Please use this blog to comment on what you want for your tribute.  Oh, and if you do the calculations for me your tribute will have a higher chance of surviving :).  

Please read all the notes, as some item can help heal a tribute.  For example, if a tribute is slightly low on energy, don't buy an Extra large rations pack, it's best to buy a piece of bread. In any case, you'll understand better if you read the notes what the food is best for, same goes for medicine, supplies, etc.


Item Notes Days it would last for Price
Bread Will provide a minimum amount of energy. 1 $5
Cheese High-calcium cow's milk. 1 $5
Salad  Healthy bunch of salad leaves, tomatoes and several boiled eggs. 1 $5
Dried fruit 1 An orange, a banana, 3 apples and 2 bunches of grapes. 1 $8
Dried meat 1 2 strips of lamb, 4 strips of pork and a dozen strips of beef. 1 $8
Small rations A high-energizing army meal of pork fat, meat, plus a box filled with liver paste. 2 $10
Stew 1 Same as the one in the HG! 2 $10
Small rice serving A mix of wild rice and ordinary white rice.  Soya sauce on request, +$2. 2 $10
Dried fruit 2 2 oranges, 6 apples, 4 bunches of grapes and 6 strawberries. 2 $15
Dried meat 2 4 strips of lamb, 8 strips of pork, two dozen strips of beef and a dozen strips of any type of meat for free. 2 $15
Large rations An extra-high energizing army meal of seal blubber, seal meat and goose liver.   3 $20
Stew 2 Twice as big as the Stew 1, plus a slice of the Capitol's richest brownie! 3 $20
Large rice serving A bigger serving of wild rice and white rice, plus a small serving of one of the world's most expensive rices: Jasmine rice. 3 $20
Dried fruit 3 4 oranges, 12 apples, 8 bunches of grapes and 12 strawberries. 3 $25
Dried meat 3  8 strips of lamb, 16 strips of pork, 24 strips of beef and 20 strips of any meat for free. 3 $25
Extra large rations An deluxe size, high-energizing meal of beef, pork and seal fat, beef and seal meat and goose and pork liver.   4 $30
Stew 3 Even bigger than Stew 2, with a whole brownie cake!!! 4 $30
Extra large rice serving A huge serving of wild and white rice, plus a whole box full of Jasmine rice. 4 $30
Full quadruple meal Stew, rice, brownies, pork loin, 24 strawberries and dried meat. 4 $35
Extra large supreme full meal 2 Stews, extra-large rice, whole brownie cake, pork loin, lamb loin, 30 strawberries and dried meat. 5 $45

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