The Games are simple as always. 24 go in, 1 comes out. I will be excited to take any entries. The prices vary for the products, but most are around $500. You can sponsor two tributes for $3500 for each. You must provide this information








This is the arena Food- fruit, water, bread, stew, and fish/water

Weapons- whip, axe, throwing axe, awl, bow & arrow, blowgun, knives, throwing knives, daggers, spears, swords, electrical wire, explosives, rope, trident, rocks, shovel, paintball gun, bayonet,tomahawk, tazer, smoke bomb, explosive tip crossbow, flame thrower, thunder gun, slingshot, high pressure air gun, lighter, and ladder 

Etc- book with facts on edible herbs, night vision goggles, sleeping bag, blanket, matches, bottle, plastic containers, iodine, salt, medical tape, Advil, duct tape, bicycle, liquid bandaid, gasoline, clothes, socks, sneakers, boots, fishing pole, flotation belt, bucket, helmet, goggles, 5- hour energy drink, camouflage equipment, mask, gas mask, seeds, and plow

Backpack Knives, daggers, and swords Spile, plastic containers, crackers Flotation belt, seeds, water Helmet, goggles, stew Bayonet, tissues, book with edible herbs Survival book, wire, mint leaves Aloe, sunscreen, mirror Water, stew, sleeping bag Necklace, bucket, book Iodine, knives, clothes

Fruits and Vegetables in Arena "night lock" Potatoes Melon Bananas Mangoes Guavas Rosemary Garlic Onions Tomatoes Lavender Basil Oregano Pepper

Animals in Arena Tracker Jackers Mocking Jays Jabber Jays Wolf Creatures Monkey Creatures Lizard Mutts Fluffy Deadly Squirrels Mutant gnats Cricket pinchers  Rabbits Squirrels Deer Groosling

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