Tributes/Training Scores

District 1 male: Cameo Thyme, (10)
District 1 female: Amber Larims, (8)
District 1 male: Marco Grey, (9)
District 1 female: Maia Grey, (11)
District 2 male: Stefan Peters, (8)
District 2 female: Clivia Saunders, (10)
District 2 male: Blaine Blunt, (9)
District 2 female: Lina Carey, (6)
District 3 male: Alejandro Silverstem, (3)
District 3 female: Matilda Buremerto, (2)
District 3 male: Aaron Hunter, (5)
District 3 female: Sandra Hunter, (3)
District 4 male: Torren Fisher, (9)
District 4 female: Jade Wavesong, (11)
District 4 male: Camalus Smith, (8)
District 4 female: Morrighan Ericson, (10)
District 5 male: Darius Melcott, (6)
District 5 female: Jullianne Holland, (7)
District 5 male: Everett Frazier, (4)
District 5 female: Cleopatra DeNile, (4)
District 6 male: Fido Fiderson, (3)
District 6 female: Thyme Fletcher, (2)
District 6 male: Husker Anderst, (4)
District 6 female: Larka Peterson, (5)
District 7 male: Trey Walf, (6)
District 7 female: Wynona Sprec, (4)
District 7 male: Twexen Smaell, (8)
District 7 female: Sprout Selten, (4)
District 8 male: Quiad Daler, (5)
District 8 female:Lesanna Ioni, (6)
District 8 male: Ponser Stone, (3)
District 8 female: Enid Slater, (5)
District 9 male: Robin Cors, (9)
District 9 female: Emela Krayfar, (8)
District 9 male: Blake Regrebmah, (8)
District 9 female: Tanya Lewej, (8)
District 10 male: Fern Jackson, (7)
District 10 female: Jez Thornton, (4)
District 10 male: Payton Strong, (3)
District 10 female: Rose Bloodworth, (3)
District 11 male: Grain Follows, (6)- WINNER
District 11 female: Reed Shadows, (7)
District 11 male: Stone Blaze, (2)
District 11 female: Sky Thorn, (2)
District 12 male: Coal Myers, (4)
District 12 female: Delila Star, (3)
District 12 male: Cave Black, (4)
District 12 female: Daisy Star, (3)

Day 1

1. Jullianne Holland, District 5, killed by Maia
2. Everett Frazier, District 5, killed by Jade
3. Husker Anderst, District 6, killed by Tanya
4. Quiad Daler, District 8, killed by Sandra
5. Jez Thorton, District 10, killed by Larka
6. Enid Slater, District 8, killed by Camalus
7. Cave Black, District 12, killed by Robin
8. Ponser Stone, District 8, killed by Cameo
9. Twexen Smaell, District 7, killed by Grain
10. Fido Fiderson, District 6, poisoned by berries
11. Sprout Selten, District 7, killed by Blake
12. Morrighan Ericson, District 4, killed by Delila
13. Larka Peterson, District 6, killed by Wynona
14. Wynona Sprec, District 7, killed by Clivia
15. Daisy Star, District 12, killed by Lina
16. Torren Fisher, District 4, killed by Stone
17. Matilda Buremerto, District 3, poisoned by water
18. Reed Shadows, District 11, poisoned by water

The gong rings, and the forty-eight tributes step down, all of them running for their lives. The twelve tributes from Career Districts quickly band together, and begin killing the tributes from the other Districts. The bloodbath seems to go on forever, and in total, eighteen tributes are dead. The arena is a jungle, but almost everything is poisonous. The fruit growing on the shrubs, even the water in the river is pure poison. The only good water is from the Cornucopia, and from the rain. Luckily, it rains a lot in the arena. Fluffy squirrels, candy colored birds that love to skewer people, it’s very dangerous out there. A few alliances are gradually made. The ten Careers, obviously, and a few others such as Aaron and Sandra, both from District 3, Fern and Payton from District 10, Lesanna (District 8) and Darius (District 5), Coal and Delila both from District 12, and finally, Robin and Emela, both from District 9.

Day 2

1. Thyme Fletcher, District 6, eaten by a fluffy squirrel
2. Alejandro Silverstem, District 3, killed by the candy-pink birds
3. Coal Myers, District 12, killed by Payton
4. Delila Star, District 12, killed by Payton
5. Tanya Lewej, District 9, killed by Cameo

The returning Head Gamemaker, Mazus Pattroni, decides to release fluffy squirrel muttations, as well as giant candy-pink birds into the jungle. Thyme is sitting on a dead log, peeling a potato-like vegetable with a knife, when a fluffy squirrel nearby grows, and swallows her whole. Robin and Emela, the couple from District 9, show strong feelings for one another. However, when Robin tries to kiss Emela, she pushes him away. However, she does have feelings for him. Miles away, Tanya is sorting through nuts when Trey creeps up behind her and stabs her in the back. She isn’t dead, but barely alive. The camera then focuses on Cleopatra, who is being chased by the bird muttations, and she finds Alejandro, who is asleep.
“Wake up, District Three!” she shouts as she tries to make him avoid being eaten by those mutts. When she sees he will not wake, she continues to run even after she hears Alejandro’s agonized cries. Meanwhile, Coal and Delila, the two remaining tributes from District 12, are surprised when they see a tribute nearby, and a second one but much farther away.
“What District do you think he’s from?” asked Delila.
“I’m not sure,” replied Coal.
The tribute then sees them, and pulls out a bow and arrow and begins to shoot arrows at them.
“Duck, Delila!” Coal shouts, but an arrow goes through the top of his skull into his brain, killing him immediately.
“No, Coal!” Delila tries to save him by pulling the arrow out, but it does no good. The tribute that killed Coal, creeps up behind Delila and pulls out a knife, and gets her in a headlock. Even though she’s pleading no and crying violently, he proceeds to slit her throat. The boy was Payton, from District 10.
The Careers consisting of: Cameo, Amber, Marco, Maia, Stefan, Clivia, Blaine, Lina, Jade, and Camalus are doing quite fine. They have lots of weapons and lots of water, so they aren’t going to die of thirst any time soon.
“Hey guys, I found someone!” Lina shouts, and all the Careers begin to surround Tanya, who is lying on the ground, injured by Trey.
“No... please don’t... please...” says Tanya, exhausted.
“Quiet!” Cameo snarls.
And he grabs his dagger and finishes the job by stabbing her in the heart.

Day 4

1. Stone Blaze, District 11, killed by Jade
2. Clivia Saunders, District 2, killed by the volcano eruption
3. Stefan Peters, District 2, killed by the volcano eruption
4. Marco Grey, District 1, killed by the volcano eruption
5. Cameo Thyme, District 1, killed by the volcano eruption
6. Robin Cors, District 9, killed by Cleopatra

The ten Careers, are concerned about that picturesque montain, most thinking its a volcano.

"It is not a volcano!" shouts Cameo, violently. "I saw some very delicious groosling up there, who's going to come with me to bag some of them?" he asks. Clivia, Stefan, and Marco volunteer, but no one else does.

"Fine!" all of them shout in unison, and they climb the mountain while the other six Careers search for tributes to kill. They find a quaint little cave, and inside is Stone sleeping. Jade doesn't hesitate to slit his throat. Something that sounds like thunder comes from the mountain, and the seven Careers are terrified to see that it is erupting. Four cannons go off, for Cameo, Clivia, Stefan, and Marco who were obliterated by the magma. Meanwhile, Darius (District 5), and Lesanna (District 8) are sleeping soundly together in a tall palm tree. Lesanna wakes, picks up her backpack and searches for some food to snack on. She's starving. "Darius!" she yells, and he wakes instantly.

"What? What?" he asks.

"Everything is gone! The food, the knives, even the sheet plastic is gone!" exclaims Lesanna. A few meters away, Rose is seen snickering and chowing down on their cheese, lettuce, and ham. Stuffing herself. The alliance of Robin and Emela is growing romantic-er, and Emela finally lets Robin kiss her. But then a russling of bushes makes them stop. They see the silky red hair of Cleopatra nearby, and Robin offers to kill her. He sneaks up behind her, but didn't see the spear in her hands. She skewers him, then dashes off with her spear.

"NO!" screams Emela, and she holds Robin until he dies.

Day 7

1. Maia Grey, District 1, killed by the bomb
2. Aaron Hunter, District 3, killed by the bomb
3. Sandra Hunter, District 3, killed by the bomb.

The Careers are still devastated about their loss of four of their members. Now only Amber, Maia, Blaine, Lina, Jade, and Camalus remain. Darius and Lesanna are trying to track down who stole all of their belongings, and the arena has been very boring for a few days. No blood spilled for three days. So, the Gamemakers decide to make something interesting happen…

“A Career is going to win this year,” announces Amber. “Because, who are the best fighters? Us! And because we lost four of us is no matter. We are going to WIN!” cheers Amber, and the rest follows. They split up. Amber, Blaine, and Maia go one way, and Lina, Jade, and Camalus go the other. The first group (Amber, Blaine, Maia) encounter Aaron and Sandra.

“Sandra, run!” Aaron shouts. But the Careers grab both of them, and tie them up with rope. Maia sharpens a knife, and begins to slowly cut limbs off of Aaron. He screams with agony, until it drops from the sky. It’s a bomb, created by Gamemakers. It lands a few yards away from the group, then explodes. Aaron, Sandra, and Maia are killed instantly. Amber and Blaine are slammed into trees and are seriously injured. When the second group (Lina, Jade, Camalus) finds them, they begin to nurse Amber and Blaine back to health. Payton and Fern continue to hunt down tributes similar to the way the Careers do, but are “too good” for the Careers, apparently. The sixteen alive tributes all have a variety of strategies. The Careers, Fern, and Payton hunt down tributes, Cleopatra and Rose are playing similar to what Foxface did, and others… are practically trying to die. Making fires, running in plain sight… these people named Blake. It’s a wonder no one has found him yet. Trey plays it like Thresh, and the rest have their own little strategy. The day ends, with three deaths.

Day 9

1. Lina Carey, District 2, killed by Payton
2. Blaine Blunt, District 2, killed by Payton
3. Fern Jackson, District 10, killed by Jade
4. Payton Strong, District 10, killed by Amber

Sixteen tributes are alive, and all fighting to win. Eight boys, and eight girls –– all vying for the crown. Cleopatra and Rose are still being as stealthy as Foxface, both stealing from other tributes. The Careers –– Amber, Blaine, Lina, Jade, and Camalus –– are shocked when they discover they’re out of food.

“What are we going to do?” Amber wails, and they continue to dig through their bag, even though it’s evident there isn’t even a crumb in their bag. None of them has any knowledge of what plants to eat, so they decide that they must only hunt animals, which most of them are unsuccessful at.

Farther away, Fern and Payton watch the Careers, plotting carefully. Payton with his bow, and Fern with his knife, they move closer and closer, until they are very close to the Careers, then Payton releases an arrow. It finds Lina’s throat, and she panics and pulls it out, letting her drown in her blood. The second arrow finds the far end of Blaine’s chest and he falls down, screaming. Fern runs up to him and slits his throat, ending his pain. But the Careers are armed too of course. Jade throws a spear which enters Fern’s stomach, killing him almost instantly, and Payton is surprised when Amber’s knife cuts his face horribly, and he falls down moaning. Jade, Amber, and Camalus argue on which one gets to kill Payton, and they come to the conclusion that Amber should, because she’s never killed a tribute before. She slits his throat.

The twelve remaining tributes are all surprised, when a gentle ocean floods the arena, up to most tribute’s waists. It drowns many animals and insects, so they are easy pickings for most tributes. Sky, sighing, picks up a drowned rabbit. She pets it gently, and then kisses it, before violently chewing it, and consuming it except for the bones remaining. She hears a splash of water, then sees Grain standing above her, a grin on his face.

“Hi, my name’s Grain.” He says uncertainly. Sky wonders if she should trust him or not, but they get along pretty well and they tell each other about their lives in District 11 together. They stare at the sky together that night, and sees Blaine, Lina, Fern, and Payton.

“Only twelve left,” Sky says groggily, then they both fall asleep, Day 9 ending finally.

Day 10

1. Blake Regrebmah, District 9, killed by Jade
2. Cleopatra DeNile, District 5, killed by Emela

Told by Emela's perspective

I open my eyes, but only see yellow. My hair is in my eyes. I carefully push it out, and then get up and look outside of my cave. It's raining. But not normal rain --- of course, it's not that surprising. It's the Hunger Games. It's raining a red liquid, that I'm guessing is blood. What if its the dead tribute's blood? I push the idea out of my head. It's not raining hard, but it IS raining. A noise comes from my stomach, and I realize I must eat soon. I grab my knives that were... Robin's. I sigh, take them, and head into the jungle. The ground is red from blood, and after about five minutes of walking, I see the brown fur of a rabbit. I grin and throw my knife, which kills it perfectly. I grab the rabbit by the neck, and skin it carefully, when I hear a noise. Instinctively, I fall to the ground. After a minute or two, I get up and see a familiar face, unfortunately. It's the boy from my District, District 9. I think his name is... Jake? No... Blake! It's Blake, I recognize his face, thats mousy. I sigh, and debate whether to kill him or not. He is from District 9... it would be wrong to kill him, right? I never know because at that moment the Careers storm in. There's three of them, the girl from District 1 and the boy and girl from District 4. They surround him, and the boy from District 4 and the girl from District 1 knock him to the ground, while the girl from District 4 implants a knife into his throat. I can't help but scream. Two major things happen next --- Blake's cannon sounds, and all three Career's heads turn my way. "Get her!" The boy from District 4 shouts, and soon I'm on my feet running as fast as they take me. Panting loudly, I take out a knife and throw it at the girl from District 4. It lands into her arm. She screams, then pulls it out and throws it back at me! I duck and it lands in front of me. I pick it up and put it in my pack. I make a sharp turn, and find myself in a totally new part of the arena. It's a corn field, with nothing but high corn stalks. I slip in there, thankful for their concealment. "Where'd she go?" a girl shouts with anger, and I hear them running in the corn as well. I find the exit, and slip out to where I came from, so happy that I got away from the Careers. I climb a tree, and decide to spend the rest of the night there.

A few hours later, I see a girl with wild red hair step into view. What District is she from? I try to think. 10? 11? No, no. Not 10 or 11. Maybe... 8? No! It's 5. She's from District 5. So what is this girl doing? It looks like she's setting a trap... yes, she is. It looks like a very deadly trap. This girl looks very smart. Maybe she wouldn't be a bad ally... I climb down the tree stealthy, and jump to the ground. No, she wouldn't be a bad ally at all. I've needed one ever since Robin's death.

"Hi! Want to be---" I stop, because the girl has seen me, screamed, and stepped backwards --- right into her trap! She screams in horror, and clutches her left leg, which has been caught in the terrible trap. She's saying something. What is it?

"Please kill me! I'm in too much pain..." She says in despair. I nod, and go down to my knees. Her sky blue eyes are starting to tear, and I hold my hand out. She takes my hand. I never knew this girl, but I knew we would have had a great friendship. Still holding her hand, I bring my knife to her neck.

It was all over soon. The death of the girl from District 5. I felt so bad after, I didn't have lunch or dinner, because I was too depressed. I stare at the sky, and see the girl from District 5 first, then Blake. Two deaths today, and ten tributes left. Only nine to go... I think, then I drift into unconsciousness.

Day 12

1. Lesanna Ioni, District 8, killed by mutts
2. Camalus Smith, District 4, killed by Trey

Told by Sky's point of view

I open my eyes, and stare into Grain’s. They’re almost the same eye color; a dark brown. But mine are darker –– his are dark, but just not as dark. It’s still raining blood outside. I get on my feet, and sling my bow on, knowing today I must hunt. I say goodbye to Grain, then depart. We’ve only eaten meat for the past few days, not daring to eat any plants that we’re unfamiliar with. So, when I come across the corn stalks, you could just imagine my pleasure. I grab an ear of corn, and then munch on it happily. I take twelve more, for Grain and I. I stop, when I peer into the corn field. I can make out two tributes. The first one, probably female, has black hair down to her waist. The other, a male, has short brown hair. I think the girl is from 8, but I don’t know about the boy. He’s either from 5 or 7, I’m guessing. I don’t know what I should do. Definitely not kill them, but maybe I could get Grain to go after them. He probably will. So, I decide to leave. But then I hear them screaming. Badly. I turn around quickly, and see something that terrifies me. They are being chased by… spiders! Not your regular spiders, but six feet tall spiders. They’re huge, and obviously mutations. They’re blue, and hairy as anything. They’re running towards me, and the girl trips on something. The boy tries to run back and help her but it’s too late. The spider sinks it’s fangs into her and I know it’s too late. More than likely they’re venomous. The boy seems to think that, too, because he’s running faster. And then I remember everything about him. His name is Darius, he got a six in training scores, and he wore a ridiculous doctor’s uniform at the chariots. He slams into me. We are both thrown to the ground, and he scrambles to his feet, and then escapes from the spiders. I see stars. When he slammed into me, I hit my head on the ground, and I feel delirious. I get up, and see the spiders aren’t that far away. Running fast, I find my way back to our base camp.

“Grain! Grain!” I’m yelling, and his face forms surprise.

“What?” he asks.

“Mutts!” He needs no other explanation, because we’re racing through the jungle now, evading the spiders. Luckily, Grain grabbed our packs before we left. We continue running until we’re absolutely sure the spiders aren’t following us still. But we’ve got some more problems, because soon I feel something hard on my head, and I’m unconscious.

I’m tied to the Cornucopia, is my first thought. I catch a glimpse of the girls from District 1 and 4. They’re tying Grain, and he’s still unconscious.

“What are you going to do with us?” I ask, my body shaking. The girl from District 1 smiles a venomous smile.

“Camalus has great fun in store for you.” She says, with a huge smile. The girl from District 4 decides to slap Grain to get him awake again. When he wakes, he gives me a look of total innocence. I sigh. I see the boy who must be Camalus come into view. He’s got something in his hand… a fang? From what?

“Hey, District Eleven. This is a fang from a mutt we just killed. Its venom drives you mad, then gives you the most painful death imaginable.” He says, snickering with the girls. I pity the girl from District 8 who was bitten, and I hope she was simply eaten––not left to be tortured by the venom. The fang is a few inches long, and dripping with green liquid––the venom. He picks it up, and prepares to drive it into my arm, when a tribute comes to my rescue. It’s a boy, who must be from District 7. He knocks the fang out of Camalus’s hand, then stabs him with it. He shrieks, then falls to the ground. He then gets out his knife, and cuts the ropes, so we’re free. I don’t hesitate to jump down, and then quickly thank the boy from District 7. He nods, then runs away, the two Career girls feeling stunned.

“Quick! Let’s go!” I scream to Grain, and then we escape into the jungle once more, the Careers shouting horrible things at us and the boy from District 7.



Amber’s younger sister, Jade, showed up for the interview.

“How do you feel that Amber made it to the final eight?” Caesar Flickerman asks.

“Hmm… I’m very proud of Amber, and I know she’ll win. With Jade on her side, she can’t fail. I know that once there’s only two left, Amber will not hesitate to kill Jade. Then she’ll come home a winner.” Jade says. Caesar nods. After a few more questions, the interview is over.


Jade’s boss, Marilyn, showed up for the interview since none of Jade’s family are alive, and she doesn’t have very many friends.

“How do you think Jade will fare in these games?” Caesar asks Marilyn.

“It’s a no-brainer, Caesar. She got an eleven in training scores, she’s a killer! If she doesn’t win, I’ll be shocked.” Marilyn answers. Caesar nods, then ends the interview after a few more questions.


Darius’s twin sisters, Carrie and Sherry, show up.

“How do you feel about Darius’s game play?” Caesar questions.

“I think that he did a great job allying with Lesanna, it’s too bad she died, but now that he’s alone I think he’ll have more of a chance of winning.” Carrie answers. They appear strong, but at the end of the interview they are near tears.


Trey’s sister, Tilia, showed up for the interview. She’s twenty, and raised Trey herself after their parent’s deaths.

“Do you think that it was a good move that Trey saved Sky and Grain’s lives?” Caesar asks Tilia.

“No, I don’t. He should have let Camalus kill those two, then he could have killed the Careers, leaving only him, Emela, Darius, Lesanna, and Rose left. But noooo he had to save Grain and Sky’s lives, and only kill one Career. What the heck?” Tilia exclaims.


Emela’s family is hunters. Her brother, mother, and father are all hunters.

“So. Tell me all your thoughts on Emela ending Cleopatra’s life.” Caesar asked Emela’s family. Emela’s mother sighed.

“I am so glad Emela did that. That poor girl would have been in so much agony, and those Careers probably would have found her and left her there for a while, then kill her in one of the most gruesome ways. Emela, I am so proud of you.” Emela’s mother says with tears.


No one showed up for Rose's interview.


Grain’s parents showed up, but only them.

“So, Mr. and Mrs. Follows, how do you think Grain is doing so far in the arena?” Caesar asks them.

“I think he’s doing great. Although, Sky should beware of him because I don’t think he’d hesitate to slit her throat.” Mr. Follows replies.

“Tell me all your thoughts on Trey saving your son’s life,” Caesar asks of them.

“Oh! I am so thankful for that boy from District 7! He is my hero! Without him… Grain would’ve…” Mrs. Follows can’t say the rest.


Sky’s mother and father arrived.

“So, do you think that Sky should have aligned with Grain? Or was that whole thing a mistake?” Caesar asks them.

“Well, Caesar, I think that Sky should stay clear away from that boy,” spat Sky’s father. “He might be the end of her.”

“Oh, yes, I agree,” Sky’s mother chimed in. “He’s trouble for sure. My poor little Sky…”

Day 15

1. Rose Bloodworth, District 10, killed by Jade
2. Amber Larims, District 1, killed by Trey

Trey's point of view

The day has started. I sharpen my knife, hoping I won’t have to kill again today. It was bad enough when I killed that kid from District 4. Career. It’s a curse word to me. In District 7, Careers are considered below Peacekeepers. I sigh, and continue to sharpen my blade. To I regret saving those District 11 tributes? A little, but not that much. I like saving lives, I guess. Better than letting those Careers skin them alive. Definitely better. I also don’t like that the girl from District 9 is flying under the radar. I haven’t seen her or that boy from District 5 the entire game. There could be someone else, But I don’t think so. I decide to leave the corn field. I go for a walk, searching for game, when I see the girls from District 1 and District 4. I sigh. I don’t really want to kill girls, but I don’t have much of a choice. It’s my life on the line. I’m pretty good at throwing knives, this shouldn’t be too hard. Who should I aim for? The girl from District 4, probably. She got an 11 in training scores. That’s too impressive. I move closer to these girls, then raise my knife, when I hear a voice. I don’t believe it. It’s the new announcer, Scylla Night, and her clear, unbelievable voice that I love.

“Greetings, tributes. The Districts have all rebelled, and we no longer trust you tributes. Of course, we won’t kill you all in the snap of a finger,” Scylla continues to announce. “That wouldn’t be fun. If you are seen at all, you will be killed on the spot. So, I advise you to hide. I’ll give you sixty seconds starting after this announcement is done. Oh, and by the way, there will still be a victor.” Scylla Night is done announcing. I can’t believe it! That means, all of the Districts have rebelled in the last fifteen days. I’m running, and I didn’t even know it. I see a cave up ahead, and that looks like a great hiding spot. I slip in there before fifteen seconds is even gone. Nearly crying, I lean back and prepare to sleep. Sleep always makes me forget my troubles. You can imagine my surprise when my head hits the ground, it’s actually someone’s lap. Slashing my knife at this person without care, I finally take a look at this person. She has blond hair, and pale skin. She’s very pretty, actually. And from District 9, if I can recall.

“Stop! Let’s align!” She cries, and then I notice the second person. She has fire red hair, and brown eyes the color of chocolate.

“Please…” the girl says. I don’t know anything at all about this girl. Her District, her training score number, nothing at all. No idea.

“This is Rose, and I’m Emela.” The girl from District 9 says. The girl called Rose nods.

“What District?” I ask her.

“Ten.” Rose says. So here I am, forced to be in an alliance with the girls from District 9 and District 10. I sigh.

“Fine, I’ll be in an alliance with you. Aren’t you surprised at the rebellion?” I ask. They nod.

“Very.” Emela says. We talk for a while, and I learn lots about Rose and Emela. Rose lives by herself in District 10, and is a skilled hunter. She is very quiet, and Emela does most of the talking. Emela is also a hunter, but much more experienced than Rose. In fact, Emela’s entire family are hunters. I tell them about my history, and we all get along pretty well. Until it happened. Two girls storm in the cave. Rose screams, and Emela reaches for her bow. These girls are Careers. I look at them closely for the first time as I reach for my knife. The girl from District 4 has light brown hair, and gorgeous emerald green eyes. The girl from District 1 has long straight black hair, and creepy dark blue eyes. They are both armed. The girl from District 1 has knives. A lot of them, most of them longer than ten inches. I gulp. The girl from District 4 has a trident, that’s pointy. Rose is weaponless, and is utterly helpless as the girl from District 4 skewers her with her trident. Two can play at that game, I think, as I throw my knife and almost laugh as the blade goes through the girl from 1’s chest. She falls to the ground, dead, and two cannons tells me there’s nothing I can do for Rose.

“Let’s get out of here!” I shout to Emela, and she nods, as the girl from District 4 throws her trident, barely missing me. As soon as we leave the cave, the fireballs come straight at us. One nearly misses Emela, and we are desperately looking for shelter, when Emela says “Look!” and I see a waterfall, and it looks like there’s something on the other side… I don’t hesitate. I fling myself right into the waterfall and Emela does the same. Catching my breath, I look at the environment we’re in now. It looks like we’re in some sort of cave, because of the bats… wait! Those aren’t ordinary bats. Four wings, six eyes… yep, these are definitely muttations. I tap Emela’s shoulder, and then point to the ceiling. She gasps, then puts her hand to her mouth.

“We have to get out of here,” I barely whisper to Emela.

“No… where else can we go? You saw the fireballs!” Emela whispers.

“I don’t know. These things are probably dangerous.” I reply.

“Yes, but maybe they aren’t.” I sigh again, and then make one final comment.

“Let’s wait and see.” We wait until nightfall, and then watch the bats, see what they do. They’re pretty much harmless. They leave the cave without noticing us (or so we think) and we are finally relaxed.

“What are we going to do? We have to eat.” Emela considers. I don’t know what to do. If we leave to hunt for food, we would be completely at mercy to those fireballs.

“Maybe those bats taste good,” I offer. We fall asleep, with my arms around Emela. Wow, she’s really pretty. I almost have a heart attack when she kisses me on the cheek.

Day 16

No deaths today.

Told by the perspective of Jade

I couldn’t believe how horrible yesterday went down. Amber and I were lucky enough to find these three tributes from crappy Districts, when I found out that the boy from District 7 could kill pretty well. My last ally just gone… poof! At least I speared that girl from District 10 before those other two escaped. And, there’s a rebellion going on, and if we’re seen the Gamemakers well throw fireballs at us. One hit Amber’s leg, and we were lucky enough to get some very excellent burn ointment from sponsors. So, that means there are only six tributes alive. I try to think of all the tributes alive. I remember me, the boy from 7, and the girl from 9, and both from 11. I’m missing someone… but whom? I can’t recall. I think it’s a boy…I run through all the Districts. He’s not a Career. He’s not from 3… Wait! Now I know! He’s from District 5, that boy. I sigh. There are lots of caves in this arena; I found six on my journey yesterday. In fact, I’m in one right now. I open a can of mangoes, and munch happily on them. Mangoes are so juicy, and they’re –– What was that sound? It came from outside of my cave. I make my way towards the entrance –– and gasp when I see Peacekeeper uniforms. There are six of them in total, and then all come after me.

“No! No!” I shout, and they grab my arms and hold me, pulling me towards a hovercraft that looked like it had landed recently. I see the couple from District 11, and the boy from District 5 also there. That means that the boy from District 7 and the girl from District 9 still need to be found.

“What’s happening?” I ask them.

“I don’t know. I think they’re going to execute us.” Sobs the girl from District 11. I don’t know why she’s even answering me since I –– you know –– tried to kill her and her partner.

“Oh no…” I mutter. I see the girl from District 9 being pulled over by some Peacekeepers yelling “Let go of me! Let go of me!” and kicking. But where’s her boyfriend? The one from District 7? He must’ve escaped, I guess.

“Let’s take them into the hovercraft, Chandler,” One of the Peacekeepers says. They take us into the hovercraft, and I gather up the courage to ask,

“Where are you taking us?” The one called Chandler laughs heartily, and says “The Capitol”. The girl from District 11 gasps and I think she’s going to faint. We haven’t taken off, yet, because the boy from District 7 is still missing.

“Where is he, Swanlike?” Chandler asks the other Peacekeeper, who is a female. Swanlike? What kind of name is that?

“I’m not sure… the others are searching for him, but they found his tracker on the ground, so he could be anywhere.” Swanlike answers, and they both frown. Eventually, a few minutes later, the rest of the Peacekeepers arrive with that boy from District 7 in their arms.

“Noooo!” The girl from District 9 moans, and the boy struggles, but it isn’t worth it. They throw him in the hovercraft, and we finally take off. So, they’re taking us to the Capitol… but why? Most likely for our public execution. I’m so surprised how fast we get to this particular building in the Capitol, in a matter of seconds. The Peacekeepers shove us off, and we stare at the room we are in. Its ghost white everywhere, and the lights are way too bright. I see the other five tributes all cowering in fear, especially that girl from District 11. She’s crying and wailing, until a Peacekeeper threatens to shoot her. Then she stops. A man enters the room. He’s wearing a fine grey suit, and black pants. His shoes are so shiny I could see my reflection in them.

“Welcome, tributes of 50th Annual Hunger Games,” President Felinus says. He has cat whiskers, and a wiry red tail, and red hair that matches his tail. “I see you’ve arrived just in time.” The hair on the back of my neck stands up.

“For what?” I ask.

“The second twist of these Games.”

Day 16: The Second Games

No deaths today

Told from Grain's point of view

“What do you mean?” I ask President Felinus. I hold Sky tighter as she whimpers only slightly. His red eyes sparkle, and he grins, but doesn’t answer my question.

“Take them to their stylists and prep teams!” President Felinus commands the Peacekeepers, and soon we’re taken down a shadowy hallway, and into a room with six doors. The Peacekeepers split Sky and I up, and I’m taken towards a door marked “GRAIN”, and Sky is taken another room, with the title “SKY” on the door. Inside, is my stylist and prep team. My stylist, a girl with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes the color of the sky.

“Rachel!” I scream, and wrap my arms around her. Rachel is the most nice person ever, and very sure of everything. Picture the perfect person you’d turn to for advice. She’s twice that.

“Grain! What’s happening? Why are you here? You’re supposed to be in the arena! Oh, did you win? That’s fan –”

“Rachel, I didn’t win. There’s still five other tributes alive. We were taken from the arena, and brought here. You don’t know why?” I ask her.

“No, your prep team and I were told to come here by the president, but he didn’t say why,” Rachel says. For the first time, I notice my prep team. Silvanus, Orinthia, and Itea.

“Hi you guys. You don’t know why we’re here either?” I ask them. Orinthia shakes her head no, and pats Silvanus’s back because he is balling his eyes out. Just at that moment, Swanlike enters the room.

“Order from President Felinus,” She says with anger in her voice. “You are to pretty up this boy before four o’clock. Is that clear?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Rachel responds, with a bit of panic rising up in her voice. Swanlike then exits the room, marching.

“Okay, Grain, let’s get to work…” Rachel says, and the prep team jumps up in excitement that they’ll finally get to do what they love; styling tributes.

Well, Rachel and the prep team were finally done. “Done.” confirms Itea. My eyebrows have been plucked, my hair straightened, a bit of eyeliner has been added, I’ve been dressed in the latest fashionable clothes, and cologne has been applied. Rachel, Orinthia, Itea, Silvanus and I talk for a few minutes, before Swanlike comes and collects us again. Rachel and Orinthia start to get up, but Swanlike tells them to sit down, for only I will be going. Sighing, I get up, and follow Swanlike to wherever she’s taking me. I then realize I forgot to say goodbye to Rachel, and I may never see her again. We step into a grand hall, filled with audience members, and of course, the president. I find myself seeing the girl from District 4, the boy from District 5, the boy from District 7, and the girl from District 9. And, last of all, Sky. She is so gorgeous in that brown dress her stylist must have put on her. It really sets off her eyes, too. There are six chairs, all a blood red, sitting in a neat row behind President Felinus. He tells us politely to take a seat, and I do. On the chairs are the numbers 4, 5, 7, 9, and two 11s. I sit in the 11 next to Sky, and we each exchange a worried glance, wondering what shall happen to us.

“Greetings, tributes of the 50th Annual Hunger Games,” President Felinus says with a sly grin. “Most of you know of a rebellion that is happening now, in all of the districts. So, the Gamemakers and I have decided what to do with you.” The president says. The audience is silent. What? What could he possibly do to us? Execute us? What if it’s worse than death?

“As I said, we have decided that your punishment shall be…” The President pauses, taking our despair as pleasure. “Letting you – no, perhaps I should say making you – go into a Hunger Games right inside this building.” What? What did he just say? I think. A Hunger Games, right inside this building? Oh no…

“Yes, let me repeat. A Hunger Games right inside this building. The ‘arena’ is right inside this great big blue door over here,” President Felinus points to a door that must be at least twenty four feet tall, and a navy blue. “And it is an indoor arena, unlike the forty nine previous Games. Inside are dangers far worse than all of the other Games. Peacekeepers, super-muttations, and other surprises ready to kill you at any second. Yes, this will be a fun Hunger Games, even if there are only six tributes.” I am stunned. A Hunger Games – inside this building? And twice as dangerous, probably. Peacekeepers inside, ready to kill us at any moment? This is going to suck…

“And, for our enjoyment, these games will begin in precisely six minutes. So, get ready.” He says. Six minutes!? This is not happening… A man in a white coat goes to the girl from District 4 and inserts a tracker into her arm. He does the same to the boy from District 5, the boy from District 7, the girl from District 9, Sky… and then he comes over to me, and inserts the tracker into my arm. I feel the needle under my skin, and then it stings for a while. If they need trackers, the arena must be pretty big… just then Peacekeepers round us up, and take us through the door, and I see what the arena looks like. To my left, a desert with a few palm trees. To my right, a mountain coated with snow, and a tundra. It looks really cold to my right, and baking hot to my left. They (the Peacekeepers) march us to our metal circles, and I catch sight of the Cornucopia. It’s unusually far away, I can barely see it. It’s on the borderline of the desert and the tundra.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let the fiftieth and a half Hunger Games begin!” Claudius Templesmith bellows, and I realize I only have sixty seconds to decide what to do.

Day 1: Second Hunger Games

1. Sky Thorn, District 11, killed by Emela
2. Darius Melcott, District 5, killed by Jade

Told by Emela's point of view

Should I go to the desert… or the tundra? I wonder. What would the other tributes do? I’m guessing most will go to the desert, but that’s just a guess. I still cannot believe this happened. I’m going back into The Games again, with only five other tributes to kill. Of course, I don’t want to kill Trey… but I do want to return to District 9. Hopefully someone else will kill him maybe… I try to make out the Cornucopia but I can’t. It’s just too far away. I hope they have knives. I can’t really hunt with anything else. I think I’ll team up with Trey. Yes, that sounds good. But no one else, just Trey. I’ll try to kill the other tributes, especially that girl from District 4, who killed Rose. What’s her name? Something that starts with an ‘L’ or a ‘J’… oh, it’s Jade! I hate that name, actually. I see her standing on her podium looking smug as anything. If I had to kill anyone (including myself) it would have to be Jade. She’s a Career, and obviously a natural killer. Anyways… at that moment the gong rings, and I run to the Cornucopia as fast as my legs can take me. Disappointingly, that girl from District 11 is the only one faster than me. Trying to catch up to her, I grab the collar of her dress and pull her to the ground. She screams, and tries to grab my ankles but I kick her hands off. So, I’m the first to get to the Cornucopia. I stare at the weapons. There are isn’t a lot of variety. As far as I can see, there are only three different types of weapons. Bow and arrows, spears, and knives. I grab about six knives, and then dash for the food. At that moment, the boy from District 5 arrives, followed shortly after by that girl from District 11 who I pulled to the ground. She grabs a spear, and charges at me. Luckily, I was prepared and I throw my knife at her face, and it connects. It slices neatly into her forehead, and she drops dead. Someone else arrives at the Cornucopia, groping for weapons. Next to arrive is Jade, and she attacks someone, but I don’t know who. I pick up a baggie of food, filled with something that looks like a grainy food, and a backpack for good measure. I search for Trey, and discover the body on the ground is of that boy from District 5. I discover Trey is battling Jade, and it appears she’s winning. The boy from District 11 is gone, he could be anywhere right now.

“Trey! Come on!” I shout, and throw a knife at Jade. It pierces her chest, but it was the dullest part of the blade that got her, so she’s only injured.

“Forget her!” I command, and he unwillingly comes towards me. Wordless, we make our way towards the mountain up there, as the cannons go off. Two, for the boy from District 5 and the girl from District 11. It annoys me that Jade is still alive, but I try to remind myself she’ll probably be dead soon. Hopefully. I wonder if that boy from District 11 will be devastated about his district partner’s death. Probably. I kiss Trey on the cheek, and his face lights up.

“I’m hungry,” I tell Trey, and lean my head on his shoulder.

“We’ll find food,” he promises. I check out what he got from the Cornucopia. A spear and a sweater. That’s it. I discover the baggie was filled with peanuts, and in my backpack were some more knives, and a bottle of water. I eat the peanuts. I quickly uncap the water, and take a gulp. I realize that I drank all the water, and there’s none left for Trey!

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Trey! I drank all the water.” I tell him.

“It’s alright. There’s snow on that mountain,” He replies quickly, but I can tell he’s kind of upset. I would be, too. We trek up the mountain, and Trey and I eat some snow.

“I’m so sorry you’re here, Emela. I wish… I wish that it was just me here, and you didn’t have to go through this.” He tells me with tears in his eyes.

“It’s fine, Trey. We’ll take down Jade and that boy from District 11 easily. And then… and then we’ll find a way…” I don’t really know what to say. That night, Trey puts his sweater on me and we stare at the sky. Sure enough, in the sky are the pictures of the girl from District 11 and the boy from District 5. I kiss Trey, and then we fall asleep, me hearing a faint growl in the distance…

Day 3: The Second Hunger Games

1. Jade Wavesong, District 4, killed by Peacekeepers
2. Trey Walf, District 7, killed by a virus

Emela, Grain, Trey, and Jade are the four remaining tributes. Trey and Emela are aligned, but Grain and Jade are both on their own.

“Morning, Emela,” Trey says as he wakes up a sleeping Emela.

“Hello.” She says in response, and that day they all hunt.

A mile away from any tribute, Chandler the Peacekeeper watches the tributes from afar, with another Peacekeeper named Fauna. A few moments later, Flora, Fauna’s sister, arrives and tells them an important piece of information.

“The president just ordered us to attack Jade and Grain,” says Flora. “He wants Trey and Emela to be the final two. He says he thinks it would be interesting if one killed the other.” Fauna and Chandler nod, and then the trio goes farther into the tundra.

“Hello?” Trey asked Emela. She’d fallen asleep again. He decided he’d let her take a nap, and began to skin a strange bird he’d killed moments earlier. At that moment, Jade comes bursting into their camp, loaded.

“Peacekeepers!” She shouts, and then they appear. Chandler, Flora, and Fauna, appear with rifles. Fauna’s bullet enters Jade’s back, apparently in her spine because she’s still alive. The noise wakes Emela, and they break into a run, as Chandler’s bullet kills Jade. Trey and Emela continue to run throughout the woods, and Trey slips and falls on a thorn which cuts his leg.

“No, no, NO! This is not happening!” President Felinus shouts, talking to Swanlike the Peacekeeper.

“I’m sorry sir… I suppose I shouldn’t have released the-”

“Damn right you shouldn’t have released it! Now that boy is completely vulnerable, and the girl too, just not as vulnerable as the boy.” The president says. Two more male Peacekeepers enter the room.

“Ah, Dionysus and Phobos, my dear Peacekeepers. May you do me a favour and execute this tramp,” The president purrs, and Dionysus and Phobos drag Swanlike out of the room. The president’s assistant, Crimson, enters the room.

“Hello, my dear Felinus. How are you this evening?” Crimson asks the president in a charming voice.

“Not pleasant, Crimson. If I don’t do something quick, the boy shall die. And I do not want that to happen… yet.” Says Felinus. Crimson nods, and sits down in a comfy armchair near the president.

“May I suggest something, Felinus?” asks Crimson.

“You may.” Says the president.

“Well, perhaps you could send an antidote into the arena? The boy gets it, drinks it, and then he’s fine. What do you think about that?” Crimson suggests.

“That has to work, my dear fellow. Thank you for your suggestion,” President Felinus says, and then asks his secretary, Althea, to release an antidote into the arena.

“What’s this, Trey?” Emela asks, pointing to a vial that had just fallen in a parachute. She picked up the vial, and examined it. It had purple liquid, and something was written on it, but it was smudged. It sort of looked like, EOB TRFI, which made absolutely no sense to Emela. Trey examined it as well, but he thought the last letter was a “Y”. So, that made it EOB TRFY which as well didn’t make very much sense. They looked at it some more, and they decided one of them should drink it.

“You should, Trey. The last word could be Trey. Drink it!” Emela said.

“No, Emela. We actually have to know what it says for sure. It could say anything. And please – Emela just drink it.”

“I won’t.” replied Emela.

“I won’t, either, so you’d better. And beware, I’m much more stubborn than you.” Said Trey. So, it was decided. Emela would drink the vial. It was a bad mistake, because Trey was starting to feel sick. It was like he had a very bad virus…

“Althea! ALTHEA!” President Felinus roared. Althea cowered in her chair.

“Y-y-yes, president?” Althea was nearly to tears now.

“I… told… you… to mark the vial so it said ‘FOR TREY’. Did you do that, missy?” The president asked.

“Yes, President Felinus,” Althea replied.

“Did you smudge it? Answer carefully, because your life depends on it, my dear. Answer NOW!”

“No, I didn’t!” Althea cried.

“How strange, I could have sworn that Matryn told me you smudged it. Is this true, Matryn?” Matryn, a young plump man in the corner, nodded his head.

“I don’t like liars, Althea. And you just lied. If you had simply not smudged it, this boy would NOT be suffering from the Elodea Virus! Did you not know that that was the LAST CURE!?” The president roared, and with one swipe of the surgically implanted claws on his fingernails, he slit Althea’s throat, while Matryn slowly sobbed in the corner.

“Good day,” he said to Matryn, and then stormed off.

“I’m not feeling too great,” Trey nearly laughed. Emela bent down and felt his forehead. It was as hot as a stove.

“Oh dear…” she said, clearly not knowing what to do. Trey was exhausted, and his skin was turning slowly to a nasty grey colour.

“You should stay away from me, you know. You don’t want to catch this bug.” Trey tried to convince Emela.

“I won’t leave you for a second.” Replied Emela, and Trey laughed again.

Later that night, Trey’s condition got much worse, and when Emela woke up, she felt Trey’s skin, and cried when she found out it was as cold as ice. She closed his eyes, and knew that she had one opponent left; Grain.

Day 6: The Second Hunger Games

1. Emela Krayfar, District 9, killed by Grain

Emela, still mourning Trey, is on the move, searching for Grain. But, since it’s been a few days since the last death, the Capitol audience is starting to get bored. Boredom is bad. So, the Head Gamemaker, Mazus Pattroni, unleashes muttations into the arena. They take the forms of cheetahs, and are trained to attack Emela or Grain on sight. We haven’t talked much about Grain’s life in the arena yet, have we? So I will. After his partner, Sky, died, Grain has been miserable. Gloom and revenge are mixed up in his daily emotions. When he heard Trey’s cannon, he knew he only had one opponent left, and was going to take out that opponent ASAP. So, like Emela, he began to try and track the other tribute. It rained water that day, so most of the soil in the arena was wet, meaning tracks were easily made. Grain saw the tracks, but saw they were dry. That meant Emela had been there, just a while ago. He followed the tracks further, and when they stopped abruptly he wondered what happened to this tribute. That’s when Emela jumped.

Emela had been up in a tree nearly all day, waiting for someone to follow her tracks. And someone did. As soon as she saw him, she knew what she had to do. With a knife in hand, she jumped on to Grain. He wasn’t expecting the attack, of course, so as soon as he knew what she was doing he fiercely threw her off his back, and gripped his spear. For a minute, all they did was angrily stare into each other’s eyes. Wait – no, stare is too nice a word. Perhaps glare would be better. Soon, Emela pounced. Grain raised his spear. It seemed everything that happened next, happened in slow motion.

Emela wrapped her arms over Grain’s neck, and tried to stab it, and Grain threw his spear at Emela’s stomach. They both connected. Grain had a major wound in his neck, and Emela had a terrible wound in her stomach. It was obvious they were both going to die soon, so they decided to talk.

“My name… is Emela.” Emela said to Grain.

“I’m Grain.” He replied. A few minutes of silence before Grain asked a question.

“What’s it like in District Nine?” He asked Emela. She thought about it, but not for long.

“Well… there are a lot of factories… but a bit of forest too. We hunt… and then we process our food in the factories…” Emela responded. Grain nodded.

“You know… I’m sorry I killed your girlfriend.” Emela said.

“It’s not your fault… I mean, look where we are.” Grain replied. Emela’s breathing grew heavier, and soon she died. And Grain was crowned winner, but he certainly did not forget Emela. His friend. Or Sky. His lover.

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