• HungerGamesRocks12

    '12 Districts. One Winner. In 2 weeks, 22 of you will be dead. Who they are depends on how much focus you do during the bloodbath. When it starts, there is not enough weapons for everyone. Some will not die of stabbing. 10 percent of infection, 20 percent dehydration. Some even die of lack of sleep. So in these short training hours, try to learn how to survive. And may all odds be in your favour,' Zen tells the 24 tributes. Flame stares at a young girl from one district below. Her name is Sunset Gold. She is only 12, the youngest in the group. She is very weak but has a inner touch with nature. She is very pretty and kind but poor at fighting. She aims high for her training score, and she gets 10. Good for her age. She is capable with a kn…

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