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This is the Sponsoring blog. I've made it so that it would be easier to process the information.  Every tribute starts with $600.  

I will be very GRATEFUL to anyone who does the calculations for me.  I might even GIVE THEIR TRIBUTES ANOTHER DAY TO LIVE.

Food and Water


Note Price
Water 1 $5
Water 2 $10
Gatorade Will help them trek and fight $20
Bread $10
Dried fruit pack 5 apples, 2 peaches, 1 orange and 1 banana $30
Fresh fruit pack 2 10 apples, 5 peaches, 2 oranges and a dozen bananas $45
Cheese 1 big wheel of high-calcium Cheddar cheese $30
Dried meat pack 2 5 pieces of beef, 3 pork and 1 lamb $45
Fresh cooked meat pack 3 10 pieces of beef, 6 pork and 4 lamb, all roasted $55
Small rations Enough to keep a tribute full and energized for a day and a half $40
Large rations 2  Keeps a tribute full and energized for 2 days and a half $50
Small meal Stew, bread and a little bit of brown rice $45
Full meal 2 Stew, bread, a big serving of white rice and 2 slices of Capitol-prized brownie $60

Number=number of days

Example:  Water 2 lasts for 2 days

Nothing means 1 day

Clothes, Supplies and Shelter

Product Notes Price
Upper body clothing pack (UBCP)

1 shirt, 1 hat, 1 pair of night vision sunglasses and 2 pairs of leather fingerless gloves

Lower body clothing pack (LBCP) 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of trousers, 1 pair of socks and 2 pairs and undergarments $20
Matches 25 matches in a box $10
First aid kit 5 rolls of bandages, antidote, disinfectant, a dozen fever pills, rubbing alcohol, cotton pads and painkiller $50
Antidote Cures Ice wasp stings and Inferno ant bites $25
Bandages and cotton pads 1 roll of bandages and a bag of 20 cotton pads $25
Disinfectant Cures leech wounds $20
Drugs A dozen fever pills, 20ml of rubbing alcohol and three syringes of liquid painkiller.  Empty syringes can be used as weapons $30
Sleeping bag Hot or cold according to the area's temperature.  Very flammable $25
Backpack one Water 1, small rations, bread, cheese and dried meat pack 2 $40
Backpack two Water 2, Gatorade, large ration, fresh fruit pack 2, fresh cooked meat pack 3 and two knives $55
Tent Usable in all weather and can turn into the background behind it, making it almost completely invisible.  Comes with a backpack two $100


Product Notes Price
Sword $30
Spear $25
Throwing knives 3 knives in a pack $25
Normal Knife $15
Mace $20
Whip $25
Shuriken A dozen in a pack $25
Bow and arrow A dozen arrows in a pack $30
Machete $20
Sling shot Includes 10 stones $20
Axes $30
Trident $30
Sickle Sword $30
Boomerang $20


District Name Money left
1M Ultimate Gai $600
1F Divergent Hai $600
2M Alder Jonathan Webb $600
2F Antoinette Austria $600
3M Shadow Reid $600
3F France Ghona $600
4M Apollo Odair



Knife - 15

Gatorade - 20

4F Amphitrite Rao $600
5M Tameo Arghus $600
5F Illuminate Sensorium


Water - 10

6M Genis Bryant $600
6F Sylvia Churchill


Tent - 100

4 sets of throwing knives - 100

Machete - 20

7M Blaise Cooper $600
7F Psylocke Sade


2 Machetes

8M Rust Edge


Water - 10

Large rations - 50

Boomerang - 20

8F Astrid Mai $600
9M Shen Seraph $600
9F Marie Annayis $600
10M Machete Season $600
10F Presea Wilder $600
11M Barbanaty Pologamous


First aid kit - 50

11F Kaden Mai $600
12M Treston Shackeford $600
12F Melanoi Jet


Large rations - 50

Shuriken - 25

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