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Day 1

24th - Clover (District 4), killed by Gourd (District 11)
23rd - Arbutus (District 9), killed by Elodea (District 2)
22nd - Leon (District 10), killed by Tilia (District 3)
21st - Ficus (District 6), killed by Flax (District 2)
20th - Tilia (District 3), killed by Elodea (District 2)
19th - Delonix (District 5), killed by Quince (District 1)

Day 2

18th - Chive (District 12), killed by Quince (District 1)
17th - Elodea (District 2), killed by Kassidy (District 10)
16th - Itea (District 6), killed by Kassidy (District 10)

Day 4

15th - Smilax (District 7), killed by the lava
14th - Gourd (District 11), killed by a muttation
13th - Scarlet (District 1), killed by a muttation

Day 6

12th - Magnolia (District 11), killed by Freesia (District 5)
11th - Kassidy (District 10), killed by Rose (District 9)

Day 9

10th - Crocus (District 4), killed by a super-plant
9th - Caladium (District 3), killed by Callum (District 8)

Day 11

8th - Freesia (District 5) killed by Fuchsia (District 12)
7th - Quince (District 1) killed by Callum (District 8)

Day 12

6th - Flax (District 2), killed by Violet (District 8)
5th - Callum (District 8), killed by Rose (District 9)

Day 14

4th - Fuchsia (District 12), killed by a muttation

Day 16

3rd - Rose (District 9), killed by Talisia (District 7)

Day 18

2nd - Violet (District 8), killed by Talisia (District 7)
1st - Talisia (District 7) - WINNER!


Day 1

The 61st Hunger Games begins as the gong goes off and most tributes dash to the Cornucopia where all of the weapons are available. Six tributes die at the Cornucopia battle and the best weapons are taken by the Careers. A few tributes decide to play the game in solitude. The tributes could go left, to the Tundra (a cold forest with a glacier), or the Island (a sandy island with ten trees and a freshwater lake). By the end of the day the following tributes have died;
Dead: Clover, Arbutus, Leon, Ficus, Tilia, and Delonix.

Day 2

Day 2 arrives in the arena and the Careers who are all on the Island (Quince, Scarlet, Flax, Elodea, Crocus, and Gourd) find Chive and kill him quickly. And, the Careers have captured Itea, and Elodea plans on giving her a slow and painful death, when Kassidy, who is up in a tree watching them, notices a tracker jacker nest up in the tree (Katniss got the idea of dropping the tracker jackers on the Careers from Kassidy in the 61st Hunger Games) and knocks the nest down on the Careers and Itea. The tracker jackers go after Elodea and Itea, who are the closest, and kill them. Elodea dies first. The other Careers receive 2-4 stings, but are otherwise alive. By the end of the day 9 tributes are on the Island, and 5 tributes are in the Tundra. Rose, who is on the Island, finds Violet but Violet can't see her yet. Rose asks Violet if she would like to be in an alliance with her, and Violet accepts. Smilax and Talisia, who have been aligned since the beginning, are in the Tundra when they find a mutt Polar Bear which mauls Talisia before Smilax shoots it with an arrow, killing it. Talisia is alive, but needs a lot of healing to do.
Dead: Chive, Elodea, and Itea.

Day 4

The Careers (Quince, Scarlet, Flax, Crocus, and Gourd) decide to migrate to the Tundra since finding the other tributes on the Island is difficult. On the borderline between the Tundra and the Island is an enormous mountain, simply called The Mountain, which begins smoking, and finally the Mountain erupts lava, and Smilax and Talisia are right in the lava's course. Smilax picks up Talisia, who is too weak to walk, and runs all the way to the Lake, where the lava corners him and he is forced to throw Talisia in the water, sacrificing his own life. Every other tribute manages to escape the deadly lava, and the Careers are celebrating that they must only kill 9 other tributes. However, the Careers do not know that a monkey-muttation is watching them and one lunges at Gourd and kills him. The other injures Crocus. The other Careers escape, only to find there are more muttations (birds, monkeys, felines) and one kills Scarlet, while the remaining 3 Careers escape them, barely.
Dead: Smilax, Gourd, and Scarlet.

Day 6

Day 6 arrives in the arena and the Careers are struggling to stay alive with a lack of food and water. Freesia comes across someone's camp in a tree. Soon enough she spots Magnolia sleeping in the tree and Freesia slits Magnolia's throat. Later in the day Rose and Violet decide to plant a trap in a tree, and hours later they hear a SNAP! and they find Kassidy's decapitated head in the trap. Talisia struggles to stay alive with her condition, and Callum and Caladium make an alliance.
Dead: Magnolia and Kassidy.

Day 9

The final three Careers (Quince, Flax, and Crocus) are the first to discover the newly created Jungle and find a very plentiful food source. Quince, Flax, and Crocus find strange, fuchsia plants similar to Venus Flytraps, and one attacks Flax, and Crocus tries to save him, and he does, but the plant attacks him instead, and the plant eats and kills Crocus. Quince and Flax escape. Talisia is slowly progressing and is almost able to walk. She is slowly dying of dehydration and hunger, but is still managing to survive. "Tomorrow I'll be able to walk and find food and water.", she says. Meanwhile, Caladium and Callum trek through the dense woods of the Tundra when Caladium discovers Callum has taken his only weapon: a spear. By then it is too late. Caladium is dead.
Dead: Crocus and Caladium.

Day 11
The final 8 (Quince, Flax, Freesia, Talisia, Callum, Violet, Rose, and Fuchsia) are all well alive. Flax and Talisia are injured still, but Talisia manages to gather food and water, and Flax's injury is minor. The final 2 Careers find a gift from the sponsors. It is a whistle that when blown attracts herbivores that they can eat. Fuchsia, who is definitely lying low, find Freesia running in the forest and Fuchsia throws a spear at Freesia and skewers her. Meanwhile, the Careers are trying to remember whose left in the arena when the attack begins. Callum launches an arrow which lodges into Quince's brain and instantly kills him, and Flax seriously injures Callum before he dashes away. Flax smiles and mumbles, "Good. Now I only have to face five more, and I'll be crowned winner of these games!" and runs into the forest, chasing Callum.
Dead: Freesia and Quince.

Day 12

The Gamemakers make an announcement: there is another feast at the Cornucopia and has invited every player left a backpack with their District number on it. There is a 2, a 7, two 8s, a 9, and a 12. Inside the backpack is food and water. And at the table is feast: a fairly large burnt loaf of bread. Every tribute has a weapon except for Fuchsia and Talisia. Every tribute wants to go to the feast. Flax, Violet, and Rose run to the Cornucopia simultaneously, and Rose decapitates Flax. Callum makes an appearance, snatches his backpack, but is killed by Rose. Violet and Rose take every single backpack, and the loaf of bread. CONGRATULATIONS FINAL FOUR! Talisia, Violet, Rose, and Fuchsia.

Dead: Flax and Callum

Day 14

Violet and Rose are laughing. They think they can defeat the other two tributes (Talisia and Fuchsia) easily. The Gamemakers make an announcement. "To the final four tributes. A new species of muttation has been released into the Tundra. Good luck. You're going to need it." The cameras turn to the Tundra where currently Violet, Rose, and Fuchsia reside. The muttations are an unidentifiable species, and one bites Fuchsia. She escapes, though. A few hours later, Fuchsia is seen barely alive, dying from the bite. She coughs gallons of blood, and then dies. Violet and Rose celebrate again.
Dead: Fuchsia

Day 16

Violet and Rose are trying to discover a way to kill Talisia. She is still weak from being mauled by a polar bear mutt on Day 2. So, they decide they must find where she may reside. So, when Violet and Rose least expect it, Talisia invades their camp and sends a spear flying into Rose's heart. She dies (obviously). Violet grabs her machete and chops all four of Talisia's fingers off on her left hand. Talisia is seen bleeding heavily and Violet sheds many tears over Rose's death, and says "I will win for you."
Dead: Rose

Day 18

Violet and Talisia, the final two, are very near each other but they have no idea. All of a sudden a huge storm forms in the arena, and rain drops the size of soccer balls explode from the soot-colored clouds. Talisia has a bow and arrows, and Violet has a sword. Talisia spots Violet, and sends an arrow into her stomach. Still alive, Violet pulls the arrow out, and Talisia falls from her tree because of the severe wind. Violet laughs and plans on killing Talisia very slowly, in revenge for Rose's death. Violet plunges the sword into Talisia's stomach, but Talisia seizes an arrow and skewers Violet in the neck. Violet dies, and the Capitol heals Talisia, who is crowned the winner of the 61st Hunger Games!
Dead: Violet

Remaining Tributes

District 1 male: Quince

District 1 female: Scarlet

District 2 male: Flax

District 2 female: Elodea

District 3 male: Caladium

District 3 female: Tilia

District 4 male: Crocus

District 4 female: Clover

District 5 male: Delonix

District 5 female: Freesia

District 6 male: Ficus

District 6 female: Itea

District 7 male: Smilax

District 7 female: Talisia - WINNER!

District 8 male: Callum

District 8 female: Violet

District 9 male: Arbutus

District 9 female: Rose

District 10 male: Leon

District 10 female: Kassidy

District 11 male: Gourd

District 11 female: Magnolia

District 12 male: Chive

District 12 female: Fuchsia

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