Okay mis amigos, this is Sam and Liza's Ultimate Harry Potter Fanfic. Based on my one and her shamazing knowledge of HP, we have decided to combine our skills and make like the best one EVER :3

Okay please siggn up:.

Student Template :3





Preferred Quidditch Position

Guys other characters are:


Quidditch Commentator


House Ghosts xD (x4)

Les Students


Sam: 6th Year


Kaeghan: 5th Year

Annie: 5th Year


Gruff: 7th Year

Allie :6th Year

Dustin: 5th Year

Liza: Head Gurl

Kef: 5th Year

Tara: 6th Year


Wes:7th Year

Berry:4th Year

Joan:6th Year

Oli: 6th Year

Erlend: 6th Year


Allie's POV

I wake up and realize where I am and not in a deep dream with my hun. I run my fingers through my hair. I glumly get out of bed and go to my bathroom, getting ready for the day. As I brush my teeth, I look at the calendar hanging on my wall and nearly gag. "HOLY CRAP, IT'S SEPTEMBER 1ST!" I shout. I run out of the bathroom and quickly change into my clothes and brush my hair. I put it up in a braid and shove whatever I need into my chest and start running out the door. My father has the car going an I throw the chest in the trunk when I remember my pet. "JEEPERS!" I shout as I run back upstairs. I shove my lazy ass cat into her pet carrier and she meows in protest. I then run into the car and get into the passenger seat. I sigh and my dad takes off down the streets. I put a smile on my face, remembering all the great friends I'll be seeing later.

Annie's POV

I grab my chest out of my dad's trunk as he runs, grabbing me a trolley. I put the chest on it and place my owl on top. "Here we go again," I murmur. I run off towards Platform 9 and 10, seperated by a column. My father waves goodbye before zooming away in his car. I take a deep breathe and run through the column. I find myself standing among many other students. Off to the side, I see Liza, our Head Girl this year, yelling at two Slytherin's with broomsticks, flying around all willy-nilly. "Oi! Knock it off!" she shouts. Joan and Oli, the two on the brooms, laugh in her face. The fire a boil spell at her and she gives an outraged scream as she yells stupefy at them. They fly backwards and Liza runs onto the train, hiding her face in her hands as she tries to remember the spell to undo this. I sigh as I take my chest and owl as I go to join her. I whisper the spell to undo it and her boils disappear. She turns around, shocked, and then hugs me. "Thank you Annie. I'm so glad you're part of the prefects this year," she says. "Yeah yeah, lets just get to the prefect car and set up our stuff before the others join." With that, the two of us take off.

Oli's POV

"You stoopid b.." I roar as I fly back and crash into the platform. Oh my god that hurt so much, my head TBC

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