How it works!

So these games are like every other Hunger games..Except! There will be songs! You can ask for your tributes to sing songs! But I have some songs I will put in!

District Male Female Place User
2 Karo Melis Kiera Melis ~ilovepeeta~
3 Joe Grenwism Anna Grenwism Rockman117
4 Wawa Lake Poppy Teplis QuinnQuinn
5 Vavaly Acia Bubblethellama
6 Gerrit Krohne Glade Frost Nate777

Tye Red

Summer Demin Everdeen


Hope You don't think I am unfair

Due to the fact that some songs have names I will have to sumbit District 13, 0, and Capitol tributes..

I have to make up there names though..also they won't kill anyone and when they die there place won't be counted

So bottem line Tributes from the Capitol, 13 and 0 will be in these but they won;t really count as important..and I will be sumbiting them..I hope you don't think I am unfair!

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