It's been 100 years since the war, and nothing has changed for dear Panem. Each year since, 24 tributes have gone and only one has returned. It's no doubt that the 100th is said to be the scariest game of all.

The TV flickers on in every house, a radio sparks to life outside. Everyone leans in, listens carefully. The President's voice is clear and concise as he announces the 100th Games' theme.

For the Centennial anniversary of the Hunger Games, we will conduct the reaping as it has always been done.

A collective sigh falls over every district. Have they been spared, just this once?

HOWEVER, this year only women will be selected for the games. I repeat, this year, our tributes will only be female.

And so began the 100th year anniversary of the revolution, and the beginning of the end for 24 girls....


  1. As the intro has stated, this year there will only be female participants. Sorry, lads, perhaps you'll have your chance in the bicentennial.
  2. You may enter up to 2 characters.
  3. Try to make your characters realistic to their district! A girl from 12 likely won't be an adept swordswoman, while a girl from 1 could have some faults with more natural aspects of the games (berry id, etc)
  4. If your character is killed, don't take it personally! Kills will likely be generated by a random number calculator. I'm not trying to piss any of you off, no worries.
  5. No troll tributes - yet. I'll definitely do a seperate game just for them though because.....yeah?

Game Plans

  1. Mentors/Stylists will be occasionally mentioned and will most likely be created by myself. If you'd like to incorporate a stylist or mentor in your backstory, I may decide to work it in though. Chin up!
  2. I will probably blurb a bit and begin at training, and scores will be posted. I may also offer sponsorship chances due to scoring and such in order to help make your tribute come out on top!

The Arena

Tributes begin within a valley encased in ice, essentially the hollowed out portion of a glacier. Around them are steep, high ice walls that would be extremely hard to climb - unless you have a pick, that is. There are a few roughly carved passageways but cave-ins are always a possibility, especially if one is fighting within them.

Once they leave the valley, tributes are greeted by a vast, snowing plain. A tribute who has climbed the glacier walls will be able to see qite far, where there are cracks and crevices and caves abound. The bloodbath survivors can feed off of various rodents and small mammals, and many caves and crevices often lead to fresh water, if one is daring enough to find it.

A notable featre is the part of the arena aptly named 'Glass Lake', a frozen-over lake that has somehow become transparent. Beneath it, a water-less cavern with a fresh river running below. If a tribute is careful and sneaky, they could easily follow an ususpecting camper and stab them from above...

Tribute Application


Age: (12-18)


Weapon of choice: 

Strengths: (Berry identification, fishing, etc.)

Weaknesses: (Climbing, physically weak)


Backstory: (Include possible bits about family, life in the district/occupation, treatment of the games, go wild.)

Training: (What will your character try to improve/sharpen? Strength? Camouflage?)(Optional)

Bloodbath Strategy: (Remember, tributes won't know what the arena holds until they arrive.)(Optional)

Game Strategy: (Should your tribute survive the bloodbath, how will they go about the game? Will they join/lead the career pack, or try to ally with a weaker opponent and stab them in the back?)(Optional)

Token: (Optional)


Tribute One Tribute Two
District 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 6
District 7 Avelyn Breechworth
District 8
District 9
District 10
District 11
District 12

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