Hey! This is my first games, so i'm staying simple. There will be reapings, but only Reapings. This is a Quarter Quell, though. So, for the fourth quarter quell, to show that the capitol won't show mercy on even the youngest, tributes from ages 4-11 will be added to the reaping. Making it, 4-18. You can make 2 tributes, MAX. Unless, not alot of people make a tribute, then you can. Make them interesting! Remenber, I might only choose one of your tributes! Don't get mad if your tribute dies or dosen't get chosen! Oh, by the way, President Snow Jr. is the new president!

I want:




Weapons (1 or 2)-

Strengths (at least 1)-

Weaknesses (at least 1)-

Fears (name 1)-


Cornucopia Stragedy-

Games Stragedy-

Back Story-

Alliances (You can ally later, but if it is with sombody elses tribute they have to aprove!)-

Please folow this information!!!!

District Female Age Alliance Creator Male Age Alliance Creator
District 1 Laurel Dunbryll 17 Careers Readwritelivenikki Andrew Higley 17 Careers District1er
District 2 Lute Silverwind 17 Careers SilentGlaive Emmett Wood 18 Careers Cato rocks!
District 3 Cherry Fantius 14 None AW3SOM3 S4MU3L Raden Sinclair 4 None A Wikia Contributer

District 4

Bubbles Foam 17 Careers Prezziesnow9704:)! Sandy Shipwreck 14 Careers Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 5 Ariannah Bear 15 None Dedejacob Mario Adams 13 None Cato'sSon

District 6

Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson 16 None Readwritelivenikki Brann Clatch 16 None Robin040197
District 7 Aleyen Woods 11 None RossInSA William Silveron 14 None Thebookworm
District 8 Katea Justice 12 Zaine and Flicks A Wikia Contributer Flicks Marvel 17 Zaine and Katea RZN2
District 9 Luna Moon 13 None AW3SOM3 S4MU3L Zaine Tisch 5 Flicks and Katea RZN2
District 10 Josie Mckean 13 None A Wikia Contributer Dell Hopkins 14 Careers AidanMac123
District 11 Echo Lavyathin 16 None SlappingSquirrles Jaxon Keller 17 None SlappingSquirrles
District 12 Pepper Rose 15 None Dedejacob Xavier Woods 17 None Attackcobra

The Reaping

District 1

Laurel Dunbryll (D1F) POV:

My Mother yells my name which was probably, like, the hundreth time. REAPING DAY! I put on the most fabulos dress in my closet, eat my breakfast, and drive to the reapings. This will be the last time i will be driving it, because, once i win, i'll have a better car. I get my finger pricked, then i stand with the other 17 year old girls. They're so ugly. Our escort, Tamalia Hagowitch, steps on the stage, presses a button, and the video of why we have the hunger games comes on. Once it ends, she says, "Greetings, Greetings," and says how she loves being here, and finally, she picks the girl. "Pamas Locksoff" A few girls try and volunteer, but i'm quicker. "I VOLUNTEER!" I yell. I don't bother running. I walk up to the stage. "What is your name, sweetheart?" She asks. "Laurel Dunbryll."

"Alright! A volunteer!" She says cheerfully. "Now, for the boys!" She reaches her hand in the bowl, and chooses one of them, and then reads it: " Nelsio Partman" A boy shouts: " I VOLUNTEER, I VOLUNTEER! MY NAME IS ANDREW HIGLEY!"

"Okay, Andrew higley, come on up!" She tells him. He does. She says, "shake hands!" But we don't.

Instead, I kiss him on the cheek. Now i've got him.

District 2

Emmett Wood (D2M) POV:

"Wake Up!" Mom Yells, "Reaping Day!" As soon as I hear that, I jump out of bed, put on some nice clothes, and rush out the door. I'm not hungry. "Hello! Hello!" Our escort greets us. I'm late! Guess who's the last one here? ME! I squeeze into the crowd. The video plays. "Ladies first!" Henda Malaska, our escort, shrieks. She pulls out a name. "Lamle-" She never finishes. "I VOLUNTEER!" Calls a girl. "Well, then, come on up!" Henda smiles. She does.

"What's your name, missy?" She asks. "Lute Silverwind." She frowns, like everyone should know that. Now they do. "Ah, very nice name." She says. "NOW, for the boys!" She picks one. I get ready to scream. "Boylok Mer-" "I VOLUNTEER, I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" I scream on the top of my lungs. "Okay!" She yells, "What's your name?" When I get on stage, I say, loudly: "Emmett Wood!" I need people to remember my name. After all, I am going to the capitol.

District 3

Raden Sinclair (D3M) POV:

"Raden?" Mommy asks.

"Yah?" Me ask.

"It's time to go to the Reaping." She say.

"What that?" Me ask.

"You'll see."

Me kiss Teddy on his cheek and go. There are alot of people. Some lady says, "Hello, I am Reblla Merkava!" Who that? Big kids. I wonder if this is a big kid party. I've never been to one. "LADIES FIRST! Cherry Fantius!"

Me like cherries. They are big, red, and tasty. Mommy says they are small, but me no beleive her. A girl walks to the place where the lady is. "Hello, Cherry!" The lady says. She no look like a cherry to me. "Now for the boys! Raden Sinclair!" That my name. Two big people take me to the lady. She takes us to a train. Me like trains. Mommy is crying. Why? It's cool in here. Is this the after party?

District 4

Bubbles Foam (D4F) POV:

My alarm clock wakes me up. The sun is shining, and the waves are strong. I get out of bed and say goodbye to my house, a beach house. I know it's silly. But my grandfather built it. My favorite relative. Once i'm ready, I set out for the reaping. I don't even say goodbye to my parents. I'm just on time for the Reaping. District 4's escort, Milli Sawbeaker, comes on stage. "HELLO! I'M MILLI SAWBEAKER! I HAVE BROUGHT WITH ME A VIDEO FROM THE..........CAPITOL!!!!!!!" She's VERY loud. We watch the video. "YOU KNOW THE USUAL ORDER! LADIES FIRST!" Of course, she picks someone."CANDRA K. LELAMOON!" Alright, time to volunteer. "I VOLUNTEER!" I scream. My friend, Molla, is giving me an angry look. She wanted to volunteer.

Too bad, I think. I run up on stage. Our escort says nothing. Finally, she picks a boy. "TANGRO KOPARAZZI!"

"I VOLUNTEER!" Yells a boy. He runs up on stage. He has sandy hair, blue eyes.....kinda like a beach. "WELL, WHAT ARE YOUR NAMES!?" I tell her mine, "Bubbles Foam." Then, the boy tells her, "Sandy Shipwreck."

Without being told, we shake hands, as fellow careers should.

District 5

Mario Adams (D5M) POV:

Today's Reaping Day. Yahoo! (I was being sarcastic.)

After breakfast, I get dressed with my father's 2nd Reaping clothes. Which are now my 2nd reaping clothes. I'm literaly the first to get there. There's not even a peacekeeper there! After 5 minutes, 3 peacekeepers have arrived. Then, the pricking woman comes, she pricks my finger. Soon, everyone is in there. Our escort comes on stage after the video ends. "Hello! My name is Fortala Kagleranam." She fakes a smile. I know she hates District 5. She waves at the girl side, indicating she is about to pick a girl. All the girls cross their fingers. Just as her fingertips touch the paper, someone yells, "I volunteer!" A girl shows herself. " My name is Arrianah Bear." She finishes. "Hmmmmm........we have a volunteer?" Fortala looked confused. She was allowed to. Who in the world would volunteer? She must be nuts!

Next, she picked the boy. "Mario Adams!" Oh no. THAT'S ME! I slowly walk up onto the stage, hoping for a volunteer. Nothing. I'm going into the arena with this nutcase. Just great.

District 6

Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson (D6F) POV:

I wake up at 3:00 AM, thinking it's time to go down to the workshop, and when I'm about to leave, I remember it's reaping day, I don't work on reaping day. I go back to bed when my pajamas are on.

I wake up 2 hours before the Reaping. Get ready, and i'm off. It's a long walk, but i'm definetly not driving. When i'm there, i get my finger pricked, then watch a video. Our escort, Bahamba Larda, Waves as she walks in. "I'm soooooo glad to be here! My name, is, of course, is Bahamba Larda!" Her voice booms in the microphone. "Ladies first!" She says while picking a tribute. "Leslie Moroya" No one shows. "LESLIE!" Bahamba calls. No one. 'LESLIE! LESLIE!" Peacekeepers call. Nope. After sixteen more attemps, a frightened 6 year old shows. Poor her. This is soooo unfair. Maybe, I should volunteer. It's like an adventure. A deadly one. Why do I care? I've been on many dangerous adventures! She's on stage. I have to choose. NOW. Should I? Should I? I think. Yes. "I Volunteer!" I call. Everyone gasps.

Trina, my lifelong rival, who was next to me the whole time, Whispers: "I hope you die, loser! Haha."

I grit my teeth, and walk up on stage. I tell Leslie, "It's okay. It's okay." She just says: "Thankyou." I'm going to win for her.

I shout my name. "OKAY! TIME FOR THE BOYS!" Our escort says. She chooses a slip. "Brann Clatch."

He comes up. We shake hands, and we go on the train of doom.

District 7

Aleyen Woods (D7F) POV:

OMG! Today's Reaping day. My first reaping should be next year, but, becuse of the quell I have 1 extra year of the reaping. It better not be me going to the capitol. I mean, I want to see it, but not because of that.

Ugh. My mom is making me wear a dress, KILL ME! I hate dresses. Plus, she wants me to wear makeup. I won't. A clip was our comprimise. At the place of the reaping, I get my finger pricked. Then, I walk over to my age group's space.

Once everyone was there, without notice, a ladies voice BOOMS in the microphone. We have a new escort this year. There were rumors. LOTS AND LOTS of rumors. Everyone knew we were getting a new one, but there were rumors WHY. There's too many to tell all, but i'll tell 3. 1, was that the last one got murdered by her husband, who tricked her son into eating her. Then, got her best friend to bury her bones. 2, was that she got fired because she was too ugly. Also, she was so sad she killed 2 people, then got a death sentence, by getting kicked to death. 3, was that she quit, then realised she wanted the job back, but they already hired a new one, so she commmited suicide. Mostly all of them ended in her death. "HELLO! I'm Marladsaw Figglebrother, I can't beleive i'm here!' Marladsaw Figglebrother? Really? EEWWW! What a terrible name! "GIRLS FIRST!!!" It's LADIES first! She's about to pick a boy, when everyone says, "THAT'S THE BOYS!!!!!!" She picks a girl. Don't be me. Don't be me. "Aleyen Woods!" Of course. I go on up.

"BOY TIME!" She screeches. "Wooloohum Sellvarood!" No one shows. A boy shouts, "No one here has the name Wooloohum Sellvarood! That's the most ridiculos name i've ever heard!" "AH HA! YOU are the one, since you said it." She looks proud of herself. "NO. I'm not. My name name is Derek Ksafmore." He says. "Oh......" She says, getting it. She isn't talking to him, though. "It appears I have made a mistake. The real name is: William Silveron!" There is a gasping noise from the 14 year old section, then, a boy trudges over, stomps up the stairs, and moans when he takes his place on the stage. Yeah, this is not our day, is it?

District 8

Flicks Marvel (D8M) POV:

Guess what's today. Reaping Day. It's not only Reaping day. Will and Red, my 2 younger brothers have a birthday today, they're turning 12. Thank goodness for that. If the twins would've been any younger they would've freaked. Because they would've gone anyway to the reaping. They want to be 12 at their 1st reaping. I also have an older brother. He's 1 year older than me. He's 18. His name is Jacob.

"Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor." Jacob laughs.

"You too. This is your last year, you need it." I say, seriously.

He nods, and leaves. I wait, and wait, and finnally my brothers are done. We go.

I get my finger pricked, and go to my section. The 17 year old boys section. "Hello, hello!" Gatrina Maria smiles. "LADIES FIRST!" She picks one. "Katea Justice!" A girl comes who looks like she's 12 comes to the stage. "GENTLEMAN SECOND!" Don't be Will. Don't be Red. She picks a boy. "Flicks Marvel!" Phew! It wasn't them. Our family is safe for another year. Wait! That's Me! 2 Peacekeepers push me to the stage, and I stumble to my place. Jacob stands and frowns. We had a deal a few years back that we would not volunteer for each other. Ever.

"May the odds be ever in your favor." Gatrina smiles.

District 9

Luna Moon (D9F) POV:

I wake up 20 minutes before the reaping. "OH NO!" I yell. I quickly get ready.

At the Reaping, only half the people had come. Our escort, Mahala Utquoit is very anoyed by the bad attendance. After about a half-an-hour, everyone comes. "Greetings, you probably all know my name, but, if not, my name is Mahala Utquoit! let's begin! LADIES FIRST!!!!!!!!!" She reaches into the bowl.... DO NOT BE ME- DO NOT BE ME! "Luna Moon!" That's just great. I walk up on stage, awaiting the boy who is about to be picked.

"Zaine Tisch!" A five year old boy woddles over. Poor little boy...I would volunteer, but there's 2 problems with that. 1, i'm not a boy. 2, I'M ALREADY A TRIBUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Good luck you 2, and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Uh-Huh. We know. But, the odds are NOT in our favor. The boy tribute, Zaine, tugs on my shirt. "I'm scared," He's about to cry. "Don't." I tell him. He nods. I can't be allies with him, though. Because, I can't be the reason of his death. I can't.

District 10

Dell Hopkins (D10M) POV:

"Wakey Wakey!" Tackliss wakes me up. She's my younger sister. "Thanks, Tackliss. Today's Reaping day. Your're 6, so you'll be in it it." I say, happily, but really i'm scared inside. "Yep!" She grins. "I'm going to volunteer!" She announces. "You better not," I warn. But, i'm laughing, because I know she's lying. We go downstairs when we're both ready. "Well, hello, Dell. You had nice dreams last night, I hope?" Grandma asks. I nod. "That's great, kid." Grandpa laughs. "Where's Striker?" I ask Grandpa. He stares at me for a moment. Then, he rushes upstairs. Grandma laughs. "Your're good, Dell. You always know how to get him crazy. He should know that he's responsible for getting your brother." She Laughs again. At that moment, grandpa comes with a clean, dressed, and hungry stricker, in a wheelchair, not his usual one, but his reaping day one. Stricker's Mentally Handicapped. He can't walk, and can only say these words: Hi, bye, Striker, Dell, Tackliss, Grandpa, Grandma, Food, Water, Sleep, friend, funny, no, yes. He can't even say his last name! And he is 18 and a 6 year old talks better than him. Poor him. He also has a temper. Oh well.

"Hi" He says. He is fiddling with a peice of string. He is looking down. I have, Never, ever, seen Striker blink. Also, his head is always Falling to the side. The left. I think he likes it there.

We go to the Reaping. "Time For the girls!" We Are late. Great. "Josie McKean!" A girl Comes on stage. She is panting, After a lot of this, She gasps, and she is about to faint and I realise she is having an Asthma attack. She faints, and is taken to the train early because of this. "Time for the boys!" Carla Kalameir, our escort, dosen't even look like that just happened. "Striker Hopkins!" Oh no. It's Striker. Oh God. Carla waits. He dosen't come because he dosen't know how to push himself. "I VOLUNTEER!" I Scream. I rush up on stage. "What's your name?" Carla Kalameir asks happily. "Dell Hopkins!" I Announce. "Amazing! Amazing! District 10's 33rd Volunteer." Carla pushes me towards the train. "Come on, join your friend at the train."

District 11

Echo Lavyathin (D11F) POV:

"Get Up You Lazy Idiot!" The comunity home life is the worst. I wish could be in the woods and find my pack. But I can't. Because they'll find me. And bring me here. And she'll beat me with a stick. "GET UP!" Mrs. Dudale Screams. "And, no breakfast today, You moldy lump of garbage!" I go Into the kitchen and see the other children eat their moldy cheese, chunky milk, burnt toast, rotten apple, and raw rats. BLACH! Behind me I hear Mrs. Dudale say, "Why aren't you dressed, You Ungrateful brat?!" She's Angry. "Sorry!" I get dressed. "Finnaly, You Smelly Butthead!" I snap, "I'm only smelly because you never let us shower!" Her face is as red as a tamatoe. "THAT'S IT! Your're grounded for 2 weeks, you old hag!" She is still red. "I'M the old hag?" I ask. "THAT'S IT! 4 WEEKS, You obnoxious rat!" She Howls.

At the reaping, everyone gathers. The escort, Helerawa Naxwax, Yaps on about stuff I don't quite understand. Then, she says, "Echo Lavyathin!' Me. Okay, whatever. I climb up on stage. Yay! I'm on TV. Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Yay! She picks a boy. "Jaxon Keller!'

A Boy walks up on stage, ready to throw up. Why? What's wrong? We're on TV. Everyone will see. Oh...Good. He didn't. She asks us to shake hands. he holds out his. I do, too. We shake. The crowd cheers, after she tells them to. This is sooo cool. They are cheering for me. And him, of course. But, they are cheering for me!

District 12

Pepper Rose (D12F) POV:

'Wake up, Pepper. It's a Big, Big, Day!" My adoptive mother wakes me.

"Yes, It is." My adoptive father agrees.

"Reaping day?" I ask, sleepily.

"Yes." They say.

I get out of bed, and get ready, then scurry to the kitchen. "Look at the amazing breakfast I made you!" The mother says. Set on the table is, all differrent kinds of eggs, a big bowl of my favorite cereal, an orange, a glass of milk, a stack of 20 pancakes with syrup poured all over them, and a ginormous cake. It's not my birthday, She's just being nice. I gobble it up.

"I'll walk you there." The father offers. He's nice.

There, I get my finger pricked. "Ouch!"

"Ladies first!" Dadooas Lagfasa screeches in the silly capitol accent. "Oh, and may the odds be ever in your favor." She's smiling. She's crazy. She has been the escort for District 12 for seven years. When are they going to fire her? "Pepper Rose!" No! i have only had happiness for 2 days, and it's all gone. I stare at My adoptive parents. They are sad. I am too.

I slowly walk to the stage. "Xavier Woods!" My district partner. A boy with black hair, green eyes, and is tall, but thin, hides his face as he walks up. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE TRIBUTES OF DISTRICT 12!"

The Blood Bath

Josie McKean (D10F) POV:

My plate rises, and rises. "Ladies and gentlemen, let the 100th Hunger Games....BEGIN!"

60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 54, 53...

The Cornucopia is a grassy meadow with flowers all around, but I can see the bees, and killer butterflies. I can't go here. Careers will.

52, 51, 50, 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44, 43, 42, 41....

To my right, I see the woods. I want to go there. But then again, it is the most popular place.

40, 39, 38, 37, 36.......

To my left, a beach, that seems to be freshwater. I need water. That could be my place to go, but it will be others, too.

35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30......

In back of me are four different mountains. A huge snowy mountain, a small grassy mountain, a rocky mountain that has a clear path to the top that you can't see, and a humongous mountain that looks pretty scary plus it is the only place with a storm. All accept the last one, I can reach the top to saftey, but what happens if they send mutts, and I can't get down in time?

29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20

In front of me, I see an ocean, a deadly one, but not one that right when you step in the water you die, but one that has dangerous things lurking in it. It appears to be saltwater. On the other side of it, is a rocky place. Hmmm.... no one will dare cross that. Maybe I should be the first. But it's risky.

19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11..........

Oh god. Time's running out. I will run for the woods.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6.....

I need something. Ah Ha! I see a pouch. It has to have something in it. I'll get it, and go for the woods.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

The Gong Rings.

Dell Hopkins (D10M) POV:

I am a Career. They asked me to. Of course, I accepted. The gong sounded, and I am looking for victims. I see Xavier Woods (12), How do I remember his name? Whatever, he steps off his plate, and just as he steps off, a knife enters his throat. BOOM! I see Red, and remember she's got perfect aim. She takes her knife, and flees. I chase her. I manage to grab a sword, and stab her ankle. She stumbles, but manages to escape into the woods. Fine! Let her run. I start getting stuff. I have this sword, a spear, a full set of armor, and a bag. Just for now, I am a career, so I don't need this stuff, after the Blood Bath, we'll be stocked! BOOM! Who died? I see the boy from 7 on the ground. Emmett Wood (2), a fellow career, had stabbed him in the chest with a spear. Yes! Another one down!

Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson (D6F) POV:

I just killed the boy from 12. I am now in the woods, with an injured ankle. "Curse you, Dell Hopkins! Curse you!" I Mutter. I have gotten, a pack of throwing knives, a backpack, and a coil of wire. I search my pack. An empty waterbottle, a flashlight with batteries, a knife, a camoflauge kit, a sack of apples, and a First Aid Kit. A first aid kit! I search it, and it has those wrapping bandadges. Not the one you use for minor cuts. I wrap my ankle up. I hope at least 10 die in the Blood Bath. And 1 better not be me! I go further into the woods. Who know what i'll find?

Josie McKean (D10F) POV:

My plans are ruined. I wanted to run for the woods, but I saw the girl from 6 run there. If we meet up, i'm dead! She has knives, and she never misses her target! I look for a good place to run.... The rocky place! It may be guarded by a sea of danger, but at least I am a basic swimmer, Not too hard. I'm about to run when both tributes from four run towards me. Oh God. Oh God. What am I going to do? They swim better than me, and they're stronger than me, too. Help! Help!

Sandy Shipwreck (D4M) POV:

We've got her, I can't remember who she is, though. Who cares? Bubbles pulls out a knife. I pull out a trident. We swich, because as we are both amazing with a trident, I can manage a knife, and she can't. "Heh, heh. You ready to die, Missy?" Bubbles Asks her. "No. I'm not." She answers. She's got spunk! "Too bad!" I yell. I push her to the ground. Bubbles stabs her with a trident. Right in the chest. BOOM! We walk to the Blood Bath for more victims.....

Mario Adams (D5M) 'POV:'

I'm Running, and running. I have gotten a mace. Bad. I don't do good with maces, and I have gotten an umbrella. That's why I'm going to the stormy mountain. People are fighting, running, dying, and killing. I must leave, NOW. Suddenly an angry figure pops in front of me. I know why. He hasn't killed anybody. The boy from 1. He takes a spear. I need that! I won't get it. The best I can do is survive. Not Kill him. Oh my. I can't let him kill me.

Andrew Higley (D1M) POV:

I Look weak! I have to kill him! I'm here to save the young ones. There are 3. Aleyen Woods (7), she's 11, Zaine Tisch (9), he's 5, Raden Sinclair (3), he's 4. I care more about the boys. They are SUPER young. Aleyen can make it. I can't keep them alive if the careers are okay with killing them. That's why I decided to be in these games. I throw the spear into his stomach. After a minute or 2, He coughs blood again and again. BOOM! Finnaly, I killed someone! I want to kill another.

Luna Moon (D9F) POV:

I Saw a mace and Bow and arrows right next to each other, and I had to get them. I have been waiting for the right moment. I run towards them and Pepper Rose (12) does, too. She is about to stab me with the mace, when the boy from 4 takes his trident from his belt, and stabs her in the back. BOOM! He is going to do the same to me, but I grab his arm, and flip him. I flee to the beach but I see the girl from 4 there, so I go back. I know i'm in trouble, here.

Lute Silverwind (D2F) POV:

I'm going to kill that girl. She's an idiot! While she was running to the beach, she stepped on my foot! She's back. Bad mistake. I choose a weapon. How about a mace? Isn't that one of her speacialties? Let it be her downfall. I throw it into her gut. I'll let nature take it's course. I'll still be the one to killl her. I can't wait to see her face in the sky.

Laurel Dunbryll (D1F) POV:

I'm fighting with a guy named Flicks Marvel (8). So far, i'm not injured, but I cut his shoulder. "Give it up!" He says, "I'm Not going to die!" I laugh. "Why, yes you are." I stab his right eye with a knife. I wait. BOOM! Heh Heh. serves him right. I see one of the 2 little boys. i think this was the older one... Zore? Something like that. He's crying. Weakling. BOOM! Who was that? Who was that? I'll find out tonight. I go to kill the silly child. He kicks my thigh, and takes some stuff, then runs. he's gone. Wow. Just gone! I go to the cornucopia.

Cherry Fantius (D3F) POV:

I see Raden. He is sitting on the ground, like nothing is happenening. I then see Emmett Wood (2), with a knife in hand, ready to kill him. No! He's so young. I swoop down, and grab Raden, and my reward is not only Raden, but a cut on the cheeck. Emmett is angry. But, what do I care? I set him down on the ground. "You da Cherry." He says. "Yes, my name is Cherry." I nod. "You have red stuff on your're cheeck. You ARE a cherry. But, your not red. Your're a sick cherry." I nod, to make him happy. "You want to ally?" I ask. "What ally?" he asks. "A friend." I say. "Okay!" He says. My ally is 4. Great.

Katea Justice (D8F) POV:

Zaine and I are climbing the rocky mountain. It's HUGE. Zaine told me Flicks died. We both were upset. We take a break to check what we have. I got: A knife, A sack of fruit, a sweater, and a pack that has: An empty waterbottle, a small leather pouch, a packet of wooden matches, a dart gun, a packet of 100 darts, and 5 walkie talkies ( We decided to use the extra 3 for extras) that actually work! Zaine got: a sword, 3 shields (One was for Flicks), a pouch that has 12 oranges and an empty plastic container, and a belt of throwing knives. Pretty good. We'll be able to survive! I see on the snowy mountain, someone. Who? I think it's Jaxon Keller. He has a pack on his back, and a spear in his hand. He's to far away to throw a knife at, though.

Echo Lavyathin (D11F) POV:

I am in the woods. I like it here. I escaped the golden horn thingy without dying. I have: A knife, and a sleeping bag. I walk around, searching for my pack. My family. I see a girl. She is from 5. I see that she is sleeping, and she has nothing. I rest, too. I wont kill her until she is awake. It is not fair if I kill her in her sleep!

Brann Clatch (D5M) POV:

I am at the beach. Thank goodness i'm alive. I hope I am not the next person to die. I really don't wanna die. Really. I am the only person at the beach. I have found a hidden cave. I have a blanket, sun hat, and a sack of vegtables. I lay the blanket down on the ground, and eat some celery. Yum! It's pretty good.

Aleyen Woods (D7F) POV:

Okay. I'm in the woods. No one is around. I have NOTHING. I had to get away, okay!? Anyway, I climb a tree. I'm keeping a lookout for people. I want to know who else is in the woods. No one. No one comes. I am tired........

Blood Bath Deaths
Name District How? Xavier Woods 12 Knife in throat; Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson
William Silveron 7 Spear in chest; Emmett Wood
Josie McKean 10 Trident in chest; Bubbles Foam
Mario Adams 5 Spear in stomach; Andrew Higley
Pepper Rose 12 Trident in back; Sandy Shipwreck
Flicks Marvel 8 Knife in eye; Laurel Dunbryll
Luna Moon 9

Mace in gut; Lute Silverwind

Trivia of Blood Bath

- Both Tributes from 12 are dead

- District 3 has made an alliance

- All but 1 dead tribute was killed by the careers

- All the career tributes are alive

- The boy from 10 is in the career pack

- Only 1 person is on the beach

Name District Condition Location

Laurel Dunbryll

1 Safe Cornucopia
Andrew Higley 1 Safe Cornucopia
Lute Silverwind 2 Safe Cornucopia
Emmett Wood 2 Safe Cornucopia
Cherry Fantius 3 Minor Injury Woods
Raden Sinclair 3 Safe Woods
Bubbles Foam 4 Safe Cornucopia
Sandy Shipwreck 4 Safe Cornucopia
Ariannah Bear 5 Spotted Woods
Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson 6 Injured Woods
Brann Clatch 6 Safe Beach
Aleyen Woods 7 Safe Woods
Katea Justice 8 Safe Rocky Mountain
Zaine Tisch 9 Safe Rocky Mountain
Dell Hopkins 10 Safe Cornucopia
Echo Lavyathin 11 Spotted Someone Woods
Jaxon Keller 11 Safe Snowy Mountain

End of Day 1

Jaxon Keller (D11M) POV:

I'm climbing up the snowy mountain. It's big, but i'm still trying to get to the top before the Anthem plays. I hope no one's following me. That'd be terrible. I'm still deciding if I should swich mountains every time I reach the top. Yeah. I should. Snow, grass, rock, storm. That'll be my order. I'm sure this'll be the first place they go when they hunt. The careers. I'm halfway to the top. I need a rest. I check my stuff. A spear, and a pack that contains: A waterbottle WITH water, Night vision glasses, a packet of crackers, a packet of dried beef, a plastic container, a metal pot, an axe, and a fishing rod. Okay. I need water, If i were to hunt or look for something at night these would be good, I could use food, more food is even better, I could put something in here, I could cook with this, another weapon, and if I were at the beach this would come in handy. That's what I think about each and everyone of them. I continue walking.

Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson (D6F) POV:

My ankle is feeling better. I change the bandadges, and eat an apple. I swear that I'll kill Dell Hopkins (10). I climb a tree. I wonder who died. I know the boy from 12 is dead. How many are dead? I didn't pay attention this morning. I hope twenty-three died. Because if i'm alive, I WON! Ha. I know less than 13 died. There wasn't many today. Hopefully, no one comes my way, and every day there's a death until it's the final 2, and then, I can take them. But I know that's not happening. I wait for the Anthem. I can't wait to see who died. Hopefully not my district partner. I want to ally with him. Where is he?

Jaxon Keller (D11M) POV:

I made it to the top! I'm tired, good thing I don't have asthma, otherwise i'd be having an asthma attack, right about now. I set up camp, on the only part of the top of the mountain that is flat. I can't see the top of the Rocky mountain or the storm, but I can see the top of the grassy mountain, which has a pond on the top of it. This one just has snow. Lots and lots of snow. The Anthem will be starting soon. Finnally!

Laurel Dunbryll (D1F) POV:

The Anthem interupts our talking. I can't belive we let the boy from 10 in! But, he is strong, and can use a weapon.... Why Not? The dead are: Mario Adams (5), William Silveron (7), Flicks Marvel (8), Luna Moon (9), Josie McKean (10), Pepper Rose (12), Xavier Woods (12). Seven People. I killed Flicks, Dell (the boy from 10) said he saw Red (the girl from 6) kill Xavier, Lute said she killed Luna, who was the last person who died in the Blood Bath, Andrew killed Mario, Sandy killed Pepper, Bubbles killed Josie, Emmett killed William. All but one was killed by a career. "ONLY 7?" I Ask. "7?" What a shame.

Trivia Of End of Day 1

- The grassy mountain has a pond at the top

- The boy from 11 has reached the top of the snowy mountain

- The last person who died was Luna Moon (9)

- There are 17 tributes left


The locations are the same as the Blood Bath.

Day 2

Echo Lavyathin (D11F) POV:

She's awake. Muhahaha! "Hello, Had a nice rest?" I ask her. "Yeah......" she says still tired. Her eyes pop open. "Ahhhhh! Please don't kill me! I know how to craft weapons, We can team up!" She begs. "I don't ally, Sorry!" An evil laugh escapes me. I go over to her, and Jab her 6 times in the stomach. She moans. I Jab her 3 more times. She groans. I Jab her 1 more time in the stomach with my knife. 'BOOM!' Muhahahaha!

'Emmett Wood (D2M) POV:'

A cannon just fired. 16 of us left! We decide to go hunting. "Where?" Dell Hopkins (10), asks. Laurel Dunbryll (1) hisses at him. "Where else? THE WOODS, You idiot!" That's where we go. I wonder who's cannon that was and who's cannon will be fired next? I take a pack with lots of weapons and food. Because, to kill, we need weapons, and if we lose our stash, we'll have food.

Brann Clatch (D6M) POV:

I don't know and don't care who just died. The important thing is that the careers are gone! I have been spying on them, and I really wanted them to leave, so I may steal their stuff. I go over to the pyramid of stuff, and grab a bunch of things, I repeat it 3 more times. Now, I check the stuff I have. I managed to get: 3 crates, 16 backpacks, 21 sacks, 32 weapons, and 6 dufflebags. 1 crate has lots and lots of food. Another has lots and lots of weapons. The last one has supplies. Lots and lots of supplies. You know, blankets, shirts, sun glasses, night vision glasses, a flash light, that kind of stuff. I set up my cave. I blow up a matress, and place it at the back of the cave. Then, I put sheets, a pillow, and a blanket. I make a pile of weapons, a pile of food, and decide against making a pile of others, because i'm using most for the cave set up. I lighten the cave by turning on flashlights, and putting them facing up, making them kind of like a night light. Then, I use the crates for food containers, and in the end the weapons are the only pile of stuff I have. I do more adjustments to the cave, but when i'm done, it's no cave. It's a castle.

Cherry Fantius (D3F) POV:

My ally is 4. My ally is 4. I am doing all the work! i want to ditch him, but I just can't. Oh... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??????????? I had bathed him twice, fed him some wild turkey 3 times in one hour, shushed his crying several times, and sang him a lullaby 4 times! i'm practilly his mother! What is this? Now, I am singing him a lullaby again.

Hush, child. Hush. let your eyes close. Hear my soft tone, and let it be your escort........... To the unknown. You need to dream. You need some rest. I'll be there, from now, to the time your eyes open again. So, close your eyes, and fall a sleep, because your safe. I know things can be hard, but not when dreams are in your heart.......... Because when they are, I am too. So, Hush, child. Hush. Let your eyes close. And may your sorrows vanish. Sleep forever........Deep.

He falls into another short, short, sleep.

'Raden Sinclar (D3M) POV:'

Me just woke up from me nap. Da cherry girl is my new friend. Me ask for water. Me bery, bery, thirsty!

"You nice." Me tell Cherry.

"Thank you," Cherry say.

"You welcome." Me say.

"You hungry?" She ask.

Yah. Me are. Lunch Time!

'Zaine Tisch (D9M) POV:'

We are still climbing. Climbing, Climbing, Climbing. Someone has died. I wonder if it was Raden. He was my friend. I want to ally with him, too. I am the only tribute that is close to him in age, but have not only the teddy bear and afraid of the dark mind,( Yes, i have a teddy bear and am afraid of the dark.........I"M 5!) I also am smart for my age...... As you can tell. It would be great for him to have me, because, I know how it's like to be like him, and know exactly what is going on in his head. I have the same things in mine. "Wanna stop?" Katea asks. I nod. We take a break for lunch. We each get 2 apples, an orange, and some berries that we found on the way. when we are finished, we continue climbing. After about 2 hours, we are 3 quarters of the way there. A little farther!

Bubbles Foam (D4F) POV:

We have found no one. "Maybe no one came to the woods, because that's the most popular place." Dell sugests. Laurel hisses. She does that every time he says something. After a few minutes, she starts flirting with Emmett. I think he likes her. After a while, she kisses him on the cheeck. She did the same to Andrew at the reaping but he dosen't seem to care. He dosen't want distractions like that. We settle down next to a huge rock, and plan our next move. Sandy thinks we should check the beach. I disagree even though I like beaches, because I saw no one go there. And who would go there, if it is so close to our base, and the is no where to hide? Laurel and Emmett think we should continue our search of the woods, and I agree, and tell the others they are right. Lute says that she thinks that the woods are the best place to hunt, too. Dell thinks that we should go to one of the mountains, and Andrew suggests the snowy one, because it is the most comon. We end up continuing in the woods. Sandy is upset. I tell him that I know his pain. I wish we were at the beach, too. I miss home.

Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson (D6F) POV:

I am going around the woods looking for victims. I hope the careers are hunting in the woods. I want to kill Dell. I hope he didn't die........I want him dead, but I want to be reason of his death! I look up at the sky. It's about 5 'o clock. I am walking further and further into the woods. Suddenly, a rabbit apears. Food! I have been eating only the apples I got from my pack, and strawberries I have found........Meat is just what I need. I throw a knife at it's head. I grab the meat, and start a fire, not caring if the careers see it. Once I finish cooking it, I put out the fire. Then, I eat the Precious bunny. "Yum....This is so tasty...."

Aleyen Woods (D7F) POV:

I am still up in my tree. Suddenly, I hear a noise. It's The careers! I hide in the leaves. Oh no. I can't be seen! They are about to pass me, and I think they didn't notice me. So, I lay down on a wide branch. The branch snaps. I fall to the ground. The careers are coming torward me........What am I going to do? The boy from 10 raises a sword and asks them if he could be the one to kill me. I use those few seconds to flee. "You idiot, you let her get away!" Laurel Dunbryll (1) shouts. Yes, I memorized the careers names all accept the boy from 10. That's the last thing I hear while fleeing. Thank goodness I got away!

Jaxon Keller (D11M) POV:

In the morning, I had swiched to the grassy mountain. Now, I'm on the top of the mountain, Re- filling my waterbottle. It is evening, I can tell by the slightly darkened sky. I hear a buzzing noise...A bee! There's a bee in my ear! I hear another. There are flowers every where, but no tree. They shouldn't be here! I see a hole, and walk over to it. I look inside, a find a bee hive. I slowly back away, and ignore the bee in my ear. Finnaly, it leaves. I have been stung 8 times in my life, and it was not pleasant. I decide to stay the night, but i'm leaving as soon as possible.

'Echo Lavyathin' '(D11F) POV:'

I Have found my pack! Wait a second, it's not mine. It's a different one. I try to talk to them. They stare, but don't attack. I start sobbing. Why won't they accept me? I can't live without them. Even if they're not my pack. One little one tries to comfort me. Soon, they let me in, and see that I have the same skills as them. The pack leader is deciding where I should be ranked in the pack. Soon, he realizes that I'm good with the pups. He finds a way to tell me that I'm in charge of them. Finnaly, I'm happy. Suddenly, I don't care if I die, as long as I die as a wolf.

Dell Hopkins (D10M) POV:

We are walking through the woods, and we spot the tributes from 3. I take out my sword and jab the girl in the head. BOOM! I killed someone, At last! I'm about to do the same to the boy, but Andrew yells, "No! Stop!" I turn. "Why not?" I ask. ( That's followed by a hiss.) "Because he's only 4," he's serious. "Who cares? For once this idiot is right!" Laurel says. "Please, please. Just let him live! He could be helpful, I'll make sure he's not in anyone's way." He begs. "Alright, but I'm not changing any diapers." Laurel tells him, then walks over to Emmett. "Cherry! Cherry! Wake up! Wakey Wakey! No die! You dead, me sad!" Raden, the boy from 3, is crying. Andrew is picking him up saying, "It's okay we're not going to hurt you." Andrew tells him. "Really?" Raden face brightens. Andrew nods. He then starts telling him stuff. Blah, Blah, Blah. I killed someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brann Clatch (D6M) (POV):

Someone just died. YAHOO! End of story. I feel your pain, Person. Blah, Blah, Blah. I set up to see the 2 dead people in the sky. The Anthem will be starting soon. I unfold a chair, and cook some dinner. It will be tasty. I'm so glad I stole from the careers. So glad.

Katea Justice (D8F) POV:

We still Haven't reached the top of the mountain. I suggest we settle down for the night. From here, We can easily see the top of the grassy mountain, which has Jaxon Keller on it. We see him, but he dosen't see us. He is obviously swiching mountains, because last time I checked, he was on the snowy mountain. Next, I think he will go to our mountain. We have dinner. An orange and an apple each. Not so good, But not so bad. The Anthem Booms. We look up. The Dead: Cherry Fantius (3), and Ariannah Bear (5). 15 more tributes. And, I'm one. I'd thought surley I would be the first dead. I am so happy I was wrong.

Death Chart
Name District How? Ariannah Bear 5 Knife in stomach; Echo Lavyathin
Cherry Fantius 3 Sword in head; Dell Hopkins

Trivia Of Day 2

- There are 15 tributes left

- The boy from district 3 has joined the careers

- The boy from 11 has reached the top of the grassy mountain

- The boy from 5 has stolen from the careers and is now doing well with supplies

- None of the careers have died

- Both tributes from 1, 2, 4, 6, and 11 are alive.

- Every Career except their newest member has killed someone

Name District Condition Location Laurel Dunbryll 1 Hunting Woods
Andrew Higley 1 Hunting Woods
Lute Silverwind 2 Hunting Woods

Emmett Wood

2 Hunting Woods
Raden Sinclair 3 Hunting (Sort of) Woods
Bubbles Foam 4 Hunting Woods
Sandy Shipwreck 4 Hunting Woods
Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson 6 Minor Injury Woods
Brann Clatch 6 Safe Beach
Aleyen Woods 7 Wanted Woods
Katea Justice 8 Safe Rocky Mountain
Zaine Tisch 9 Safe Rocky Mountain
Dell Hopkins 10 Hunting Woods
Echo Lavyathin 11 Safe Woods
Jaxon Keller 11 Safe (For Now) Grassy Mountain

Day 3

Jaxon Keller (D11M) POV:

BOOM! I awake to the sound of a cannon. I look around. No one. I try to fall asleep, but it's no use. I get up, and steal some honey. Luckily, I don't get stung. I spread some honey on crackers. A good breakfast. I go down from the mountain, which only takes 20 minutes. I follow my list. Next is the Rocky mountain. I begin climbing.

Zaine Tisch (D9M) POV:

We just woke up. There was a cannon. I wonder who died. I hope it wasn't Raden. He was my friend, and he needs me! We practially have the same brain but, i'm smart for my age! As you can tell. "Wanna have breakfast?" Katea asks me. I nod. We each get a bananna, an orange, and a handful of the berries that we found each. We continue walking, Suddenly, my foot gets caught in something. Thorns! Katea pulls and pulls. I'm still stuck. I guess, we'll be here awhile.

'Brann Clatch (D6M) ''''POV:

I pack up my things. Why? Because, I want some allys. And, the only way to do that, is to search for them! But, I don't really need them, I am going to TRICK them! HAHAHA! I am going to ally with them, and kill them that same night. Brillant, huh? YES. MUHAHAHA!

Laurel Dunbryll (D1F) POV:

As i'm sitting on Emmett's lap, I remember how Lute killed the girl that Dell let get away. I rember it perfectly. It went like this: We we're hunting early in the morning, hoping to find some sleeping tributes to kill. As we we're walking, we see her, in a bush, eating strawberries. She spots us, but it's too late. I charge at her with a sword saying that she's mine, but I get there one second too late. Lute is already there, smashing a mace in her skull. I yell at her, and she yells back, and soon we're fighting. "She was mine!" I scream. "You should've been quicker, then!" She screams back. Then, we are screaming terrible things at each other. Andrew tries to calm us down. He's so cute. "Are you okay?" Andrew asks, snapping me Back to reality. I realize I have my angry face on. "Yeah." I say. "You sure beca-" I kiss him. Our lips are together for atleast 13 seconds. We get up for air. He smiles. I do too. Our first Kiss!

Katea Justice (D8F) POV:

Finnally! I got Zaine out of those thorns! With not a scratch on him! We continue walking. Walking, Waking, Walking. I'm anoyed because I wanted to reach the top today, but that's obviously not happening. Oh well.

Brann Clatch (D6M) POV:

Ugh. I can't find my victim! Darn it. I just want to win this thing! I didn't ask to be here. But, I am, So, I might as well win! I'm half way through the woods. I smell something funny. It's me! I search through the stuff, and find soap. Now, I'll need a lake. After a half an hour of searching, I find a lake! At last! I take of my clothes, and Hop on in! I'll be clean in no time!

Jaxon Keller (D11M) POV:

Walking, Walking.......................This is Sooooo Boring! I'm usaly fast, but I guess this is as fast as you can get to the top, since this is a really big Mountain. At least, it has a path, that's helpful. I sing a song while climbing, that'll make it more fun!

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp.......The giant's coming to get you!

You better get along, or you'll be in his stew!

You can't be in his meal, your mother will cry, as you already knew..........

He'll eat you! Why, yes he will....he's a big bad giant, who wants you! You better RUN, RUN, RUN, don't wanna be stew...............I promise you one thing, and one thing only..............

Run, little one! You gotta get away!

Your're in danger, he'll follow you 'till may!

So, run, Run I tell you, don't stop and say "Hey!"

He'll eat you! Why, yes he will....he's a big bad giant, who wants you! You better RUN, RUN, RUN, don't wanna be stew...............I promise you one thing, and one thing only..............HE'LL EAT YOU!!!!!

Bubbles Foam (D4F) POV:

We just decided to take a break. We are having Sandwiches. "Yum....Yum...." Sandy Says. Over, and over again. Click, clack, click, clack. What was that? Click, clack, click, clack. "Guys," I start, "Whos doing that? 'cause it's NOT funny." I wait for a responce. "No one, no ones messing with anyone." Andrew says. I stare. "Then, What was THAT?" Click, clack, click, clack. Click, clack, click, clack. We all get up, and get our weapons ready. I see and here a bush russling. I know it's her before she comes out. I can tell it's her from the fire Red strand of hair peeping out of the bush. Red! Before anyone can react, she pulls out a knife, and throws it into Dell's Forehead. BOOM! Red Flees, We stand there for awhile, soking in what just happened. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Laurel starts cheering and celebrating. We all look at her like she's a lunatic. "Traitor," Lute calls her. We all nod and keep staring. Even her boyfriend.

Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson (D6F) POV:

YAHOO! I killed him, I killed him! I am doing my happy dance. I knew my plan would work! I didn't even get injured! My plan was to spy on them, and when they we're taking a break, like everyone has to, I'd give 'em a suprise attack! IT WORKED! I check my injury that the dead boy gave me. When I unrap it, It is a minor bleeding cut. I wipe away the blood, and find cream that makes things heal faster in my first aid kit, and apply it to the cut-It will heal fast since that idiot is gone, too-Then, I put a regular bandage on. I chew on some strawberries that are around. "Mmmhhhhmm!"

Brann Clatch (D6M) POV:

I just just finished my long, long, bath. I go deeper in the woods, who knows who'll find? It is a mystery to me. I guess that's how it's supposed to be.

Zaine Tisch (D9M) POV:

As we're walking, I look up at the sky and decide it's around 5 'o clock. I really think we can make it by tonight! I can see the end of the path, but not the top, but that's really because how it's desighned. We can make it! Today! YAHOO! I tell Katea, she sees what I mean, and her face lights up. "Oh, my! We'll be able to rest tomorow, well, until Jaxon comes, but that'll be awhile. " I nod at this. She's right. We walk, and walk. We walk for 2 hours. Until 7 'o clock. We reached the top! We find out why the tops hidden. It's fantastic! In the middle of the flat area, is a crytal lake. Pure, clear, water. There is a shack at the oppisite side we at. we open it, and find supplies! 4 sleeping bags, a crate filled with food, and 3 flashlights with batteries in them. We each take a sleeping bag, and and a flash light keeping the rest for extras. We bring the crate out side. We close the door, and here a peculiar nosie. we open it, and find the excact same thing we just got. We both giggle. Katea closes the door, and we set up camp. We take out our weapons, waiting for Jaxon, and decide our guard schedule. Every 2 hours we swich, starting with her guarding first. We will start after the Anthem.

Echo Lavyathin (D11F) POV:

I just fed, and bathed the pups. Now, I am playing with them. We play for a Half 'n Hour, and then I put them to bed. I have to whistle a tune to make them go to sleep. I go out and take a short bath in the lake, then wash my dirty clothes, and put them on wet. I go back to watch the sleeping babies.

Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson (D6F) POV:

As the Anthem plays, I'm eager to see Dell's face In sky. I wonder who was the other Person. The faces are shown. Aleyen Woods (7), and Dell Hopkins (10). He's Dead!!!!! Yahoo! And, another person dead, too. I'm One step closer to home. I get ready for bed, in a tree. Home Sweet Home!

Death Chart
Name District How? Aleyen Woods 7 Mace in Skull; Lute Silverwind
Dell Hopkins 10

Knife in Forehead; Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson

Trivia Of Day 3

- Both Tributes from 1, 2, 4, 6, and 11 are alive

- There are 13 tribues left

- We have found out why it is impossible to see the top of the Rocky Mountain without already being there

- The girl from 6 has gotten her revenge

- We do not hear about the girl from 11 until the end of the day

- There was a kill early in the morning

- The wolves seem to have fully accepted the girl from 11 in the pack

- There is no one on the Beach

Name District Condition Location Laurel Dunbryll 1 Hunting Woods
Andrew Higley 1 Hunting Woods
Lute Silverwind


Hunting Woods
Emmett Wood 2 Hunting Woods
Raden Sinclair 3 Hunting (Sort of) Woods
Bubbles Foam 4 Hunting Woods
Sandy Shipwreck 4 Hunting Woods
Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson 6 Very Minor Injury Woods
Brann Clatch 6 Looking for Allys Woods
Katea Justice 8 Getting Ready To Kill Rocky Mountain
Zaine Tisch 9 Getting Ready To Kill Rocky Mountain
Echo Lavyathin 11 Safe Woods
Jaxon Keller 11 Safe (For Now) Rocky Mountain

Day 4

Echo Lavyathin (D11F) POV:

I just woke up, and the pups are still sleeping. I go out and kill 2 bunnies and 3 squirrels. I come back and they are still sleeping. So, I chop up the bunnies, and clean them. I clean the squirrles, cook two, and eat them, and leave one for the littlest pup. When they wake, I give each two slices, and the smallest his squirrel. Then, I take them out, and bathe them. I dry them off, and brush their fur. Then, I play "Chase me" with them. Afterwards, they have a long, long, drink. Then, take a nap is what they do. I use that time to wash me and my filthy clothing. They wake up, and we play some more. I love these guys.

Zaine Tisch (D9M) POV:

It is a bright, sunny morning. We get up, and have some breakfast. I strech my arms, yawn, then watch Katea do her morning streches. She touches her toes, streches her arms up, down, up, down, Does 50 pushups, 200 jumping jacks, 50 crunches. Sits down on the floor and streches her legs, and finishes it off with a deep yawn. She has a good rutine of starting the day. I don't.

'Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson (D6F) 'POV:

I am almost at the edge of the woods. I woke up at 3:00 AM today because that is what I am use to. Now, it is, shown by the sun, Almost 10 'o clock AM. I continue, until I remember I must check my ankle. Taking off the Bandage, I see nothing. The cut is gone. I almost cheer, but I stop myself. The careers are surely planing to kill me. I won't let them do that. I remember my wire, and set up some traps. 3 for humans, 3 for animals. Let's do this, Red, Let's do this! I think.

Jaxon Keller (D11M) POV:

I just finished lunch, and it is around 12:20. I am almost to the top. I walk for an hour, and I can see the end of the path! I Run, Run, Run!!! I slow my walking as I see the glorius Top of the Mountain. I suddenly hear a chuckle. Startled, I turn to see Katea Justice (8) Right beside me. I shreik, and pull out my spear. I chuck it at Zaine Tisch (9), and he turn to the side just barely. It puts a cut in his forehead as long as a ruler. I charge over at him, and he jumps away. Katea is just standing, in shock of my skills. I realize that she was right there, as I came to the top. She'd known i would come. I look over, and see that you could see both the snowy and grassy mountains. She was spying on me! I take my spear, and stab Zaine right in the stomach with it. I flee, but trip and fall, and when I get up Katea chucks a knife at me.

Katea Justice (D8F) POV:

BOOM! Jaxon falls to the floor, dead. I get my knife out of his Forehead. I examine what he has. Not much. He deserves it, for injuring Zaine. Zaine! I rush over to Him, He has a deep cut in his forehead, and a deep gash in his stomach. "Zaine, stay with me." Tears flood down my cheecks. "Zaine." He is barely awake. "Katea..." He manages to say. "Zaine, It'll be OK." He smiles. "I know." I smile and wash his cuts. That's all i've got to heal him. Water. "Katea, I'll live."

'Lute Silverwind (D2F) POV:'

'"Ladies' & Gentlemen, I proudly anounce, A Feast!" Claudius Tempelsmith Jr. Anounces. "But, this one not only contain a feast, yes it will contain one, but it will have something for each induvidual. Not for every alliance. It is Tomorow Morning!" The careers and I cheer. We are headed back to the cornucopia, now, for the feast. I can't wait. Muhahaha!

Katea Justice (D8F) POV:

A feast! A feast! I decide I am going to go, and Zaine wants me to go, too. It is almost sunset, and I must leave NOW. I leave Zaine next to the lake, so he may have water, and set food next to him. I take some food, water, and a walkie talkie. He keeps one beside him, and I know he will only die from bleeding to death. i must come quickly. I rush down, as quickly as possible. I must make it there. Fast.

Brann Clatch (D6M) POV:

The Anthem plays and I go out from the cave I found in the woods. I stare up and See: Jaxon Keller (11). That's it. I am still thinking about going tomorow. I soon decide yes. I am not far from the Cornucopia. I'm going in the morning. I'm going.

Death Chart
Name District How? Jaxon Keller 11 Knife In Forehead; Katea Justice

Trivia Of Day 4

-There is a feast Tomorow

-There is 12 tributes Left

-There yet hasn't been a day that no one died

-Everybody was mentioned today

Name District Condition Location Laurel Dunbryll 1 Going to Cornucopia Woods
Andrew Higley 1 Going to Cornucopia Woods
Lute Silverwind 2 Going to Cornucopia Woods
Emmett Wood 2 Going to Cornucopia Woods
Raden Sinclair 3 Going to Cornucopia Woods
Bubbles Foam 4 Going to Cornucopia Woods
Sandy Shipwreck 4 Going to Cornucopia Woods
Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson 6 Safe Woods
Brann Clatch 6 Safe Cave in Woods
Katea Justice 8 Going to Cornucopia Rocky Mountain
Zaine Tisch 9 Extremely Injured Rocky Mountain
Echo Lavyathin 11 Safe Woods


Name District Age Day Where How/killer 24th Xavier Woods 12 17 BB Cornucopia Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson
23th William Silveron 7 14 BB Cornucopia Emmett Wood
22th Josie McKean 10 13 BB Cornucopia Bubbles Foam
21th Mario Adams 5 13 BB Cornucopia Andrew Higley
20th Pepper Rose 12 15 BB Cornucopia Sandy Shipwreck
19th Flicks Marvel 8 17 BB Cornucopia Laurel Dunbryll
18th Luna Moon 9 13 BB Cornucopia Lute Silverwind
17th Ariannah Bear 5 15 2 Woods Echo Lavyathin
16th Cherry Fantius 3 14 2 Woods Dell Hopkins
15th Aleyen Woods 7 11 3 Woods Lute Silverwind
14th Dell Hopkins 10 14 3 Woods Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson
13th Jaxon Keller 11 17 4 Rocky Mountain Katea Justice

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