Okay, my friends and I were having a big debate on how characters' names should be pronounced. So, I'd like to hear your guys opinions on how you pronounce these names.

Cato –– my friend Amanda pronounces it like "cay-TOH". I pronounce it like "cah-TOH". I don't really know any other ways to pronounce it, but which one do you think is right?

Cinna –– do you think it's "see-NUH" or "sin-NUH"?

Johanna –– is the "H" silent or not?

Venia –– is it "ven-YUH" or "veh-NEE-uh"?

Enobaria –– there are many different ways you could possibly pronounce this tricky name, and here are a few. "ENOH-berry -UH" or "eh-NO-buh-REE-uh"? Or even "ee-NOH-berry-UH?"

Beetee –– okay, this last one is kind of stupid, but my friend pronounces it like "BEE-twee". Isn't that weird? I keep telling her there's no W, but she won't listen.

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