Remaining Tributes

District 1 male: Jax Stringer

District 1 female: Jen Cralz - WINNER!

District 2 male: Nathanial Salas

District 2 female: Sanaa Gamble

District 3 male: Eric Lopez

District 3 female: Madison Kennedy

District 4 male: Martin Johnson

District 4 female: Gemma Revlis

District 5 male: Larch Gredman

District 5 female: Sparrow Leafs

District 6 male: Riann Alvyss

District 6 female: Neena Piacevolle

District 7 male: Jarvis Bradford

District 7 female: Dania Cooley

District 8 male: Remi Bellhorn

District 8 female: Karina Lettom

District 9 male: Josh Diaz

District 9 female: Gabriela Wood

District 10 male: Alexandar Liive

District 10 female: Ezri Kadair

District 11 male: Cotton Yarrow

District 11 female: Edelweiss Honeysuckle

District 12 male: Cyrus Grey

District 12 female: Kitt Hegliss

District 13 male: Anders Green

District 13 female: Kasey Green

Day 1

26th - Sanaa Gamble (District 2) killed by Madison Kennedy (District 3)
25th - Gabriela Wood (District 9) killed by Remi Bellhorn (District 8)
24th - Jax Stringer (District 1) killed by Sparrow Leafs (District 5)
23rd - Kasey Green (District 13) killed by Josh Diaz (District 9)
22nd - Madison Kennedy (District 3) killed by Anders Green (District 13)
21st - Sparrow Leafs (District 5) killed by Anders Green (District 13)
20th - Remi Bellhorn (District 8) killed by Alexandar Liive (District 10)
19th - Alexandar Liive (District 10) killed by Ezri Kadair (District 10)
18th - Ezri Kadair (District 10) killed by Riann Alvyss (District 6)

Day 2

17th - Anders Green (District 13) killed by Riann Alvyss (District 6)
16th - Josh Diaz (District 9) killed by Karina Lettom (District 8)
15th - Larch Gredman (District 5) killed by Eric Lopez (District 3)
14th - Eric Lopez (District 3) killed by Jen Cralz (District 1)

Day 5

13th - Dania Cooley (District 7) killed by Karina Lettom (District 8)
12th - Nathanial Salas (District 2) killed by Neena Piacevolle (District 6)
11th - Martin Johnson (District 4) killed by Neena Piacevolle (District 6)

Day 6

10th - Edelweiss Honeysuckle (District 11) killed by Cotton Yarrow (District 11)
9th - Neena Piacevolle (District 6) killed by Jen Cralz (District 1)

Day 8

8th - Gemma Revlis (District 4) killed by Karina Lettom (District 8)
7th - Jarvis Bradford (District 7) killed by Kitt Hegliss (District 12)

Day 12

6th - Karina Lettom (District 8) killed by Cotton Yarrow (District 11)

Day 14

5th - Cotton Yarrow (District 11) killed by Kitt Hegliss (District 12)

Day 16

4th - Cyrus Grey (District 12) killed by a muttation

Day 18

3rd - Kitt Hegliss (District 12) killed by a venomous snake

Day 19

2nd - Riann Alvyss (District 6) killed by poisonous berries
1st - Jen Cralz (District 1) - THE WINNER!


Day 1

The gong rings and most tributes dash to the Cornucopia to get weapons and food. All in all, 9 tributes die in this bloodbath. Here are the tributes names who died, in order.
Sanaa, Gabriela, Jax, Kasey, Madison, Sparrow, Remi, Alexandar, and Ezri.The environment this year is a Swamp. There is quicksand, venomous snakes, poisonous insects, and lots of Marsh, Bog, Swamp, and trees, trees, trees! The Career alliance is formed, consisting of Jen, Nathanial, Martin, Neena, Larch, and Karina. No other alliances have been formed... yet.

Day 2

The Careers make Base Camp by Pinyon Swamp, a swamp with drinkable water. All of the swamps have been given names by the Gamemakers. Piapiac Swamp, Pinyon Swamp, and Steller's Swamp. The Careers make a living at Pinyon Swamp, and alliances have been forming. Eric and Josh, and another alliance of Edelweiss and Cotton. Riann finds Anders in the forest and debates whether to kill him or not. He decides, and grabs a very large rock and drops it on Anders, killing him. The Careers were totally unprepared when the alliance of Josh and Eric storm into their camp. But the Careers were fast and got organized right after a knife thrown by Eric lodges into Larch's neck. It doesn't kill him. Karina kills Josh and Larch bleeds to death shortly after Josh's death. Eric realizes he can't defeat the Careers and flees, but an arrow shot by Jen goes into Eric's heart and kills him. The Careers celebrate.

Day 5

The remaining 5 Careers (Jen, Nathanial, Martin, Neena, and Karina) move to Piapiac Swamp where they find Dania and Karina kills her very slowly, putting up a good show for the audience. Neena receives a message from the Capitol, saying if she kills the Careers one by one, they will double her fortune if she wins. So, when the other Careers have gone and only her and Nathanial remain at Piapiac Swamp, she kills him. When the Careers return Neena claims Cotton killed Nathanial. Later in the day, when they are walking in the woods Neena throws a huge rock at the back of Martin's skull and kills him. Her excuse is that she saw Riann throw the rock at Martin. The day ends with Neena wondering who she should kill next: Jen or Karina?

Day 6

Neena decides to wait to kill another of the Careers, and Piapiac Swamp dries up, forcing the Careers to move back to Pinyon Swamp. Jen is very suspicious of Neena's killing, but Karina isn't. Jen is debating on whether to kill Neena or not, if she has enough proof. I mean, how could someone throw a rock at Martin when there was no one in sight? thinks Jen. Edelweiss and Cotton are shown at Steller's Swamp where they reside currently. Cotton asks Edelweiss to swim with him, and they swim for a few minutes until Cotton grabs Edelweiss's head and holds it underwater until he is sure she is dead. The Careers (Jen, Neena, and Karina) are seen trekking through the woods, searching for food when Neena pulls out a spear from her backpack. They are walking in single file, with Karina in the front and Neena in the back. Neena decided it was time to kill Jen, for being too suspicious. Jen sees something interesting on the ground, and just as Neena throws the spear Jen ducks, and the spear misses Karina and sails into a tree. Jen and Karina look at the tree trunk. "So it's been you all along!" exclaimed Karina. Karina pins Neena down and Jen spears her in the stomach, killing her. "That was a close one," says Jen.

Day 8

Cyrus and Kitt meet in the forest, and decide to make an alliance. Riann, Jarvis, and Cotton are all loners. Jen and Karina are still aligned, and seem very loyal to each other. Cyrus leaves out some berries, and wakes up in the morning to see Jarvis trying to steal the berries. Kitt is aware, too, and sends an arrow into his heart. Later in the day, Jen and Karina find a note in their backpack. A lot of items are missing. The note looks as if it's written in blood, and it says in neat handwriting "You're next.". Jarvis sets a trap in the middle of the forest, even though he highly doubts it will be sprung. Earlier, Jen and Karina find Gemma in the forest and begin throwing many weapons at her, but they all miss. She laughs, because she is much faster than both Jen and Karina, and continues to run, completely oblivious to Jarvis's trap, and steps on it. It severs off her foot to her ankle, and screams in agony until Karina slits her throat. Now only 6 tributes remain....

Day 12

Karina and Jen talk about who they think wrote the note. They think it could possibly be Cotton, or even Riann, who wrote the note. Jen thinks they should guard the camp more heavily, in case someone decides to pay them an unexpected visit. When Jen returns to camp from guarding it, to her horror she discovers Cotton holding a knife against Karina's throat. "Give me the backpack or the girl dies," says Cotton calmly. Jen takes off the backpack around her back and gives it to Cotton. First came Karina's scream----then the horrible cutting sound----then Cotton's laughter as he races through the woods. Jen holds Karina's cold hand and tells her that she was the best friend she ever had. She wipes off a tear, then races after Cotton, intent on revenge.

Day 14

Cotton escapes Jen, barely, ending up with a knife in his leg; but now he faces a new threat: Kitt. She and Cyrus corner him in the corners of the arena and Kitt screams at him for killing Edelweiss and Karina----both of which she and Cyrus witnessed. She stabs him in the forehead, killing him. The final four----Jen, Riann, Cyrus, and Kitt----are surprised by an announcement by the Gamemakers: "Congratulations, final four. You have killed twenty-two tributes to get this far. You are the best killers. So, let's see if the ones you've killed can take you down again. Good luck." What?

Day 16

All four of the tributes are confused. What did the Gamemakers mean? "Congratulations, final four. You have killed twenty-two tributes to get this far. You are the best killers. So, let's see if the ones you've killed can take you down again. Good luck." Kitt, Cyrus, Jen, and Riann find themselves each being attacked by muttations similar to the ones in the 74th Hunger Games. They took the DNA from the dead tributes and made muttations from them. Jen is forced to kill the Karina muttation, and Cyrus and Kitt take down the Gabriela, Kasey, Josh, Eric, Martin, Gemma, and Neena mutts. However, one mutt (Dania) attacks Cyrus and rips his head clean off. The final three escape the mutts and the Gamemakers euthanize them. However, the Gamemakers let six mutts live and release them into the forest. They are the Cotton, Edelweiss, Sanaa, Jax, Alexandar, and Jarvis mutts. The day ends with the sun setting and Kitt's moans and sobs over Cyrus's death.

Day 18
Kitt sits high above in a tall oak tree, watching Jen very carefully. Kitt notices a venomous snake in the tree and slowly creeps up on it, seizing it by it's neck, and crawls over to the area where Jen is. Jen doesn't notice Kitt, and Kitt is right above her. Kitt laughs and is about to drop the snake on Jen when a scream----a male's scream----echoes throughout the forest and makes Kitt let go of the snake a little. The snake recoils and sinks it's venomous fangs into her palm. Kitt screams and falls right onto the fire Jen made. The venom kills Kitt, and oddly enough the venom makes the creature the snake bit feel like it's burning alive. Jen wonders why Riann screamed, because his cannon didn't go off.

Day 19

Riann screamed because he was attacked by mutts (Ravens). They clawed at him and scratched his right eye badly, but otherwise he made it. Want to know who wrote the note? It was Kitt. She thought she was in Cotton's camp, but she was actually in Jen and Karina's. Riann and Jen find each other and suggest to do something extremely similar to what Katniss and Peeta did in the 74th Hunger Games. Jen finds poisonous berries and non-poisonous berries from the forest, and tells Riann in a whisper that they're not poisonous. Jen has the non-poisonous berries. They eat the berries and when Riann realizes the berries were poisonous he tries to slash her throat but it's too late. He's dead.

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