Hi! We're new to the wiki, so we thought we might get started off my hosting a Games! Thank you all so muches! This is Saph and Hannah, but cause we are two different people and have completley different writing styles we will probably say who posted what. I also have to correct most of Hannah's spelling cause I'm cool like that.



President Glaz's POV

The hunger games. Who knows what they will be like each year. There is so much differences each time. I remember when I was first elected... the roar of the crowd, the buzz of happiness. The crowd was like a drug. A drug which made me WANT to do well as president. But alas, not everyone succeeds in life. I remember what my grandfather told me, about his grandfather and his grandfather before that. The start of the games. How the idea was orginally payback to the Districts, but it grew better and better. After the failed rebellion of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, causing them both to die and the only living victor to have been Johanna Mason, District 13 joined the games. Then 150 years later, the third rebellion. Even more died, and we discovered, the only way to keep the Districts happy, was to sacrifice our own.

And so we did.

I step out onto the platform of the stage, my cape billowing in the wind behind me as I look out into the screaming crowd. Ready to announce the Hunger Games is coming to town.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Panem... The 273rd Annual Hunger Games... will start in three weeks time!"

The crowd roars as I step down from the podium, happy with myself, I walk into my room and lay down on my bed. But I can feel the utter tremble run down my spine. Something about these games... something is wrong.


  1. We've seen all the games around this wiki, and we decided to make ours and put it out there, so it will be one of the many hundreds we've seen. Also, we won't be doing that whole put them up later thing, we'll be putting them up IF we like them. If we don't, we'll respond with reject and say WHY.
  2. Be nice! No swearing, and we don't care about originality, just don't steal other peoples.
  3. Be actually sensible with names please!










If so who?:



District Name Age Weapon User
District 1 Female Charity Campbell Axes Maxoconnell
District 1 Male
District 2 Female Genevieve Nightlock 16 Throwing Knives CloveisBadass
District 2 Male
District 3 Female Applebee Rose 16 Hand-to-hand combat AxedFox
District 3 Male
District 4 Female
District 4 Male
District 5 Female
Distirct 5 Male
District 6 Female Ella Webster 16 Throwing Axe Beetee19
District 6 Male Connor Steele 16 Sword Beetee19
District 7 Female
District 7 Male
District 8 Female Alyss Shepherd 15 Awl Annamisasa
District 8 Male
Distirct 9 Female
District 9 Male
District 10 Female
District 10 Male
District 11 Female
District 11 Male
District 12 Female
District 12 Male
District 13 Female
District 13 Male
Capitol Male
Capitol Female

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