Peeta== full name: Peeta Mellark

district: the one with the rocks!

hunger games: 74th annual hunger games

weapon of choice: strength, painting (whut?)

victor or death: victor along with Katniss everdeen

so leik peetaxkatnis 4eva!!!!11!! omgz hes so cute n stuffs!!!! KAWAII! i want to just hug him and make him mien forevs. gales fag compared to peeta.

my favorite quote by peeta from the movie is this

peeta: lol so wut now?

katniss: i wanna break up now

peeta: noooo sadface imma kill myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i luv that it shows just how peeta care about her in the movie (better tahn booik_ he was about to let katniss kill him so she could go home to sister he really does care her
Peeta wounded
saves katniss from being killed by cat after she drops the tracker jacker nest on them he risks almost killed and getting deep gash his leg to save!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

teahm pita!

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