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    Taylor’s sister walks on to the stage. She looks exactly like Taylor except for a year older.

    “Hi, Stacy, how are you?” Caesar asks.

    “I’m... okay,” Stacy says. “I’m worried about Taylor, though.”

    She wipes away a tear.

    “Why is that?” Caesar asks.

    “Because Daniel called her a psycho b**ch. She had a huge spaz. She really loves Daniel. She must be mortified.” Stacy said.

    “True. I’m sorry about that... she’ll probably pull through, though. Probably.” Caesar adds, patting Stacy on the back

    “What do you like most about your sister?” Caesar asks.

    “She had a very giving personality. She cares about people a lot, and their feelings. Sometimes too much...” Stacy says.

    “Don’t you think that’s a bit of an exaggeration? I mean, she told Daniel that he had an e…

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    Okay, my friends and I were having a big debate on how characters' names should be pronounced. So, I'd like to hear your guys opinions on how you pronounce these names.

    Cato –– my friend Amanda pronounces it like "cay-TOH". I pronounce it like "cah-TOH". I don't really know any other ways to pronounce it, but which one do you think is right?

    Cinna –– do you think it's "see-NUH" or "sin-NUH"?

    Johanna –– is the "H" silent or not?

    Venia –– is it "ven-YUH" or "veh-NEE-uh"?

    Enobaria –– there are many different ways you could possibly pronounce this tricky name, and here are a few. "ENOH-berry -UH" or "eh-NO-buh-REE-uh"? Or even "ee-NOH-berry-UH?"

    Beetee –– okay, this last one is kind of stupid, but my friend pronounces it like "BEE-twee". Isn't that weird…

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    My Second Story!

    January 22, 2011 by HungerGamesFan

    Day six. It’s day six, and there are ten tributes left. Most of them not threatening to our group. The closest thing I could call a threat is maybe the couple from District 10, because there’s two in their group. The rest are weaklings, who could probably barely lift a sword. I go through my head who else is left –– that bony red-headed girl from District 5 (ugh, are all people from District 5 redheads?), that boy from District 8 with the ice blue eyes, the boy from District 3, and both from 10. Plus us, the Careers. And we’re better than most of the other tributes, but no one would argue that they’ve seen more skilled Careers on TV. Glitter, a whiny girl from District 1, is always complaining to us about the weather, exhaustion, or missin…

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    January 15, 2011 by HungerGamesFan

    I'm on the move.

    I slip through the jungle as fast as I dare, but not loud enough for the leaves on the ground to create tons of noise that could wake the unsuspecting Careers who are now probably dreaming about my grisly death. How upsetting. I come to the river that seperates the arena in two, and sure enough across from the river are the five Career tributes who are all snoring loudly.

    The river is wide, and unfortunately to get to the Careers I would have to swim across - but I can't swim. District 5 has no water to swim in, so if I attempted to cross the river I would surely drown. Besides, those fish in the river with sharp teeth don't look human friendly. Just then, I get an idea. What if I jumped as far as I possibly could, and pull …

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    50th Hunger Games

    November 24, 2010 by HungerGamesFan

    District 1 male: Cameo Thyme, (10)
    District 1 female: Amber Larims, (8)
    District 1 male: Marco Grey, (9)
    District 1 female: Maia Grey, (11)
    District 2 male: Stefan Peters, (8)
    District 2 female: Clivia Saunders, (10)
    District 2 male: Blaine Blunt, (9)
    District 2 female: Lina Carey, (6)
    District 3 male: Alejandro Silverstem, (3)
    District 3 female: Matilda Buremerto, (2)
    District 3 male: Aaron Hunter, (5)
    District 3 female: Sandra Hunter, (3)
    District 4 male: Torren Fisher, (9)
    District 4 female: Jade Wavesong, (11)
    District 4 male: Camalus Smith, (8)
    District 4 female: Morrighan Ericson, (10)
    District 5 male: Darius Melcott, (6)
    District 5 female: Jullianne Holland, (7)
    District 5 male: Everett Frazier, (4)
    District 5 female: Cleopatra DeNile, (4)
    District 6 m…

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