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    Ultimate HP Fanfic

    December 28, 2013 by Huffleclaw :3

    Okay mis amigos, this is Sam and Liza's Ultimate Harry Potter Fanfic. Based on my one and her shamazing knowledge of HP, we have decided to combine our skills and make like the best one EVER :3

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    Preferred Quidditch Position


    Quidditch Commentator


    House Ghosts xD (x4)

    Sam: 6th Year

    Kaeghan: 5th Year

    Annie: 5th Year

    Gruff: 7th Year

    Allie :6th Year

    Dustin: 5th Year

    Liza: Head Gurl

    Kef: 5th Year

    Tara: 6th Year

    Wes:7th Year

    Berry:4th Year

    Joan:6th Year

    Oli: 6th Year

    Erlend: 6th Year

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