Please, no one edit my blog. I like it just the way it is. Don't at all edit the tribute names these are real people. Oh and these names are of my friends. Even the lead chararcter.

Sincerely, HungerGamerPeeta12


Information : Name, Score, Odds, Age

District 1 Male: Luke, 9, 5-1, 16

District 1 Female: Ariel, 9, 7-1, 16

District 2 Male: Armando, 9, 8-1, 17

District 2 Female: Lauren, 10, 6-1, 17

District 3 Male: Paul, 6, 22-1, 14

District 3 Female: Madison, 6, 22-1, 13

District 4 Male: J.D., 10, 2-1, 18

District 4 Female: Destiny, 10, 8-1, 16

District 5 Male: Jacob, 4, 60-1, 13

District 5 Female: Bryanna, 6, 15-1, 14

District 6 Male: Eduardo, 9, 11-1, 17

District 6 Female: Katilyn, 9, 12-1, 16

District 7 Male: Gabriel, 9, 10-1, 17

District 7 Female: Sophie, 9, 13-1, 16

District 8 Male: Josh, 5, 30-1, 13

District 8 Female: Morgan, 5, 28-1, 13

District 9 Male: Michael, 6, 33-1, 15

District 9 Female: Clio, 6, 26-1, 14

District 10 Male: Aidan, 7, 24-1, 16

District 10 Female: Jenna, 8, 20-1, 15

District 11 Male: Jared, 9, 4-1, 17

District 11 Female: Adrianna, 4, 30-1, 15

District 12 Male: Russell, 10, 3-1, 18

District 12 Female: Gabby, 9, 5-1, 16

The Games: Day 1

My name is Russell.I am now entering the launch tube.

I see the arena. A dead forest coverd in snow is in front of me. A giant lake to my right and a mountain containing caves all over. Behind me is a valley that can lead you to shelter, or you're death. I look at the Cornucopia. Backpacks surround the the supplies in the middle. Everything that will help us survive out here is in the middle. Then I see the weaponry. I see 2 bows with 24 arrows with each bow. Many axes with a very long silver blades. Dozens of spears. A few daggers. Knives spread out everywhere. Swords of all size and shape scattered around the Cornucopia. Curved hooks. Tridents that can give an advantage to anyone, but mostly District 4. The final numbers are being counted down. "12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1."

Everything happens so quick. Every tribute jumps off their plate. A few run away while most of us head to the center. I see Gabriel grab an axe then run to a backpack and take off. I look around the Cornucopia. I see a blue backpack and dash for it. I look over at the Cornucopia Bloodbath and see Eduardo pin down Morgan then slash her throat violently with a dagger. I grab the backpack and I head towards the center of the Cornucopia. I see Michael try to slam into J.D. ,but when Michael hits him, J.D. stabs a knife in Michael's chest. My eye then sees a bow in the corner of my eye. I run for it. I then see Lauren slash Sophie with a sword and Lauren then spots me. I quickly grab the bow & arrows and quickly start running away. I look back to see Lauren following me. I pull an arrow from the sheath of arrows and load it in the bow. I pull the bow string back and release it. The arrow flies into her right arm. By the impact she falls to the ground. I run to her and take back my arrow.

"Think twice before you try to kill me." I whisper to her.

By this comment she gets angry. I then see Jacob coming up to Lauren with an axe in his hand about to deliver her death blow. He rises the axe, but I shoot him with an arrow before he can kill her.

"If you want to live, you might want to get up."

I run to Jacob's body take the arrow then I run into the dead forest not looking back too the Cornucopia. It's a good thing I didn't kill her. If I did I'd be followed by her district partner Armando. I keep on running until I'm out of breath. When I feel like I'm in the middle of the snow forest I stop. I know that if I stay in this snow I could freeze to death. So I begin to head to the lake. The best place for shelter right now is a cave.

When I reach the lake I try to spot a cave, but I can't find one. When I look at the trees they seem to be alive and green. I've never climbed a tree before. I think it's time I start if I want to live and wake up tomorrow. I first off seem to stink at it because I keep on falling off. On my fifth try I make it to a branch at the middle of the tree. The branch is quite sturdy. It can hold my wheight. I climb on it and when I rest on it I'm completely concealed by other trees. I can see perfectly down below me, but whoever is below me can't see me.

I put down my bow and arrows, and I take the rest of my time to examine the contents of my bag. I got a full roll of string. A water bottle bone dry. A bottle of iodine. A loaf of bread. A first aid kit. Beef jerky and a granola bar. A sleeping bag and a medium sized tent. At the bottom of the pack I find 3 long bladed knives and 3 throwing knives. The throwing knives will be very invaluable to me as I don't know how to throw knives. The other knives shall be very helpful to get a meal. I put everything back in the bag and I just rest.

After a few minutes of rest a canon fires. I count the canons. One, two, three... all the way to nine. Not a lot of people, but just enough to get rid of some competition. I wonder who died. For sure Morgan, Sophie, and Michael are going to be up in the sky when they show the dead tributes. I close my eyes until the sound of the anthem blasts through the arena. I look to the sky and see the screen of the dead tributes.

I see Destiny(4). That's a surprise, usually Career tributes make it past day 1. Jacob(5), Sophie(7), Morgan(8), Josh(8), Clio(9), Michael(9), Aidan(10), Adrianna(11). Districts 8 & 9 are out. There are 15 of us left to play. The anthem ends and I fall asleep.

Snap! I awake to her a twig snap. It's probably just a rabbit. Snap! Snap! Snap! Now I know that's a human no rabbit keeps stepping on twigs like that. I put out my hands to search for my bow and arrows. After about 2 minutes I find my steel bow and arrows. I then get my backpack and look for something useful. Nothing. I keep on searching and I find a secret pocket. I undo the zipper and search the pocket. My hand grips an object and I pull it from the pocket. They feel like glasses. I put it to my eyes and I look through. I can see clearly through the shadows of the dark. I see a human figure. The figure turns around and I can see the face. It's Gabriel from District 7.

"Gabriel!" I whisper.

"Who's there. I have an axe." he says in a threating voice.

"It's me. Russell." I say.

"Russell! Where are you?" he says in a worried voice.

"In the tree." I say.

"Where in the tree? One second let me put on my glasses." he says.

He reaches into his backpack and put on his glasses. I think he see's me.

"Russell! You got to help me man!" he says in a worried voice.

"Why?" I ask.

"I killed Destiny now the Careers want revenge!" he almost shouts.


"So! They are following me. I know because I heard them while I was hiding and they saw me take off from my hiding place and they are hot on my trail."

"Well then come on up quickly." I say in a rushing voice. He jumps on the on the tree and climbs up quickly. He sits on my branch with me. Once he gets settled pairs of feet start heading towards us. When he is about to scream I cover his mouth.

"If you scream we're mostly likly to get killed quickly." I whisper to him.

The Careers stop right in front of my tree. We listen to their conversation.

"We lost him. Now we'll never find him." says J.D.

"No we didn't he couldn't have made it far we just got to look around." says Armando.

"We also need to get, what's his name?" asks Lauren.

"Russell." Ariel says sarcasticly.

"Yeah, his name sickens me." says Lauren.

"Forget him, he didn't kill you. Who we need to find is Gabriel. What he did to Destiny is unforgivable." J.D. says angrily

"We need to rest. Here's a good place." says Luke.

"I'll go in the tree." says Lauren.

My face turns pale white and so doses Gabriel. We start to panic. Then a thought hits my mind. I open my backpack and get out a throwing knife. I also get out the string. I get the string and cut a strand with the knife. I tie one end of the string around the knife and secure the string. I grab the other end of the string and throw the knife into a near-by bush. By this the Careers get suspicious of the noise. I pull the string until the knife reaches me. I continue this until the Careers suspect its another tribute. They pack up their supplies and head towards it. I put the knife and string back in my backpack and zip up the zipper.

"It's time to get some rest Gabriel." I say.

"Yeah. I'm dead beat tired." he says tiredly.

He climbs to a branch above me and unpacks a sleeping bag. Then quickly falls asleep. I relax my muscles and fall asleep too.

The Games: Day 2

I awake to a canon firing. Then a scream. Then another canon. I then see a hovercraft appear and it picks up two bodies one looks like a girl and one looks like a boy. I look up to Gabriel and he seems to have saw what I saw. He looks down at me and we decide to climb down. We pack up our stuff and climb down. Once on the ground we go to the lake and fill our water bottles. We then purifiy it and then drink.

We then hear rustling noise in the bushes. It's Lauren.

"Wait! Before you try to kill me I have something to give you guys." says Lauren.

She pulls out a sheath of arrows and an axe.

"I've came to make an alliance." she says.

"I say yes." says Gabriel. Then he grabs the axe.

"Fine." I say. I take the arrows and put them in my quiver.

I have 48 arrows now. More than enough to kill any tribute I have to kill.

"Here I have something in return." I say.

I pull out the throwing knives from my backpack. At the sight of them she gets excited. I give them to her and she starts to throw them into a near-by tree.

I go off and hunt down food. I shoot 3 grosling. I shoot 3 rabbits just in case. I return back to camp to see Gabriel starting to fight with Lauren. I shoot 2 arrows at their weapons and their weapons fall to the ground.

"Stop. Now." I tell them strictly.

They quiet themselves and grab their weapons. I grab my arrows and make small fire. I roast the groslings and give one to Gabriel and Lauren, the last is for me. The rabbits I'll save for dinner. I burn out the fire to not attract unwanted attention.

"I'll be back in a few I'm going to do some hunting." I tell them.

I wonder off into the woods. The snow melted away, but the trees are still the same. I find no animal activity, so I just return back to camp. I see Gabriel and Lauren have been busy. Gabriel was throwing and sharpening his axes. Lauren was throwing her knives and collecting berries.

They ignore me when I come back so I just shoot some arrows at a tree and birds. I pull back the bow string and release the arrow. It finds it's mark in the tree. I put two arrows in the bow string and when I release the arrows land in the same place.

I retrieve the arrows ,and still see Gabriel and Lauren completely ignoring me. I then see a giant spider coming down from a tree about to land on Gabriel's head. I quickly pull an arrow from my quiver and load it into the bow. When its about to land on Gabriel's head and bite him the arrow flies right into the spiders stomach. It dies in a second. Gabriel looks at me and has an angry face.

"What was that for! Are you trying to kill me?" he says angrily.

"No, the spider was." I say to him.

I walk over and show him the dead body of the spider. The spider is in a pool of blood because of all the blood from its following victims.

"Oh, then thanks." he says.

"Your welcome." I say.

Night falls quickly. I make a small fire to roast the rabbits, then quickly burn it out. I give them the their rabbits and I eat mine.

We watch the skies and see Armando(2) and Madison(3). I look at Lauren ,but she avoids my gaze.

I ignore the thought of asking why Armando died and just climb the tree I slept in yesterday. I climb to my branch and set my bed up. I climb my sleeping bag and think. Eleven people dead unless than a day. Not a lot of people dead, but just enough to keep the Capitol people on their seats. I fall asleep in just 10 minutes.

The Games: Day 3

I awake and look up at Gabriel's branch. He's there and Lauren is on the one above him. I pack up my supplies and jump down from my branch. I arm bow and go hunting for food in the woods.

When I'm about in the middle of the forest I hear a scream. I run towards the scream to see what is making the scream. I come across the District 6 tributes, Eduardo and Kaitlyn. They are caught in nets.

"Help us! Please!" pleads Eduardo.

"Alliance?" I ask.

"Alliance." says Kaitlyn.

I take out a knife from my backpack and saw on Kaitlyn's net. I'm able to get her free and start on Edouardo's net. I'm able to get him free in a few minutes.

"What happen to your guys weapons?" I ask.

"We lost them at the Bloodbath when 2 Careers attacked us when we were running off." says Eduardo.

"But, we were able to grab 2 backpacks, however they don't contain any weaponry." says Kaitlyn.

"Then use these's." I say.

I take out my 2 extra knives and give them each one.

"Thanks." says Eduardo.

"By the way how did you guys get caught in these nets." I ask.

"The District 3 male, Paul." says Kaitlyn annoyingly.

"But, if he's from 3 how did he make these nets. He'd have to learn from a District 4 tribute." I say.

"Then he probably did." says Eduardo.

Then the thought hits me. I turn around and see Paul with a blowgun and about to shoot.

"Ahh looks like the poorest district boy was the smartest to find out my plan, but to make sure no one finds out looks like you have to die." says Paul sarcasticly.

When he's about to blow a dart I shoot an arrow into the blow hole. He drops the blowgun and grabs a throwing knife and throws it at Eduardo. Eduardo avoids it and runs towards him. Eduardo stabs his knife in Paul's chest. Eduardo steps back, and Paul pulls the knife out of his chest. Paul falls to the ground and slowly starts to die. I grab another arrow and shoot it into Paul's head. His head falls to the ground, dead. A canon fires. I grab my arrows and put them back in my quiver.

"We better clear out, so the hovercraft can get his body." I say.

They nod. Eduardo takes back his knife and walks away. When we're about a few yards away a hovercraft appears and takes Paul's corpse.

"Thank you." Kaitlyn says.

She runs to My side and hugs me.

"Your welcome." I say awkwardly.

"Let me take you to my hideout." I say.

"Okay." Eduardo and Kaitlyn say.

As we walk back to camp I hear a slight scream. Then a canon went off.

"That sounded like it came from my camp." I say.

We run towards my camp. When we arrive I see a corpse with a throwing axe in the person's back. I pick up the corpse to see the face. Armando from District 2. I look up to see Lauren and Gabriel panting.

"What happened?" I ask.

"Well, Armando saw me collecting berries and tried to attack me, but Lauren threw a knife at his arm. When Armando realized Lauren and I were a team, he started to call for the other Career's, but he was to fast for us to catch him, so I had to throw my axe at him." explained Gabriel.

"Well if he was here then that means the other Career's are near. Let's clear out." I say.

"He's right." Kaitlyn agreed.

"Oh, please. No one will mess with me. A Career." Lauren said.

Lauren turned around then a spear flew out of nowhere and into Lauren's stomach. Lauren then fell to the ground. A canon fired. I turned around to see Jenna. She was about to throw another spear, but I quickly loaded my bow and shot her in her eye. She pulled out the arrow, then I shot an arrow in her mouth. Jenna then fell to the floor dead. A canon fired.

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