Hunger Games Addict98

  • I live in Michigan
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am WHY
  • Hunger Games Addict98
    • I edited Effie and Leshawna's pages...
    • I talked to people and wrote stuff on blog pages pretending to be effieluna.
    • it just nobody read or signed up for my usergames... BUT THAT DOESNT MATTER!
    • Im sorry, i shouldnt have, forgice me if you can :|

    • stopped trolling before it got to late.....
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  • Hunger Games Addict98

    After the fall of Panem, the Districts were combined as many years ago, but there were more horrid things being planned, but not for North Panem, for Australia. Over the span of The Hunger Games, the Aussie government began to fancy the idea of execution. The plans were put into action for and exucution of many people, days became years. One year by the next Australia was becoming morbid. Each sides of Australia became factions. But then one day came when the world became quite, the choosing day was upon each six faction, two boys and two girls from each area were chosen and sent to kill each other. North Panem tried to stop these existing games to occur, but the technology and weapons were fiercer than Panem’s had ever been, they were beat…

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