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Hello everyone!
I am going to start another Hunger Games soon after this, so here is the link to add your tributes! As a twist for that Hunger Games, I would like you to add tributes from District 13 as well! Here's the link

Thanks a lot!

Day 1

24th - Mei Chung (Killed by Olga)

23rd - Marcus (Killed by Aaron)

22nd - Vome Ettman (Killed by Tenzin)

21st - Crimson Eye (Killed by Tenzin)

20th - Luna Lara (Killed by Trigger)

19th - Rachelle (Killed by food poisoned by Molly)

18th - Firestar (Killed by Kyla)

Day 2

17th - Kasasia Insena (Killed by Silver Mist)

16th - Lola Moila (Killed by a muttation)

15th - Aleera Wilkerson (Killed by Molly)

14th - Trigger Amobox (Killed by Aaron)

Day 5

13th - Tenzin Chung (Killed by Star Sapphire)

12th - Joe Kang (Killed by Olga)

11th - Olga Bolga (Killed by Aaron)

Day 7

10th - Aaron Taylor (Killed by Slate)

9th - Kyla Johnson (Killed by Jayfeather)

Day 9

8th - Dean Sanders (Killed by Johanna)

7th - Jayfeather (Killed by Molly)

Day 10

6th - Johanna Anderson (Killed by Star Sapphire)

Day 13

5th - Slate Acosta (Killed by the muttations)

Day 15

4th - Star Sapphire (Killed by Molly)

Day 18

3rd - Molly Pocket (Killed by Ava)

Day 21

The last tribute to die was...

2nd - Silver Mist (Killed by Ava)

Remaining Tributes

District 1: Silver Mist
District 1: Star Sapphire
District 2: Firestar
District 2: Luna Lara
District 3: Jayfeather
District 3: Kasasia Insena
District 4: Joe Kang
District 4: Lola Moila
District 5: Slate Acosta
District 5: Aleera Wilkerson
District 6: Vome Ettman
District 6: Olga Bolga
District 7: Aaron Taylor
District 7: Kyla Johnson
District 8: Marcus

District 8: Rachelle

District 9: Dean Sanders
District 9: Ava Carlson - WINNER!
District 10: Trigger Amobox
District 10: Molly Pocket
District 11: Crimson Eye
District 11: Johanna Anderson
District 12: Tenzin Chung
District 12: Mei Chung


Day 1

The game begins and almost everyone dashes to the Cornucopia. Mei, Marcus, Vome, Crimson Eye, and Luna are killed in the process, in that order. The Career alliance is formed of District 1, 4, and the District 7 male. Some tributes team up with the other tribute from their District (District 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 10) and Rachelle, alone, finds an apple lying on the ground, only to find it was poisoned by Molly. She dies shortly after. Firestar falls asleep and is attacked by Kyla from District 7, and ends up getting an arrow in his throat. Day 1 ends with a loud bang. Shortly after a cannon sounds. The tributes are wondering what it is.

Day 2

Day 2 starts with a loud bang. It is Kasasia, the female tribute from District 3, being killed by Silver Mist with a loud gun. A mountain lion-like muttation is seen stalking the Career alliance. The muttation finally attacks and lunges out at Lola, the female tribute from District 4, and rips her throat out. The other Careers manage to escape it. The District 5 tributes are seen trying to hunt a small, furry mutt when Molly attacks and kills Aleera. Molly later meets up with her District partner, Trigger, when the Career alliance arrives and kills him. Molly manages to escape. Day 2 ends with four deaths.

Day 5

The Career alliance is upset about Lola's death. The Career alliance now consists of Silver, Star, Joe, and Aaron. The Careers meet up with Tenzin and chase him down when Star throws a spear at him which goes straight through his heart. The Careers are being watched by Olga and she shoots a bow which pierces Joe's skull and kills him. Aaron throws a knife that kills her (Olga). Ava and Dean get romantic and eventually start making out when they are interrupted by Johanna who almost kills them, but they escape. Now only 10 tributes remain (Silver, Star, Jayfeather, Slate, Aaron, Kyla, Dean, Ava, Molly, Johanna).

Day 7

With only 10 contestants left, Jayfeather continues his Foxface-like game play. Johanna continues to seek other tributes to kill, and Ava and Dean continue their relationship, but they know only one of them can win. The Career alliance of Silver, Star, and Aaron continues to hunt for tributes. Slate watches them from above and hurtles an ax at them. It lodges into Aaron's back and immediately kills him. Silver and Star are very angry at Aaron's death and swear they will kill Slate. Kyla finds a river and drinks without looking behind her, and is killed by Jayfeather's sword. The blue river runs red. Now only 8 tributes remain (Silver, Star, Jayfeather, Slate, Dean, Ava, Molly, and Johanna).

Day 9

The final 8 alliances are: Silver and Star----and Dean and Ava. When Ava and Dean are walking through the woods, they decide to split up and look for food, and agree to meet back where they each left. While walking, Dean springs a trap that was set up by Johanna, who was watching them the whole time. Ava is done collecting food, and tries to look for Dean and discovers him in the trap, just as Johanna kills him. Ava, a fast runner manages to escape Johanna, but is very sad over Dean's death. Meanwhile, Jayfeather is by the lake where he killed Kyla, when Molly arrives. They each have a standoff and Molly is injured by Jayfeather's knife, but is able to kill him. The final 6 are known! (Silver, Star, Slate, Ava, Molly, and Johanna!) Good luck!

Day 10

The Gamemakers make an announcement to the final six players: Silver, Star, Slate, Ava, Molly, and Johanna. The announcement is that they have all been invited to a feast at the Cornucopia: each player has a backpack with their District number on the table. What is inside the backpack depends on how much money the sponsors give. There are five backpacks with each District's number on it. Inside the backpack is unknown. There is a rule that a tribute can only collect the backpack from their District until 24 hours after the table had been set. There is a large gray backpack with the number 1, a red backpack with the number 5 on it, a pink backpack with the number 9 on it, a very large brown backpack with the number 10 on it, and finally a blue backpack with an 11 on it. Silver and Star wait patiently for more guests to arrive. Molly runs and swipes the brown backpack so quickly the Careers barely even notice her. Ava waits, and finally goes for the pink backpack, and receives an arrow in her thigh shot by Star, but otherwise makes it. Johanna tries for the blue backpack but spots the Careers and attacks them. She gets her knife and pounces on Silver, but is shot and killed by Star before she could make a wound. Silver and Star collect the 1, 5, and 11 backpacks. Here is a list of what was inside the backpacks.
- District 1 backpack; Light, sharp, bronze knives. Claimed by the Careers.
- District 5 backpack; Strawberries, mangoes, and other fruits. Claimed by the Careers.
- District 9 backpack; District 9 bread, and some expensive medicine. Claimed by Ava.
- District 10 backpack; 3 Gallons of water. Claimed by Molly.
- District 11 backpack; A crossbow. Claimed by the Careers.
The final five are Silver, Star, Slate, Ava, and Molly. Good luck, tributes!

Day 13

Day 13 arrives in the arena and Ava still grieves over Dean's death, while Silver and Star are celebrating all the tributes themselves and the other Careers killed. Marcus, Kasasia, Trigger, Tenzin, Olga, Johanna... and the tributes left to kill. They think it would be easiest to kill Ava because of her boyfriend's death, and hardest to kill Molly because of her speed and strategy. A loud rumble comes from the western side of the arena and most of the tributes discover it is rhino-like muttations who have two horns and are the size of two medium-sized houses. Slate is seen being right in front of the rhinoes and tries desperately to run away but is killed by one larger rhino's horn. That leaves only four tributes left! Twenty have died. Only Silver, Star, Ava, and Molly remain! Congratulations, final four!

Day 15

Day 15 arrives in the arena. Silver and Star are living off the food from the Cornucopia and the food from the District 5 backpack they claimed. Ava lives off of plants and wildlife she hunts; and Molly steals food from Silver and Star, and also hunts animals. While trekking through the woods, Ava unbeknowingly finds Molly sleeping in a tree. The only weapon Ava has is a knife, so she could easily kill Molly. But, if she did kill Molly that would leave her against the Careers. There wouldn't be a huge chance that she would win against two Career tributes. So, very slowly, Ava awakens Molly. Molly is very surprised, and almost kills Ava, when she tells her her plan. Molly agrees, and the two team up together. They find the Career's base camp, and find Silver and Star sitting at a fire in front of them. Molly has a bow and a single arrow left, so Molly must make a decision on which Career to kill. Silver or Star. Molly releases the arrow and kills the tribute on almost instantly. Star. Silver spins around and throws a knife, nearly missing Ava. Ava and Molly escape into the woods. Now only 3 tributes remain. Silver, Ava, and Molly.

Day 18

The Gamemakers dry up all of the water sources except for Career Lake (nicknamed by Ava) so Molly, Ava, and Silver will be drawn together eventually. Ava expresses doubts about sticking with Molly, and thinks about killing her. Molly says she thinks about killing Ava as well (to the camera). On one side of the lake, Molly and Ava arrive. Silver is on the other side. Silver holds the crossbow and the bronze knives in both of his hands. Ava has a knife. Molly has a knife as well. Silver fires his crossbow which nearly kills Molly but she hides behind a tree and avoids it. After drinking some of the water, Molly and Ava return to their base camp when Molly discovers her knife is missing. A few seconds after that Molly is seen coughing blood, and a knife is seen sprouting from her stomach. Ava is standing behind her.

Day 21

The final two tributes, Silver and Ava, are on either side of the arena. Ava for 3 days has gone without water so she weakly gives in and heads to the lake. Silver waits for her and Ava receives a crossbow in her shoulder. However, her sponsers (Malia and Tavon) have raised enough money to give her a weapon: a hatchet. So it comes down to this: the final battle between Silver and Ava, when a loud noise interrupts them. It is a roar of a lion, and they soon discover that there are lion-muttations chasing after them. They both dive into the lake and are terrified to discover that the lions can swim. There are around 10 lions and Silver takes out around 5 with his crossbow leaving 5 lions left when Ava, who swims right up behind Silver without him noticing, hacks with the hatchet and kills Silver. A helicopter collects Silver's body and Ava is crowned the winner of the 36th Hunger Games!

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