Here's my Peeta's POV.  D'ya like it? 

Part 1

I feel my self rising up, up. I rise my hand to sheild my face from the bright, dazzling sunlight. "Ladies and gentlemen, let the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games Begin!" says Claudius Templesmith. The countdown begins, as I whip my head left and right, trying to take in my surroundings. There's a big lake towards my left, a meadow-y place straight ahead; trees and greenery towrards my right. I scan the tributes, trying to find Katniss. I see her, and I follow her gaze to a silver sheath of arrows and a bow. Her best weapon. But I can't afford for her to die on the first day! She sees me staring, and watches me suspicously. I shake my head. She cant go for the bow and arrows, no matter how good she is with them. She knows about the bloodbath! 3, 2, 1...

As the gong rings, my feet move of their own accord, and I find myself running towards the Cornucopia. I see the bow and arrows are gone, but, instead of Katniss, the District 1 girl has it, though she doesnt look entirely competent with the bow. I'm thinking of running into the woods, but suddenly, someone has gripped me from behind. "Hey, Lover Boy," says the voice belonging to my captor. I strain to look behind me to see the District 2 girl smiling demurly at me. She's about 15 years old, but I cant help feeling scared of her. She must know this because she raises her eyebrows and shakes her head, laughing. "Cato, here, I've got Lover Boy." she shouts to her district partner. A massive monster approaches, with a strange, sarcastic smile. He has a sword in his hand, and already, it is stained with blood. "Well, well Lover Boy." he , and he raises his sword. I gulp, expecting an attack... which doesnt come. All he does is tap his sword on the District 2 girl's hand. "Dont worry Clove." he assures her. He turns back to me. "I've seen you in training. You're not that bad. Well, I've seen better, but, I guess you're good enough to be with us. What are you good with, apart from weights?" I slit my eyes. Should I trust him? Cato's ruthless. But on the other hand, they could help me find Katniss. "I'm not bad with a knife, I guess." I mutter. Clove spins me around to face her. "So you're with us, then?" she demands, eyes wide. "I guess so." I answer. She smiles again, then grabs a pack and knife and passes it to me. She looks around the weapons, and finds a jacket, with a selection of knives attached to elastic inside it. She grins, and slips it on. I've seen her in training - she never misses. 

"So, come on then." she tugs at me. She leads me to The Careers Pack.                                                             "Lover Boy! So nice you could join us!" says the girl from District 1. The District 1 boy laughs, shaking his head.                                                                                                                                                                                "Stop, Glimmer." Cato says, though he's smiling too. "So, its you and Katniss, eh?" 

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