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    Hey! This is my first games, so i'm staying simple. There will be reapings, but only Reapings. This is a Quarter Quell, though. So, for the fourth quarter quell, to show that the capitol won't show mercy on even the youngest, tributes from ages 4-11 will be added to the reaping. Making it, 4-18. You can make 2 tributes, MAX. Unless, not alot of people make a tribute, then you can. Make them interesting! Remenber, I might only choose one of your tributes! Don't get mad if your tribute dies or dosen't get chosen! Oh, by the way, President Snow Jr. is the new president!

    I want:




    Weapons (1 or 2)-

    Strengths (at least 1)-

    Weaknesses (at least 1)-

    Fears (name 1)-


    Cornucopia Stragedy-

    Games Stragedy-

    Back Story-

    Alliances (You c…

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