For Lazy people that don’t want to read this nice and well thought out list I made here is the video for it:

Seychelle Gabriel as Katniss - of course a million other girls could do this, so please tell me (Nicely) if you have any other ideas on who could play Katniss, just don’t tell me Kaya Scodelario, Jodelle Ferland, and Lyndsy Fonseca (Who is way too old to be playing Katniss and shouldn’t be a choice at all!!!) Any ways I think that they are all great actress but I just don’t see any of them being right for Katniss.

Hunter Parrish as Peeta- so many people to choice from but in this video I watch of him baking it made me want him to be Peeta (The Video of him Baking Starts at 1:28:

Avan Jogia as Gale- hard choice to make so have any other ideas

Peyton Roi List as Primrose – This girl is perfect and fits every part of Prim`s description expect for her eye which are brown not blue (but contacts can fix`s that) and also I saw her in Secret in the Walls, and she is an AMAZING little actress and I am really shocked that she isn’t more well know but now, Here is some clips from Secrets in the Walls if you don’t believe me: I suggested watching from 0:39 to 2:36 but watching the whole thing would be better if you have the time(Warning: it kind of scary so if you scary easy don’t watch it) this is Part 2 of the movie part 1 is their i am just too lazy to paste it on to here:

Jeri Ryan as Mrs. Everdeen- I don’t think anyone really cares on who gets this role since you don’t truly get to meet her until Mockingjay.

Hugh Laurie as Haymitch- I think he would be perfect for the role, but does anyone have any other idea.

James Marsden as Cinna- I am not totally sure about this, any other ideas on who could play Cinna.

Kristin Chenoweth as Effie – If you don’t like this choice than you’re totally crazy she would absolute be perfect for the role.

Madison Pettis as Rue - I know a lot of you like Willow Smith for this role but she is a lot more of a singer than actor, and if you go on to and look what both of them have done Madison has done a lot of things and knows how things work and would know how to bring Rue to her full potential and make her the best possible, and for some reason people keep telling me “Madison is not African American she just tan” but that is not true her dad is African American. Feel free to fight with me about this but I am just stating who would be the better actress.

Katelyn Tarver as Glimmer- I don’t really know how to define sexy, but she is really pretty and I think could pull it off, but I would like to hear some other ideas. She of course doesn’t have emerald green eyes (not many people actual have natural emerald green eyes) so contact could fix that problem.

Austin Butler as Marvel – It doesn’t say what Marvel looks like so I just pick a good actor

Lilly Collins as Clove – it doesn’t say what Clove looks like as human but “her “ Mutt was said to have dark fur and green eyes (again contact can fix that) so I pick a good actor.

Kellan Lutz as Cato- I don’t like twilight (not saying I hate it but it not my favor) but it`s really hard to find someone that fits Cato description so a no name would probably be better for this.

Molly Quinn as Foxface- Truly not my first choice, it would be Hayley Williams, but she is a singer so that won’t really work out in the whole acting part of it.

Quinton Aaron as Thresh- umm I just picked him because I liked him in the Blindside

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