Well, this is my third Games and I hope you can join! I will only include the private sessions score and the Games. The reason being I want to start another Games really soon! 


Ok, well I'm going to include some rules for these Games. Also, some of them are to help your tribute which will have a * at the end

  1. No Complaining
  2. Don't be upset when your tribute dies
  3. I will deny your tribute if you don't have a lunaii, unless I make an exception
  4. You need to follow the Tribute Template
  5. I will try to update every day, but sometimes I might not
  6. Alliances must be confirmed by both Users, but I may make some alliances if I feel the need to
  7. Post advice every day, especially before the Bloodbath*
  8. The more tributes you have, the more I respect you*
  9. Please feel free to critisize my writing. I want to know what you think, especially since I'm going to have a huge Games next!
  10. Don't be afraid to post tributes! The worst one to you could be my favorite

Tribute Template

This time, I will allow each person 4 tributes just so it can go by faster. Each tribute must have the following information or else it will be denied (unlikely, but I will if you give me the needed info). Also, please don't put tributes in that have already won the Games. If I find out they won a previous Games, I will make them be the first one dead.






Backstory: (optional)

Volunteer/Reaped: (If volunteered, please tell me if it was for a family member or just because)

Appearance: (ONLY LUNAII/PICTURE or it WON'T be accepted)

Weapons: (only 2)

Strengths: (besides weapons)



Private Sessions: 

Token: (optional)





Male Age Weapon Female Age Weapon
1 Ness "Destructo" Diamunko 17 Mace, Sword Natalie Hendridge 18 Sword, Axe
2 Jason Diamond 17 Spear, Sword Bridget Malory 15 Bow and Arrow, Mace
3 Rickey Dean 18 Explosives, Knives Electria Bolts 13 Electrical Traps, Throwing Knives
4 Clause Summers 14 Spear, Net Seatria "Sea" Rivers 15 Trident, Awl
5 Zephyr Bockings 16 Sword Selena Bason 18 Throwing Knives, Sword
6 Airiest Trainsin 14 Electrical Traps, Spears Miranda Swan 16 Blowgun, Spear
7 Jordan Burhmann 15 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow Kira Nissel 17 Axe, Throwing Axe
8 John Kirk 18 Spear, Knife Brittany Montene 12 Spear
9 Brick Hein 18 Spear, Knife Diamond Pearl 17 Knife, Axe
10 Nox Stello 14 Dagger, Sword Ave Cadite 12 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes
11 North Horizon 18 Axe, Mace Accura Acelca 15 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes
12 Onyx Blight 18 Knife, Brick (Teeth) Vajra Nerne 17 Knife, Wire
13 Hadix Maven 17 Mace, Knife <strike>Angelica Cathern</strike> 13 Bow and Arrow, Spear
Capitol Brisbane Vesperia 18 Spear, Axe (Sword) Emilie de Rochefort 16 Trident, Hand to Hand Combat

Sponcer Items

  • No more Tribute Sponsering, but there's a way to give your tribute's money. If you want your tribute to receive something, then just write down what you want, but it depends on the amount of sponsers, chances of winning, and ch


Apples(10) - $75

Bacon(5) - $125

Bread(12) - $100

Cooked Chicken - $175

Cooked Turkey - $200

Empty Water Bottle(3) - $125

Oranges(10) - $75

Raw Chicken - $130

Raw Turkey - $150

Soup - $50

Water Bottle(2) - $175


Arrows(12) - $100

Axe(4) - $275

Baton - $350

Blowgun - $250

Bow - $200

Bowie Knife(2) - $295

Composite Bow - $325

Crossbow - $300

Darts(14) - $125

Knife(5) - $250

Machete - $375

Poison Darts(6) - $175

Rocks(15) - $50

Sickle Sword - $300

Slingshot - $130

Spear(2) - $325

Sword - $300

Sythe - $400

Throwing Axes(3) - $350

Throwing Knives(4) - $325

Trident - $325

Whip - $100


Camoflauge Boots- $150

Camoflauge Gloves - $75

Camoflauge Hat - $75

Camoflauge Snowjacket - $300

Camoflauge Snowpants - $300

Camoflauge Sweatpants - $175

Camoflauge Sweatshirt - $175

Capitol Boots* - $275

Capitol Gloves* - $200

Capitol Hat* - $175

Capitol Jacket* - $400

Capitol Pants* - $350

Neon Colored Boots - $100

Neon Colored Gloves - $45

Neon Colored Hat - $25

Neon Colored Snowjacket - $250

Neon Colored Snowpants - $250

Neon Colored Sweatpants - $100

Neon Colored Sweatshirt - $100

  • Whenever it says Capitol ------, it means that it will change compared to the temperature. It will always keep your tribute warm even if it's as cold as Antarctica


Bandages(20) - $100 Cold-Preventor (prevents from cold, or ends the cold if has one) - $350

Allergy Medicine - $200

Neosporin (prevents infection) - $300

Instant-Heal - $450


Night-Vision Googles - $350

Sunglasses - $300

Sleeping Bag - $200

Rope - $125

Matches - $175

Blanket - $175

Plastic Bag - $50

Net - $250

Wire - $125

Training Scores

District Male Score Female Score
1 Ness "Destructo" Diamunko 11 Natalie Hendridge 11
2 Jordan Diamond 9 Bridget Malory 10
3 Rickey Dean 11 Electria Bolts 3
4 Clause Summers 10 Seatria "Sea" Rivers 9
5 Zephyr Bockings 5 Selena Bason 7
6 Airiest Trainsin 5 Miranda Swan 12
7 Jordan Buhmann 10 Kira Nissel 8
8 John Kurk 8 Brittany Montene 4
9 Brick Hein 11 Diamond Peral 9
10 Nox Stello 8 Ave Cadite 9
11 North Horizon 6 Accura Acelca 7
12 Onyx Blight 8 Vajra Nerne 8
13 Hadix Maven 7 Angelica Cathern 5
Capitol Brisbane Vesperia 10 Emilie de Rochefort 9

The Games


124th Arena


Seatria "Sea" Rivers | District 4

60...59...58...57...I rise up on the platform curious about who my teamates are. The first person I see is Clause which is nice since we already know each other pretty good. Then, I notice the other two are the District 7 Female and the Capitol Female. All of us got pretty high scores which makes are team almost unstoppable! 43...42...41

Natalie Hendridge | District 1

38...37...36...35...Destructo keeps on pointing at a different path than what I truly believe in. The other two, the District 6 and 10 Male, keep pointing at Destructo's path. That's it! I'm going on my own path whether they're going or not! 20..19...18...17...16...15

Onyx Blight | District 12

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...GONG! I jump off the platform and my team starts to discuss which path we should go on. "Let's go on that path!" Selena says. "No!" everyone else says. I pick up a brick and come up with an idea, "What if I close my eyes and spin around. Then, I'll throw the brick at whichever path it is closest to." Everyone nods in agreement and I start to spin. I throw the brick and it lands right on the path Accura, Diamond, and I want to go on. "I'm going alone!" Selena says and runs off. The rest of us start to run on the path the brick landed on and we're surprised. I bend down to pick up a couple bricks on the way when I hear screaming. I watch as a building drops right on Diamond. BOOM! Luckily, Accura and I run away.

Nox Stello | District 10

Our team keeps walking foreward, wondering when the path is about to end when we notice something shiny ahead. It's the Cornucopia! We start to run as fast as we can towards it, but then we notice a teams already there! Two males are sitting there with spears in their hands just gathering as much stuff around them their is. Airiest decides to risk his life for us by running out to distract the team while we grab weapons. He starts to run out and the two males start to throw their spears. One barely misses Airiest, literally skinning his ear. The other one missed by a long shot. While this was going on, Destructo and I start to grab weapons. Destructo grabs a mace while I grab a dagger and we start to attack. Before the team even noticed, I get my dagger into the District 12 Females back, killing her. BOOM! The Capitol Male turns and attempts to throw a spear at us, but Airiest grabs the spear by the other end, stopping his throw. However, Airiest isn't so lucky. The Capitol Male jabs Airiest in the stomach with the spear and knocks him to the ground. Airiest lays their unconsious, but we can't do anything. The spear goes right through his chest and blood goes everywhere. BOOM! I try to throw my dagger at the Capitol Male, but I don't have any time. The District 11 Male grabs a mace and he starts fighting with Destructo. Destructo gets the upper hand and smashes the District 11 Male's mace right out of his hand. Then, Destructo jams the mace into his back, but I don't have any time to watch since the District 9 Male already threw his spear. The spear goes into my back and I fall down dead.

Hadix Maven | District 13

BOOM! BOOM! Two cannons in a row! Someone's starting to get in a fighting mood. "I'm going on that path," Ave says and John agrees. "No! We're going on this path," Bridget says and I agree. "Then let's just split up!" I say cheerfully, hopefully no starting will happen from this. We all nod and split up. Ave and John start to join and they run away happily. They went on the wrong path! "What happens if their path brings you to the Cornucopia?" I ask and she stares at me dumbfounded, "That's a 12 year-old girl who said to go on that path!" I start to laugh, but then I hear something. "What's that?" I ask and she points. MUTTS! No, it's not regular mutts, it's mutts that keep changing. One's a rat that turned into a large rhino, but that's the least surprising one. Some are turning into dinosaurs, ogres, and even lions. "Run!" she screams and I start. Only one can make it and it's going to be me. I start to slow down and then trip Bridget. "You..." she says, but here last word is so hard to understand as she goes down the mouth of the dinosaur. BOOM! I start to laugh, but then I, myself, trip. The last thing I see is the mouth of an ogre.

Rickey Dean | District 3

BOOM! Poor sucker! They probably never stood a chance. I knew that the 12 year-old girl could never be trusted, but Jordan still agreed. Hopefully, they're dead by know which leaves only Jason and I left to bring this team to victory! "What's that noise?" Jason asks and I respond, "our victory!" I run to the sound of feet and find the Cornucopia. I run straight for it, but Jason motions me to come back. I motion him to come here, but then, my hand is cut off. BOOM! I turn, but it's not Jason so someone else must have died. Suddenly, my body is being lifted and Jason start to leave. Then, everythings black.

Kira Nissel | District 7

BOOM! I can't help but think that's Emilies death. BOOM! No, maybe that one's it. BOOM! Ok, that one has got to be her's since there was a little shake. We walk ahead and find a helpless team. "Should we attack?" Clause asks, but both me and Seatria disagrees. "We're weaponless!" I say surprised, "and they so are they, but it looks like the path they went on brought them nowhere. They start to walk towards this path and we hide. The group of two walk by fastly and we find four different paths. "Let's go this way!" I say and Seatria agrees, but Clause doesn't, "I'm going this way." We both split up and decide to meet here. It doesn't take Seatria and I long before we find the Cornucopia. BOOM! We look back and notice Clause's head sky-rocket into the sky. Seatria gets a little teary-eyed, but we notice there's starting to be a lot of people here so we start to grab weapons. I grab some axes while Seatria grabs two tridents. "Watch out!" she screams at the Capitol Male who popped out with a spear in his hands. Quickly, I throw an axe at him and he falls down dead. BOOM! "Let's get out of here, now!" Sea says and we leave with a few packs in our hands along with some weapons.

Ness "Destructo" Diamunko | District 1

I walk away from the Cornucopia with only a mace, sword, three bags, and two filled water canteens. Plus, I only got two kills: the District 9 and District 11 Male. "They told me I didn't go on the right path!" I hear a girl say happily. This is my chance to get a kill! I see the District 5 Female start running towards the Cornucopia, but she barely gets far. I throw my sword at her and it hits her leg. Then, I run over with a mace and pound my mace into her head. BOOM! "NOOO!" someone says and I run away. "You'll get it District 1, you'll get it!" I start to run as fast away as I can and end up running into Natalie. I give her a hug and we go through my supplies. Luckily, we need nothing from sponcers and we hear the anthem. We sit down and look into the sky to watch the deaths.

  • District 2|Team 2
  • District 2|Team 3
  • District 3|Team 2
  • District 4|Team 4
  • District 5|Team 7
  • District 6|Team 5
  • District 9|Team 7
  • District 9|Team 1
  • District 10|Team 5
  • District 11|Team 1
  • District 12|Team 1
  • District 13|Team 3
  • Capitol|Team 4
  • Capitol|Team 1
Every person I become happier and happier! Four people that were supposed to be Careers died! Also, a whole team already died! By this rate, I'll be out of here in no time! "What happened to Airiest and Nox?" Natalie asks. "Well," I answer a little depressed, "Airiest risked his life so we could kill a team, but one of them got away. However, he died. As for Nox, the District 9 boy threw a spear right into his back, but I killed him right after." Natalie looks into my eyes and I notice she's starting to cry. I lullaby her to sleep, but it doesn't only work for her, it works for me as well.

Day 2

Electria Bolt | District 3

I wake up quite early, yet the rest of my team is gone. "HELLO!" I scream confused and Miranda appears. "Sorry," she says, "the rest of us were looking for some medicine since we're at a hospital. Look what I found!" She shines a bottle of instant heal. "Where are the others?" I ask and she responds, "The other two are trying to hide some of the medicine because we're leaving!" Suddenly, my stomach growls and I say, "where are we going? I hope we'll get some food!" "We will!" she says and the other two come in. "We're ready!" Zephyr says and we follow him. We walk out the door and he points at a store. Not at any ordinary store, a GROCERY STORE! "Food!" I scream and the others give me an evil eye. We run into the store and eat as much as we can. Once we're done, we grab four loaves of bread and Angelica leads us out, carrying the bread. BOOM! I hear and find Angelica on the ground, dead. There's a bit out of the bread which gives us a hint about her fate. "Let's leave!" Zephyr says a little scared. We take a step outside and some sponcer gifts appear. Miranda gets some apples, water, blowgun, and poisonous darts. Zephyr receives apples, water, and an axe. I am sponcered with throwing knives, wire, and soup. We walk back to the hospital and hid out supplies just in case we are attacked.

Brittany Montene | District 8

I sit down and look into the sky where two spears fall right in front of me. I HAVE SPONCERS! I look at Jordan and he smiles at me. "Thanks" I mouth to him when suddenly the entire amusement park comes to life. "OVER HERE!" I hear someone yell, but Jordan calms me down, "it's fine, I have a plan!"

Natalie Hendridge | District 1

Destructo and I watch as the amusement park comes to life. Someone's got to be there, I just know it! "Let's go!" I say to Destructo confidently. He jumps up happily, and without respond, we leave. However, we need to cross the Cornucopia first. We walk out from the behind the building we were hiding from and we see the two tributes sitting down. One has bricks around them and the other one has knives by their side. Slowly, we sneak up behind them, however we give away our spots. I accidentally trip on a rope and land face down on the ground. The District 12 Male leaps back with a brick in his hand. "What's that going to do?" I scream at the tribute, and he responds, "You'll see." He throws two bricks: one hits my leg and the other one misses me by a yard. Destructo seems have a disadvantage with this since both have ranged weapons. "Watch out!" he screams at a knife coming straight for my head. He blocks it with the mace and gets really upset. "That's it!" he screams. He runs as fast as he can to the District 11 Female, but she can't run away. The mace meets her head and she falls down dead. BOOM! "Nooo!" the District 12 Male says and throws a brick at Destructo. He dodges it and lands right on my foot. "Ouch!" I scream, but he already dodged the last of the District 12 Male's brick. However, I don't dodge it.

Onyx Blight | District 12

BOOM! I look at the dead District 1 Female and at my last brick. It's only me and him now! However, I don't have time to attack him when he escapes?! I can't believe it! He just runs away with a sword and the rest of his supplies. "Scared much!" I scream and he turns. "Why? I'm not going to die!" he says and goes into a 7-story building. Shortly, it's night and I guess the Gamemakers didn't expect any more action. The anthem plays and I look into the sky, curious who the first death was.

  • District 1|Team 5
  • District 11|Team 7
  • District 13|Team 6

I guess the District 13 Female also died! Suddenly, my eyelids slowly go to sleep as if under a spell, or is it the Gamemakers!

Day 3

Brittany Montene | District 8

I wake up to the sound of a countdown. "20...19...18..." it goes. "What's happening!" I scream, but notice I'm right in front of the Cornucopia. The spears still at my side and I get a little confused. Why would I be at the Cornucopia? Suddenly, it clicks to me and I prepare. "Remember, only two of you need to die before you get out of here!" 


Kira Nissel| District 7

I sprint straight for a pistol located right in the Cornucopia. Nobody will pass the chance. Seatria, who's standing right next to me, pushes me over. "What's that for!" I scream and she points at all the people in the Cornucopia. I get where she's going. The first person I she is the District 3 Female and I throw an axe at her. It enters her skull and she falls down dead. BOOM! Once I knock the girl down, Jordan, my district partner, grabbed the gun and aims at me. "NO!" I scream and I prepare for the bullet. Nothing comes. That's when I notice the gun had no bullets. The District 8 Male throws a knife at my district partner and he falls down dead. BOOM! "Congrats tributes, you'll all now move to the final 18!" "WHAT!" we all scream and a hovercraft comes to pick us up.

Electria Bolt | District 3

Somehow, I wake up from my never ending sleep. How did that happen? "Hello dead tributes! We decided to bring you all back to life and you will all fight until only nine are left!" What! Why do we need to? I raise on my plate, but it stops half-way through. "What's wrong!" I say, but I just stay there as the countdown winds down...

Bridget Malory | District 2


I rush off my plate and find a mace. The District 13 Male was trying to go for the mace as well, but I got it first. "HA!" I say in his face and smash the weapon in his stomach. He still has a little life left and I try to smack him again. However, he dodges it and starts to run away. "Where are you going?" I scream and throw the mace at him. However, the District 4 Male runs right in front of him and that one falls down dead. "You're lucky District 13!" I scream

Airiest Trainsin | District 6

I run away from the Bloodbath right as the District 3 Female's plate rises. "Come here!" I whisper and she follows. Her district partner runs right in front of us, stopping out path. He grabs a knife and tries to stab me. "Stop!" the District 3 Female screams, but then, her own district partner tries to attack her. I grab the spear and shove it right into his stomach. He falls down dead and we both run away.

Vajra Nerne | District 12

I pull my knife out of the District 9 Female's neck and she falls down dead. The District 9 Male notices and starts to scream at me. I run away from him, but accidentally run staight into the District 13 Female. "OUCH!" she screams and tries to shoot an arrow at me, but it's useless since she's so close. I yank the bow and arrow out of her hand and turn to see the District 9 Male throw a spear at me. I barely dodge it and it goes right through the District 13 Female's neck. I run away, freaking out over that terrible thing.

Selena Bason | District 5

I clutch the sword in my hand as I hide in the Cornucopia. I remember my parents telling me that's how one child got killed. The District 10 Male enters the Cornucopia and I prepare to attack, but then a spear appears in his throat. I bend down as the Capital Male enters the Cornucopia. He turns his back towards me without noticing me. This time, I attack him by chopping off his neck. "There she is!" the Careers scream and point towards me. I turn around, but notice I'm still in the Cornucopia. "Let's fight them," someone whispers. It's the Capital Female! Has she been here the entire time? "Let's do it!" I say and we start fighting against the two Careers. The District 1 Female grabs her axe and tries to throw it. We dodge it, but it gave the District 2 Male a chance to attack us. He throws one of his spears at me, but I deflect it with the sword. Then, I attempt to throw the spear at the District 1 Female who is reaching to grab a sword, but she dodges it. The spear goes through the District 11 Male's shoulder and he screams in agony. That distracts the District 1 Female so the Capital Female throws a trident that goes right through her neck. The District 11 tributes start joining the fight and it just gets a lot worse from there. "Tributes! There only needs to be three more deaths before you can get out of here!"

Bridget Malory | District 2

I hear the announcement and start getting really upset. The Capital Female is now unarmed so I try to focus on her. Quickly, I grab a bow and arrow and start to shoot at her. "Watch out!" Jason screams, but I ignore him and shot at the female. She falls down dead and I turn to find a knife coming right into my stomach. Jason throws a spear towards me and I prepare to die, but it ends up going though the District 5 Female's neck. "One more left!" Jason screams and we turn towards the District 11 tributes. I shot some arrows at them and Jason throws some spears. Three of my arrows and a spear hit the District 11 Male and he falls down dead. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! "Congradulations tributes, you're moving on!"

Day 4 - Bloodbath

Ness "Destructo" Diamunko | District 1

60...59...58...57...56...Yes! Another bloodbath means a lot more kills! I look around and find half the tributes wearing blue and half of them wearing red. I'm wearing red, but I shortly regret it. The rest of the Careers are on the blue team, which leaves me with the tributes from poorer districts: the highest one being District 5. I know the tributes from 7 must be good with an axe, so I'm lucky. 5...4...3...2...1...GONG! Shoot! I'm going to be the last one to the Cornucopia!

Bridget Malory | District 2

Sweet! I have all the Careers, except for Ness, but that won't be for long. I'm the first one at the Cornucopia and I go straight for the mace. Once again, the District 13 Male and I get it at the same time, but since he's on my team, I can't kill him. I let him grab it while I grab a bow and arrow. I turn around and almost shoot an arrow at Sea since she scares me. "Look who I killed!" she points her finger at the dead Destructo. "Sweet!" I say and give her a thumbs-up.

Airiest Trainsin | District 6

I sit, hidden in a tree with a view of the Cornucopia. I watched the District 1 Male die and watch as a war literally starts between the two teams. Luckily, the two twelve year olds escaped along with the tributes from District 7, the District 12 Female, the District 5 Male, and the District 6 Female. The only people left on the other team are the District 8 and 12 Males who are destined to die. The District 13 Male, who's on my team, is about to smash a mace into the District 8 Male's head when he ducks and stabs him in the stomach. At least only one person on my team died, but that's not the only one. The District 12 Male throws a brick at the District 2 Male's head and he falls down dead. An arrow goes right through his head and the District 8 Male escapes. I climb down the tree and whisper to Electria to get out of the bush. She walks out and together, we walk towards our team at the Cornucopia.

North Horizon | District 11

I look up as the District 3 Female and District 6 Male walk towards us. "What are you doing?" the District 2 Female asks, but they ignore her. They go straight to the District 2 Male and start wiping away the blood. He's still breathing, but it's obvious that he's not to last that long. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I expect another one, but it doesn't come. Those two nerds are saving his life! "That's enough!" the District 2 Female screams and pushes the two over. "But..." the District 3 Female mumbles, but the District 2 Female just ignores them. BOOM! Suddenly, I can understand why the District 3 Female was trying to get her away. The District 2 Female starts to cry and just lays down next to the body.

Ave Cadite | District 10

Night is already here and I look into the sky when I hear the anthem.

  • District 1|Blue Team
  • District 2|Red Team
  • District 12|Blue Team
  • District 13|Red Team
Wow! Two Careers are dead, but then again, it leaves us with no Careers. On the bright side, only 7 more people need to die before I'm out, but who knows how many more deaths theirs going to be!

Day 5

Kira Nissel | District 7

I wake up late in the morning since I spent all night thinking of a plan to gather my team. There's Jordan, my district partner, the District 8 Male, the two twelve year olds, the District 5 Male, and the District 6 Female. I know the District 6 Female and District 5 Male are probably together as they were allies in the first part. Jordan's probably somewhere with trees, which is everywhere...shoot! The District 8 Male is probably on the move since he's a huge threat and probably searching for other people. As for the twelve year olds, they can be anywhere. I start to walk around when I notice a smoke from a fire just a few miles in front of me. If I saw could see that, the Cornucopia must have a full view of it. I start to jog to the fire, afraid it could be too late.

Brick Hein | District 9

The team I'm on noticed a fire and sent me off to chase it. Apparently, I haven't been as helpful since I didn't take watch last night, but really, they have to send me off to get a stupid tribute. The fire's spreading all around the woods and I'm doing my best to avoid the flames. The Gamemakers didn't do this, it must have been a tribute! I avoid a burning tree that falls right in front of me by jumping right over it. However, I burn my leg a little and have to patch it up with some bandages I brought. Suddenly, a knife barely misses my hand and I look up to see the District 7 Male. He throws two more, but I deflect them with the spear I also brought. He throws another one and it lands right on my hand, forcing me to drop my spear. With the last of his knives, he throws it at my head, but I simply dodge it. The male starts to run away, but I have just enough time to throw a spear before he gets out of my sight

Jordan Buhrmann | District 7

I watch as a spear goes to my face and I pull my backpack right above it. I know it won't be enough, but luckily, it stops the spear from reaching my face. Instead, it goes right through my pack and goes just a few centimeters into  my chest. When I pull the backpack away from my face, the District 9 Male is running towards me with a knife. "This is the end of me," I whisper and make sure to keep my cool. He's just a few steps away from me when I notice an axe coming up right behind him. Right before he's about to stick the knife in my neck, he falls down dead. BOOM! I look up to see Kira and I'm relieved. She tells me her plan about how to find our teammates and I go with it. "I've seen John around here," I tell her, "he was walking by just about an hour ago while I was in a tree just starting the fire." She looks at me with wide eyes, "If we find him, he can probably help find the others." We start our journey and I follow the general location of where he went

John Kirk | District 8

I sit down for lunchtime when I hear some footsteps. I prepare for attack so I climb up a tree so I can jump on them and stab them to death. Wait, what if it's someone from my team. Suddenly, two people from my team I believe are from District 6 and 5. For some reason, I climb down the tree and greet them. We share some information and they ask me if I want to ally. I agree and we start to journey. We try to head right back to the forest fire since nobody will try to go there from the fire, but we do encournter someone. It's the two from District 7 and we ally. "Great! Only the twelve year olds left until we have our whole team united!" the District 7 Female says. We learn each others names and lay down as daytime turns into night.

Brittany Montene | District 8

I lay in a tree with Ave looking down at our team. We've been watching them from trees all day, but have been afraid to confront them. They're so much older than us, or at least some of them, and we just don't want to end up dying. "Tomorrow," Ave whispers to me. "What?" I say a little confused, but understand. Tomorrow we'll confront our team and come up with a plan with them. The anthem plays, but I don't look since I already know who died.

  • District 9|Red
Shortly after, I fall asleep straight away. I've been exhausted after jumping around in the trees and I feel like I'm going to faint.

Final Day

Zephyr Bockings | District 5

I wake up earlier than anybody else on my team. Guess I'll get a start on the day! I start climbing the tree above me and see a leg of a tribute. Surely, I didn't see what team they're on, but I'm not going to take any chances. That involves waking up anyone on my team, except for Miranda, the girl of my dreams. Thank goodness they made this twist so we can both win. I carefully pick her up and carry her for as long as I can. "Tributes, Tributes!" I hear the Gamemaker and Miranda wakes up, "There's a new twist where you have to survive 5 stages of terror, if you survive, you win! There's no limit to the amount of victors!" Miranda looks into my eyes. How bad could it be? Then, the ground starts shaking.

Brittany Montene *REVEALED* | District 8

So far today, I already made allies before the ground shakes. I watch as the ground carefully splits the ground in half. "Come here," I tell my first ally, Ave. She carefully walks over to me and gives me a hug as our other ally, North, falls right into the gap. "HELP!" I hear him scream, but it's too late. BOOM! Ave starts to cry so I wipe away some tears, but then the trees start to fall. One comes straight towards us so I move Ave out of the way, but the tree ends up falling on my leg. OUCH! I look at my know broken leg and my unstable ally, this is just great.

Bridget Malroy | District 2

I look up and wait for the next test. That's when I hear the buzzing. I feel the static electricity entering from my feet and going through the body. Is that it? This is easy! Suddenly, I see the clouds causing a huge shadow to come over the arena. At first, I think it's just the way of causing the arena to darken, but then it starts raining. The combination of rain soaking in your clothes and causing the electricity to go all over your body is terrible. I can barely make my way up the Cornucopia before I feel like I could just pass out. BOOM! I wonder who that was?

Brittany Montene | District 8

I look down at Ave's dead body and ~start tearing up. She saved my life, either because she has a good heart or she was too depressed with North's death. Ave tied a rope around my waist and a high branch in a nearby tree so basically, I'm hanging here. When the electricity finally finished, I cut myself out of the tree and start crawling around. "I heard something," I hear a whisper nearby and almost freak out. I try to move away, but then I see the Distrct 3 Female and the District 6 Male come into view. "Don't kill me," I scream, but they ignore me and look at my leg. They whisper among themselves and tigh a tight knot around my leg. I almost start crying, but I last through it. Then, a random sponcer gift comes down. "Is it for me," I ask, but they shake there heads. When they open up the envelope, they fine a ticket. A ticket? Why would they need that? Suddenly, a hovercraft appears and a ladder comes down to one of them. "You," the District 3 Female says, "It's only for one person and you need it." "No," I say, but they grab my arms and push me into it. The handles cause me to freeze and I look down and watch as the two other tributes start running away at the start of fire. The District 2 Female is also lifted through the air with me. We're both victors!

Seatria "Sea" Rivers  | District 4

I watch as the last Career is lifted into the sky. That only leaves me with the last Careers in a blazing area. Coming from different directions are blazing balls of fire, lava, and explosions. Jordan, Kira, and I have already encoutered many different explosions are have lost much of our food...and I'm not talking about the food in our bags. The gas from the explosions keep entering our bodies and it makes you almost collapse. We get into sight of the Cornucopia when a huge explosions blows up in front of us and sends us flying in different directions. The impact from the ground hitting my head sends me straight out. 

Zephyr Bockings | District 5

I look at a huge explosion that blew three tributes to different directions. From the Cornucopia, you can tell they must be injured so I suspect the three tribute gifts from them are just medicine. However, they don't drop towards them, they drop towards Miranda, John, Vajra and I. The explosions brought us together, but we all are becoming friends. In the three boxes, there is a ticket so Vajra, Miranda and I grab one. "What about me?" John complains and tries to yank it out of our hand. "Ughhh," someone mumbles and we all turn. "I don't think it was for us," I say and grab all the tickets. I lay one on each of the knocked out tributes and watch as a hovercraft takes them away. "Watch out!" John screams and I see the hand coming out of the ground.

Electria Bolts | District 3

I scream at the sight of a zombie's head popping out of the ground and Airiest sees it too. "Up the tree," he says and pushes me up the tree. Luckily, we both get up before the zombies entire body is out, so I lean back against the tree with my butt on the brances. "It's not big enough to hold you," Airiest informs me realizing a huge crack in the branch. I try to move myself away, but the branch falls down with me. "Ouch!" I scream with a sharp pain in my sides from a my knife. Looking up, I notice three zombies have made an appearance and I realize one is my district partner. "Ricky," I whisper as he hovers over me and attempts to bite me, but I don't do anything. His teeth are just about to touch my skin when he falls down with a dart in his next. I look up at Airiest and to give him a thumbs up when I realize he doesn't have a blowgun. Suddenly, the two other zombies fall down and I notice two people coming out of the woods. "Miranda?" Airiest asks and her face comes into view. "Ya," she responds, "you know, we just need to get through the rest of this day...allys?"

Zephyr Bockings | District 5

I look at Miranda as if she's stupid, but she ensures me it's the right choice. Why did we even leave the other two? They would have been much better companions instead of these two weirdos, but I guess one is her district partner. "Fire," her district partner says and climbs down the tree, or should I say...stumble. He lands right on the District 3 Female and they both yelp out in pain. "Thank goodness we have this," Miranda says and reveals a instant relief which helps them both. Suddenly, I feel a hand on my leg and look down to see...see...Selena, my district partner. "Selena?" I say almost amused, but she bites my foot and I fall down with a huge pain. The next I know is a spear in her head before I black out.

Miranda Swan | District 6 

Just looking at Zephyr's leg slowly becoming a zombie makes me sick. "I think I can do this," the District 3 Female says and grabs a knife. She examines the leg and uses the knife to draw a little line right above his knee where the zombified leg ends...well at least, for now. The next thing that happens seems more like she's killing him. She grabs the knife and literally chops off his leg from just above his knee. "What are you doing?" I scream and grab a spear, about to kill her, but Airiest pushes it out of my hand and insures me it's all right. The District 3 Female grabs a small cloth and ties it tightly around his leg. "There," she says, "Now we just need to kill like 13 more zombies." "How'd you figure that out?" I question but we get interupted when nine zombies pop out of the ground

John Kirk | District 8

I look at the zombie I just killed who looks just like the District 1 Male. No time to think who it is, just kill the zombies. One tries to sneak up on Vajra, but no, I killed it first. "Ha," I scream as it goes down and turn around to a zombie. I grab my spear...wait, where's my spear. I notice the zombie has it, but that doesn't stop me. I knock it out of his hand with one simple kick to the stomach. "John, get back," Vajra says and points to the Cornucopia. We hide in there as the last two zombies walk in, but they get blown up by some contraption Vajra made. "Awesome," I tell her, "How'd you do that?" "Wire," she says and turns to a scream in the woods. "They need help," I say and run into the woods with Vajra behind me.

Vajra Nerne | District 12

When we see the other four tributes... really it's probably 3 tributes as Zephyr, the District 6 Male and the District 3 Female all have missing body parts. Miranda is stuck fighting three zombies while two of them try to sneak up behind her. "Done," the District 3 Female says and shows everyone her comtraption in her stub, her hand must have been bitten off or something, "Get back." She used one of her fingers of the other hand and clicks a button which blows up all the zombies. "And the winners of the 125th Quarter Quell is Electria Bolts from 3, Zephyr Bocking from 5, Airiest Trainsin and Miranda Swan from 6, John Kirk from 8 and Vajra Nerne from 12." All I can hear are claps and shouts when the hovercraft comes to take us away.


Briget Malory | District 2 - District 13

When Bridget returned, the first thing she did was move to District 13. Renee and her decided to start Career camps in District 13, but were really rebel camps. Bridget and Vajra kept in touch about starting a rebellion which they sort of did. During the time District 12 was being bombed by the Capital, she led District 13 troops to attack all the Capital people invading District 12 which gave her the status of mayor. After that, she and Vajra have been keeping in touch and both always end up having dinner together at District 14, secret District they started included only their families, where both drank. 

Electria Bolts-Trainsin | District 3

When Electria got home, she became a major inventor for her idea during the Games. She invented a new hand for herself which allowed her to shoot lasers out of her hand, but nobody except for her and Aireist knows. Her an Airiest started getting in more love and proposed to each other on the same day, same time. Both said yes and moved to District 3 to live together. Both planned to blow up the City Square during the 124th Hunger Games, but apparently didn't need to since it was cancelled.

Seatria "Sea" Rivers | District 4

Seatria became a huge acoholic when she got home. She didn't expect it to be so hard and became a drug addict. She loves to swin and meet a new man while doing so. Both started dating, but broke up shortly after he asked how much money she had. This made her want to drink even more, but was strickly unable to drink anymore drugs. She followed the doctors rule and chose not to drink ever again. This got her a boyfriend which eventually she proposed, but her boyfriend said no. This crushed her spirit and she doesn't care about anything anymore.

Zephyr Bockings-Swan | District 5

When he got home, he automatically started drinking. When Miranda proposed, he didn't know who she was and thought it was one of his fans, although he doesn't have many, so he said no. Later that month, he realized Miranda had moved to District 5 and wanted to surprise her, but she wouldn't talk to him. Eventually, he pretended to be one of his friends which is where he proposed to her. She didn't seem to know what was happening so they both started drinking

Airiest Bolts-Trainsin | District 6

Airiest ended up getting a new foot, since it was eaten by zombies. He ended up moving the District 3, but didn't inform her until a month in, making sure she didn't have any other boyfriend. When he did, they both became scientists together and fell in deep love. Both proposed to each other and they said yes. They even discovered a way to distroy the City Square so during the 124th Hunger Games, they were planning on doing it to prohibit any District 3 Tributes, but they were cancelled.

Miranda Bockings-Swan | District 6

When she got home from the Games, her family, friends and her all moved to District 5. At District 5, Miranda proposed to Zephyr. He didn't know what was happening so he said no which crused Miranda's spirit, but her friends cheered her up. After that, she ignored all contact with Zephyr, but he got her to come somewhere where they were alone where he proposed. Miranda was going to say no, but then couldn't resist to kiss him. Since she is the mentor of the District 6 Female, she knows that none of the tributes will actually win since they're all chickens. Due to this, she always drinks at night and hangs out at the bar.

Jordan Burhmann-Nissel | District 7

When he came home, he got lots of friends, but didn't like any of them. Three of them were really disturbing him so he said he'd kill them. Those three started laughing at him for not getting any of kills during the Games and he said, "well, I think I'm gonna have three." He grabbed a knife and burried it into each of their bodies, killing him. Peacekeepers found out, but figured they couldn't do anything because he was a victor. They kept it a secret since he did have to do the 124th Hunger Games Reaping and the Victor Tour, but swore he was going to have to pay. Only three of the Peacekeepers were informed, but somehow, they died...from Jordan. He proposed to Kira during the 124th Reaping causing the Capital to start an uprising about having more couples like these going into the Games.

Kira Burhmann-Nissel | District 7

When she came home, the first thing she did was give her brother the biggest huge possible. She told him how she really loves him. After her victory, everyone wanted to hand out with her and she felt like they were using her just because she had money. In fact, because of this, she donated all of her money to the elderly people organisation she does, the EPCP (Elderly People Care Program). All her fake friends, excluding all her friends before the Games, stopped liking her and she felt upset, but she just let it go. After that, during the 124th Hunger Games reaping, Jordan stopped it to ask her about to marry her and she blushed while saying yes. This caused a huge uprising for the Capital which caused the 124th Hunger Games to be cancelled as a punishment to the Capital.

John Kirk | District 8

When he came home, the first thing he did was pay for 30 Peacekeepers guard him unarmed. The Peacekeepers did it and was supposed to be paid when they came to his house. Using the spear he was able to keep, as a tocket during his Games, and killed all of them for doing such a thing to his parents. Late at night, he brought all the dead bodies to a warm lake in the woods, using a wheelbarrel, and washed his spear there. Weeks later when they found a runaway, they also discovered the bodies, but since the DNA was messed up from the warm water, nobody found who it was. He never got married, but did end up adopting a suffering baby who he named Hadix, after the person he killed during the Games. At the 124th Hunger Games Reaping, he came their drunk as he had recently been having nightmares about killing the boy.

Brittany Montene | District 8

During the victor's interview, she told everyone about her brother which caused many Capital people to pity her and then she told everyone about the District 8 Career Academy that's supposed to be helpful. Right after, the Capital shut down that camp and killed all their instructors and everyone who was a part of it. In fact, they even killed her family for being a part of it which devastated her. She resulted to drinking and became known as a Morphling. During the 124th Hunger Games Reaping, she babbled on about death which interupted much of it so she was escorted out of it.

Vajra Nerne | District 12

On the train ride home, Vajra killed all of the Peacekeepers on the train and used their gun to kill the mayor and the rest of the Peacekeepers in District 12. This resulted in her going to jail, but later was let out when the District 12 rebels bombed the jail. After all the wars, the Capital got into lots of fights with this district and District 13 which helps them out. However, when it came time to the 124th Hunger Games Reaping, nobody in District 12 could be reaped as it was too much of a fight. Vajra became the mayor after all the fighting as the Capital knew she wouldn't stop until she had some type of power.



  1. Vajra Nerne [12]
  2. Electria Bolts [3]
  3. Airiest Trainsin [6]


  1. John Kirk [8]
  2. Zephyr Bockings [5]
  3. Miranda Swan [6]

Death Chart

Placing Name District Day Killed By Killed With
28th Clause Summers 4 3 Bridget Malory Mace
27th Rickey Dean 3 3 Airiest Trainsin Spear
26th Diamond Pearl 9 3 Vajra Nerne Knife
25th Angelica Cathern 13 3 Brick Hein Spear
24th Nox Stello 10 3 Brisbane Vesperia Spear
23rd Brisbane Vesperia Capital 3 Selena Bason Sword
22nd Natalie Hendridge 1 3 Emilie de Rochefort Trident
21st Emilie de Rochefort Capital 3 Bridget Malory Bow and Arrow
20th Selena Bason 5 3 Jason Diamond Spear
19th Accura Acelca 11 3 Jason Diamond Spear
18th Ness "Destructo" Diamuko 1 4 Seatria "Sea" Rivers Trident
17th Hadix Maven 13 4 John Kirk Knife
16th Onyx Blight 12 4 Bridget Malory Bow and Arrow
15th Jason Diamond 2 4 Onyx Blight Brick
14th Brick Hein 9 5 Kira Nissel Throwing Axe
13th North Horizon 11 6 Gamemakers Earthquake
12th Ave Cadite 10 6 Gamemakers Electricity
VICTOR Vajra Nerne 12 --- ---
VICTOR John Kirk 8 --- ---
VICTOR Miranda Swan 6 --- ---
VICTOR Airiest Trainsin 6 --- ---
VICTOR Zephyr Bockings 5 --- ---
VICTOR Electria Bolts 3 --- ---
VICTOR Jordan Burhmann 7 --- ---
VICTOR Kira Nissel 7 --- ---
VICTOR Seatria "Sea" Rivers 4 --- ---
VICTOR Brittany Montene 8 --- ---
VICTOR Bridget Malory 2 --- ---


Name Allies Team Supplies Needs
Electria Bolts Red Team Red Everything Nothing
Zephyr Bockings John, Kira, Jordan, Miranda Blue 2 Water Bottles, Knife, Blanket,  2 Dried Meat, Backpack Nothing (Weapon of Choice)
Airiest Trainsin Red Team Red Everything Nothing
Miranda Swan Zephyr, John, Kira, Jordan Blue 2 Spears, Sleeping Bag, 6 Apples, 8 Oranges, Backpack) Nothing
John Kirk Jordan, Miranda, Zephyr, Kira Blue Knife, 2 Water Bottles Nothing
Vajra Nerne Red Team Red Everything Nothing

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