Welcome to my 1st Annual Hunger Games!  These will be an ordinary Hunger Games with no Quell.


  • Each user can submit 1-3 tributes.
  • The tributes should be detailed, not like:

Bob Don

       12 years old 

       Is good with a knife and hates wild dogs


  • I will go on profiles and HG roleplay wiki.
  • Reservations last 1-2 days. 
  • If you want an alliance, arrange it with the user and inform me with a comment on this blog, tell me on live chat or leave me a message on my talk page.
  • You can post advice for your tributes.


You can use this template if you need it:







Appearance (or lunaii):

Weapons (up to three):






To make things simpler, I'll make another blog for sponsering.


The arena will be divided into four sections, 1, 2, 3 and 4:

1 will be freezing cold and covered in snow and ice.  Temperatures range from 13 to -20 degrees Celsius.  The snow can be melted to use as drinking water, and holes can be made to find water under the ice, and tributes can find supplies randomly placed throughout the area, under what can be 10 inches to 2 metres of snow.  They can also hunt birds like ptarmigans and snow doves, as well as seals here for food.   Seal fat protects tributes from the cold when smeared on their face.


  • Ice wasps, which will freeze your tribute extremely painfully inside out when stung at least 10 times.  Can be cured with antidote.
  • Wolves, which attack in groups of 3-5 and rip you to pieces.

2 will be like a rainforest, with high humidity levels and temperatures that go up to 40 degrees Celsius.  Tributes can find fruit like bananas and mangosteen here.  They should be careful though, as Gamemakers have made some "arrangements" for some of them to be injected with Tracker Jacker poison.  


  • Monkeys, similar to the 75th Hunger Games ones.
  • Inferno Ants, which will instantly give you a burn as soon as they bite you.  Will burn you up if you get too many bites.  Can be cured with Antidote or ice.
  • Leeches, which can suck out all your blood out, unlike normal ones.  If you can get them off, the wound will cause infection, which can be cured with Disinfectant.

3 will be a desert with degrees ranging from 45-70 degrees Celsius.  Severe mental and physical problems can occur if the tribute is left in the heat for too long, like hallucinations, muscle seisures and insanity.  Oasises can be found here.  Tributes cannot hunt for food here, unless sand is edible, which it isn't.  Also, there is quicksand in several areas here.


  • Sand leeches, which can survive in dry areas, will suck all the water in your body out, and if you can get them off, then they would cause the same effects as the Rainforest leech.
  • Desert Gnats, which attach in groups of around a million insects, will strip you to the bone unless you're under water.

4 is an area covered in grass, ordinary grass, and has temperatures rangion from 15-30 degrees Celsius.  There are trees with fruit like apples and peaches, which have been specially made to give the consumer high levels of energy.    There are also mountains here, which tributes can cross to go into 1.  They can also hunt foxes and wild dogs here for food and water can be found in pure streams and lakes spread around the area.  Wild plants also grow here, which tributes can eat, if they know which ones are safe.


  • Carnivorous trees, which have a deep cut-like mark in the middle of the trunk, will eat tributes alive.  Tributes who can avoid them will survive.  The cut mark is the mouth.  It can catch tributes within a metre of it.
  • Giant Earthworms, which burst out of the ground knock your tributes over, and eat it alive.  The only sign that it's coming is a deep rumbling sound 10 seconds before its arrival.
  • Trout, which live in the biggest lake, will pull your tribute under as soon as they touch the water and drown them.  Afterwards, it eats the tribute.  Tributes can drink the water and be safe if another tribute was eaten within 24 hours of the safe tribute's arrival.


District Name Age Appearance Weapon

1 Male

Ultimate Gai 18 Messy black hair, white skin, blue eyes, tall, skinny, smiles a lot Swords, axes, bow and arrows
1 Female Divergent Hai 15 Blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin, tall, skinny Knives, axes
2 Male Alder Jonathan Webb 18 Short blonde hair, a small pointy beard, blue eyes, stone faced, very muscular, tall Axe, sword
2 Female Antoinette Austria 14 Her hair is tied up in a ponytail with pink highlights, white skin, tall, skinny, brown eyes Knives, axes, shurikens
3 Male Shadow Reid 15 Brown hair, green eyes, 6'1, Six pack, 68kg Deer horn knives, throwing knives
3 Female France Ghona 16 Red hair, green eyes, white skin, tall, skinny Traps, knives
4 Male Apollo Odair 18 6'4, Blonde hair, Sea green eyes, tanned skin  Trident, fish hook, anything similar to a trident
4 Female Amphitrite Rao 18 Hazel hair and eyes, white skin, tall, skinny Knives, Martial arts
5 Male Tameo Arghus 14 Brown hair, blue eyes Bow and arrow, knife
5 Female Illuminate Sensorium 15 Dark red hair with light red highlights, dark green eyes and glasses Metal whip and bullwhip
6 Male Genis Bryant 14 White hair, one blue eye and one green eye Knives, mace
6 Female Sylvia Churchill 16 Frizzy brown hair set up in a bun, Hazel eyes, pale skin, tall and thin Throwing knives, regular knives, cunning
7 Male Blaise Cooper 15 Black ruffly hair, grey cat-like eyes, long and lean, reasonably muscular Axe, stealth
7 Female Psylocke Sade 17 Black hair, grey eyes, similar to the Seam look Axes, Machete
8 Male Rust Edge 12 Light blonde hair, grey eyes Boomerang,Throwing knives
8 Female Astrid Mai 15 Black hair, light green eyes Bow and arrows
9 Male Shen Seraph 16 White spiky hair, blue hair, thin and small Sickle sword
9 Female Marie Annayis 14 Black hair, Blue eyes, light brown skin  Throwing knives, snares
10 Male Machete Season 15 Blonde-Darkish hair, blue eyes, tall, skinny, white skin Machete, knives
10 Female Presea Wilder 14 Pink hair, brown eyes, pale skin Axes
11 Male Barbanaty Pologamous 12 Brown hair down to his shoulders, Hazel eyes, tanned skin Bow and arrow, sling shot, stealth
11 Female Kaden Mai 12 Brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin, short, skinny Knives, traps, sneak attacks
12 Male Treston Shackleford 17 Short brown hair.  Strong body from working in the mines. 5'10 Green eyes Axes, Bow and arrow
12 Female Melanoi Jet 16 Dark brown hair, silver eyes, lilac lipstick Death star (a type of shuriken), normal shuriken

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be doing Reapings, Chariot rides, training and I'll be posting training scores.

Tribute Gallery

  • Ultimate Gai - D1
  • Divergent Hai - D1
  • Alder Jonathan Webb - D2
  • Antoinette Austria - D2
  • Shadow Reid - D3
  • France Ghona - D3
  • Apollo Odair - D4
  • Amphitrite Rao - D4
  • Tameo Arghus - D5
  • Illuminate Sensorium - D5
  • Genis Bryant - D6
  • Sylvia Churchill - D6
  • Blaise Cooper - D7
  • Psylocke Sade - D7
  • Rust Edge - D8
  • Astrid Mai - D8
  • Shen Seraph - D9
  • Marie Annayis - D9
  • Machete Season - D10
  • Presea Wilder - D10
  • Barbanaty Pologamous - D11
  • Kaden Mai - D11
  • Treston Shackleford - D12
  • Melanoi Jet - D12


The Games have started, but like I said, you can still submit alliances until January 15th.

Careers - D1, D2 and D4 tributes.

Big Alliance -  France Ghona (3), Psylocke Sade (7), Kaden Mai (11)

LATER - Ultimate Gai and Divergent Hai (1), Antoinette Austria (2) and Amphitrite Rao (4)

D9, D7 & D10 male alliance - Shen Seraph (9), Blaise Cooper (7) and Machete Season (10)


Ultimate Gai - District 1


I snap my eyes open and slam my fist down on alarm clock.  Ugh, so annoying.  Why did I ever accept getting that incredibly irritating thing from my family?  And why is it set so early today?  I'm about to crash back on my bed when I realize it's reaping day.  I'm instantly awake and out of my bed.  It's the day, the day I promised myself I would make my parents proud on.  I brush my teeth, put on my best button-up shirt and tie on and pull up my pants.  I rush downstairs to find my family already eating breakfast.  I pour myself a bowl of milk and cereal.  I can barely contain my exitement.

"Looking formard to today's reapings, dear?" says my mother.

"Yeah.  It's gonna be awesome." I reply.

"Well, if you say so."

A high-pitched beeping fills the square outside, and we head outside to the Justice Building.  I hear greetings of "Happy Reaping!" shouts around the square.  Our escort, a green-haired, electric blue-eyed young man greets us.  He explains to us the reason of the Hunger Games, because of the Rebellion, blah, blah, blah.  He draws out the names.

"Right, ladies first!  The female tribute will be Fifi La-"

"I VOLUNTEER!!" screeches a girl.

"Right and you are-?"

"Divergent Hai."

"Congratulations!  Right, boys now..."

This is my moment.

"I volunteer!  Ultimate Gai." I yell.

"Well, well.  TWO volunteers, such bravery!  Shake hands, and off you go!"

I shake her hand and she looks me in the eyes.  A tortured, horrified look fills her eyes, like she'd seen to many things she didn't want to see.  Like she was in the Hunger Games a million times.   Like she'd died a million times.

Antoinette Austria - District 2

I'm going to volunteer.  I have to, with the deal I made with the doctors.  They made me into this thing, me.  A robot. Programmed to kill and win the Hunger Games.  It might sound good, but it's more of a curse.  Cursed with no feelings.  No heart.  No conscience.  I can't live like this.  I have to become a human again.  I slowly walk out of the little brick and wood shelter I'd made on the street.  I tried to get a home, a family, but no one wanted me.  They batted me away like I wasn't a human, which I'm not.  I finally reach the square, and go to the blood identification booth, and give them my "medical condition" letter.  The doctor raises his eyebrows, looks at me up and down, and waves a hand sideways.  I walk into the square, where our hideous escort is already drawing the girl's ball.  I volunteer, and the escort congratulates me.  A girl from my school glares at me and starts whispering about me.  But  I don't regret my decision.  I don't belong here.  

"Alder Jonathan Webb!"

A huge 18-year old walks up to the stage, glowering at the audience, challenging them to take his place.  Even the peacekeepers seem to be terrified by him.  I shake his hand, but my body sends out an electrical pulse, which burns his hand so badly it starts to smoke.  His eyes widen, then send me a message.

I'm going to kill you.

He wasn't joking.

France Ghona - District 3

I stare at the wall of my cold, dark cell. I'm in here because my parents were fugitives, and when they died, the Capitol took the next best prize: me. I was only three years old. It's been so long since I was last free. I was let out occasionally to train for the Hunger Games, but with peacekeepers surrounding me.  It wasn't much of a difference.  Thirteen years, thirteen years, I've been in the same prison, the same cell, the same icy cold space of loneliness.  A single tear rolls down my cheek.  Dripping onto the ground. Suddenly, light fills the room and a man's gruff voice half-says, half-growls:

"Quit crying and get up on your feet. The Prison Master wants to see you."

"Why?" I ask.

"Because it's your release date, idiot."

I blink in disbelief. I'm amazed. Then, for the first time in 13 years, I Straighten up and walk with bigger strides. The Prison Master greets me and gives me a pep talk on how to deal with my life. He was like a father to me, the only good person in district 3. I say goodbye to him and he raises his arm in salute.

Five minutes later, I'm in the square. This time it's boys first, Shadow Reid. Then, the girls.

"France Ghona!"

It wasn't much of a difference.

Apollo Odair - District 4

District 4. Such a beautiful place. With gentle shaded turquoise waves lapping onto the clean, light yellow sand, cool, salty-smelling breezes and a modern wood and stone house next to a beach with a pure stream running next to it, my home was to die for. But I wanted to be in the Hunger Games, to show myself worthy of the Odair family. For generations, my family has had victors and is now one of the most famous and well-respected families of district 4. Mags Garnfold, Finnick Odair, Annie Cresta, just to name a few. Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta being my parents. I walk down the stairs, and we head outside.

"Dad, I've been thinking... Should I volunteer?" I say.

"Well, just go for it. Whatever you think is right. Remember that if you do, me and your mother will be with you all the way." He replies. " Just remember to kill someone for me, okay?"

I grin.

"Sure, dad."

We reach the reaping square. The escort's already calling out the girl's name. Amphitrite Rao. She looks strange here, it's rare to have brown hair and eyes in this district. Boys, now. A boy gets called out, and I make my decision in a slit second.


I shake the girl's hand solemnly. And the escort leads us to the Justice building. The last thing I see before I go inside is my dad's face, shining with pride.

Illuminate Sensorium - District 5

This can't be happening. Please let it not be real. Please let it not be real. I pinch myself, hard, but nothing happened. No. No.

I was heading to the library, my favorite spot of the city, as I always did. It was a gorgeous day, with a brilliant lapis lazuli sky with no clouds. Eagles circling in the sky. The library was a precious place to me, as I loved reading books. And here, I had an endless supply. I would just stay here for hours and hours until it closed. Ms Silens, the head librarian, seemed to be the only person to understand my passion for books. She would always find a fascinating book I hadn't read yet. I loved her, as a child would love their mother. I was going faster, anticipating the wonderful afternoon I was about to have.

I was just two streets away when I smelt something.  Smoke.  Somehting was burning.  I finally reached it.  A huge red building, now a roaring inferno was towering above the city, firefighters yelling and triying in vain to quench the fire consuming the building that used to be the public library.  A corpse was carried away passing by me.  I catch a glance of an ashen face, strict but kind enough.  Ms Silens... I sobbed for hours, so long that it was reaping time.

I sprinted over to the square.The library was burnt, Ms Silens was dead, nothing was left for to lose. So I volunteered. The escort leads me to the podium, where I shake hands with a boy about a year younger than me. I looked in the distance. Smoke was still rising into the sky.

Genis Bryant - District 6

I gaze out of my window, looking at the trains and automobiles passing by. Such beautifully crafted things, crafted through pain, punishment and a small sum of money. My District, District 6, was given the work of making transport for the Capitol. We weren't allowed to use them. If we were even seen in one, we would be executed faster than you could say "transport". Executions were carried out by firing squad, but sometimes, the peacekeepers used them as test subjects for newly made automobiles. Most of them died, and the rest were handicapped for life. I stepped outside onto the front porch. It was a cool morning. I walk to the square, ignoring all the people eyeballing me. I guess I should explain the eyeballing. When I was a fetus, my mother had severe leprosy, and I was about to be born in an hour. The doctors gave her a drug that would help her give birth to me, but would turn my hair completely white and turn one of my eyes green from the chlorophyll in the drug. I would be a creep, but at least I was alive. So, yeah. My mom died. I was sad, but in a few years, I was worrying more about the Hunger Games. So, ladies first. A sharp-featured girl with frizzy brown hair gets called. And the boys. "Genis Bryant!"

I stiffen, not believing what I just heard. How could it be me? My name was only in two times. But two times was all it took. I force down a scream and walk onto the stage. The girl looks at me. Her eyes are like a shattered window. They told me that she'd done something evil before, and she wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

Psylocke Sade - District 7

My hands are hurting, my back is aching, my head is throbbing, my whole body is in pain today.  But I need to keep training.  It's so, so painful.  But it's worth it.  I need it for the Hunger Games, just in case I need to be picked.  I clench my jaw and grit my teeth and continue hitting the hardy, wooden pole.  I can't give up.  I continue until my knuckles start to crack.  I can't ignore that, because IF I'm not picked, then I'll need to train tomorrow, too.  No compromise for even the Panem Channel special (AKA the Hunger Games).  I would train at home, too, but there was one problem: my parents hated it.  They would scold at me, yell at me, scream at me because of it.  So I set up a mini Training Centre just for myself in the lush green woods of District 7.  So that was basically my whole life.  A shrill beeping fills my ears, and off the 7 people go to the square.  I go to get my blood taken.  I wince as the sharp, electric sting pierces my skin.  I just HATE those injections.  Anyway, I continue to the roped areas, and settle down with the 17-year olds.  The neon-coloured escort greets us all and starts with the reaping.

"Hello, lovely people of District 7!  We'll be doing the reapings today.  Why don't we start with... the boys?  Good to have a difference for once.  So... Blaise Cooper!"

A boy steps out of the crowd.  He reminds me of a cat, with silky-looking black hair and eerie, reflective grey eyes.   

"Now, for the girls: Psee...  Psa..?  Psylocke Sade!"

Me.  At least all that training gonna pay off, but that's not what I'm thinking about.  I want to win, to prove my parents wrong.  The boy looks at me with his eyes, reflecting my terrified face in them.

Rust Edge - District 8

I tread on the smooth even paving stones of District 8's pavements.  Gazing at the Justice Building, I wonder if I'll be reaped for the Hunger Games today.  This is my first reaping, and hopefully my first safe one too.  But if I am picked, at least I've had practice.  Believe it or not, I am a four-time murderer.  Not so sweet for a 12-year old boy, I know, but they were all in me and my parent's defence.  The first time was when I was 3, when I stabbed a guy threatening my mom and dad.  Second when I accidentally pushed I girl too hard when she started shoving me.   And the last time I killed two guys with their own knives. I walk slowly past the uniform grey buildings. Then a filthy smell of mud and acrid water fills my nostrils and a look around. I see a swamp filled with mud, dirty green summy water, dragonflies and... frogs. I scream. I had a phobia of them, and I was terrified of them. Their huge orange eyes, their alien green moist skin. I run away so fast, that I'm at the reaping place in a matter of seconds. Just in time to hear my name being called out. And I'm swallowed in a mob of peacekeepers, blotting out the light, the sun.

Marie Annayis - District 9

"Bye Trea! See you tomorrow!"

Trea was my foster mother. She was so sweet and kind, it was pretty much impossible to hate her at any time at all. My real mother was a famous Capitol singer who had me when she was eighteen. So she was horrible to me and payed the Capitol to ship me off to District 9. I couldn't have been happier. It's a beautiful place with golden fields stretching out in the distance for miles. Huge orchards dominate the countryside. Just as the Capitol dominates Panem. The thought passes over me for a moment. Why should they be so cruel? Why can't we fight back? I mean, Capitol people are horrible. Just take my mother, for instance, and you might be able to see how cruel the Capitol is to us. Ugh, it's no use. I turn into another alleyway. Big buildings surround it and the place smells absolutely awful, but it has the welcome noise of the city nearby. Shops start to appear, plastered with posters of... My mother. Maleria Annayis. I'm overcome with rage and I start to tear it to pieces when I hear footsteps. I stop for a moment and the footsteps stop too.

"Hey vandalrina, watcha'doin?" A gruff, male voice growls, "Vandalizing the city, the singer Maleria?"

I turn around to see three bright white peacekeepers outfits. Whoops. Then I run for it, zooming past buildings, shops until I reach the Justice building. I smile. They won't find me in this mass of people. I relax and listen to the escort's ranting.

"Why hello there, people of District 9. Such a pleasure to see you all here, waiting to be reaped. Unfortunately, only two of you are going."

This gets a huge booing from the crowd.

"Tributes then! Marie Annayis and Shen Seraph!"

Oh no. This can't be. I can't be that unlucky. But this is the Hunger Games. I can.

Machete Season - District 10

I am going to volunteer today.  To fight, kill, win, I don't care.  I want to murder someone for my family, all of whom I saw dying in front of my eyes.  Starvation.  The worst way to die.  Slowly shrivelling up, feeling yourself empty up into a horrible darkness, while a void of hunger opens up inside of you and never closes...  I promised myself I wouldn't die that way.  To avenge my family.

I trudge through the thick and gloppy mud, my boots making soft sucking noises.  I walk past a slaughterhouse, the smell of festering meat choking me.  I see a man swiftly slitting a bull's throat.  Eyes bulging, body shaking, it slowly sinks to the ground.  The shudders all over its body stop, and I know it's dead.  Its blood still pumps out in a red stream.  I fantasize about killing a tribute that way, the Capitol crowd roaring its love for me.  I find myself grinning.  

I finally reach the 15-year old section.  The escort introduces herself and talks for a while about how she thinks we will do in the Games, which is "pathetic".   I'll show her.  

"Hey!  Escort lady!  I volunteer!"  I scream at her.

Her eyes widen in surprise.  I tell her my name and take my spot.  She then reaps a girl with bright pink pigtails who seems to be happy to be reaped.  

I wonder how I'll kill her.

Kaden Mai - District 11

"Soldier Mai, here, now."

I march over to where my troop general was waiting.  I bring my hand to my head, soldier-style, cause that's what I am, I suppose.  

"Officer." I nod at him respectfully.

"Ah, Mai.  In service for three years, only twelve, but still one of the most precious soldiers to The Bandits.  I have...  a mission for you.  Quite important.  You need to escort 700 people from your home District to our major headquaters near the town square.  Here's your mission papers."

I take them and swallow.  Officer looks at me expectantly.  I nod and he grins.  

"When do I start?" I ask.

"As soon as possible."  He winks at me, then he turns around and leaves.

I run to the closest guard and show him my papers.  He guides me to a wide tunnel and tells me to go on.  I walk down to the transport station and I settle into an automatic, battery-powered hovercar.  I zoom down the wide road.

"Okay guys!"  My voice rings out in the quiet room full of 700 people, refugees. "I am here to escort you to the local Bandits headquaters.  In groups of 50, you will board the train that arrives every 5 minutes."

Slowly, the room was emptied.  The last group was smaller, of about 25 people.  I could hear the train faintly screeching, closer and closer.  Just as it arrived, something else arrived, too.

"Freeze or I'll kill you!  Turn around my way and put your hands on your head.  You're all under arrest under the name of the Capitol."

It was a peacekeeper, flanked by two others.  I start to panic.  What about the main base?  I asked him a question.

"The main base?  Surely you didnt-"

"Sweetheart, don't worry about them.  They're all dead."  He chuckles softly.

A refugee lauches herself against him.  A bang echoes through the room and the refugee falls onto the ground, dead.     Now we know what happens if we try to attack them.  The peacekeepers identify me as the leader of the mission and escorts me to the Justice square.  

"Welcome to the Hunger Games.  You've been rewarded with it."

Treston Shackleford - District 12

I inhale the lovely, fresh scent of the farm, one of the only ones in District 12.  Rows of potatoes and barley were bursting to life, the cows were breeding perfectly, everything was perfect.  Well, except for the Hunger Games...  But there's no way I can be reaped for that.  I mean,  I've only entered in my name once.  That's basically a zero percent chance of being reaped.  

"Tres, dear, please can you slaughter a pig for lunch?" calls my mother.

"Yes mother!" I call back to her.

I'm not that squeamish with killing animals.  But I don't like to cause pain, so I just chose a pig that was old and suffering from several Tracker Jacker stings the day before yesterday.  So I drugged it, whispered goodbye and firmly slashed its neck.  I skinned and cut up the animal, taking great care to cut off the yellowish areas that had been affected by the Tracker Jacker venom.  I wrap it up in aluminium foil and bring it to the house.  My mother smiles, then starts to cook the meat, adding herbs and spices fresh from the garden on top.  It smelt delicious.  Then, distant bells sound.

"Tres, you'd better go now.  Remember, you won't be chosen.  You're only one in over twelve thousand."  says mother, smiling.

"Bye, mom.  See you later."

The mayor was standing, glaring at me.  I realize I'm late.  I flush from embarrasment.  Everyone was staring at me. It was the escort who saved me.

"Well, happy Hunger Games, District 12!  Why don't we start with the ladies?  Let's see... Melanoi Jet!" she trills.

A tall girl with mousy brown hair and liquid silver eyes steps up onto the platform.  She doesn't seem to be very scared.

"What a lovely young lady!  Well, on to the boys."

She snatches a slip from the bottom of the bowl.

"Ah... Treston Shackleford!"

I stand there in shock, falling to my knees.  Kind but cruel hands lift me up to my destiny.  I walk up the steps and grasp the girl's hand.  Her hand is cool and comforting.  Maybe the Games won't be so bad after all.

Training scores

District Name Training score Odds
1M Ultimate Gai 8 8-1
1F Divergent Hai 9 5-1
2M Alder Jonathan Webb 10 3-1
2F Antoinette Austria 9 7-1
3M Shadow Reid 7 16-1
3F France Ghona 6 18-1
4M Apollo Odair 9 7-1
4F Amphitrite Rao 11 2-1
5M Tameo Arghus 5 29-1
5F Illuminate Sensorium 7 15-1
6M Genis Bryant 5 26-1
6F Sylvia Churchill 6 23-1
7M Blaise Cooper 7 13-1
7F Psylocke Sade 6 20-1
8M Rust Edge 4 32-1
8F Astrid Mai 5 27-1
9M Shen Seraph 8 10-1
9F Marie Annayis 6 23-1
10M Machete Season 10 3-1
10F Presea Wilder 9 5-1
11M Barbanaty Pologamous 6 23-1
11F Kaden Mai 8 10-1
12M Treston Shackelford 7 14-1
12F Melanoi Jet 9 5-1

7+ = Better Odds

6- = Worse Odds

Tribute status

In this table I will put what they need.  This is also the table where I will cross out their names when they're dead.

District Name Has Needs Arena area User
1F Divergent Hai DECEASED DECEASED DECEASED .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
2M Alder Jonathan Webb


2F Antoinette Austria DECEASED DECEASED DECEASED .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
4M Apollo Odair IS THE WINNER Nhtomahawks22
5M Tameo Arghus DECEASED DECEASED DECEASED ViniciusDeAssis1999
5F Illuminate Sensorium DECEASED DECEASED DECEASED The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
6F Sylvia Churchill IS THE WINNER EHKnight
8M Rust Edge DECEASED DECEASED DECEASED The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
8F Astrid Mai IS THE  WINNER Saaronbob22
9F Marie Annayis DECEASED DECEASED DECEASED ViciniusDeAssis1999
10F Presea Wilder DECEASED DECEASED DECEASED Saaronbob22
11M Barbanaty Pologamous DECEASED DECEASED DECEASED Nhtomahawks22
11F Kaden Mai DECEASED DECEASED DECEASED .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
12M Treston Shackleford DECEASED DECEASED DECEASED Bluefire16
12F Melanoi Jet DECEASED DECEASED DECEASED The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo


District Name Name of tributes killed Number of tributes killed


A - Alive

D - Dead

1M Ultimate Gai None None D
1F Divergent Hai Ultimate Gai, Amphitrite Rao 2 D
2M Alder Jonathan Webb Shadow Reid 1 D
2F Antoinette Austria Blaise Cooper 1 D
3M Shadow Reid None None D
3F France Ghona None None D
4M Apollo Odair Marie Annayis, Amphitrite Rao, Psylocke Sade 3 WINNER
4F Amphitrite Rao Treston Shackleford 1 D
5M Tameo Arghus None None D
5F Illuminate Sensorium None None D
6M Genis Bryant None None D
6F Sylvia Churchill Genis Bryant, Rust Edge 2 WINNER
7M Blaise Cooper Antoinette Austria 1 D
7F Psylocke Sade Blaise Cooper, Shen Seraph, Kaden Mai 3 D
8M Rust Edge None None D
8F Astrid Mai Tameo Arghus, Divergent Hai, Psylocke Sade 3 WINNER
9M Shen Seraph France Ghona 1 D
9F Marie Annayis Melanoi Jet 1 D
10M Machete Season None None D
10F Presea Wilder None None D
11M Barbanaty Pologamous Presea Wilder, Illuminate Sensorium 2 D
11F Kaden Mai Machete Season 1 D
12M Treston Shackleford None  None D
12F Melanoi Jet None None D

Death Chart

Place Name District Killer District Method Day
24th Presea Wilder 10 Barbanaty Pologamous 11 Arrow through neck 1
23rd Antoinette Austria 2 Blaise Cooper 7 Back split open by axe 1
22nd Blaise Cooper 7 Psylocke Sade 7 Knife through brain (act of mercy) 1
21st Tameo Arghus 5 Astrid Mai 8 Knife in chest 1
20th Shadow Reid 3 Alder Jonathan Webb 2 Throat slit 1
19th Treston Shackelford 12 Amphitrite Rao 4 Trident in throat 1
18th Machete Season 10 Kaden Mai 11 Throat slit 1
17th Shen Seraph 9 Psylocke Sade 7 Back slit 1
16th France Ghona 3 Shen Seraph 9 Sickle through back 1
15th Alder Jonathan Webb 2 Monkey Mutts  Arena

Spine ripped out (Monkey see Monkey rip out spine)

14th Marie Annayis 9 Apollo Odair 4 Trident through chest 2
13th Melanoi Jet 12 Marie Annayis 9 Knife through chest 2
12th Illuminate Sensorium 5 Barbanaty Pologamous 11 Decapitated with sword 2
11th Ultimate Gai 1 Divergent Hai 1 Throat slit 2
10th Amphitrite Rao 4 Apollo Odair and Divergent Hai 4 and 2 Throat cut with shuriken and trident in stomach 2
9th Divergent Hai 1 Astrid Mai 8 Arrow in stomach 2
8th Barbanaty Pologamous 11 Psylocke Sade 7 Pushed into lake then swallowed by koi 2
7th Genis Bryant 6 Sylvia Churchill 6 Knife through neck 3
6th Rust Edge 8 Sylvia Churchill 6 Knife through head 3
5th Kaden Mai 11 Psylocke Sade 7 Head cut off with machete 3
4th Psylocke Sade 7 Apollo Odair and Astrid Mai 4 and 8 Shuriken in head and heart 3
1st Apollo Odair 4 IS THE 1ST WINNER
1st Astrid Mai 8 IS THE 2ND WINNER
1st Sylvia Churchill 6 IS THE 3RD WINNER


Day 1

Divergent Hai - D2 (Launch Room)

I am so going to win this thing.  I refuse to fail.  Not after losing over 30 previous Hunger Games.  I'm a clone, an imprint of the real, life-and-flesh human that's supposed to be dead.  But maybe death would've been better.  I have died so many times, been tortured with the memories.  I remember having my throat slit.  The cold blade scraping across my throat.  The cold feeling soon drowned out by the fresh torrent of hot blood oozing out of my throat.  The blackness ingulfing me... No.  It won't happen again.  I will survive, and win these Games.  My stylist grasps my hand and dresses me in a bright, gold-coloured jacket and a pair of trousers, black waterproof ones.  But they're both thermal, so that's good.  A cool female voice rings out and tells us to step onto the tribute plates.  I walk straight to it with no hesitation.  The glass closes all around me, and my stylist gives me a thumbs-up.  The plate starts to rise up.  I will do well in these games.  If only I wasn't so nervous...

Barbanaty Polagamous - D11 

My plate slides up and stops with a metallic clank.  Immediatly, I scan my surroundings.  A barren desert, a jungle, a huge lake that's part frozen lake, part winter wasteland and a grassland with a small forest.   I'd better go to the grassland, as it has a forest, and my main plan for the Games is to hide out in a tree.   But... I've heard rumours, rumours of a deadly forest this year.  What if they're true?  No, I have to go somewhere else.  I can't risk it.   What about the bloodbath?  Should I participate?

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five..."

Should I run to the cornucopia?  Or not?

"... Two, one!  Ladies and gentlemen, let the Hunger Games begin!"

I jump off my plate and sprint to the cornucopia at full speed.  I have to arrive there first.   Fists punch me, feet kick, but keep on running.  I grab a bow and arrow and start shooting.  I aim for the huge blonde guy from 2, but it misses and hits a girl with bright pink hair in the centre of her throat, spraying out a fountain of blood.  Yes!  The first kill of the Games.  I dart away from the cornucopia, snatching a small but heavy backpack on the way when something pierces my leg.  An arrow.  I pull it out and turn around to see the pink-haired girl cough up blood, then collapse, her eyes open but glazed over.  This time dead for sure.  I run into the jungle.

Blaise Cooper - D7

Screams echo in my ears.  Everyone in the area is fighting.  Blood stains the ground.  I grab an axe and creep up behind the girl from 2.  I swing the axe into her back, oily black stuff exploding out onto the ground and my body.  She goes still and then starts shaking, staring at the curved blade protruding out of her small chest.  I wrench out the blade and she sinks to her knees.  Then sparks start to fly off her body and a wire whips out and shocks me.  Electrical pulses, hungry to kill and hurt spread up my body, stinging me everywhere until I couldn't feel the pain anymore.  I collapse, and I try to find something beautiful I could see before I died.  I see my district partner, her face wet with tears raise up a knife and say something, but I can't hear her.  

"Kill me, please.  Please."  I beg her, hoping my voice worked.

She nods once, takes a deep breath, and bring the knife down.

Astrid Mai - D8

I glance around, looking for an opening.  I need to get to the cornucopia, cause I'm gonna survive these Games with no weapons or supplies.  Then, my luck wins out.  All the fighting moves to the side and I ran to the golden structure, grabbing a huge bag and a bow with two quivers of arrows next to it.  I start to pull an arrow, aiming for the boy from 2, but a small, incredibly thin boy dives at me with a wicked throwing knife in his hand.   He flings the knife down and my leg fills with pain.  I scream from the horrible throb.   For a moment he seems to hesitate.  I grasp this moment to pull the knife out of my leg and throw it at him.  It hits his chest and I run away from him.  I look back to see him lying on the ground, shaking like mad, tears streaking his face.   No room for mercy now.  I run to the edge of the jungle, stopping for a moment to look at the bloodbath.  The careers were cornering the boy from 3.  He was big and had muscles, all right, but he was covered in deep cuts and bruises.  He screams for mercy and the guy from 2, Alder Jonathan Webb I think, laughs and slowly slits the boy's throat with a rusty knife.  I gasp in horror and all of them turn in my direction... wait not all of them.  One's missing.  In any case, I flee before they decide to after me.

Amphitrite Rao - D4

"Good job, Alder." I say.

He smirks.  

"He was annoying.  C'mon, le'ts go kill the guy from 12.  He got too high a score for a minor district like 12." He replies.

"What about Machete Season?  He got a 10."

"He's gone.  We'll hunt him down later."

So that's the plan.  He's the leader, even though I got a higher training score than him.  But if I can somehow use him...  Imagine what I could do!  At the moment, I just want to win these Games, come back home and see my family.  Oh well.  


Divergent had spotted the guy from 12.  He was sneaking away at the edge of the clearing, clearly hoping to get away from us.  Not a chance.  I run at him and knock him down, stomp on his head with my foot, and impale his neck with my trident.  The bloodbath is finished!  

"I think we'd better go to the jungle.  There's bound to be someone , I saw a few tributes go there." says Ultimate.

We agree almost immediatly.  We head off to the jungle, but not before collecting a huge stack of supplies and hiding the rest.

France Ghona - D3

I slowly walk through the vast frozen landscape, double-checking the place for any sign of food or danger.  What kind of an idiot am I?  I didn't plan, didn't think, didn't even train hard enough.  I just went to bed and found myself in the bloodbath the next day, not knowing what to do and running to this freezing hell.   But maybe I can get some good out of it...  Okay, France, think.  What do you know about frozen lakes?  Well... It's cold, it has fish and seals if it's saltwater... Seals, fish?!  Food?!  That's exactly what I need!  Luckily, I found a really sharp stick on the way.  So I'm going to set up a trap.  I cut an ice hole, put a ptarmigan feather on top, so that I can tell when the seal is coming as it'll quiver when it breathes first.  Then, I'll spear it.  The thought of warm, juicy meat makes me hungry.  I come back to my senses and start to set up the trap.  I'm so desperate that I'm done in 5 minutes.  I go into striking position and freeze.  The still kind, not the cold one.   Suddenly, the feather quivers and I thrust the spear down in a wide arc.  Warm blood sprays out from its head, now split in two.  I haul the carcass out and cut it into pieces.  I stuff them all in my bag, which starts to stream slightly with blood, but hey, when you're in the Games, there's no room for squeamish feelings.  I save the intestines, though, cause I was hungry.  I take a bite.  It's suprisingly good, even raw, for a piece of gut.  It was just as good as any piece of beef.  As I walk across the endless white snow, I pondor about my next move.  Where to go?  As I think, a small note floats down from the sky.  I snatch it out of the sky and read it.  Let's see... It's from my mentor.  It says to meet up with my alliance.  Right, I'll do that.  It also says that they're at the edge of the forest, near the cornucopia.  I'll do that right now.  I sprint across the lake until I find the distant stretch of green and brown.  The forest.  I see a group of about 2 or 3 people there, beckoning for me.  I run to them and I'm almost there until a hand darts out of nowhere and grabs my neck.  Then, I feel the cold sharpness of a blade against my neck.

Psylocke Sade - D7

"Kaden, what's going on over there?" I ask.

"Psylocke, we have to go.  NOW.  France is in trouble." 

"Where is she?"

"Just over the hill, next to the woods...  Just where we were."

I nod, and I run after her into the woods.  Then she stops so suddenly, I slam into her.  She whips around and glares at me, and I wince.  She has seriously fierce eyes, and her aura is overhelming.  She has such an authorative and powerful character, it's hard not to call her General all the time.  

"Kaden, who's ambushed her?"

"The guy from 10, along with the white-haired kid. Not the weird-eyed one, the guy from 9."

It was weird to hear her call a guy 4 years older than her "kid", but yeah.

"So they've allied, huh?" I say resentfully.

"Yeah.  Okay, so why don't we split up.  One of us scream to let her go somewhere close to here.  When they're distracted, we slit their stupid throats."

I agree, and I become the screamer.  So I do it behind a rock, and I can her both their voices, confused and arguing.

"Machete, we've got to do something.  C'mon, let's go after her."

"No, Shen!  We can't leave Tomato Hair here, she'll escape!"

"What if whoever screamed has a bow and arrow?  They'll kill us!"

I listen to them argue, and cautiously stick my face out of the rock, behind some grass.  I see them disputing, with poor France between them, terrified with her eyes rolling.  And I also see Kaden, slowly creeping up behind them.  She suddenly lashes out and ripps the 10 guy's throat open with her knife.

"Stop or she dies!" Shen, the guy from 9, was digging his blade into France's throat. She was more terrified than ever, shaking all over and screaming at random.

Then something inside of her must've cracked. She broke out of Shen's grip, and ran away, screaming as she did so. Shen roared in anger and flung his sickle at her back. France stopped dead in her tracks and fell. I ran at Shen and tackled him, knocking him over. I kicked his body at full force. As he started to become unconscious, I finally slit his back open with my machete, running to France and leaving him in his misery.

"France." The words barely left my mouth.

"Psylocke? You killed Shen. Why?" Her words were being forced out from pain.

"You were an ally. Don't worry, you'll... No point in saying that, is there?"

"Psylocke, if you win, than... Go to to Three. My father figure, he's at the local prison. Tell him I'm sorry and I'll meet him soon."

"Sure France. I'll try."

"Thank you." She sighs, and her cannon booms in the lonely dark sky.

Melanoi Jet - D12

A cannon almost makes me cave in the roof of my shelter.  Then another comes.  I count them.  9 cannons.  9?  So many, even for a normal Hunger Games.  Then a hovercraft appears in the sky out of nowhere.  Let's see...  The girl from 2, both from 3, the boys from 5, 7 and 9.  Both from 10.  Finally...  Treston.  Oh no.  He was so nice to me.  I can't believe it.  I have to avenge him.  But who did it?  How will I kill them?  I've only got water that's slowly freezing in this frozen place.  

Then something finally caves in my stupid shelter.  I grab it to find a leather bag with a dozen shurikens and a huge plastic box with a bunch of food inside.  A big sticker on top says:


Army rations?  Yuck.  Well, at least it's something to eat.  I dig in to the chicken liver and fat stew, saving the chocolate and the other stew cans for later.  It's absolutely disgusting, but it fills my stomach in about 5 spoonfuls, so I suppose it can't be all that bad.  So, back to Treston.  Who was most likely to have killed him?  The careers, of course.  But how will I kill them?  I ponder this until I eventually fall asleep.

Alder Jonathan Webb - D2

I'd better watch Amphitrite and the 1 pair.  I know they're up to something.  They've been talking in training, alone.  So I have a plan.  Let them have night watch, pretend to be asleep and lash out and slaughter them all.  

"So, who's doing night watch?  We'll need, say, three people for it." I ask them.

The suspects immediatly raise their hands and I let them do it.  A few minutes later, I'm "asleep".  

"Amphitrite, let's go!  We can't wait much longer!"

"Guys, we've got to kill at least one of them!"

"Fine.  Quick."

She comes closer and closer, and I jump into a sitting position and slice her stomach open.  She screams in pain and slashes open my leg and runs off, holding her mutilated stomach.  I charge in after her until I hear a strange hooting noise.  I look up to see a furry body with beady eyes staring down at me.  I yell and impale it in my sword.  More come.  They fly at me, ripping my skin open wherever they can find it.  I try to run away, but there's too many.  Finally one slits the back of my neck open, and rips out my spine.  I scream, and the world goes dark.  



  • Alder Jonathan Webb - D2
  • Antoinette Austria - D2
  • Shadow Reid - D3
  • France Ghona - D3
  • Tameo Arghus - D5
  • Blaise Cooper - D7
  • Shen Seraph - D9
  • Machete Season - D10
  • Presea Wilder - D10
  • Treston Shackleford - D12

Special Announcements


2. These Games are probably going to last about three days.

3. Since these Games are going to be 3 days on day 2 there will be a feast.

4. You have until January 25th to submit advice for your tribbies. 

5. JOIN THESE!!!!!

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Day 2


District Name Odds
1M Ultimate Gai 5-1
1F Divergent Hai 6-1
4M Apollo Odair 5-1
4F Amphitrite Rao 3-1
5F Illuminate Sensorium 8-1
6M Genis Bryant 9-1
6F Sylvia Churchill 7-1
7F Psylocke Sade 3-1
8M Rust Edge 8-1
8F Astrid Mai 7-1
9F Marie Annayis 10-1
11M Barbanaty Pologamous 7-1
11F Kaden Mai 5-1
12F Melanoi Jet 7-1

Sylvia Churchill - D6

A violent rustling of leaves and a heavy "THUD" wakes me.  A huge package was sitting on a branch next to me and I  barely manage to contain my happiness and excitement.  I rip it open to find a tent pack with full and simple instructions.  A huge but lightweight backpack with a mountain of food and drinks, plus two wickedly sharp knives.  Then, as I was arranging my supplies back into the bag, a fancy silver-lined letter falls out of a bag with rations.  A large and ornate wax seal reads:

EHKnight ~ Capitol D6 sponsor and mentor

It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.  A tent, a bag full of supplies, and an advice letter!  Well, at least I hope it has good advice.

Now, day 2 will contain a feast, so here´s my advice : I don´t know what´s at stake at the feast, but I don´t want you to go there! I don´t think you´re up for this kinda stuff, so stay in your hiding place. Try to find Genis as he can be a worthy allie, but don´t hang on him for too long. I´ve just sent you a tent that comes with a backpack with some minor supplies, so you should be good for a while. Just keep your senses to yourself, don´t do anything stupid and stay vigilant!

Right on cue, an announcer confirms the feast and ends the speech with the standard Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!  

But I've got all I can possibly want with my sponsor gifts.  There's no need to go, anyway.  But there's one more thing...  Genis.  How will I find him?  He ran towards this area, so maybe he might be here somewhere.  Just then I see the tiniest patch of white on the horizon - could that be him?  

"Genis!!" I yell. "Come here!"

The patch of white shifts around and starts to get bigger as it comes closer. 

"Sylvia?  Sylvia, is that you?"

"Yeah.  Now get down here.  I'll throw my weapons down if I need to, to show my trust."

"No need, you might damage them."

He soon reaches the base of the tree and I help him up.  I show him my supplies and he presents his half-devoured piece of bread.  I give him one of my knives and half of my water, fruit and meat supplies.  I tell him to save it in a pouch I received with my bag.  But he was in bad condition, hungry and dehydrated.  I make him drink some water and he wolfs down the rest of the bread.  I tell him my plans and he agrees.  We kick back and wait for the feast to start and the tributes to die.

Apollo Odair - D4

What the hell has just happened?  My supposed "allies" have disappeared, the toughest guy in the arena is dead, and now there's a feast.  I look at my supplies to find them all untouched, except for my food, which is all gone.  I have to go to the feast.  It's my only chance of survival as my fishing skills are useless in this frozen lake, fish are different here.  No, this just can't be happening.  I check my tribute watch.  It's Day 2 and one 'o clock.  What time is the feast again?  It's at... six, I think.  And it should be a four and a half hour trek to the Cornucopia.  I'd better get moving.  

The hours passed like minutes, and in no time at all, I'm crouching behind a cluster of bushes.  I quick headcount tells me that five tributes, not including me, are here at the feast.  I see the redhead teen from 5, the boy from 8, the acne-ridden girl from 9, the boy from 11 and the girl from 12 with her luminous silver eyes darting around, looking for enemies.  Just like I am.

A metallic whirring brings us all to our senses.  A hole was opening up in the dusty ground and a metal table with 6 big backpacks.  Each of them have a district colour and number.  Turquoise for 4, Burgundy for 5, Purple for 8, Beige for 9, Light Brown for 11 and Grey for 12...  Should I only get mine or should I steal someone else's as well?  Just then, a knife presses itself against my throat.  I look up to see a pair of quicksilver eyes and I know it's Melanoi Jet, the girl from 12.

"Alright, I just want one piece of information.  Don't you dare lie.  Even if you do, I'm an excellent lie catcher." She growls at me.

"What do you want?  I-I'll give you anything."  

"Right, then.  You're part of the careers-"

"WAS part of the careers, thanks to 1 and my partner."

"Shut up and don't interrupt.  You were there at the bloodbath, right?  With the careers?"

"Yeah.  I was.  I know who they killed."

"List them."

"There weren't many.  Just 2.  Shadow Reid from 3, by Alder Jonathan Webb, and Treston Shackleton from 12, by Amphtrite Rao."

After that, Melanoi sort of broke up into pieces.  She started sobbing, murmuring her partner's name.  

"Melanoi, we can ally...  We can kill Amphtrite."

"Really?  You will?  You won't kill me?"

The hope in her voice was so high that even if I was planning to kill her, I would have changed my mind.  She was so  desperate, so hopeful to hang on to something that it was completely impossible to refuse her.  Suddenly there was a horrible wet slicing noise.  Melanoi looked down at the curved knife sticking out of her chest.  She clawed at her back, then leaned to the side and collapsed.  I turn around to see Marie Annayis staring in horror of what she'd done.  I fling my trident at her, pinning her down by her two arms and chest.  She struggles then goes still, her cannon booming just as a last tear trickles down her cheek.

Melanoi was breathing hard, fighting her tears back.  I knelt down at her side and held her hand.

"Kill Amphitrite.  For me.  Please."

"I will."

"Take my supplies.  Don't risk the feast.  You've got accuracy, use my shurikens."

"I will."

"Thank you so much, Apollo."

"I'm sorry, Melanoi..."

"It's all okay.  I'll be waiting for you."

She smiles and closes her eyes and her cannon booms.  I stand up.  I'm going to make that promise become reality.

Illuminate Sensorium - D5

Two cannons boom and I look around.  This isn't normal.  No one has even gone for the bags yet.  Should I?  No, not yet.  If I go now, that's like purposely walking into a minefield like those Russians used to do to their traitor soldiers in WWII.  Hmmm...  If I don't go now, I'll never be able to regain by bravado.  

Seconds later, I'm sprinting against the wind, dodging knives and swords for my dear life.  I snatch my bag up from the table, swing it onto my back and start to run back when I suddenly stop.  I try to run again and again, but I can't. I look back to see a black, dark-haired boy holding my bag.  He shoves me down and grabs hold of my leg.  He jerks it in the exact opposite direction of where it should bend.  A violent and excruciating pain erupts from my leg and I instantly know that its broken.  I wail and scream in pain and my vision goes red.  

I see the boy raise his sword and bring it down in a red haze.  Everything seems to slow down and the last thing I feel is the blade slowly cutting through my neck.


Astrid Mai - D8

Thank god I didn't go to the feast.  It seems to be particularily violent this year, I mean already, three cannon have boomed.  Suddenly I find myself staring at the silver blade straight in front of my face.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you."  

It was Kaden Mai, from District Eleven.  I could tell she didn't want to kill me, but was overcome by the hopeless reality and bloody truth of the Hunger Games.  I wanted to live, too, but unless there's a perfect solution...  I've got it.

"I'm your sister.  I know it, Kaden.  Our parents lost a child, a girl.  They said that your kidnappers would at least keep your family name in honor of their persistence.  They said that she would live in Eleven."

As soon as I said it, I knew my words were true.  Kaden read my face, and judging from her shocked expression, she knew it too.  But it was a lot for her, especially as she was only twelve.  She crashed down onto the spongy ground and started to sob.  I offered her my hand and she took it.

"I never knew...  Please forgive me?"

"Of course Kaden."

"Come and join my alliance.  We've got supplies and safety."


A shriek echoed through the forest.


We ran towards the sound, and a ghastly scene swam through my eyes.  Ultimate lay down on his back, his throat messily slit.  His stomach was opened in a scarlet oval, his innards wrenched out like a person had spent an hour trying to rip them out.  Amphitrite had cuts all over her arms and was whimpering at the mercy of Divergent, who had a maniacal smile distorting her face, with her pupils pinpoints.

The knife hit Amphitrite just as a shuriken pierced her throat.  She wrenched the shuriken out and looked me in the eye.  The light was fading and she didn't speak, but I knew what to do.  I drew an arrow and it hit Divergent's gut.  A cannon boomed and I knew that Amphitrite was gone.

Divergent was breathing heavily.  She was in pain, each breath straining her lungs.  She looked at her wound, and her pupils dilated back to normal.  She looked agonised, but not from pain.  From remorse.  She started crying.

"No, no, please, not again!  NOT AGAIN!"

She was screaming and terrified.  It's like... she'd died before.

"Divergent, I'm sorry."

"I'm going to be cloned again.  Die again.  Die.  Die.  Die."

"No you won't, I'll tell them not to."

She finally seemed to relax, and her body slackened.  She cried harder and her tears came out as blood.  I grasped her hand, and she held it like she held my eyes.  Then the blue in her eyes seemed to darken, and she was gone.

Final 8 Interviews

Bold is the interviewer.

Apollo Odair - D4

(First of all, pretend Finnick never died :D)

So, it must be a great honour, having so many generations of victors in your families and having a possible other one?

Finnick Odair: Well, it's pretty good to have such a history.  I mean, have a family like this and you're one of the most respected people in your district.

What would your feelings be if your son wins?

Annie Odair: We'll be proud, speak no more.  

Now, for the bad side:  what if he died?

Finnick Odair:  Hopefully that won't happen, but...  if he does, than at least he would have tried, done some god, you know what I mean?  Because at least he avenged that Melanoi girl in the end.  But mainly, we just hope it'll be painless.

Last question.  What did you feel about Apollo killing his district partner?

Annie Odair:  Well, personally, I'm not much of a killing person.  I didn't personally approve, but I suppose deep down I do feel good about this, because, well, he's my son and he avenged a friend.  But, anyway, Apollo, we wish you the best of luck, and we'll be proud of you whatever you do.

Genis Bryant - D6

So, Genis Bryant, winner of the 1st Hunger Games.  What emotions does that bring?

Julia Bryant:  Well, that would be one word: AMAZING.  It'll make such a good difference to his life, I mean he's bullied all the time at school and becoming victor...  Becoming victor would earn him respect, especially as Six doesn't have many victors.

What sort of a life has Genis had?  Was it good, bad, something in between?

Robert Bryant:  It was bad.  As Julia mentioned, he'd always been bullied at school because of his appearance.  mutated DNA cells, you know?  Those cruel kids at home didn't realize that it wasn't his fault.

What if Genis died?

Julia: Oh, damn, that would horrible.  We'd be sad about that, alright.  He's such a sweet kid, why would anybody want to kill him?

Any last words for him before the end of this interview?

Robert Bryant:  Watch out for that Sylvia girl.  District 6 is behind you Genis, and so are we.

Sylvia Churchill - D6

(Parents are dead and she was sent to an asylum.  Asylum master is being interviewed instead)

So how do you feel about Sylvia?

Rubeus Opragand: Horrible child.  She murdered her parents, did you know that?  Right at the young age of 13.  Terrified all the other residents to pieces.

Sounds nasty.  Has she done any other major crimes?

Rubeus Opragand: Well, since the asylum is also an orphanage, she decided to pick on them instead.  She hung a poor boy's rabbit, tried to strangle a small girl.  Now, off.  I need to go back to the asylum for a meeting and I wouldn't be able to stand anymore talk on that cursed child.

Any last words-

Rubeus Opragand:  I need to go.

Psylocke Sade - D7

Good evening, Mr and Mrs Sade.  How are your feelings on Psylocke so far?

Fred Sade: Oh, we're proud alright.  And regretful.  You see, before the Games, she trained for her dear life if she was entered.  We weren't happy, but you see how much good it did her these to days?

I see.  And what did her training program contain?

Flavia Sade: Hitting posts for an hour or two, target practice, and who knows what else.

Tough little girl she must have been, huh?

Fred Sade: She certainly was.  I mean, she always stood up to them and never gave up.  Strong spirit.

Last words?

Flavia Sade:  We believe in you, Psylie.  You can really do this.  We're really sorry for critisizing your training, look at where it's gotten you.  Good luck.

Rust Edge - D8

So, Rust.  Brave boy?

Dindle Edge:  He always was.  He saved us once, when robbers came into a store and we're about to kill us when he... beat them up.

Was he a bully?

John Edge:  He wasn't.  True, he beat up robbers and all that, but he wasn't!  He only used his violence for self and family defense.

So what is his life like?

Dindle Edge:  Oh, quite nice and generally peaceful.  We've got a decent amount of money and we can afford toys and books.  He lives quite an easy life.

I'd love to ask you another question, but I've got to finish the interviews before 10pm.  Best of luck to Rust.

Astrid Mai - D8 / Kaden Mai - D11

How do you feel about her discovering your long-lost daughter?

Ronald Mai: It's incredible!  I mean, what if they can win toghether?  Oh, we'd be so happy...

I'm not a gossip, but I've heard rumours of a multi-victory this year.

Harriet Mai: Are you sure?  Those are rare, but, if it's true...

It very well might be, I mean, President Dolorianus did hint that there would be a surprise this year.

Ronald Mai: Well, let's hope that's it a multi-victory, not an extra Gamemaker attack.  Good luck girls, you'll need it.

Barbanaty Pologamous - D11

(Parents think he's dead, so peacekeepers interviewed)

What was your first impression of Barbanaty?

Peacekeeper Donaldson: Impressive.  I mean, how did he survive that forest?  Amazing!  Pity we had to arrest him.

So, why didn't he return to his District?

Peacekeeper Donaldson:  God knows.  Maybe his brain was addled by the smoke, maybe he wanted to live wild?  Gotta admit, he was probably mental.  Now, I've got to go, peacekeeper duties.

Back to the Games!

Psylocke Sade - D7

A high-pitched beeping fills my ears.  I look around alarmed, but my eyes are greeted by a small, silver parachute with a package tied to it.  I was confused.  I had all the supplies I needed.  I rip it open anyway, and I see a little radio with a message tied to it.

Final 8 family interviews - Psylocke Sade, District 7

I forage in the package further to be rewarded with a pair of headphones.  I listen to the interview.  I'm thrilled with my parents complimenting me and renouncing their unhappiness on my training.  Wow.  I'm crying tears when an arrow lands onto my radio with sparks flying out.  I then see the dark outline of a tall boy, the boy from 11.  

"No!" I shriek.

He'll pay for that!  I throw a knife at him and it hits his arm and he loses his balance, tumbling into the dark lake behind him.  I start to think he's done when a garbled shriek comes out from the water.  A huge koi flies out and swallows him alive, still shrieking.  His cannon rings out across the forest a second later.  17 down, 6 to go.


Special Anouncements

  • I will be sending Saaronbob22, Golden Viper and Lights messages about their tributes.
  • Day 3 will be THE LAST DAY!!!!!
  • Advice will be good IF YOU WANT A VICTOR.
  • Join all my other Games if you want.  Look for them on my blog post, there's about 3.
  • Read Rust's POV for a surprise!

Day 3


District Name Odds
4M Apollo Odair 5-1
6M Genis Bryant 6-1
6F Sylvia Churchill 5-1
7F Psylocke Sade 3-1
8M Rust Edge 5-1
8F Astrid Mai 5-1
11F Kaden Mai 4-1

Rust Edge - D8

How am I alive?  Final seven, no kills at all.   That is one major life accomplishment.  I'm not sure I'll make it.

"Good morning, tributes.  I have an announcement for you.  As you are all aware of, you are the Final 7.  As a humble gift, the Capitolians have voted for you all to grapple for the reward of being one of this year's three Victors.  That's right.  4 more deaths, and you can be one of this year's Victors!  But beware.  There will be surprises that you might not want to face.  Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour!"

And the light goes out.  This year... I can win?  My chances of winning increased?  I've got to try, but will the others gang up on me?

"Considering your chances?"

I whip around, and Genis from 6 has a serrated knife pointing at my chest, his hands poised to throw.  

"Any last words for 8, huh?  You know you would have never have-"

A knife emerged from his neck, its blade coated with strings of red.  He crumples, and reveils Sylvia, his District partner as his killer.  She looks at me, and I know I have no chance of winning.  Her eyes were pitiless and she was going to kill me.  

"Sylvia.  Make it quick, please."

She seemed to be surprised I wasn't begging for my life.  She slowly nods, her eyes once again meeting mine.  For a moment, just a moment, her eyes betrayed just a small flicker of emotion.  She steels herself and hurls the knife towards my head.  I feel the blood running down my face and everything slowly turns darker...

Apollo Odair - D4

2 cannons boom, echoing across the frozen ground.  I'm about to return to sharpening my shurikens when it hits me. Final 5.  That's...unbelievable.  It's only been three days, and already... 19 dead.  It's saddening, but I'm so close to winning!  Just two more tributes need to die!

I get even happier when a long package floats leisurely down from the sky.  Opening it, I see that it's a trident, even more beautiful than my first one.  The whole thing was made in silver, glittering Emeralds packed into its hilt, turqoise Diamonds lining the prongs and handle.  It was so beautiful.  

Yet, it reminds me of Melanoi, with its silver colour and material, like her eyes.  And the turqoise Diamonds...Amphitrite.  She wasn't too much of a bad person, either.  Yet I killed her, with no pity at all.  She, just like Melanoi, didn't deserve to die.  She was just trying to survive, just like all the other people in this arena.  A good person, not bad.  But it's deeper than that.  

I knew her, in 4.  She was a classmate, my oceanical biology partner.  Her parents and mine were good friends.   I know mom isn't mad or unhappy with me.  She's an honest person and she won't ever lie.  I listened to the interview, and she said that I kept my word and that was good, end of story.  But will my District, District 4, will they accept it as calmly as my parents would?

"Final 5, please assemble at the Cornucopia.  As soon as you arrive there, you will be frozen with glaciated electrical rays.  We ensure you that you not kill or be killed by us until you are unfrozen by freezing all tributes within a 50-metre range and move them to the Cornucopia.  Be there in 5 hours or die."

I pack my gear and head towards the bloody plains of the Cornucopia.

Final Showdown

Sylvia Churchill - D6

I walk into the edge of the forest, well hidden, and as promised, I am instantly frozen.  I wasn't frozen before this, so I must be the first tribute to come.   No matter, I can think my plan out.  I have a good chance of being one of the 3 Victors, with the biggest amount of weapons.  

Minutes pass.

2 more tributes arrive.  I strain my eyes to see that they were Psylocke and Apollo.  Right out in the open.  I think I'll kill Psylocke first: she's the bigger threat.

Hours pass.

The announcer tells us that the others have half an hour left.  And they arrive.  Astrid and Kaden Mai.  

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1...  Tributes, you may begin the Final Showdown."

Chaos breaks out, and Psylocke is the first to attack.  She runs up to Kaden and starts hacking at her.   She screamed in agony and dropped her knife, her only possible saviour that Psylocke kicked away.  Instantly, I knew what to do. I ran at full speed towards the grappling pair.

I could have let her be, but Kaden was too young.  Astrid, her ally, was occupied with Apollo.  I pull Psylocke off Kaden, and she struggles furiously, trying to get back to her already dying victim.  We swing our weapons wildy at eachother, opening gashes all across and over our bodies.  Psylocke screams, distracting me, and slashes my stomach open, and dashes over to Kaden.   

She'd only just struggled to her feet when Psylocke reached her.  Kaden, knowing it was hopeless, called out to me: 

"Tell Astrid goodbye."

But she didn't want to go without a fight.  She punched Psylocke as hard as she could, but Psylocke held.  She caught Kaden's hand and sliced it clean off.  Kaden screamed, spraying blood out from her throat onto Psylocke.  Psylocke's eyes flashed with annoyance and anger, and she sliced sideways with her machete in a flash of silver.

Kaden's head bounced onto the leafy ground, splattering it and the trees with scarlet blood.

I roared with rage and the world turned red.  Me and Psylocke grappled once again, for hours it seemed.   We both collapsed from pain and exhaustion.  I see Astrid and Apollo facing us, Astrid's cheeks streaming with tears.  Both of them seemingly waiting for something.  They both make eye contact, and hurl a object at both of us.  I can hear them whistling through the air...But who will it hit?

Astrid Mai - D8


A single cannon rings out across the plain.  It's almost impossible to tell who's dead, both Psylocke and Sylvia motionless.  But there's only one difference.  Psylocke has 2 shurikens in her body, one in her head and one in her chest, just above her heart. 

But Kaden was dead.  Killed from a cold heart.  Her head is still on the ground, a half-shocked, half-pained expression on her face with blood and tears streaking her soft cheeks.  But she's over.  In peace.

I run over to Sylvia.  She was alive, thank God, but in bad condition.  But...we've won!  All the emotions really start to course through my body, enlightening the load of worry and pain from my shoulders and filling me with fresh hope.

"Sylvia?  You okay?"  I say, just to make sure.

"Little bit beaten up."

She was trying to console me, but she was fading.  I hear a bird shriek, and I look up.  The hovercrafts, here finally.  I turn around to see Apollo beaming at me.  Then he kneels down and grasps Sylvia's other hand.

"Sylvia, don't worry.  They're here.  They're here."  He says.  Tears of joy were flowing down his face.

She slowly nods, and smiles.

She's happy, and I know the nightmare is over.

Congratulations to:

Apollo Odair - District 4


Sylvia Churchill - District 6


Astrid Mai - District 8


I hope you'll all join my next Games!

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