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Horsefinatic's Lunaii Games

So, this is a Games where 12 users will compete.  Every week or so, you have to submit a lunaii of a character I tell you to make.  

Lunaii Dollmaker


Everybody submits a lunaii according to what I give to you for the week.  Anybody can vote until a specific date, but if the person has more than 5 votes before the date, they will get eliminated.  Anybody can vote for elimination.  Also, I will pick a favorite, who will be immune for the next week, even without submitting a lunaii, although I would prefer them submitting a lunaii again.  The immune person's name will be in bold in the next round and the eliminated would be in italic.


Round 1 - Bob

Round 2 (when the person is immune) - Bob


User Eliminated
The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

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