Hey everyone I am going to do my own games so add your tributes.A girl and boy for each district.Add name,age,gender,district,skkills,strategy,history,apperance and token if they have one. Reservations last two days if you dont have the by then they are given away.

  • District 7 Ograssu Crasser
  • district 7 Herba Hemway
  • district 4 Sonrisa Connors
  • district 4 Othello Shinnel
  • district 11 Grain Follows
  • district 11 Reed Bliss
  • district 5 jeni frost
  • district 5 Bob Nixon
  • District 6 Dusk Shivers
  • District 6 Tinder Leafs
  • district 8 Corey Hobbs
  • District 8 Selina Prince
  • District 3 Cal Rose
  • District 3 Sanji Jade
  • district 10 Venta Jaes
  • district 10 Parker Fernx
  • district 2 Brass Sater
  • district 2 Trifle Woods
  • District 1 Drake Darkness
  • District 1 Shiny Thing
  • District 9 Mrs.Winkle
  • District 9 Mordecai Bluejay
  • District 12 Amber Collin
  • District 12 Thor God

district 1 Shiny Thing Drake Darkness Moviepopcorn123
district 2 Trifle Woods Brass Sater Earth12
district 3 Sanji Jade Cal Rose kelfaless
district 4 Sonrisa Connors Othello Shinnel Sparrow Hazelthorn
district 5 Jeni Frost Bob Nixon Anon
district 6 Tinder Leafs Dusk Shivers Firecatcher3
district 7 Herba Hemway Ograssu Crasser TotalDramaRox97
district 8 Selina Prince Corey Hobbs HungerGamesFan
district 9 Mrs.Winkle Mordecai Bluejay Tacosalad1127
district 10 Parker Fernx Venta Jaes DMaddoxx
district 11 Reed Bliss Grain Follows MockingJay5
district 12 Amber Collin Thor God

Hunger games

The Arena

The arena has a giant lake with fresh water but some mutts in it. It has lots of forest and edible plants and fruit but it also has nightlock inn a bush of berries that look the same. The twist in this arena is somewhere i te forest there is an old amusment park with working rides and still filled with food and drinks. If you et or drink the food you will get very sick. It also has a magic curse that if you go there you might not ever leave evenn though some are imune to this magic it is still dangerous.

District 1 Chariot Rides

The crowd cheered the second the District one chariot pulled out. It had white stallions pulling it. It was a large white chariot coved from head to toe in silver and turquoise diamonds. Shiny Thing was wearing a strapless red dress with silver diamond ear rings and shoes. Her hair was tied up in a curled pony tail. Drake Darkness was wearing a red tux to match Shiny Thing but he did not look happy about it. They were both waving but Drake looked like he was going to stab every single capital person until eventually he got fed up and had a nap on the chariot. Later, in a poll, they scored an average of 8.0.

District 2 Chariot Rides

The crowd grows excited as District 2 enters the room. Trifle wears a black dress made up of the standard Peacekeeper uniforms, and Brass wears a simple Peacekeeper outfit. Trifle’s hair is tied in to a bun, and she and Brass smile and wave to the crowd. The crowd doesn’t think of anything special about District 2’s outfit. But generally, the members of the crowd liked it. Their chariot is jet black and decorated with graphite, and even guns. Their horses, as white as snow, neigh and look rather pleased. District 2 generally didn’t stick in the crowd’s mind. Later, revealed in a poll, they scored an average of 5.0.

District 3 Chariot Rides

Sanji and Cal step out for District 3, and reveal their clothing. Sanji wears a shiny silver spaghetti strap dress. Cal is wearing a white tuxedo with a silver tie. Also on their clothing are technological devices that could only come from District 3. Their chariot is decorated also with technological devices, and is gray. Their horses are also gray. They smile, and wave to the audience. The audience look pleased, and clap. But no one cheers, really. On the poll, they scored 6.5 out of 10.

District 4 Chariot Rides

District 4’s tributes, Sonrisa and Othello, step out. The crowd is astounded. They wear blue from head to toe, but are decorated with pearls that reflect off the light in the room. Pearl necklaces, bracelets, pearls attached all over their clothing… the crowd adores it. The horses, also adorned with pearls, are pure white. Their chariot is blue with artificial seaweed draped all over it. The crowd cheers and claps and calls Sonrisa and Othello’s names. They score a 9.0 out of ten.

District 5 Chariot Rides

The crowd is happy to see a simple chariot as District 5 rolls out in a shiny brown chariot with matching horses. The chariot has a white chair and a blue table on it. Bob Nixon is sitting on the chair in a plain black tux with a cool looking top hat. Jeni is dancing on the table with a green mini dress on and her hair brushed and straitened. Jeni looks like she is having the time of her life and Bob is just sitting there waving. The crowd rates this chariot with a 7.

District 6 Chariot Rides

The crowd is still watching Jeni when they hear sirens. They turn around and Dusk is making the noise the crowd looks at him and he smiles. The chariot is white the same as the horses but it has a red cross on it. Dusk is wearing a nurse coat and bandaging a dummy like he is saving its life and Tinder is dressed like a doctor with her hair in a bun. She is checking the dummies vital sings while giving it morpling. The crowd loves it and cheers. They get an 8.

District 7 Chariot Rides

District 7 comes out and the crowd is stunned from what they see. District 7s chariot is made of wood and the horses are brown but what they see is a tree. Not just a tree but the most amazing tree ever. It sits i the middle of the chariot and in four different sections of the tree are different seasons. In the spring side the tree is covered in flowers and green leaves. In the summer the leaves look the greenest and the flowers the biggest. In the fall the leaves are the best colours of red orange and yellow. In the winter side there is no leaves but the branches are sparkling from frost. The tributes are just as amazing. Herba is wearing a long green dress with her hair in braids with flowers weaved in it and Ograssu is wearing a white tux with a brown tie. The crowd cheers as the tributes wave. They got a 10.

District 8 Chariot Rides

District 8s chariot looks like nothing just a white chariots with black horses and the crowd is confused because they don’t even see the tributes. Then they hear a noise. BAM! They look and the chariot exploded. The crowd looks amazed as the chariot explodes with a burst of glitter. They can’t see anything until the sparkles disappear and they see a glittery purple with two tributes standing there they crowd goes wild. Selina is wearing a glittery white nee length dress with a sewing needle and bobbin broche. Beside her is Corey in a purple tux. They both sit o pin cushion thrones waving smiling and kissing. The crowd loves this. They got a 9.5.

District 9 Chariot Rides

District 9s chariot is plain grey an so is the horses. The chariot is smoking and smells bad. Both tributes are in grey pantsuits and are smoking as well. Mrs. Winkle is wearing a smoking hat and her hair is plain and down. Mordecai Bluejay is wearing a ball cap and is waving and flying around having fun. They get a 3 because it smells bad and the smoke is hard to see through.

District 10 Chariot Rides

The chariot is made of red wood with white trim and white and brown horses. It has hay all over the chariot and smells of a farm with fresh flowers. Parker Fernx is wearing a duck costume and a little highlighting makeup and her hair in braids and Venta Jaes is wearing a pig costume. Venta does not look happy about the costume but Parker thinks it is cute and she is rocking the duck costume. The crowd gives them a six because they think it is adorable the way Parker looks in a duck outfit.

District 11 Chariot Rides

The chariot is red wood with a white trim and white horses. Reed Bliss is wearing a pink shirt with a pair of jean overalls and her hair in two braids. Grain Follows is wearing a blue shirt and jean overalls. They are both sitting in a pile of grass waving to the crowd. They get a 9 for the simple style of their outfits and chariot.

District 12 Chariot Rides

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