Hi!This is my first Hunger Games and I'm very excited to get started.Please submit a tribute and do NOT use any tributes from the books ex:Rue or Clove.Here is the format of how the sign-up form should be:



Back-up District:










Thanks!I hope these Games will be a success!Happy Hunger Games!And may the odds be ever in your favor!!

District 1 Female:Aria Camelliston

District 1 Male:Caleb Stoll

District 2 Female:Thalia Combe

District 2 Male:Nathan Robertson

District 3 Female:Callie Bradshaw

District 3 Male:Dexter Volts

District 4 Female:Ryker Zayn

District 4 Male:Traffton Porter

District 5 Female:Amanda Robe

District 5 Male:Russel Murphy

District 6 Female:Chloe Lilacton

District 6 Male:Xavier Pucket

District 7 Female:Maybelle Pirrine

District 7 Male:Atlas Dunnin

District 8 Female:Olympia Willings

District 8 Male:Channing Lo

District 9 Female:Anna Maybelle Smith

District 9 Male:Maroon Cutter

District 10 Female:Feline Ster

District 10 Male:Luke Ryder

District 11 Female:Summer Fest

District 11 Male:October Fest

District 12 Female:Lola Huntley

District 12 Male:Damien Justine


District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

Trafton Porter

I wake up on the best day of my life.The day I will volunteer for the reaping.I jump out of my bed,with the unfamiliar smell of saltwater.I dress for the reaping and run outside."Kilo!I'm gonna be in the 34th Hunger Games!"I scream to my deceased brother.Somebody gets out and starts yelling "Will ya shutap!I'm tryin to sleep here-a!".I yell back "You won't get how happy I am!".I hear a gunshot.Is he trying to shoot me?I sprint,tears of joy and fear in my eyes.The reaping is in 10 minutes,so i decide to wake up my friend Joy Rosefeather."Joy,wake up!It's a joyful day!"She gets up groggily and looks at me.She screams,slaps me,pushes me to the door,and slams it in my face.I forgot she hates me.Paranoia!Gotta love it!I run to the reaping and get in line with the other kids my age."Welcome fellas!".Unlike the other districts,our escort is a man."I will-a reap the first one.Taylor Bransfield!".I see a 13 year old boy walk to the stage.I volunteer for him and hope for the best as the Peacekeepers lead me to the tribute train.

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

October Fest

In the morning a sense of doom hangs over me like a cloud. I do my regualr morning chores for breakfast along with Summer before getting dressed up for the reaping. We head down the dirt road from our hosue when Summer says,"October, do you think I'll be reaped?". I look at her and I want to say no but, I know that would be a horrible lie,"Maybe...". She frowns but deosn't say anything more. I head into the 18 year old section ang gulp. The stupid escort goes on and on untill she reaches into the girls bowl. "Summer Fest!" She announces. No, no. Not my sister. Not her. I see her now, slowly tridging to the stage, trying to keep back the flow of tears. She reaches for the boys slips and reads,"Stan Grain." I clench my fists a yel,"I volunteer!" I run up to the stage and embrace Summer. I look around my District one last time. Because I won't be coming home, Summer will.

District 12

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