I am planning on writing my first fanfiction and I am willing to take suggestions for tributes...

Just tell me what your tibutes name is, what district there from and maybe a little detail about themselves.

And I am sorry if your tibute is killed...

And a picture would be great!

(Oh and sorry if I messup at somethings! I am new at this!)

District Male Female Sumbitied By:
District 0 Cotto Crest Eclipse Glade Clove1001
District 1
District 2 Everest Sateer Harpy Evermist Rockman117
District 3 Ian Volt Shana Buzz Nate777
District 4 Trout Gar Michelle Beach Necterine411
District 5 Spike Owens Twinkle Night Jabberjay78
District 6
District 7
District 8
District 9
District 10
District 11
District 12

Hope I spelled your tibutes name right!

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