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  • I live in B.C, Canada
  • I was born on May 2
  • My occupation is Riding horses
  • I am Female
  • Horsefinatic

    Hi!  I'm Horsefinatic, aka Amber.  These are my second Games, as before I tried getting people but it flopped out.  Then I left for a year xD

    So anyway, on with the interesting crap

    • There might be a little cussing, so don't freak out and all that.
    • Reservations last 2 days.
    • 3 tributes maximum for each user.
    • You must include: Name, Age, Backstory, Appearance and their personality.  Their profiles MUST be descriptive, especially their personality.  Their personality will be crucial for their survival.  Sucky tribute = sucky time in Games.  The end.
    • An example of what I don't want as a description: Bob Don '12 years old,'  Is good with a knife and hates wild dogs 


    • If you want your trib to ally with another one, arrange it wit…

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  • Horsefinatic

    I iz back

    January 27, 2014 by Horsefinatic

    HI :D

    after about a year, horsefinatic has returned to the Hunger Games wiki.

    Be grateful, ya'll xD

    Also I'm going to try and make another Hunger Games :D:D:D

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  • Horsefinatic

    The Hogwarts Games

    April 20, 2013 by Horsefinatic

    Okay so, I've had an idea for a new Games.  I'll ecplain it to the people who have not read the Harry Potter series.  Harry Potter is about magic and school of magic called Hogwarts.  Wizards and witches have wands whicch 'choose' them, which means the wand that chooses them will work best for them.

    If you need more information on the series, go here:

    Search up anything you need to know about there.

    If another Game of another user has the same structure or name as this Game, this is purely coincidential.

    • There might be a little cussing, so don't freak out and all that.
    • Reservations last 2 days.
    • 3 tributes maximum for each user.
    • If you feel your tribute's death is too gory or innapropriate, feel free to …

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  • Horsefinatic

    Welcome to my 2nd Hunger Games!  Before the introduction, I'd like to thank a few people.

    First of all, I would like to thank all the users that participated in my 1st Hunger Games!  You guys were respectful and didn't make a single bad comment about my Games, which is absolutely great.  I hereby encourage you to join these Games.  Special congratulations to EHKnight, Saaronbob22 and Nhtomahawk22 for being the creators of Sylvia Churchill, Astrid Mai and Apollo Odair, who all became the Victors of my Games!

    Second, i would like to thank these users: Aniju Aura, ViniciusDeAssis1999 and Saaronbob22 for commenting on my blog that was made so that people could help me decide on whether to do a Games at all.  You made really encouraging comments …

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  • Horsefinatic

    So, this will be a Quell.  These Games have been mentioned in the original Hunger Games trilogy.  As the victor was never mentioned, I have decided to make a Games depicting the 25th Quarter Quell.

    As the 25th Quarter Quell was said to have a twist where the districts themselves chose their tributes, I will have users submitting 3 tributes of each gender for each district.  After all tributes have been submitted, I will have users submitting votes for each 3 gender tributes on a survey.  The chosen tributes, 24 of them as usual, will then proceed to represent their district at the Games.

    • Every user can submit 1-12 tributes, but I can only guarantee you get 6 maximum.
    • If the voting numbers on two tributes are the same by the time the voting is…

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