Okay, so I have some friends who wanted me to make one of these, so... Here I am! :P I ACCIDENTLY MADE 3 SO USE THIS ONE!!!!!!!

'This is my FIRST ever post, so go easy on me :P Lets jump in to it. To enter my Hunger Games, you must: Awnser the questions in comment form on this post 'before AUGUST 15TH 2014. These are the things you must include:

1. Your Hunger Games characters first name (middle name is optional, unless it's part of 1st name.) and your surname.

2. You Hunger Games characters age. (MUST be inbetween 12-18 or your character will be invalid, as that is the age in the book)

3. Your Hunger Games Characters district (1-12 or again your character is invalid and I can't use it until you update it.)

4. Your Hunger Games characters Allies. Lets say you wanted to ally with a friend who wants to take part too, and you want to be their team mate. Put their username.)

5. Your Hunger Games characters Enimies. So do as above, but list the people your character wishes to not be allies with. Sometimes if there isn't enough alliances then I will pop in a few random ones. Thats why you should fill out one, because then it is guarranteed that your character will not be put with the person.

6. Your characters desired wepons. (4 MAX, in order of perferance) 

7. Your characters personality. (e.g mean,stubborn,likes nature, independant.)

8. A lunaii of your character (PREFERED) OR descripton of your characters look.

So, that about sums up everything... Below is the characters already done.

The Tributes So Far!
1 Annabeth Faith  Aiden Flurr
2 Alyssum Summer Kaius March
3 Nia Luckywell Drake Juniper
4 Via Watermay Mitchel Salmon
5 Kit Carter OPEN SPACE
6 Zora Mayfor OPEN SPACE
7 Destiny Brennan OPEN SPACE
8 Bailey Xreesha OPEN SPACE
9 Hazel Maize OPEN SPACE
10 Blair Blazeheart OPEN SPACE

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