Roseianna won! Congratulations to CheesePie46.

Remaining Tributes

District 1: Clark Srands
District 1: Sapphire Ammage
District 2: Gandor Wardrilke
District 2: Salandra Poliren
District 3: Kashter Crest
District 3: Cassie Love
District 4: Farkler Waldra
District 4: Corra Sandler
District 5: Julius Caesar
District 5: Cleopatra Philopator
District 6: Callen Blue
District 6: Alysa White
District 7: Kanaram Goldheart
District 7: Casey Goldheart
District 8: Neackl Boston
District 8: Roseianna Green - WINNER!!
District 9: Cain Henson
District 9: Julianne Contreras
District 10: Alec Rikter
District 10: Pellgan Shavras
District 11: Timber James
District 11: Daffodil Hudson
District 12: Peter Stone
District 12: Maple Storm

Day 1

24th - Kashter Crest (killed by Salandra Poliren)
23rd - Julianne Contreras (killed by Clark Srands)
22nd - Cleopatra Philopator (killed by Farkler Waldra)
21st - Pellgan Shavras (killed by Casey Goldheart)
20th - Daffodil Hudson (killed by Casey Goldheart)
19th - Alysa White (killed by Alec Rikter)
18th - Alec Rikter (killed by a beaver-mutt)

Day 4

17th - Clark Srands (killed by the explosion)
16th - Peter Stone (killed by the explosion)
15th - Cassie Love (killed by the explosion)
14th - Neackl Boston (killed by Roseianna Green)

Day 6

13th - Maple Storm (killed by an ostrich muttation)
12th - Kanaram Goldheart (killed by Salandra Poliren)
11th - Salandra Poliren (killed by a wooly mammoth)

Day 8

10th - Cain Henson (killed by Julius Caesar)
9th - Sapphire Ammage (killed by Julius Caesar)

Day 10

8th - Julius Caesar (killed by Callen Blue)

Day 11

7th - Gandor Wardrilke (killed by the snake super-mutts)
6th - Farkler Waldra (killed by the snake super-mutts)

Day 13

5th - Callen Blue (killed by Timber James)

Day 14

4th - Timber James (drowned)

Day 16

3rd - Casey Goldheart (killed by Corra Sandler)

Day 18

2nd - Corra Sandler (killed by Roseianna Green)


Day 1

Day 1 begins in the arena and six die in the bloodbath. All in all, Kashter, Julianne, Cleopatra, Pellgan, Daffodil, and Alysa are left dead. Almost every tribute collects an item. This year the arena is completely forest, except for The River which runs in the middle of the arena. It is very wide and is the only water source except for the tiny pond in the south-eastern part of the arena. The Career alliance is formed of Clark, Sapphire, Gandor, Salandra, Farkler, and Corra. A three person alliance is quickly formed of Callen, Timber, and Roseianna. Alec walks down to The River and notices something strange. The river has sunk very low. He notices a dam, and looks in terror as a beaver-mutt runs up to him in amazing speed and knocks him down. It then sinks it's fangs (yes, I know beavers don't have fangs but THIS ONE DOES!) into his skull, killing him. The sun sets and seventeen tributes are still alive.

Day 4

It's Day 4 and still no deaths since Day 1, so the Gamemakers decide to make an explosion. The explosion kills 3 tributes including one Career. Clark, Peter, and Cassie die in the explosion. Neackl runs into the alliance of Callen, Timber, and Roseianna and Roseianna kills him very slowly, putting on a very delightful show for the audience. The beaver-mutts disappear along with their dam, and The River rises again. Casey and Kanaram are an alliance, and Casey's sickness grows worse. Kanaram is forced to collect all the food and water for the both of them.

Day 6
The tributes are startled when slowly a stone labyrinth emerges in the middle of the night when all of them are sleeping. Inside? Mutts, mutts, and more mutts! Poor Maple is the first victim of an ostrich-like muttation. It swallows her alive. Casey and Kanaram face the Careers in the labyrinth and Kanaram isn't so lucky. Salandra kills him with a dagger but Casey escapes. The Careers also find a resurrected wooly mammoth that is programmed mentally to kill anything that moves, and tramples Salandra and Gandor. Gandor survives with serious injuries, but Salandra doesn't. By the end of the day the labyrinth is gone, along with the mutts.

Day 8
The Careers have captured Cain and aren't planning on killing him fast any time soon. The Careers pick Sapphire to do the dirty work when all of a sudden Julius storms into their camp clutching a bottle of very dangerous acid that he throws at Sapphire. However, some also gets Cain. Cain dies, and then Sapphire. Julius escapes. Casey is unable to get food and water and has gone two days without any, except for the 2-minute rain the day before. Capitol experts say she may not live to see Day 11...

Day 10

A new alliance is formed in the arena: Julius and Callen. Callen has left his old alliance with Timber and Roseianna. The Careers are still going strong with 3/8 tributes are Careers, it is likely a Career will win. Casey is very surprised when a vial from the Capitol is dropped from the sky. It's medicine for her condition, that will cure her. It is from all of her District 7 and Capitol sponsors. She is determined to win now. Julius and Callen, about to ambush the Careers, are startled when a knife sprouts from Julius's back. It's Callen that killed Julius because he seemed too much of a threat. The three Careers; Gandor, Corra, and Farkler, are not that vile as some of the other tributes in past seasons from District 2 and District 4. They only kill if they have to. The seven remaining tributes are startled when a wail comes from inside the arena. But it's not human...

Day 11

The Capitol has released a brand new species of mutts: super-muttations. These ones are snakes, everything about them venomous; their skin, their fangs, their tongue, everything. Oh, and did I mention they're about 30 feet long? In total there are seven snakes released; the exact same number of tributes. The wail came from the snakes as their wail stuns things. Three of the seven snakes go after the Careers. Gandor, Farkler, and Corra are sitting around a fire when one wraps it's body around Gandor's neck and bites him, killing him in less than twenty seconds. The second goes after Farkler and sinks it's fangs in his left leg, and he dies within twenty-five seconds. Corra realizes what's happening and escapes. Timber and Roseianna find the other four and kill them with crossbow arrows. But there are still three snakes in the forest...

Day 13

The Gamemakers announce that there will be a feast by The River. The feast is fantastic (tons and tons of food) and since almost all of the tributes are starving, all of them decide to attend the feast. Roseianna and Timber decide to wait in the forest until another tribute comes, and sure enough Callen shows up... with Casey? Yes, it is seen that on Day 12 Callen and Casey made an alliance. Timber arms his arrow, and aims for Casey, but Callen sees Timber and Roseianna and jumps in front of Casey, and receives the arrow in his heart. Casey, quick on her feet, grabs a turkey leg and runs, with Roseianna's arrow missing her. Something is seen moving in the food. It's... Corra? Yes, Corra was hiding in the food, and was unseen. She grabs the entire turkey and lots of water and runs, without Roseianna or Timber realizing what happened.

Day 14

Corra, Casey, Roseianna, and Timber (final 4) are all surprised when the whole arena becomes flooded, about up to everyone's knees. Roseianna and Timber go after Casey and Corra, and are frustrated when they can't find them. Then it starts to snow. Slowly at first, but then it begins to snow extremely hard. Everyone is really cold. The water slowly begins to rise, and the Careers tell the tributes this;
Congratulations, final four. You've beat the odds. This is a little game we like to call "Take a Breather". The water will continue to rise until it hits the ceiling then it becomes a contest. Who can hold their breath the longest? Once the first person dies, the water will recede. May the best player win.
And so it does. Everyone holds their breath, and Roseianna tries to stab Timber, but the very salty water stings her eyes, so she misses. It has been four minutes and almost everyone is unconscious. Someones heart stops. It's.... Timber's heart. He dies, and every other tribute survives. The last thing seen on the camera is Roseianna's snicker.

Day 16
Casey chases Corra through the woods. Corra is slower than Casey, so Casey takes her down easily. Casey is also heavier than Corra, so Casey jumps on top of her. Casey is sure of her victory, and Corra is struggling to move her arms. Casey plunges a knife in to Corra's stomach, and she screams in agony. Corra pulls out a tiny device, and puts it on Casey's chest. Casey screams, and dies. Corra has a taser-like device in her hand, and it is a Capitol device called an E.S.T, or Extreme Shock Taser. Now only two remain...

Day 18
Corra and Roseianna both find each other at the Cornucopia.
"You played well," says Roseianna. "But it's time to die."
Corra has a dagger and Roseianna has bow and arrows, dipped with poison.
All of a sudden the sun shines so brightly, both tributes are temporarily blinded. Roseianna had ten arrows, but randomly fired five, which all missed Corra. Corra is stabbing the air, trying to find Roseianna, and finally does, getting the dagger in her lower back. Roseianna cries out in pain, grabs an arrow, and sends it through Corra's skull. She died instantly. The helicopter arrives and Roseianna is the first winner from District 8 (because this is the 4th Annual)

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