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The Hunger Games, Life in the Arena, is a new site about the 89th Hunger Games. How it works is, every week, a new story (or "episode") is released. Each episode is a new story about what it is like for two tributes (Jacob Parker and Jason Matthews) as they go through the games. There has beed a recent update to the format of this story, and it is possible that soon, the episodes will come out as videos as well.

The site also includes pictures, things like Capital warning signs, or arena photos, that are posted along with the stories.

To get a better idea of what I'm talking about, you can see for yourself at, or read the following article from the about page of the site:

The Hunger Games, Life in the Arena. Based on the books by Suzanne Collins. Panem was a nation risen from the ashes. When the world's first stable democracy destroyed itself in nuclear war, ambitious leaders took their chance, leading the frightened people through the war, and in return, the people gave them the power to build what is now Panem. This new nation was composed of thirteen districts, and the Capital. For years the people of the Capital tortured and mistreated it's citizens until the people began to rebel. Lead by district thirteen, a massive army was assembled to destroy the Capital. But before the army could reach even the outer-most walls of the city, the Capital destroyed the entirety of district thirteen using nuclear weaponry. But even this feat was not a satisfying enough punishment to the Capital, they needed one last thing to show that they were not to be tampered with. And so they devised the Hunger Games. The game rules were simple; each year, both a boy and a girl were chosen from each district to compete in a fight to the death on live TV. The last one standing wins, and is crowned victor of his/her Hunger Games.

And now here we are, the 89th annual Hunger Games is about to begin, and the Capitol wants to make it the best one yet.

NOTE: For now this story will come out in the form of written episodes, but we are in progress of making video episodes as well. This means that you will have the option of actually watching this story unfold, kind of like a bunch of mini movies, or a TV series.

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