Okay, so, as well as know, for the 75th Annual Hunger Games, instead of tributes being reaped from citizens of all the districts, they were instead reaped from the existing pool of victors. What does the word victor suggest? To me, it suggests people who have won previous HG, have had a front row seats during subsequent HG, and are basically experts on how they work. Not to mention -- in Effy and Haymitch's words -- they are smart, cunning and deadly people. 

At the start of every single HG, there is the infamous Cornucopia bloodbath, where many tributes are slaughtered by the Careers as they fight for precious food, water and weapons. This is a recurring theme in each HG. Now, what I don't understand is, why did the victors participating in the Quarter Quell, die so easily and foolishly during the initial bloodbath? There shouldn't have even been one, since they more than anyone would know that the Careers guard this place, and this is where the most deaths happen? Surely they are far smarter and far more skilled to die so easily going for supplies? I can't imagine any of them approaching the Careers head on to fight - even if it was just one or two. Do you think the Careers would have hidden, to make the other victors believe there was nobody there, and that it was safe to go in for supplies? Even so, it would seem too good to be true. 

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