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    Join My Hunger Games!

    November 4, 2013 by Hollownight1

    Okay, so I am forming my own Hunger Games. I have some of the tributes here, but you can definitely add your own! I used a lot of ideas from the users Tehblakdeath (who is pretty much my hero now) and Mistfire333 , so hopelly they're not too mad I copied them...

    Stay active! If you're going to take up characters and then do nothing it's better to ignore this entire post.

    Don't flame or spam someone else

    I'd much prefer it if you didn't swear... but if you feel you must, please censor

    No more than three tributes. This number may be upped. And Tehblakdeath can have as many as he wants :)

    You have two options here. I have twenty-four "ready made" tributes from the first 12 Districts, so you guys can either sign up for those or reserve your own cha…

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