Okay, so I am forming my own Hunger Games. I have some of the tributes here, but you can definitely add your own! I used a lot of ideas from the users Tehblakdeath (who is pretty much my hero now) and Mistfire333 , so hopelly they're not too mad I copied them...


Stay active! If you're going to take up characters and then do nothing it's better to ignore this entire post.

Don't flame or spam someone else

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No more than three tributes. This number may be upped. And Tehblakdeath can have as many as he wants :)

To Enter

You have two options here. I have twenty-four "ready made" tributes from the first 12 Districts, so you guys can either sign up for those or reserve your own characters. Tehblakdeath had the brilliant ideas for seven other districts (not including 13), so you can join any of those eight too! If you want to join one of the first twelve districts, please choose a character-  or, comment and I might just accept yours. To submit a character for Districts 13-20, please comment this form:











Character Pool

Besides the information provided, feel free to do whatever you want with the characters (up to three) you select. Comment what you'd like me add in the comments and I'll do it for you.  I'd prefer if you custom-designed characters in 13-20 or just chose a character from 1-12... otherwise, there'll be too many Volunteers. Thank you!! They're yours as soon as confirmed in comments!

District One (luxury): 

  • Olivine Jewelly- Female, age 18. Feathered blond hair and hazel green eyes. Her father is a jeweler and she lives in the lap of luxury, well trained for the games. User is SilverEchoes
  • Curio Klipper- Male, age 14. Blond hair and bright blue eyes. His life is a bit harder than for most in District 1, because his father's work as a perfumer has hit an all time low-- the Capitol just doesn't want scent right now as much as they used to. Sure, Curio may be a bit spoiled.... but he's got a pretty high chance in the game. User is Tehblakdeath

District Two (Masonry):

  • Jade Deatu- female, age 15. Brown hair and dark brown eyes. She helps her stonemasoning family in their work and is well trained for the games, very strong. She's good with throwing knifes and hammers. User is SilverEchoes
  • Marjoris Mason- male, age 17. Blond hair, brown eyes. He isn't that bright, but very strong. He basically plays pawn to the Capitol and doesn't have anything bad to say about it. User is FraserKeepup

District Three (technology):

  • Grey- female, age 13. Brown-blonde hair and blue-grey eyes. She's quite the loner. She volunteered for the games to spare her older sister, who would surely not win. Grey herself is delicate and petite, but very smart. User is YoMika
  • Snapp- male, age 16. Brown hair and gray eyes. He's like an older brother to Grey, since her parents died. He doesn't think he's got a good shot at life, much less at the game; so he has a very strong will to protect Grey and see her through- even if it means he must forfeit his life. Volunteer Chuck Tarcus replaced him. Male, age 17. Short cropped brown hair. Skinny and Muscular build. Kinda stocky, Little cally-like hole in his head (From an accident with an umbrella), Kinda plump face, Blue eyes. Aggressive towards enemies, but normally calm and loyal. His wish is to go out of the arena, dead or not. He hates cold water & is good at swimming. Looking fantastic on the outside, his inside show sadness, pain, and torture. He's never gone one year without seeing something traumatizing. Extremely well-trained for a District Three tribute- weapons may include swords,ball and chain, axes, hookswords. Will attempt to form an alliance with his District Partner (Grey) and the tributes from Districts 12 and 20. User is Chuckens

District Four (fishing)

  • Liv- female, age 14. Long blonde hair and pool blue eyes. She looks more like a model than the daughter of a lowly deckhand. She's not the smartest of all the fish in the sea, but she's been prepared for the games "all her life". User is Littlelodie
  • Tule- male, age 15. Curly blonde hair and sea green eyes. He's the mayor's son but his proud father refused to try and spare him from the Games. No bother though- he's always wanted the publicity of the games. He's prepared to back stab and brutal fight all he must to win. Replaced by Volunteer Quentin Mudkipmarshtompert. Male, age 15. Trident. Allies with Celeste or Careers. Good thrower, strong and great swimmes; but he's a bad climber, not very social and misunderstood lots. Quentin is charismatic and loyal, like a dog but is more of a fish. He isn't very outspoken and feels best in water. He may be angered by someone that tries to steal his stuff. He was born and raised in district 4. He has lived there his whole life. One of his best friends in school was Tule. He also always had a crush on Liv, but never admitted it. He won't until his dying moments either. He heard Tule's name and volunteered. Someone else did too, but Quentin punched him in the chest and walked up. User is Tehblakdeath

District Five (power):

  • Min- female, age 17. Darker skin, brown hair, brown eyes. She's quick-witted and observant, always on the prowl. Her one goal is to win and get home to her younger brother, who is the only person in the world she cares about. User is Teenie
  • Tarmo- male, age 12. Orange hair, brown eyes, freckles. Tarmo is a bit whimpy and at the same time not very bright. His strategy is to stay up in the place no one else in the Arena will go until it's all over. He cares a great deal about geolgy. He really, really wants to be adored by the Capitol. User is Redrocker

District Six (transportation):

  • Brunel- female, age 15. Blonde hair, brown eyes, strong jawline. Brunel is determined to survive if for no other reason than to leave some impact on the world. She feels her whole life has been worth nothing and wants to make it up to herself.
  • Apollo- male, age 13. Blonde hair, brown eyes. Apollo has never lived a life of luxury, but wants to experience joy in life. He wants to be a hero... or else look like one. It is for this reason only that Volunteered to replace his best friend... not for anything actually noble. User is Tehblakdeath

District Seven (lumber):

  • Lindell- female, age 16. Brown hair, brown eyes. Lindell is skilled with her hands and very detail-oriented. She is an observer, one genuinely interested in the psychology of actions. In the games she'll probably sit from a safe location and wait to understand her competitors before attacking or joining an alliance. User is Whatevevs
  • Jack- male, age 18. Blond-brown hair, brown eyes. Being trained to be a lumberjack by his father, Jack is very strong and skilled with axes. He's very charismatic as well, and that's probably going to be his strategy in the Games. User is FraserKeepup

District Eight (textiles):

  • Lacey- female, age 14. Wavy blond hair, blue eyes. Lacey is the kind of person who retains an irrepressable optimism no matter what trials she faces... and she has had her fair share of trials. As the eldest of five children, she was left to fend for herself and her family after her mother died in a factory incident and her father deserted the family. User is Littlelodie
  • Flax- male, age 16. Auburn hair, blue eyes. Because his family is short on funds, Flax took on a job as a factory worker. The fumes and strain of such work have weakened him considerably, but he is still one of the stronger tributes. His odds of winning will probably be around 3-1. User is Undersee

District Nine (grain):

  • Terra- female, age 16. Brown hair, brown eyes. She is a natural leader and a protective figure for everyone in her life. However, she is very introverted and rarely speaks. The words she does let loose have enourmous impact and she uses them sparingly. User is Teenie
  • Ceres- male, age 15. Blonde-brown hair, brown eyes. He is a hard worker and strong, but unfortunately not very clever. Given his compassionate nature, he is bound to be horrified by the events in the Arena. User is Undersee

District Ten (cattle):

  • Merona- female, age 13. Brown hair, brown eyes. She doesn't have a father anymore-- he passed on in a tragic epidemic. His family didn't see him in his final days before death because he was in quarantine. Merona feels that she had to win the games to support her family so that the memory and honor of her father can live on. Once she found out her brother Angus would be in the Games too, she hasn't talked to him since. This is because she can't bear the hurt of knowing one or both of them will die. User is Whatevevs
  • Angus- male, age 16. Brown hair, brown-black eyes. Angus is Merona's brother, and it's his goal in the games to die protecting her. Sure, it'd be better for them both to live... somehow. But he doesn't see how that's possible. User is Undersee

District Eleven (agriculture)

  • Willow- female, age 13. Of African-American descent. She is the oldest of four children and her parents aren't often around. As such, she's been forced to grow up fast. Her main strengths in the Games will be agility and grace. User is YoMika
  • Tillman- male, age 15. Of African-American descent. He's had his fair share of trouble in life, and then some. He's on his own now, and has been for the past four years. He didn't want to tell anyone, and so he's spent the years alone trying to fool the rest of the world into thinking his family is still alive. The way he figures, it doesn't matter if he lives or dies in the Arena...he just wants something to live or die for. User is Redrocker

District Twelve (coal):

  • Nelly- female, age 17. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes. She sees life as something full of possibilities, beautiful things, that are never brought into actuality. If she must die a martyr, she will. But she knows it will scar her soul forever if she must make a kill. User is Whatevevs
  • Hilt- male, age 15. He has dark brown hair and gray eyes. Calloused and grim from the rough life he's had, Hilt will do anything to preserve his chances to make life better for those he loves. It's because of this that he wants to fight in the Arena, and he'll trust no one until they've proven themselves. He's likely to find himself in the position of a leader. User is Tehblakdeath

District Thirteen (graphite, nuclear):

District Fourteen (mutts):

  • Illiad Cross. Female, age 15. Chocolate hair, very pale skin, brown eyes, and exceedingly petite frame. Has high accuracy with ranged weapons and prefers to use poison darts, daggers, and shurikens. She will ally with no one. Illiad is blessed with high endurance, the ability to withstand great pain, a very light frame, exceedingly good climbing ability. However, she does not deal well in crowds, lies constantly and about everything, cannot form solid relationships. In addition she is very introverted and anti social, has great physical strength when provoked. Both of her parents are alive and well, she was an only child and had a reasonable up bringing. She was bullied at school for her introverted nature. She was arrested on her twelfth birthday because she broke a boy's arm when he hit her. She has remained thin because she tends to go without food because her one true friend died of food poisoning. User is OmNomNomAttack

  • Ty Deadlocks. Male, age 16. He's apparently got how "hot" he is as a weapon... but in all seriousness, he'd probably use a tomohawk. He'll befriend mutts in the arena to use as allies (so, a loner). His strengths lie in his hair (because it's "hot") and that he's fast and good at making allies. He is, however, weak for a 16 year old, so he can be confronted and killed if he doesn't yet have an ally. And he's dependent on supplies of donors and at the Cornocopia. He is silent, charming and deadly... able to strike fear into the hearts of any enemy.  He lived an average life, but his mom died in a car accident when he was 12. Since then, he has grown with the evil mind that he has today. User is Tehblakdeath

District Fifteen (glass):

  • Aalis Shatters- female, age 16. Shortly cropped blond hair, brown eyes. She's really pretty.  Weapon proficiencies include spiked chains, hooked hammers, and shurikens. She is a loner at heart, but might ally with her district partner. One of her strengths may be her looks, which are "gorgeous" and she's pretty good at fighting with a reach. She's not delicate, as her name implies. She's not good at swimming or climbing, and doesn't really want to ally with anyone but the Careers or her District partner. She is charming, witty, independent, strong. Aalis was born in District 1, but as a result of some major infraction of her parents, had to be moved out to District 15 with her grandparents. She hates it there and was actually excited to be reaped in the Games because it was something new, for a change. User is Teenie

District Sixteen (fruits):

  • Valine Honeyman. Female, age 16. She proficient with quarterstaff and sythe. She is nimble and silent, good at climbing, observant, and charismatic. On the other hand, she is not very strong, somewhat delicate, and better at hiding than fighting. Characteristically she is gentle and meek, charismatic, quick-witted, and shy.Valine was born to a widow, who soon died after she was born. She had to live with her cousins, and they treated her badly. She grew to become quiet and meek, learning to hide and run fast rather than stand her ground and fight. She was always a very observant girl, and so in the long hours she spent hiding from her abusive relatives she gleaned thousands of secrets. She became proficient in blackmailing but her gentle, compassionate spirit would never allow her to use this skill. Until now, when it's life or death. When she was called for the reapings, she had hoped that her older cousin would have taken her place-- but instead, no one even came to wish her goodbye. Her strategy is to gain the support of donors during the interviews and use her quick wit and knowledge of plants (fruits, trees, berries, etc.) to survive in the arena. She hopes that she won't have to make any kills... but in order to preserve her own life, she will if needed. She has long auburn hair that hides her face, and wide brown eyes. She has a pale face and delicate, rounded features. She isn't particularily gorgeous but not ugly either. She's the kind of person who believes in natural beauty and doesn't care about all the Capitol wear. User is Whatevevs.
  • Chris Pearrson. Male, age 12. Uses a spiked chain as a weapon. He's pretty balanced, with no real strengths or weaknesses. His District partner is pretty ticked at him for abandoning her in favor of another alliance. He is smart, charismatic, but somewhat of a braggart. Chris was a comedian in his district. He loved making people have a better day. It seemed fun. But he was reaped, and that's when his world came crashing down around him. User is Tehblakdeath.

District Seventeen (meteorology):

  • Celeste Sphera- female, age 15.  Long light blonde hair, blue eyes. Weapons include bowie knife and electrical supplies (such as wires). She'll attempt to ally with whomever looks strongest but her charisma isn't exactly... well, existent. Celeste is strong and stubborn, and often is able to calculate the outcome and possible solutions of situation very quickly and under extreme pressure. However, she isn't acrobatic or very speedy at all. And, she isn't very charismatic or persuasive. As far as personality goes she's very stubborn, cold, calculating, and independent. One of her stengths which will also be a weakness is that she's very utilitarian about using others to win the games; and that she's a bit of an introvert or a loner. Celeste learned to be cold and distant from her past, but since she's such a loner it's hard to define what traumatizing events brought her to be this way. All we know for certain is that she has amnesia over her past; and if she's faking that amnesia she sure won't be telling. It's possible that her awful past has rendered her unable to cope by any other means. User is SilverEchoes
  • Michaelangelo Starrs- male, age 18. Blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Weapons he'll be able to use well are swords, bastard swords, and machetes. He's strong and charismatic- but bad at swimming and climbing, and he isn't very speedy or nimble. In the Games his core personality will show through- charismatic, and with a tough leader mentality. He'll have no allies at the start but if any other loners come to him he'll accept them if they seem trustworthy enough... and he might help out Celeste if she's lucky. Michaelangelo "Michael" was the son of a wealthy meterologist who was one day poisoned, a poison from which he died. Soon after his mother disappeared for no discernable reason. User is FraserKeepup

District Eighteen (military training):

  • Ricochet Minnume- female, age 15. She has long wavy brown hair and striking blue eyes. Her weapons proficiencies include sword, ball and chain, and military grade bow and arrows. She'll ally with her district partner and the Careers. If she can't do both, just the Careers. Ricochet has very good aim, and is also pretty good on her feet ("acrobatic" and speedy); however she has the tendency to trust others too quickly, yet at the same time turn on others without any hesitation. She'll do her best to hide this tendency. She also doesn't do well in melee combat. By nature she is manipulative, quiet, and also somewhat sullen. She seeks to understand others and use that to her benfit. She'll do whatever it takes to win the Games. Ricochet (known to friends as Ricky) was the daughter of an army general and has been training for the games since forever. She's very confident and strong willed (although not exactly strong otherwise). User is Littlelodie
  • Adam Aurum- male, age 15. Adam was raised by the general of the armies. He was a commander as soon as he could train. Adam was pushed around, but when he had a gun, everyone backed off. Adam was a strengthened soldier ready for anything. Being reaped was no scare to him. Adam is persuasive and convincing which can help him getting alliances. Considering the games, he is strong and speedy. Being born in the military district allows him to easily adapt to new weapons, despite preferring the Bowie knife. Adam wants to be a hero and get all the attention he can, making him cocky. He can be quiet which can make allies trust him less. Adam also will be pissed if there isn't a bowie knife somewhere in the pile. Like his district, Adam is cocky, quiet and disciplined. However, thinking made him persuasive and charming. He will ally with whomever tries to recruit him. If no one does, by day 3 of training he will attempt to ally with the Careers. User is Tehblakdeath

District Nineteen (insanity):

  • Pinkamena Pie- female, age 14. Her weapons include torture, Sickle, Knife, and Trust. Pinkamena has long, straight and dull pink hair. She has a bored, depressed look on her face and looks as if she longed to get revenge for something. She has light blue eyes and a slightly thin face. She is 5'10 and has a normal body, not fat but not skinny either. Pinkamena is very depressed and does not like touching the topic of friendship. She can tend to use disturbing humor and she is a fan of puns. However, on the inside she longs to "play" with her friends, cut them open and "see their colors run", basically a saditic, insane and bloodthirsty monster. However, she can always easily convince people into becoming her friends, being the first part of her trap. She likes torture and and gains random sorts of pleasure from doing so, even to the point of joy. She is very rude to people she sees as annoying too. She was the niece of a baker couple in her district, and so Pinkamena was left with them whilst her parents tried to sort things out back home. Pinkamena had a bright childhood ahead of her, making friends here and there and always throwing a party to keep them close and happy. But, one day, her friends suddenly rejected her. She was alone, sitting like a fool in her room until she lost it. She argued with her "real friends" (a bucket of turnips, a pile of rocks, a bag of flour, and a ball of lint) until she decided that her old friends had to pay for the personal humilation and social betrayal.  She knows how to make quiet kills, going almost unnoticed when performing them. She gains trust easily and is very convincing, and she knows how to keep a snitch quiet. She's good at masking her emotions as well. Pinkamena is helplessly torn, and she won't believe in an alliance easily. She takes a long time to torture her victims if they're alone or isolated, and she can't help but be a complete traitor. She also has a very picky choice of weapons. She fears being lied to or made a fool out of. Pinkamena will just start the games with a knife, quickly escaping once she grabs one and following a loner similar to Jeff's style of stalking tributes. Then, she will convince them for an alliance, where she will then backstab them and torture them. If her "ally" has food, she will eat it. If not, she's seen cannibalism, so she won't have a problem doing it either. As long as she gets enough meat before the carrier arrives. Her game strategy is to lure and bait loners, later trying to avoid the larger alliances until they deplete enough for her to kill one by one again. She won't go to the feast until every single tribute has taken their turn, then she'll decide on whether or not she'll go. Her token is the tooth necklace made from her dead friends, she'll add more teeth to the collection if needed. She'll go alone, without an alliance, but create alliances with her targets so she can kill them later. Her interview strategy is to smile a lot, and creep out the interviewer in a way that the audience would still enjoy. Ask him some questions about friendship to add a more personal tone to the interview. (If the woman wasn't a completely bloodhtirsty psycho, then MAYBE she would have gotten some metor advice). User is Mistfire333, and I would just like to note that this character creeps me out.
  •  Kodai Hitogoroshi. Male, age 17. Weapon's he'll use include daggers, his teeth, poison, and strangling. He is 5'9, has white hair about neck length that is black/gray eat the ends. Hair is spiked in a punk-like style and he has spiked teeth from him manipulating his tooth growth to look and work like a crocodile's. His eyes look a bit deranged as well. Kodai is immature in a way, comparable to the lyrics of a "System Of A Down" song. In fact, that's his favorite band. He often breaks out in song, singing very subliminal but entertaining war songs in his amusing voice (again, similar to System Of A Down's lead singer). Kodai has an odd pineapple addiction, and he can also be protective of his allies almost like a guard dog. He is also childish at times, warming up to some tributes so much he might fall asleep hugging them from trust. You can love him or hate him, but you can't underestimate his bloodthirsty and capricious side either. Just one wrong move, and he'll be staring right into your eyes before your heart stops. A true psycho, Kodai lost it once his name was called. He had a major tantrum at the reaping in which he bent the base of the iron watchtowers that the peacekeepers stood on. Before this he wasn't all that sane anyway, wearing a mold for teeth every day since he was 7 to adapt sharper and longer teeth. He knows about poisonous plants and animals and he also knows how to treat the infections with just about anything. He is probably the fastest male tribute in the games and knows where to hit due to him having experience in hunting, killing fish and other animals. He's insane; bloodthirsty insane. Yet he can still keep enough sanity to make some darn good attack plans. He talks a bit too much, and breaks out laughing sometimes. A real psycho, he revolves his spoken words around killing and such. The occasional war song is made up by him now and then. His youth revolved around hunting and mischief on the peacekeepers, often stealing items from their camps and sabotaging their weapons. His parents were very formal people, contradictory to Kodai's type of life. Many people believe that Kodai is mentally disabled, others think it's an ancestor's genes catching up to him. His life as a hunter involved using his teeth to catch the fish like a bear and he would then break the fish's spine by using his bare hands. He later on tried moving on to big game hunting when he gained a temporary vacation pass to the wild, where he learned pressure points on animals like deer, bears, elk and wolves. A curious little detail about Kodai is that he can predict some things. When he went to his first reapings he was being very vulgar about the tributes who were reaped. He had cussed them out and told them that they had no chance, they'd die at the bloodbath and he would say how. Sure enough when the games began the two tributes from 4 died the way he had said so. He laughed as the peacekeepers guarding the house stared at him, and he did it again two reapings later. He said that the 4 male wold make it to the final two, but die from breathing in a toxic gas he released from a tank. This guess was right once more and since then he had never made another guess on the future. Maybe he'll be lucky in the games this time, but maybe the fact that he panicked at the reaping came to show that he foresaw a horrible fate. Kodai was often bullied, but this created an aggressiveness inside him. But now that he's in the games, he wants to make sure that he has power over the tributes once they're dead. He is fast; bloody fast. He knows all the weak spots on the human body and on other animals, and has his teeth as a weapon in case the cornucopia isn't an option. The mind of a killer gives him the advantage in plotting attacks, and he can also cure poison from animals and plants. He can't stay quiet and might blow his own cover, he isn't very good at dodging ranged weapons either. His insanity puts himself in danger as well. Kodai will show his worth and gain a high status in the alliance to avoid being bossed around. He'll be kind to his allies however and do his very best until he can't do it anymore, which opens up more skill in his abilities, In Indivitual Training Kodai will try to be as focused as he can as he grabs a dagger and impales several dummies right in the hearts, thyroid and/or temple. Once he finishes, he will jump onto the next dummies, strangling one's neck until it's been reduced to a pile of mush and tearing at the other one with his teeth. He'll then make a poisonous splash liquid to throw on a dummy and decay it's skin if there is time. His interview angle is to be friendly, funny and aggressive. District 4 is known for it's quirky, strong and successful tributes and if he manages to prove this to the Capitol there will be an inevitable success waiting for him in the future. However, he won't hesitate to talk about pineapples. At the bloodbath he'll try to scare some people away by showing his teeth or flashing a weapon, making sure not to get too close to anyone. He'll then meet with his alliance, hiding in the group as they escape and  finding shelter for them later on once the coast is clear. In a way he would put his Game strategy as: "Kill, make friends, hide, eat, sleep and repeat the next day." He will try to avoid the tributes but if confronted by them in a hostile situation, he will fight them. If not however, he will strike when the tributes are weak. He might also butt in on other fights or fights that have ended, killing the victor. However, when working with the alliance, he'll be the mascot of sorts and make sure every member is healthy enough to fight. If anyone isn't in the right conditions to do so, he'll stay at camp and protect them at all costs. But, this doesn't mean he's a pushover. He's doing this to gain trust and to be able to escape the alliance once it splits up without trouble and a head start from their hesitation. His feast strategy is just to hide somewhere until everyone grabs whats theirs, and if somebody takes his that makes it even better since he can just follow them away from the feast and kill him. Final Battle Strategy: Kodai will wait for the right moment to strike, it being an overhead attack or sneaking up. If Kodai must, he will definitely break a lot of rules just to win and make sure the capitol doesn't touch him and to make sure he can come home to his happy, unharmed and ironically peaceful life. Kodai fears anything and anyone stronger than him, driving himself to push himself to stupid limits in order to overcome them. He also hates maggots and other small, wriggling creatures. His token is a necklacenecklace decorated with pineapple leaves. Mentor Advice: Kill or be killed, but then again I suppose you already know that Kodai. If you die, make it a fun death. (His mentor lost it after the games. Just saying) User is Mistfire333. Gah, Mistfire333, your tributes scare me o.o

District Twenty (medical):

  • Mila Krunes- female, age 17. Cropped raven black hair, violet eyes with golden flecks, and pale skin. Weapons of proficiency include syringe, poisons, and darts. Her alliances will lie with district partner and whomever else wants her in their alliance. She doesn't like the Careers at all though. She is loyal to the death. Her strengths are silent movement, dexterous, charismatic- but she's not very strong or smart. Mila is charismatic and outspoken, but silent when she needs to be. She doesn't like the Capitol at all, and loathes the tributes. She was trained from a young age as a nurse, and though she's good at it she doesn't like it at all. She wants to win the Games to show everyone that there's more than the Careers who have guts... because no one ever believed her when she said she'd win. User is Whatevevs.


I didn't want to have to come up with alliance names, so I'm just numbering them (except for the Careers). If you want your alliance to have a specific name, please comment it and we'll discuss it!

Careers: Olivine (SilverEchoes), Curio (Tehblakdeath), Jade (SilverEchoes), Majoris (FraserKeepup), Liv (Littlelodie), Flax (Undersee)

Anti-Careers: Grey (YoMika), Chuck Tarcus (Chuckens ), Nelly (Whatevevs), Hilt (Tehblahdeath), Mila Krunes (Whatevevs), Chris (Tehblakdeath), District 20 M

Troublemakers: Adam Aurum (Tehblakdeath), Valine Honeyman (Whatevevs), Celeste Sphera (SilverEchoes), Ricochet Minnume (Littlelodie), Quentin Mudkipmarshtompert (Tehblakdeath)

Alliance 3: Ty Deadlocks (Tehblakdeath), Kodai Hitogoroshi (Mistfire333)

Loners: Michaelangelo Starrs (FraserKeepup), Jack (FraserKeepup), Lacey (Littlelodie), Min (Teenie), Terra (Teenie), Aalis Shatters (Teenie), Willow (YoMika), Pinkamena Pie (Mistfire333), Angus (Undersee), Ceres (Undersee), Apollo (Tehblakdeath), Lindell (Whatevevs), Merona (Whatevevs), Tarmo (Redrocker), Tillman (Redrocker), Cole (Redrocker), Illiad Cross (OmNomNomAttack )


Ty Deadlocks (Tehblakdeath) and Angus (Undersee) are truced; Angus (Undersee) and Merona (Whatevevs) are truced.

Alliance 3 and the Anti-Careers are truced

Training Scores and Odds

Hyperlinks are to the users. Unhyperlinked characters (or blank spots) are still up for grabs. Reservations last one day.

Name Sponsor Money left Odds Training Score
Olivine Jewelly $50 10:1 9
Curio Klipper $25 17:1 6
Jade Deatu $50 9
Marjoris Mason $50 8
Grey $25 5
Chuck Tarcus $50 8
Liv $25 7
Quentin Mudkipmarshtompert $25 7
Min $20 5
Tarmo $10 2
Brunel $25 7
Apollo $25 7
Lindell $20 6
Jack $50 9
Lacey $20 6
Flax $70 3:1 10
Terra $20 6
Ceres $50 8
Merona $20 5
Angus $25 7
Willow $10 3
Tillman $50 9
Nelly $20 6
Hilt $50 8
Illiad Cross
Ty Deadlocks $25 7
Aalis Shatters $25 7
District 15 Male
Valine Honeyman $20 5
Chris Pearrson $25 7
Celeste Sphera $50 9
Michaelangelo Starrs $50 9
Ricochet Minnume $50 8
Adam Aurum $70 4:1 10
Pinkamena Pie $25 7
Kodai Hitogoroshi $50 9
Mila Krunes $20 6
District 20 Male


Tributes will not recieve items until after the bloodbath. You can message me/comment on this blog what you want to be gifted, but you may or may not recieve it. I'll play the part of a sponser in the Games as well, and help out as I see fit. You can be awarded Sponser money during Interviews, after training scores are posted or during the Games for a special reason.  I copied a lot of this (again) from Gummygugugaga, whose Ice Games you should check out because they're absolutely brilliant. 


  • Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows or Spears                    70$
  • Sword, Machete, Sickle, Scythe                                      65$
  • Liquid Poison (25ml)                                                      25$
  • Baton                                                                             45$
  • Blowgun with 4 darts                                             70$ (GREAT DEAL)

Food and Water

  • Pack of fruit                                  20$
  • Pack of Meat (20g)                        30$
  • Loaf of bread                                 30$
  • Water (250ml)                               30$
  • Water (1L)                                     70$
  • Crate of Assorted food and water    80$ (GREAT DEAL)


  • Sleeping Bag                               45$
  • Rope  (1 metre long)                     30$
  • Pots,Pans,Eating Utensiles           10$

Medicine and Pain Killers

  • Water purifier 2 doses (makes the unclean water drinkable)  50$
  • Burn cream                        30$
  • First aid kit                          25$

Anything that is not on the list can be nogotiated in the comment section


The Arena is basically an abandoned amusement park with a group of 50 rollercoasters acting as a maze. Three of these, in the line of the ride, have hidden food and supplies. There is a waiting pavillion that works as the Cornocopia. Surrounding the rollercoaster area therre is a grassland. The climate is hot and muggy. 

At the Cornocopia

Map, operator manual, soft drink and food bar, backpack(s), matches, knifes, swords, balls on chains, bow and arrows, and other assorted weapons.

The Games

Day One- Adam's POV

I'm studying the Arena closely, trying to make sense of the tangle of wood and metal. At last I spot it- the gleaming metal top of the Cornicopia. I feel eyes boring into the back of my head and whip around, only to see Ricochet (my district partner) give me a demure smile. GONG! We're off. I'm vaguely aware of the other tributes as we all race to the Cornicopia. All I feel is the pulsating of my own blood and the pounding of the ground beneath my feet. I close my eyes, breathe steady. I know I'm going to win. My eyes snap open, and I rapidly calculate my surroundings. There's Valine- a member of my alliance; right. Honestly, she annoys me immensely. 

I weave my way through the rotting wood and warped iron of the abandoned coasters to the Cornicopia. To my annoyance, some of the others are already there. I walk forward, conserving my energy and scanning for what I'll need to take. All around me I see chaos. BOOM!! Brunel collapses into a pool of red, Marjoris looming over her. BOOM!! Olivine spears through the boy from Twenty. I never did learn his name. And all around me, there are cries of horror and agony. BOOM!! Min and Terra with their skulls crushed together by Flax. Terra collapses to the ground, spasming. Not dead yet. I work my way through the crowd, steering clear of the duos gone off to the death. BOOM!! Terra's given up her fight.

Finally, I'm near the stash of weapons. Sorting through the hoarde becomes a tedious task, and yet I know that every second spent rummaging means another second my back is turned. Vulnerable. Celeste stalks up behind me, I barely heard her. In an instant she finds what I've been searching for all this while- a bowie knife. Instinctively, both of our hands close around it. A fight ensures.

I don't care if she's an ally or not. I'm in this Game for myself. I jam the knife into the exposed underside of her wrist, and a gasp of agony escapes her lips. In an instant a fierce determination envelops her, and she twists my arm with a jerk. I try to fight it but end up kneeling on the ground. She forcefully kicks me all over, jamming her foot into my ribs and into my temple. Blood trickles from my ears and my sides burn like hellfire. I am on the ground, staring up at her. She doesn't look malicious or bloodthirsty-- the look on her face is absolute calm. Perhaps that should scare me a little more. She could kill me now, but she hesitates. Just enough time for me to leap to my feet in retaliation. I'm not going to let her win that easily.

It's chaos. I hear another BOOM!! that rattles the ground. My eyes catch Marjoris's as he twists the neck of another tribute- Grey. BOOM!! She's fallen next to the boy from District 15. 

Celeste burrows the knife into my thigh, and I punch her in the jaw so hard she stumbles backwards. I try to kick her ower, but she latches onto my foot and spins me aside. I'm taking in my surroundings too- anyone could come along right now and finish either of us off while we're zoned in. To my surprise, most everyone who isn't dead is gone. And so I'm in a flurry, Celeste and I wrecking all the damage on each other we can. She has a severe disadvantage- the knife still in her hands. But I'm still alive-- that's something, isn't it? She's about to deliver a well-aimed blow to my jaw but I twist her arm around and flip her over my shoulder. Hear the distinctive crack of a breaking bone. She's struggling to stand, and it's evident from the way she holds her shoulder that I've done something. With my boot I pin her to the ground. Wrench the knife from her hands.

But, she's been a formidable foe. Ally too, I guess. And so I say, "Any last words?" She seems to ponder this for a moment, and then her chystal blue eyes give a bright flash. She replies, "I don't need those, yet." And then she pushes me aside, ignoring the shooting pains in her shoulder. Gets her hold back on the knife. And just when I'm expecting her to do something brutal, she becomes the first person to ever surprise me. Her lips press against mine, giving me enough startle time for her to kick me in the stomach and knock me to the ground. She rams the knife hard into my shoulder socket, sending spasms of pain rippling through my body. She could kill me now. But instead, she backs off. Turns to walk away.

She glances back and me over her shoulder. "I'll keep you alive, for now. See ya later sweetheart." My eyelids become heavy and they drooping shut. I'm trying to fight the never ending urge to drift off into sleep. BOOM!!

Cole's POV

I'm watching through the Cornicopia. I burry myself here, where I'll have all the supplies I want and no one will find me. My only concern is Lemonine. I see her on the ground, but I can't help her. Her muscles are twitching, and her eyes seem tortured. Several feet away is Adam, whose eyes have rolled into the back of his head-- but his breathing is steady, and his wounds only mildly lethal-looking. I scan the area desperately. Who was that canon for?

And then I realize she's not breathing. 

I desperately claw my way out of my hiding place, exposing myself. I don't care. Her hand limp and all the vitality has been drained out of her face. Why didn't I help her when Jade attacked her? Why? I cradle my head in my hands and begin to sob. Not caring who sees.

Quentin's POV

Seven of us, gone. Thirty-two left. The thought sends a sudder through me but I try to mask it. If I'm going to try to lead this group, I have to be strong. Or at least appear to be.

Celeste is the second to last to come to our alliance's gathering spot- by the dreary looking wooden coaster. Blood is streaked down her face and she grasps at her right shoulder, limping. We're still waiting for someone, and so I say, "Where's Adam?". She looks up with tear dancing in her eyes and bites her lip. "He... didn't make it. But he's alive, I think." Ricochet's eyes widen, and she leaps towards Celeste- making a motion as if to grab her by the shoulders but then thinks the better of it.

"Did you tell him where we are?" Ricochet shouts, leaving Celeste with a muddled perplexed look. She presses the bottom of her left palm to her temple.

"I think so... it was all a little chaotic though..." She tries to walk forward but crashes to the ground. Valine and I help her up, but Ricochet stands back with her arms folded and eyes grimly cold. 

Liv's POV

I was a little flustered when Marjoris stated, "First rule of thumb- take out the variables. The "Anti-Careers", or so they call themselves, are pretty predictable. The real troublemakers will be that group of five." The one with Quentin.

I know he wasn't exactly chivalrous to abandon us in favor of another alliance, but I still fill a bit queasy at the thought of putting a trident trough him. I can't show that, though- they'd boot me at the slightest hint of dissention. And so I smirk, "great idea." Olivine's hand sweeps over the crude map he's drawn on the back of a napkin, her sleeve catching up some of what's left of his drawing medium of choice- ketchup. She points to where we are now, the sheltered food court behind the Ferris Wheel, and then brings her hand in a sweeping motion to where we suspect the "troublemakers" to be. I barely hear her talking, even though I see her lips moving. It all seems so far away.

Jade snaps her fingers in front of my face. I blink, and resurface. "Hellooo?" She says, her voice oozing with malicious intent.

"Yes, what?" I reply, blinking hurriedly. Jade rolls her eyes and sighs. Curio yawns, but he seems a bit on edge. His eyes flicker back and forth rapidly.

"We asked if you were on board with our plan."

"Err... yes. Yes."

Jade sighs and turns to look at the others. "She wasn't listening." Flax gives me a scornful look and I bite back a retort. Stare at the ground beneath my feet. Olivine explains it all again, her voice a bit strained-- more and more as Marjoris keeps interjecting at strategically tense moments. The plan is to wait until it's dusk and then storm the area we think they are- by the crumbling wooden coaster. I am to be the scout and, if needed, distraction. If they're awake, I'll have to pretend to want to join their alliance. 

It's the risciest position, and I can judge by the look on Olivine's face that they chose me for a particular reason. I flash a smirk at her and give her the dirtiest look I can manage.

Ricochet's POV

She's lying.

What, can't they tell? She fidgets uncomfortably whenever they ask her what happened in the Bloodbath. I suppose that's normal, but I can tell there's something off. After my attempt to pry at her ends with a bout of crocodile tears, I decide to call it a night. They'll figure her out soon enough. But I can tell she's not lying about everything- if Adam's dead, she really does seem remorseful. Little hind Celeste- I don't care. You can have all the guilt and regret you want but that isn't going to stop me from tearing you apart if my District Partner's dead.

I lay on the damp ground, practically choking on the thick air, and wait for the Gamemakers to show us the death tally. I mostly don't recognize the faces that flash by, and I think that helps. There's seven of them dead. I roll over on my side and stare ahead into the sidewalks overrun with litter and weeds, a qeausy feeling settling in my stomach.

After a while Quentin settles beside me, a grim look masking his face. He'd be quite handsome if he didn't scowl so much. After minutes that take years as the silence drags on, Quentin casually remarks, "Adam's still alive." Sure, he's not dead. But he could have been. He turns to look at me, trying to gauge my emotions. I try to make my face as undreadable as possible. Stare at the spring of grass I only just realized I was ripping to shreds.

"I guess," I reply flatly. Quentin gives me a quizzical look, and opens his mouth as if he's about to say something- then shakes his head and looks away.

"We're on nightwatch," he says, expressionless. I nod, drawing myself up into a sitting position. My shoulders feel heavy. My eyes are damp. Have I been crying? I hope not. And so I turn my head away so no one can try to read my face, or try to manipulate me... and I stare off into the darkness. 

Hilt's POV-

No amount of structure, whatsoever. It seems we haven't agreed on where to meet, what to do, who's in charge, or anything. So Mila and I are walking along by ourselves and still together, wondering at what point it would be acceptable to break the alliance and kill each other, just to get it over with. We figured we'd meet in the place no one would go- in this case, that'd be the grove of dead trees and scaggly bushes, shrouded in mist. It must be farther away than it looks, because by the time we get there the death toll for the day has already been played. I notice that Mila's district partner was on the list- I'm expecting a reaction or some gathering tears, but she just clenches her jaw and walks on. 

We're here. It'll feel good to sit down for a short time, maybe rest my eyes for a moment. But, as we draw near the grove, I realize that this would be the absolute worst place imaginable to sleep. All the plants here are crunch, stiff, and covered in thorns. The fog is so thick it might as well just be used to suffocate us to death- I wouldn't put it past the Gamemakers. And, I finally realize what's causing the fear eating away at my insides.

There are graves. Hundreds of them, all from tributes who have died in the Games. I start searching them over, looking for signs of- well, I don't know what I'm looking for exactly. I hear Mila's piercing scream and race over to her. BOOM!! Feel blood rushing away from my face in sheer terror. For there, she's got a dagger embedded i  her chest, and she's collapsed... into a grave whose headstone is marked with her name.

I burrow my face in my hands, resigning to the fact that there's nothing I can do now. I try to stay awake, to stay by her so the Gamemakers can't take her body away to use for their own dark ends. But in the end, fatigue wins and I feel my eyelids drooping.

I don't know how long I slept. But the sky is still dark when I awake and the moon an errie, rosy shade of red. My eyes focus on the shadows skirting around in front of me. There's someone there. It's so dark and so misty I can barely see them as they blend in with the shadows. They're taking the knife out from her, singing merrily as they go along. I'm about to do nothing, say nothing- she's dead, and by tring to change things I'll only get myself killed. And then, our eyes lock. Those eyes are dark and chaotic, something about them suggesting blissful insanity. I charge towards him, only too late realizing I don't have a weapon. My fist slams into his face, and he stumbles backwards, into a patch of moonlight. Where I can finally see Mila's killer. Kodai. I pick up a headstone, only too late realizing it has Nelly's name on it. In surprise I drop it to the ground where it crunches on my foot. 

Now I'm caught up with it. Scanning the other headstones. Adam. Celste. Aalis. Thier headstones, all here. And... my own. There's only enough time left to revel in the shock before a dagger pierces through my chest.

Quentin's POV-

BOOM!! There's something unnerving about hearing that cannon, knowing you could be next. Two time's its vibrations have rippled the ground tonight. A shudder passes through me, and I notice Ricochet's eyes boring into my backside.

"What?" I ask, and she shakes her head and turns aside. I would normally tease someone at this point, but I can't seem to find the right words. So I just stare off into the darkness and remain silent. And as I'm peering, I hear the snapping of twigs. Too soft to be intentional or to belong to a person who feels secure. I glance over to Valine, who is sleeping soundly, and Celeste, who is breathing a little too deeply to be genuine. A rolled up wad of paper smacks me in the face and my head whips around. No one's there.

Curiosity overtakes me, and I step aside. Ricochet stares off into space, and doesn't notice. As soon as I step into the shadows I see her. Liv. I had been worried that it was her cannon that sounded tonight. I'm about to smile, but then I see the look on her face. Conflicted. Agony. Shame. Guilt. All of those emotions radiating so plainly from her. I can't bear it.

"What's happened?", I ask. Her face scrunches up in a twisted position like I've put her at gunpoint. She was always awful at hiding emoitions, but never this awful. 

"Nothing. I mean... no, I mean nothing." Her eyes flicker around nervously, and catching my suspicious glance. She sighs. Gives an involuntary shudder. She pulls my arm and draws me in closer, her palms clammy and breath shaky. "Run. Run while you still have the chance.' And then she pushes me aside and eases her way into the dark. Unseable. 

"Wait!" I call. No response. Not even the crunch of grass I would expect from her walking away. Well, she seemed genuine about her concern. Then again, I've never been the best a reading people. But I might as well take her warning. I race back to the patch of grass where Ricochet and I took watch. There's no one there. 

"Ricochet?" I croak, choking on my own fear. "Celeste?" I step in further, eyes searching rapidly. "Valine?" I hear a small whimper come from behind me, and I whirl around to find Marjoris putting Valine in a chokehold. Blood spurts down his face, like she punched him before he was able to take hold of her. Her eyes are wide and sickly red saliva drips out from her mouth. BOOM!! Her neck is twisted to the side, and he throws her limp figure to the ground. Advances towards me like the life he just destroyed meant nothing to him-- I inch backwards, realizing that it probably didn't. 

"Ricochet?" I hiss, my voice hoarse. "Where are you?" I stumble over my own trident, falling backwards. Hands trembling slightly, I clench onto it. The only shred of hope I have left is to make sure this trident goes through him. "Celeste?" I involuntarily keep calling for them. I know they're not here.

"Your friends left you," Marjoris grinns coldly. "Left you to die. Don't worry, though. I sent the others after them". I feel queasy. This isn't my time to die... it can't be. Marjoris looms over me, his sword drawn. Eyes full of malice and a special kind of insanity.

Then there's a slight crack, the tiniest hint of sound. Marjoris, on edge, swivels around to locate the source of the noise. I think I might just indulge myself in a last bit of curiousity, so I look that way too. What follows is chaos. Celeste sprints out from behind the tree, followed in hot pursuit by Olivine and Flax. Blood is caked on her cheek and she's trying to hide a limp. In a certain amount of finese she skids down the hill between Marjoris's legs and picks herself up in time to stab him in the back. He falls to his knees to the ground, howling in pain but not quite dead. The knife is wrenched out of his back and collides with Olivine's collar bone. It's not meant to be a kill- just enough to weaken her attackers. I'm puzzled by this; Celeste would be perfectly capable of finishing them off. Flax, in an instant, turns his attention to me. I struggle to stand on my feet, my head throbbing. The trident is hard to grasp in my clammy hands. Marjoris holds Celeste back with all the strength he can muster; and this sends her into a flurry- kicking, biting, scratching and clawing like a maniac to get to Flax. Olivine is moaning in pain but has managed to dislodge the bowie knife and is aiming it at Celeste, a murderous glare in her eyes. Celeste elbows Flax so hard he falls aside, and she pulls me by the arm out of the battlezone.

"C'mon!" She yells as I stumble along. I'm about to make a nasty retort when I see the look a look of pain flash across her face. I immediately see the blood gushing from her shoulder, the knife lodged at a critical angle. Right where she was injured before. I have to say, Olivine has quite an eye for aim. "Thanks for the knife!" She calls behind herself sarcastically. I glance behind to see the three Careers pulling each other to their feet, and force myself to run faster.

"Do you think you could run a little faster? We're in a life or death situation here!"

"I'm trying!" I yelp as I nearly trip over a metal rod. She ignores my response.

"The others are waiting by tallest tree in the forest," she says, thrusting me forward. I stare back at her in surprise- not because the forest is gloomy and so misted I can barely breathe, but because of her asking me to abandon her. 

"Why aren't you coming?"

"I have to get rid of them."

"Why didn't you do that sooner?!"

Her eyes flash with anger, but a mournful look passes over her face. She looks a thousand years older, and very tired. "I- I can't. I'm sorry." And then she disappears into the blanket of fog. I shake my head and press forward. The tallest tree isn't easy to spot- they're all similar in size. And so I have no district goal, and run aimlessly. Losing my way. 

And then I see her- pool blue eyes, silking blonde hair. Liv. I'm surprised and thrilled that she isn't dead yet, even though this complicates things substantially. I run towards her, enough time to see her lips form my name when an arrow pierces through her heart. BOOM!!

Day Two- Illiad's POV- 

There were too many cannons last night. I was awakened by Quentin's piercing scream as an arrow ran through Liv's heart. From the treetops I watched it happen. 

There's nothing so torturous as hearing a cannon and knowing it could be you next. There's nothing so cruel as watching someone collapse and doing nothing about it. And there's nothing so heart-wrenching as watching someone cry over a lost district partner. So here I am, watching Quentin sob over Liv's limp body and convincing myself I will never resort to something as degrading as a hysterical fit. Ricochet comes up to him, a look of concern and guilt washing over her. How similar this is to watching the Games at home. 

Gingerly I take the amusement park map I got from the Cornicopia out of my pocket and unfold it. My mouth is parched dry, and so I look for signs of water. A soft drink stand at the Cornocopia- that's ruled out. A water ride near the Ferris wheel- the Careers were there last I saw them. I angrily crumple up the map and stuff it back into my pocket. A lot of good grabbing that map did- and it almost cost me my life. There's nothing else to do now so I watch from my lofty perch as Quentin argues with Ricochet. He could take her out, if he wasn't sobbing so desperately. She could take him out, if she wasn't so focused on consoling him. This is so much worse than watching the Games- it it real, you are there, and it is undoubtedly cruel. What if we just didn't kill each other? Refused to? The Gamemakers might blow us to smitherines, but it would make a statement like none other. It might even shift the course of history.

Just when I'm starting to get bored with the drawn out conversation between Quentin and Ricochet, which will indubitaly end with mock forgiveness, a new variable is played. I think I saw him first- Adam, dragging himself through the undergrowth, running on wht little strength he can muster. He's trying to look like he's not injured, but I'm pretty sure that's impossible. Adam is the kind of person who believes that pain is a minor obstacle in the way of victory. I remember in training, I voiced my complaints about him dropping a fifty pound weight on my foot. He laughed and told me that he was helping me prepare for bigger pains to come. I narrow my eyes piquedly. 

The effect of him intruding on the two of them, in that instant, is more than I could have imagined. Quentin's eyes widen but he turns to look at Liv and says nothing; but Ricochet flies at him but pulls away once she sees the pain he's in. He tries to draw himself up, to make it seem like it's just a scratch- but she knows otherwise. It sends Quentin into a resentful silence when she tears off the bottom of Liv's shirt to use as a bandage for his shoulder; and Ricochet doesn't seem to notice as she gingerly bandages Adam. I noticed a couple of times a normal person would have at least flinched in pain, but Adam's face might as well have been chiseled out of stone. The silent tension bears down on them, and on me. Nevermind the fog-- the tension is so taut the air is hardly breathable.

Death Tally

40. Brunel, by Marjoris Mason

39. D20 M, by Olivine Jewelly

38. Min, by Flax

37. Terra, by Flax

36. D15 M, by unknown

37. Grey, by Marjoris Mason

36. Lemonine, by Jade

35. Mila, by Kodai

34. Hilt, by Kodai

33. Valine, by Marjoris

32. Liv, by Ricochet


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