• Jarvis Day, District 1
  • Eclair Dupree, District 1
  • Apricot Marble, District 2
  • Nellaya Parks, District 2
  • Prot Svent, District 3
  • Wentry Aprot, District 3
  • Dymitry Brennan, District 4
  • Ice North, District 4
  • Manny Alfore, District 5
  • Sapphire Rolland, District 5
  • Reny Buxplen, District 6
  • Sadey Welt, District 6
  • Pine Thorn, District 7
  • Willow Stone, District 7
  • James Rasmussen, District 8
  • Aslinn Red, District 8
  • Jair Burns, District 9
  • Hannala Dixon, District 9
  • Coleb Rey, District 10
  • Yentl Swert, District 10
  • Matthew Redfern, District 11
  • Blaise Harman, District 11
  • Aaron Follows, District 12
  • Ember Storm, District 12


District 1: Jarvis Day, Eclair Dupree
District 2: Apricot Marble, Nellaya Parks
District 3: Prot Svent, Wentry Aprot
District 4: Dymitry Brennan, Ice North
District 5: Manny Alfore, Sapphire Rolland
District 6: Reny Buxplen, Sadey Welt
District 7: Pine Thorn, Willow Stone
District 8: James Rasmussen, Aslinn Red
District 9: Jair Burns, Hannala Dixon
District 10: Coleb Rey, Yentl Swert
District 11: Matthew Redfern, Blaise Harman
District 12: Aaron Follows, Ember Storm


24 - Willow Stone (killed by Matthew Redfern)
23 - Coleb Rey (killed by Ember Storm)
22 - Prot Svent (killed by Eclair Dupree)
21 - Reny Buxplen (killed by Eclair Dupree)
20 - Aslinn Red (killed by Apricot Marble)
19 - Yentl Swert (killed by James Rasmussen)
18 - Apricot Marble (killed by Hannala Dixon)
17 - Wentry Aprot (killed by Nellaya Parks)
16 - Aaron Follows (killed by Dymitry Brennan)
15 - Dymitry Brennan (killed by Ember Storm)
14 - Matthew Redfern (killed by a muttation)
13 - Ice North (killed by the fire)
12 - Manny Alfore (killed by the fire)
11 - Nellaya Parks (killed by Eclair Dupree)
10 - James Rasmussen (killed by the tsunami)
9 - Sadey Welt (killed by Sapphire Rolland)
8 - Jarvis Day (killed by Hannala Dixon)
7 - Jair Burns (killed by Eclair Dupree)
6 - Ember Storm (killed by Eclair Dupree)
5 - Eclair Dupree (killed by Hannala Dixon)
4 - Hannala Dixon (killed by Sapphire Rolland)
3 - Sapphire Rolland (killed by Pine Thorn)
2 - Blaise Harman (killed by muttations)
1 - Pine Thorn (alive)


Section 1: A vast, dry desert where it never rains, but there are many food sources here
Section 2: A freezing cold arctic area, with no water but the snow and not many food sources
Section 3: A forest with an enormous lake that takes up half of it. Lots of food and water sources here
Section 4: A wasteland of badly burned trees and a large dried up lake. No food or water sources

Sapphire: Section 4
Pine: Section 4
Blaise: Section 4


Day 1

This year the arena is divided into four sections. They each have numbers. Section 1 is vast, dry, desert. Section 2 is freezing cold arctic, with vicious polar bear mutts and seal mutts everywhere. Section 3 is a boreal forest with a humungous lake that takes up half of the forest. And the last, Section 4, is a swamp, with four ponds in it. The only water sources are the lake in Section 3, the rain in Section 3, and the ponds in Section 4. And, of course, the snow in Section 2. The gong rings and dozens of tributes rush to the Cornucopia, and in total eight tributes die in the infamous bloodbath. The first death was Willow, who was killed by Matthew. The next, in order, were Coleb, Prot, Reny, Aslinn, Yentl, Apricot, and finally Wentry. The Cornucopia is in Section 2, so all the tributes start there. Closest to Section 2 is Section 1 and Section 3, and farthest away is Section 4. The Career alliance is formed of Jarvis, Eclair, Nellaya, and Dymitry. They may have small numbers, but all four of them are very, very deadly. Jair and Hannala become an alliance, as well do Ember and Aaron. Also, Pine and Sadey align. Ice, Manny, Sapphire, James, Matthew, and Blaise decide not to go into any alliances. Since there aren't any food sources in Section 2, many decide to leave to another Section. It takes half a day to walk to Section 1, and a full day to Section 3 as the Cornucopia is closer to Section 1.

Day 2

The Careers move to Section 3, as Section 2 is no longer satisfactory for them. Hannala and Jair grow more romantic in their relationship, and Ice is soon chased by wolf mutts in Section 3. She escapes, and finds herself in Section 4, the most plentiful Section. Aaron and Ember are searching for food in Section 3 when Aaron is pounced on, by Dymitry from the Careers! Dymitry doesn't hesitate to slash Aaron's throat despite Ember's pleads, and looks up to see a bow in Ember's hands, and the arrow enters Dymitry's brain, killing him. Both Aaron and Dymitry are beyond help. Ember waits for other Careers to come and surround her, but none come. They must have split up, think Ember. Matthew decides to go swimming in the lake in Section 3, and all of a sudden he is pulled under the water, a large tentacle visible, barely. Matthew never surfaces

Day 3

It's been a few days since the last death, Matthew, and the Capitol finds that the audience is bored. Boredom is bad. So, they decide to do something that's very, very rash.

Soon Ice is running for her life, a giant inferno of flames behind her. She's been running for fifteen minutes, and soon the flames overcome her, and she is dead. The flames catch Manny, too, burning him to a crisp. Nothing is left of Section 4 except for lots of burnt trees and dried up ponds. No food, no water, it went from being the most plentiful Section to the least. Back at the Career camp, they are wondering where Dymitry could possibly be. They don't think he could be killed, as he was the most skilled of the four. Nellaya suggests that he could be possibly dead, and the rest agree. Jair and Hannala are slowly dying of thirst in Section 1. They can't even find Section 2 which is only a twenty minute walk from where they stand. Hannala becomes delirious, and thinks Jair is a Career and nearly kills him with a dagger. They are more than pleased when a sponsorship of water comes down from the sky in a parachute. Hannala, still delirious, drinks all the water before Jair even gets so much as a drop, and mumbles something about trumpets being a waste of creation. Now that Hannala has water she gets less delirious and realizes what she had done, and has to carry Jair to Section 2, which they eventually find. Soon, every single tribute except for Hannala and Jair are in Section 3, which the Gamemakers like.

Day 4

Jarvis, Eclair, and Nellaya are distrurbed when they find Dymitry's body, covered with maggots (ew!). Hannala and Jair are the only ones in Section 2, but are slowly freezing. They struggle to find Section 3, but cannot find it. The Capitol decide to heat things up in the arena by sending a note to Nellaya;

Dear Nellaya,

I, as the Head Gamemaker, have decided with my fellow Gamemakers that it would be a great delight if you killed both of your alliance members. If you don't, we won't hesitate to assassinate your sister.


Olgana Parsons, Head Gamemaker

Nellaya is shocked, and decides to kill them. When Eclair is polishing a knife Nellaya creeps up behind her, but Eclair sees Nellaya in the reflection of the knife. Eclair sees the ax in Nellaya's hand, and Eclair defends herself by sinking the knife into Nellaya's heart. Since Nellaya did not succeed, Olgana Parsons decided that Nellaya's seven-year-old sister and only family, be assassinated. And, as another twist, the Capitol starts a tsunami from the ocean surrounding all four sections, that sends all the tributes in Section 3 into Section 4, and unfortunately James was killed in the tsunami. Sadey and Pine almost drown, but Pine saves Sadey. They are celebrating and are a little too loud, because Sapphire hears them, climbs a tree nearby, and sinks an arrow into Sadey's throat, then runs away, planning on doing worse things to Pine later. Pine tries to save Sadey, but is unsuccessful.

Day 5

Day 5 arrives in the arena, and eight tributes remain. Jair and Hannala are slowly freezing, and those faint howls in the distance don't sound very friendly. Meanwhile, every other tribute is in Section 4, and the only things in Section 4 are burnt trees and dried up lakes. That's it. The Capitol dislikes how there is so much space in the arena, and decides to get rid of Section 1 and Section 3 completely (putting a forcefield around each Section). Jair and Hannala are surprised when they see two figures slowly approaching them. They ready their weapons and see that they are Eclair and Jarvis. Hannala grabs her bow and arrows and fires six of them. They all miss, except for one that goes into Jarvis's heart. Eclair tackes Jair to the ground and slits his throat. Hannala screams and releases her arrow into Eclair's back. Hannala, in a fit of rage and sadness, runs from the spot and makes it to Section 4. She watches the sky, and is startled to see that only Jarvis and Jair's pictures appear in the sky. That can only mean that Eclair is still alive... Blaise is laying in the dried up lake, with a wound in her chest, made by Ember. She is slowly dying, but is found by Pine. He nurses her back to health, and they become an alliance.

Day 6

It's Day 6 in the arena, and incredibly there are only six tributes left. Head Gamemaker Olgana comes on the announcements.
"Congratulations, final six. You all have been invited to a grand feast at the Cornucopia. There you will find grand food, but also grand weapons. Good luck."
Eclair, dying in Section 2 after a wound made by Hannala, is startled when Sapphire comes up to her, and tries to put her out of her misery, when Ember jumps out from the sky and tackles Sapphire. Sapphire grabs an arrow and tries to stab Ember with it, but Ember sends a dart into Sapphire's arm. She passes out. Ember has a smile on her face when she realizes Eclair is still alive, and a knife sprouts from her stomach. Ember falls down, dead. Eclair soon dies a few hours later from the wound Hannala made. Incredibly, no tribute went to the feast. Four tributes are alive, for the dart Ember injected Sapphire with only creates unconsciousness.

Day 7

The four remaining tributes are startled when the heat rises very rapidly and all three tributes are dying of thirst since there are no water sources at all in Section 2 or Section 4, and the only water so far has been rain that only Hannala has drunk. So, Olgana Parsons announces that there will be another feast---but this time there will be twenty-four full glasses of water on the Cornucopia. Immediately, all four tributes wish to go. Blaise and Pine, the only alliance, arrive at the Cornucopia, and see the twenty-four full glasses, every one a different colour. They both run together, and they hear the arrow hitting a tree trunk nearby them. A miss, by Sapphire. Pine and Blaise realize Hannala is across from them, drinking glasses of water very fast.
"Duck!" screams Pine, and they both duck, and the arrow that was supposed to strike Blaise hit Hannala instead, right into her stomach. She moans, then falls down dead, her fire-red hair glinting in the sun. Blaise and Pine pick up many glasses of water than run, leaving Sapphire with ten glasses of water, which she drinks greedily.

Sapphire is planning devious ways to kill Blaise and Pine, and when she kills them hello District 5! So, Pine and Blaise are extra wary, and they plan on ways of taking out Sapphire as well. Pine and Blaise have no love for each other, but they have a bond similar to Katniss and Rue ’s. Day 8 arrives in the arena, slowly, and Blaise gets the same feeling Katniss does that the Games will all be over today. Olgana Parsons comes on the announcements that during the night they created a Section 5 south of Section 4, where it is only a lake, with very pure water. Immediately, Sapphire runs as fast as her legs will take her to Section 5, and drinks the water happily. Blaise and Pine arrive in Section 5 and see that Sapphire is not there so Blaise and Pine bend down to drink out of the lake when Sapphire sprouts to the surface and tackles Pine with a sharp arrow clutched in her hands. Pine grabs his ax and swings at Sapphire but she ducks, and Sapphire grabs her bow and lets an arrow enter Pine’s body. Blaise jumps on to Sapphire as well, knocking her to the ground and Pine kills Sappire with his ax. Night falls and Sapphire’s picture appears in the sky. Pine tells Blaise he does not want to kill her, and that he should just kill himself. Blaise screams no, and there must be a way out. They do not want to threaten suicide to the Capitol like Katniss and Peeta did, because they fear they and their family members would be hurt. So, seeing that these two tributes will not kill each other, the Capitol releases muttations into Section 5, so Pine and Blaise run for their lives. The mutts look startlingly like the previous tributes that have died, but the creature looks nothing like I can compare. The one with the bright yellow coat and ocean blue eyes with a collar with a 5 .... Sapphire. And the one with a fire red coat and amber eyes with a 9 .... Hannala. They decide to swim, but it’s no use the beasts continue to follow them, even in water. So, Blaise decides to sacrifice herself by going to the mutts. Pine pleads (NO!), but the muttation that resembles Ice, the white blond hair and icy eyes, rips Blaise’s head off. The helicopter picks Pine up, and he is crowned winner of the 55th Annual Hunger Games, and one of the only victors from District 7.

Final 8 Interviews


His mother, father, and two sisters showed up for the interview. His youngest sister Rosemary, 6, cried very hard and pleaded for her brother to come home. His mother and father looked almost pleased that he made it to the final 8, and they both say how they know he will win. His other sister, Shaniya, 11, did not say a word and had a very blank expression on her face, and tears forming.


Eclair has five brothers and one sister, who are all older than her. Her mother and father also showed up, and all eight of them were very happy that she made it that far, and they all agreed that there was no doubt that Eclair would win, and that killing Nellaya was "awesome".


Sapphire was an only child of Paloma and Damion Rolland, but her father died of a pandemic in District 5 called the Greenwarts Virus, which causes death within 7 days when caught. Sapphire's mother and her best friend, Elsa, showed up, and her mom said that her little baby would win, no matter what anyone else thought.


Pine's older brother and father showed up, as his mother was deathly ill in the District 7 hospital. They were both grim, and Pine's father told Pine not to do anything he may regret.


Jair's mother, father, brother and sister showed up, all with flaming red hair. His mother said that she did not trust Hannala, and kill her before it's too late. His sister, Aliza, said that she liked Hannala and take her to the end. His brother, Mathias, agreed with his mother. So did his father.


Hannala's mother died during birth, and her father died when she was 3 years old. Her two friends, Gilbert and Calleigh, showed up. They said that even if Hannala did die, her spirit would live on in their hearts. They both said they approved of Jair.


Blaise's mother, father, and three siblings showed up. They all didn't say much, just that they loved her deeply, and hoped she'd come home.


Ember's sister and best friend showed up. Her sister, Dawn, and her best friend, Orillia said that they very badly wanted Ember to win The Games, and to trust no one.

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