(in advance- sorry, I am a really bad speller.)

When I first came here, I thought this wiki was awesome. there were no trolls, minimal arguments, and real, legit, great Games, Quells and conversations. I came on here every day in the summer, and almost all the time after school. i know it sounds like I don't have a life, but this was my favorite thing to do,

But recently, trolls have gotten a bit out of control, and more and more arguments are popping up. It's a catastrophe.

Some people are just really, really mean to each other and it makes no sense. Why take things so seriously??

It's unfair to people to be rude, I mean, C'mon guys. Half of us don't even know each other- Why would you be so cruel? (You know who you are.)

Don't blame this on the mods/admins, they're doing what they can. Being banned is your own fault in one way or another- don't flip out.


Peace isn't hard- take it from a pacifist.

I love this wiki and it can/should/will survive.

Thanks- Amelia.

Come Along Pond! FinnickisBOSS<3 (talk) 21:14, November 10, 2012 (UTC)

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