Part 1

I smiled as I set off the train. Everything was perfect. Me, my soon the be husband and my best friend had survived the games. All thanks to her scheme. We enterd district 12 first. It was quite boring and they gave us all the same boring looks. district 11 wasn't any interesting. But district 10. when we arrived they al gave us happy glares. nobody seemed to mad. Then it happened. I watched as one man pulled up a lighter and lit somebodys hair on fire. It was odd bt it drew attention to him. He screamed,"WHO CARES ABOUT THE CAPITOL! SCREW THEM!" I watched as billions of people ran to there homes at the peacekeepers headed at him guns shooting. I watched as ten harmless people were shot. Then Lance, my boyfriend, pulled me out of there. As we got on the train I turned to see the man running after us. Then I watched as a bullet went right through him.

Part 2

"What was that?' I asked.

"I'm not sure." Lance replied.

The rest of the trip was quiet. We went through District 9 which wasn't that bad. Then Corta my best friend pulled me aside just before we got off the train. "Famis we have to be careful. the President came to my house. And was annoyed about us all living. He called us rebels. He said if we didn't make people convinced that it was just an act of friendship. he will kill us and everyone we love." I think about the though in horor. My sisters being killed. All 10 of them. Then we are escorted out onto the stage. We get angry looks from people. But that is all. the rest of the districts go by fast. Except for 2. Right in the middle of Corta's speech a gun is fired and she falls to the ground. I run to her to see she has been shot in the stomach. I see the man holding the gun. The peacekeeper next to him tackles him. That man wasn't the one that shot Corta though. It was the peacekeeper. Why would a peacekeeper let a man with a gun come in. And the gun looked like it could be a peacekeepers. I cried as I looked down at her bleeding. Doctors rushed over and helped her. But she died later that night. I was feeled with grief as we left. Then I saw the president. I turned and he shook his head. We weren't conving enough. I turned to the train and heard the faint sound of ticking. "LANCE GET OUT OF THERE LANCE!" i screamed. I saw him stare out the window at me. Then the train exploded I screamed as it blew me back. I tumbled down the hill to hit my head in a rock.


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