandering in the meadow.Sam says that they should make camp, and he'll go look for water. As Astrid leans back in a tree, she heards a weird noise, like, breathing, but not really. After an hour nap, she realises that Sam hasn't come back yet.

Tenaya 7 wakes up in the stream, starving. She looks around everywhere, but her backpack is gone. Goodthing she stuffed a water bottle in her pocket and some jerky in another pocket. but why would someone just take her backpack, and not kill her?

Barris is walking the beach, fiddiling with a strange, silver and blue... thing from the backpack when she hears a voice coming from the Rocky Place. Two voices actually. Barris hides behind a rock as two figures walk down the beach. "Oh come on, I know I left my backpack on the beach somewhere..." say's a man's voice. "Well, you'd better find it, we don't even know where we are!" sighs a girl. After they've left, Barris stands up and turns-face to face with a silver robot. "Delete. Games are stuck. Reboot. De-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e....." A Glitchy noise comes from the Robot, and A shock runs through Barris's arm. Darth Vader comes around the rock kills the Robot, than turns to the direction of the Forest. Barris' eyes close.*Boom.*

Steve decides that now is a good time to "beg" for sponsers.Spining in circles, singing opera and dancing like a crazy person is a great way to do that. Making a HUGE noise and mess of the little supplies he has left, He puts on a one-man-production of "Hairspray". A Muffin falls from the sky as well as a note- Eat this, shut up, and watch out for the bear behind you. -D,R,M and J.

That night... Is eerily quiet. Every tribute is asleep ar standing guard over there alliances.

The Fallen: Jabba the Hut, Hermione Granger, and Barriss Offee.

Day Fourr- 11 left.

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