Hey everyone.
This is my very last Hunger Games, cause it gets exhausting writing all the entries and stuff.
The twist this year is that two tributes from the Captiol will be sent in to the arena. And, they give these two Captiol tributes major weapons. (Flamethrower, Bazooka, etc.)
So, enter your tributes in comments!

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  • Pierce Holt, District 1
  • Lolita Dobreva, District 1
  • Liam Hartnick, District 2
  • Sky Thorn, District 2
  • Proctor Swayne, District 3
  • Spritz Swer, District 3Go to Spritz Swer, District 3
  • Kent Freedman, District 4
  • Enna Faral, District 4
  • Thorn Glask, District 5
  • Brook Weld, District 5
  • Layton Camilo, District 6
  • Taniya Dario, District 6
  • Dripp Troll, District 7
  • Wynona Spryte, District 7
  • Arone Piklo, District 8
  • Katal Wexler, District 8
  • Morgead Cole, District 9
  • Rashel Jordan, District 9
  • Everdeeno Katisso, District 10
  • Tina McKenzie, District 10
  • Cooper Myers, District 11
  • Violet Milliak, District 11
  • Blaze Henders, District 12
  • Ember Sage, District 12
  • Katie Fitch, Capitol
  • Ash Blackthorn, Capitol

Remaining Tributes

District 1 male: Pierce Holt
District 1 female: Lolita Dobreva
District 2 male: Liam Hartnick
District 2 female: Sky Thorn
District 3 male: Proctor Swayne
District 3 female: Spritz Swer
District 4 male: Kent Freedman
District 4 female: Enna Faral
District 5 male: Thorn Glask
District 5 female: Brook Weld
District 6 male: Layton Camilo
District 6 female: Taniya Dario
District 7 male: Dripp Troll
District 7 female: Wynona Spryte
District 8 male: Arone Piklo
District 8 female: Katal Wexler
District 9 male: Morgead Cole
District 9 female: Rashel Jordan
District 10 male: Everdeeno Katisso
District 10 female: Tina McKenzie
District 11 male: Cooper Myers
District 11 female: Violet Milliak - WINNER!
District 12 male: Blaze Henders
District 12 female: Ember Sage
Capitol male: Ash Blackthorn
Capitol female: Katie Fitch


26th - Wynona Spryte (killed by Kent Freedman)
25th - Everdeeno Katisso (killed by Katie Fitch)
24th - Morgead Cole (killed by Violet Milliak)
23rd - Proctor Swayne (killed by Sky Thorn)
22nd - Thorn Glask (killed by Arone Piklo)
21st - Arone Piklo (killed by Dripp Troll)
20th - Enna Faral (killed by Ember Sage)
19th - Spritz Swer (killed by Blaze Henders)
18th - Taniya Dario (killed by Ember Sage)
19th - Rashel Jordan (killed by Sky Thorn)
16th - Kent Freedman (killed by Tina McKenzie)
15th - Sky Thorn (killed by Cooper Myers)
14th - Dripp Troll (killed by Tina McKenzie)
13th - Ember Sage (stung by a butterfly)
12th - Ash Blackthorn (killed by Katie Fitch)
11th - Layton Camilo (killed by Tina McKenzie)
10th - Pierce Holt (killed by Tina McKenzie)
9th - Tina McKenzie (killed by Brook Weld)
8th - Lolita Dobreva (killed by Liam Hartnick)
7th - Katie Fitch (killed by Katal Wexler)
6th - Katal Wexler (killed by Violet Milliak)
5th - Cooper Myers (killed by Violet Milliak)
4th - Brook Weld (killed by Blaze Henders)
3rd - Blaze Henders (killed by Liam Hartnick)
2nd - Liam Hartnick (killed by the Capitol)


The arena is a jungle with luscious plants, and there is a mint green river that is filled with dangerous chemicals that could burn a human alive; similar to lava. The gong rings and all twenty-six tributes rush to the Cornucopia, and some to the jungle. The Capitol gives their two tributes, Ash and Katie, their weapons. A flamethrower, bazooka, and bow and arrows dipped in poison. Each. Katie decides to align with the Careers: Pierce, Liam, Sky, Kent, and Layton. At the Cornucopia bloodbath a total of six tributes perish in the battle. Wynona grabs an ax from the Cornucopia, and then feels a trident sprouting from her stomach. Kent killed her. Then Katie, with her flamethrower, torches Everdeeno to death. Violet grabs a sword and beheads Morgead, and Sky sends an arrow in to Proctor's skull, killing him. Arone then slits Thorn's throat with a knife, and Dripp spears Arone, killing him. Tina makes an alliance with Cooper and Dripp, and another alliance is made of Spritz and Enna.

It's the second day, and Spritz and Enna are both very hungry. They found water easily, the pond in the western part of the arena they name Sprenna Pond. But they haven't seen any food. Spritz screams when something lands on her. It's Taniya, and she wants to be in an alliance with them. They say yes, and not even minutes later they hear a twig snap. They look about, and their eyes land on Ember. She's carrying a bow. She pulls the bow and the arrow goes straight through Enna's skull. She falls down. Next Blaze arrives next to her with knives, and throws a knife at Spritz, who is still in shock at Enna's death, and it catches her in the throat, killing her. Taniya tries to run but Ember sends a bow in to her back which enters her heart, killing her. Elsewhere, Tina flirts tremendously with Cooper and especially Dripp. She decides not to kill them immediately, but perhaps a few days later. Dripp and Cooper are very good at finding food and water for her. So she waits... The Career alliance is very wealthy since they now have Katie, who has three very good weapons, which she shares amongst them. Kent spots something up in the trees, and the Careers see that it's Rashel. And she has a flamethrower... Sky takes her golden bow with silver arrows and shots her down. She falls down, dead before she realizes what's happening.

The Careers are rather cold, because it's pouring rain in the arena, and it must only be 5 degrees Celsius or 41 degrees Fahrenheit out. So, Katie has the idea of lighting a fire to warm them up. Tina, Cooper, and Dripp spot the fire from a few yards away. They decide to investigate and see if they can kill them. So they see the Careers and decide to attack. Tina charges and buries her ax into Kent's chest, killing him, and Cooper buries a knife into Sky's neck. Then Tina, Cooper, and Dripp escape. The Careers are angry for the loss of two of their troops, but Layton convinces the remaining Careers not to go after them. Tina decides this is the right moment to kill them both, and attacks Dripp. She decapitates him, and then tries to kill Cooper, but she only gets her ax into his arm. Cooper escapes, wondering why he could have ever fallen in love with her. Tina is scared now. She needs a new alliance. And fast, because she might starve. She thinks of all the people alive. The Careers, that District 2 girl, the District 8 girl, and the District 12 couple. That's all she can think of. She decides to go to the Careers, and they reluctantly let her join. Layton says he likes her ability to kill.

Ember and Blaze are talking about their feelings for each other. Blaze admits that he loves her, and she confesses her love for him as well. They kiss and then they pause because they hear something. Just a faint buzzing of insects. Then it becomes louder and louder and Ember says they should run, and they pick up on their feet, but it's too late. Butterflies the size of a toddler appear from nowhere and they appear to buzz. One of them lands on Ember and stings her. She and Blaze escape to Sprenna Pond and jump in the water. The butterflies disappear, like they were never there. Ember says she feels horrible, and Blaze holds her until she dies. The butterfly-mutt's stings were very venomous; enough to kill a human. Blaze wipes away his tears, and says he will win for Ember. Meanwhile, the Careers decide to split up and look for water, as they have none left. Katie spots Ash and calls his name. She asks why he didn't join her, in an angry voice. He realizes she is a threat, and begins to take out his bazooka when she pulls out her flamethrower and torches him to death, in a humungous fit of anger. Content, she runs back to her gang, the Careers.

Cooper finds Brook in the forest. He is hypnotized by her beauty and decides to make an alliance with her. She agrees, and they find Katal, bleeding to death on the jungle floor. They nurse her back to health and they become a trio. Cooper is obviously in love with Brook but does she love him back? Time will tell. Katal is very good with finding edible plants and together they survive. They talk of the Careers and Katal says she's been watching them and there are five of them alive now, and that the District 10 girl (Tina) has joined them. They are disappointed. At the Career Camp, Pierce, Layton, Tina, Liam, and Katie are all eating when Tina pulls out her bow and arrows dipped in poison and lets two of them enter Pierce and Layton's body, killing them both. Liam and Tina smile. They had been planning this all along. They decided that there were too many mouthes to feed, and that they were the best 3 of the group.

Katal, the scout, informs Cooper and Brook of the killing of two Careers. Brook gets excited, and says that if they took them on, they could probably kill them all. Cooper and Katal agree. So the three of them trek to the Career Camp and when the three Careers are chatting, they dive into the camp and Brook stabs Tina in the heart. Katie, smiling, reaches for her weapons in her bag, but gasps in shock as she realizes all of them have been stolen! She has no other weapons, so the only thing she can do is flee. And she escapes! "Drat!" screams Katal, and she chases after Katie. Liam pulls out Katie's bazooka, and it is revealed that he stole it from her. He says that if they don't let him join their alliance, he won't hesitate to blow them all up. Cooper and Brook agree, and Katal comes back without Katie's corpse. She got away. Liam says that if they try to run away from them at any time, they're dead. No question. Along the way, they find Lolita scampering through the forest and Liam fires the bazooka, and nothing remains of poor Lolita. Violet watches this group from afar, evil intents crossing her mind...

Katie is freezing. So is every other alive tribute in the arena. The temperature is extremely low, and the Capitol is doing that purposely. When in a meadow, Cooper confesses his love for Brook. They make out until Katal and Liam catches up to them and it gets really awkward. Thet trio begins to trust Liam even more and he actually becomes their friend(!). They want to track down Katie and slit her throat. She is a humungous threat to all four of them, even if she doesn't have any weapons. The Captiol would die for her. They all love her. They probably have given her another weapon. The camera turns to Katie again and she steps on a tracker jacker nest on the ground, and she is stung repeatedly. She receives four stings in total, and has gone totally insane. Liam, Katal, Brook, and Cooper are very startled when Katie actually runs right in to them, insane, and Katal kills her. The camera then focuses on Violet, who is stalking them again, and loads five poisonous darts and fires them. Four miss, but one connects. Katal received the dart in her neck. Cooper, Brook, and Liam try to save her but it's too late. They try to find out who shot the darts and where they are, but they can't find anyone. Katal is beyond help. She dies eleven minutes later. Violet loads four more darts and follows them...

Cooper, Brook, and Liam are trying to think of who fired the darts. Cooper says it could have only been the District 11 girl or the District 12 boy. Brook wonders if they are following them now. Cooper tells her not to worry and wraps his arms around her. Liam rolls his eyes. Violet, from up high, holds her last two darts. She is deciding whether to attack them and plunge them into two of them, or just fire them from above. She decides the second option and fires the two darts. She aimed for Cooper and Brook. The first misses all three of them and goes in to a tree trunk, but the second one, aimed for Brook, is unsuccesful when Cooper steps in front of Brook. Brook holds Cooper until he dies, whispering one last "I love you." Brook dives into the bush not caring that she left Liam, searching for Violet if it kills her. Liam is shocked, and goes after Brook. Blaze has a dilemma of his own. He was once aligned with Violet but she stole all his belongings then left. Every single belonging. So, he is now starving and searches desperately for food and water. Will he find the pond? Will he find food?

Brook is dashing through the woods, high on Violet's trial. Brook clutches her lucky blade, while Violet holds Blaze's dagger. However, Violet doesn't wish to fight Brook. She wants to kill Blaze first. You know, finish what she started. Violet is quick on her feet. Quite faster than Brook. Violet jumps over the river without falling in the deadly chemicals. Brook doesn't jump because she thinks if she jumped she wouldn't make it. She then sees Blaze arrive. Blaze and Violet fist-fight and witnesses Blaze knock Violet unconscious. He then sees Brook, and leaps over the river. Brook doesn't realize what's happening till Blaze wraps his arms around her neck and begins choking her. Brook screams and screams, until Blaze drops her into the river. He looks over to see if he can finish Violet off but is astonished to see that she isn't there! He should have been more careful, he tells himself. And then there were three. Liam, Violet, and Blaze.

Poor Liam is still searching for Brook. Where could she be? he asks himself. And then he sees the blood splattered on the bank of the river. But he refuses to believe that it's Brook's blood (it's actually Violet's), so he continues his search until he is approached by Blaze. Blaze says he wants himself and Liam to take on Violet together. Liam is reluctant. Did he really want to align with Blaze? He doesn't really have a choice. So he and Blaze go looking for Violet, when Liam, the inner Career in him tells him to kill Blaze. And so he does. Liam buries his spear into Blaze's chest, and kills him. Laughing, Liam goes after Violet. But Violet has a little surprise for Liam as well... Who will you vote for? Violet, or Liam? Leave your vote in a comment. If you want, you can also write how you want that tribute to die.

*     *     *

Liam spotted Violet first, by the river. He loads his spear and creeps up on her. He throws the spear, and the she moves, so it misses her. She looks back, and sees Liam. She then proceeds to pull out a sword and run towards a now weaponless Liam. Liam doesn't hesitate to wrestle Violet to the ground and knock the sword out of her hands. While wrestling with her, Liam reaches out and grabs the sword and holds it against Violet's neck. At that moment, a helicopter lands and two men with bright purple and green hair with rifles step out. They tell Liam to get off Violet and drop his weapon. They both stand up---and the man with purple hair shoots Liam in the heart. They both pull Violet into the helicopter, and Liam falls into the river. They both explain to Violet that they held a vote, and she had the majority, 7,000,954 votes, and Liam received 5,000,954 votes, exactly 2 million less. She is ecstatic, and returns home to District 11 happily.

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