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  • I am Female
  • Huguenotical

    It's been 100 years since the war, and nothing has changed for dear Panem. Each year since, 24 tributes have gone and only one has returned. It's no doubt that the 100th is said to be the scariest game of all.

    The TV flickers on in every house, a radio sparks to life outside. Everyone leans in, listens carefully. The President's voice is clear and concise as he announces the 100th Games' theme.

    For the Centennial anniversary of the Hunger Games, we will conduct the reaping as it has always been done.

    A collective sigh falls over every district. Have they been spared, just this once?

    HOWEVER, this year only women will be selected for the games. I repeat, this year, our tributes will only be female.

    And so began the 100th year anniversary of the …

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