The Games

Yes i know its a stupid idea..but I am still going to do it..what is going to happen is the tributes are going to be placed in a giant neighborhood with plenty of houses...They must fight and only few will win..there will be no mutts..only rabid dogs! May the odds be in your favor

District Male Female Contributer
1 Marvel Dismond Sparkle Chan Anna-Athena
2 Grigory Krylov Anna Krylov Brony12
3 Ray Plug Electra Spark Necterine411
4 Blue West Aquamarine Summerton Brony12
5 Malt Easer Jupiter Dorthog Mopping and Rockman117
6 Rush Quhynn Driscoll Clove1001
7 Max Blonde Cherri Blonde Foxface911
8 Hades Bringer Amanda Hills Mopping
9 Damian Tinder Campbelle Frost Clove1001
10 Wolf Shade Ivory Shade CresentHearts
11 Max Summers Winter Grakineey Rockman117
12 Titun Siege Trillium Siege Moviepopcorn123
13 Clerk Vane Myra Vane Effieluna

Bold: Being Captured by Anna

Crossed out: Dead

Day 1

Campbelle Frost POV

I stand on my plat form in the woods. They called it the neighborhood games..But they put me in the woods. I guess there are some woods by this neighborhood. Then the gong rings and I run. When I am out of the woods. I am in a strange place. A school. It looks like a preschool. Then i hear rustling in the bushes and run into the school. Once in I notice there is something written on the chalkboard. I wonder if its a clue to the cornuicopia. Then I hear the announcer say, "Watch out for traps!" Then i see whats on the board. Watch out. The floor opens up below me and I fall into a black hole.

Sparkle Chan POV

I run into through the tress to see everybody fighting for weapons. I look around to see about 20 houses that look excatly the same. I run towards the cornuicopia avoiding all the knives being thrown at me. Then Marvel runs over to me and grabs my hand. "Is to dangerous you must leave! Hide in one of the houses." I shake him away and grab a knife out of the hands of a tribute. His name is Rush. He then kicks me trying to get it back. So i cut him with it and watches as he bleeds. Then I run. I hear his cannon fire. Poor kid.

Titun Siege POV

After I grab my weapons me and Trillium make an alliance we like to call the sibling alliance. We make it with all of the other siblings in the game Wolf, Ivory, Max, Cherri, Clerk, and Mrya. Its funny how a bunch of the tributes were put in with ther siblings. As we all hide in one of the houses we look outside to see the careers fighting more tributes. I see the girl from 3 trying to fight them only to be stabbed. Since the career pack isn;t as big as usaul they help her up and let her join I am guessing. But she is still bledding pretty hard. I look around at the house I am in. Its beautiful. Red comfy couches with a tiny mirror. Then I notice something slowly coming out of Max's pants. I pick up my weapon and tell everybody to stand still. Then a tail pops out. Myra screams. We all look at it shocked. Max has a tail.

Quhynn Driscoll POV

As I try to find the cornucopia I notice a school. I quckily walk inside curious to see what is in it. Then I notice a hole n the ground and a hand reaching up to get out. I scream and run over to see who it is. The hand grabs my leg and makes me fall. This helps them get out. The hand belongs to Campbelle. I scream once more only for her to kick me into the hole. Once down there Campbelle runs away laughing. I know I wil starve to death. I just don't know how long it willl take.

Titun Siege POV

It happens so fast. Somebody pulls ou a knife and stabs Max. I watch as he falls to he floor bleeding. Cherri screams then takes out her weapon. A fight has begun. I push Trillium behind the counter and pull out my knife. The fight has begun. Clerk and Myra quickly try to run but are tripped by Cherri. I lift up my knife about to stab Myra. But i can't help but notice hot pretty she is. By the time I am about to bring my knife down there gone. So without thinking I stab Wolf. Instead of Ivory being sad shen laughs. I stand there shocked. The Cherri picks up a vase and hits me with it and everything goes black.

Campbelle Frost POV

Thanks to that sucker Quhynn I was able to get out of that hole. But i did feel mean leaving her there. Once out I run to something I see shiny on the ground. A knife! But how did it get here? I look over to see Hades laying there with his hand open and a spear threw his stomach. A spear then lands right in front of my foot. Somebody is in one of the trees. I throw a knife up only for Blue to fall out dead. A career. That means that the rest of them are close by. I try to run but I can. My leg is caught in a net. Electra comes running towards me. I can't help but notice that her shirt is stained red. District 3 is usually never with the careers so my guess is they gave her mercy. But i wasn't. I stabbed her were they had before. She fell to the ground crying. She was going to die. I then pick up my last knife and throw it at Grigory. His sister screams. I know the careers fear me now because they run off. Good thing they did because that was my last knife.

Jupiter Dorthog POV

I arrange myself behind one of the houses ready to strike whenever somebody passes. Then I notice Max Summers and Winter in one of the houses. I quickly take out my bow and arrow and aim for Max. Direct hit i watch as it shatters the glass and hits him in the neck. Winter screams. I am about to shoot her when she is stabbed. Then a hand i clamped over my mouth.

Announcer POV

Many have died...but the games will keep going..what will happen..who know..stay tuned.

Day 2

Sparkle Chan POV

I watch as the careers run away from the girl I had seen kill most of them. This was my perfect chance I thought. I lifted up my weapon but I stopped then and there. What i saw scared me. The little sweet shy looking girl Anna pulls out a rope and ties Aquamarine and Marvel together. I watch as they scream in pain. She then carries them away. I realize that she will most likely torture them. So i quietly run after them curious to see what will happen.

Jupiter Dorthhog POV

I awaken to be tied to a chair with the tributes from 13 starring at me. I scream but nobody comes to my rescue.

Campbelle Frost POV

I look and see The girl from district 1 sneaking into a house curious to see what is going on I follow her in clutching my knives. When I open my door I see the girl peeking from behind a couch I sprint behind the counter and look to see the shy little girl from 2 has tied up Marvel to a chair and Aquamarine's hands to a bed. Then Ana runs off. I know that she is planning on torturing them and so does the girl from 1 know. She quickly gets up and tries untieing the boy. But Ana has set up boobytraps and a rope is laying on the ground. The girl steps in it and she is pulled into the air by her foot. I ralize that this is a perfect time for me to kill them. But when I go to move a cage falls on me.

Jupiter Dorthog POV

I scream for somebody to come and save me because by now they are lifting up there weapon. There about to stab me when the shy little girl from 2 comes in and stabs the boy. The girls tries to run but she is wacked in the head with a toaster. And they are both laying there dead. Then I the girl doesn't untie me. Instead she picks me up over her shoulder and carries me into another house. Other tributes are in there. I realize that she is going to torture us!

Trillium Siege POV

I cry out when I see Cherri kill my brother....They had fought and she had killed him. But i didn't know what to do...or how to kill her..Then I spotted a lamp by the corner of the counter. I crawled over and picked it up. I threw it at Cherri hard. I hear it crack and watched as it shard of glass went into her eyes. Then a knocked down the door, I screamed. Everybody had thoguht she was sweet and felt bad because she was shy but I knew she was evil. I ran up the stairs only for her to be chasing me. I slammed the door shut. Terrified that she would be coming. She then punched a whole in the door. She stuck her hand through and unlocked the door. I screamed again. I tried opening the window but it wouldn't budge. BY now she had unlocked the door. I ripped off a table leg from a table and smashed the window open. I then skidded down the roof but I didn't realize how high i was. I grabbed onto the gutter clinging as I was up about 7 feet in the air. Then I saw Anna. I slipped and let go. The last thing I saw was Anna carrying me into a house with a bunch of tributes screaming.

Amanda Hills POV

I team up with a boy named Ray Plug. Togehter we walk across the playgorund of a school. I see a figure in the distant running. Her names is Ivory I guess. She quickly runs into one of the buldings of the school. I look to see a giant ball of fire hit the school. The school is now on fire and I see her run out with flams all over her arms. They quickly spread to her face and I watch as she burns to death. I have no clue why the gamemakers would do that...Unless there sending us a message? I grab Ray and we run. Run as fast as we can not looking back once. Not noticing the girl that had been falling Ivory. Not noticing the girl who will be torturing many.

Quhynn Dirscoll POV

I scream for help because by now my stomach is screaming for food. Nobody comes..I scream over and over. I hear another scream and see a flash of light. I smeel something burning. One of the buldings must have been lit on fire. Then a girl pops out. Se has a rope with her. Its the shy girl that I had seen before. She throws the rope down and she helps me up. SHe smiles at me. I throw her head into the table. I don't know why I do this but I know I have to. I then kick her so that she screams out in pain. I run, not realizing that because of me...other tributes will be tortured terribly

Announcer POV

Looks like tomorrow will be an interesting day..But lets look at the deaths we have had.

Rush- Stabbed by Sparkle

Max Blonde- Stabbed by Wolf

Wolf Shade- Stabbed by Titun Siege

Hades Bringer- Killed by Blue

Blue West- KIlled by Campbelle

Electra Spark- Killed by Campbelle

Grigory Krylov- Killed by Campbelle

Max Summers- Killed by Jupiter

Winter Grakineey- Killed by Sparkle

Clerk Vane- Killed by Anna

Myra Vane- Wacked in the head with a toaster by Anna.

Titun Siege- Killed by Cherri

Cherri Blonde- Wacked in the head with a lamp by Trillium

Ivory Shade- Burned to death by gamemakers

Day 3

Anna Krylov POV

After watching my brother die I know all the other tributes don't need to live. He needed to live him! Not them! I decide to torture the girl tied to the bed first. Both of here hands are tired to the bed so this one will be easy. As I walk towards she kicks and screams. I then decide I must tie her legs to the bed to. Once i have done that I stab her gently up her legs. She cries out in pain as she bleeds. I know she will be able to live. So i do one last thing. I take a paper bag and put it over her head. She kicks and screams and coughs for air. After about 5 minutes she slows down. Then she stops fighting. She's dead. Her cannon fires. So long Aquamarine!

Sparkle Chan POV

I scream as I watch the girl die. How dare this little girl totrue us! Then she walks towards me raising a knife. I scream,"Please you can't do this to me! I never did anything to you!" Then I see the fear in Marvel's eyes. He breaks out of his chair and throws it out the girl. It misses and smashes angainst Campbelle's cage.She then turns and stabs him in the leg. I scream and beg her to stop. She cuts down his arm and i watch as it bleeds. She does this to the other arm. On both arms though she stops though at a certain point. "This will stop you from bleeding to death. But tons of blood wil come out." She says as she smiles. Then she turns to Campbelle. And smiles. I know that Campbelles torture will be the worst.

Damian Tinder POV

I am in the woods when ihear her screams. Campbelle is in danger. Something is after her but I don't know what I run following the sound of her voice hoping that it will lead me to her. I findthe house and hear her screaming. "Help me Please! Help!" I try opening the door but its stuck. I break it open. I look inside. nothing is looks like nothing has ever been there. I hear her scream so more. Its coming from upstairs. I bolt up them. I break open every door. Except for one. Then i open it. I see Campbelle laying on the floor screaming. SHe is tied up. Then she see me. She shakes her head and screams for me to run. Then I am stabbed in the back. I turn to see a girl there with a knife. I see tears rush out of Campbelle's eyes. She rolls over to where I am and kisses me. Then everything goes black and my cannon fires.

Jupiter Dorthog POV

Ann has decide to put all of us in the basement and torture as one by one. She throws Campbelle down the steps crying. I don't know what she did to her but I doesn't seem like it was good. Then she point at me and throws me up the stairs. I am then thrown into a room. I don't know just what she is going to do with me yet until I see her pick a rock. I scream and bang on the locked windows. I quickly open one and try climing out only for a rope to wrap around my foot. I scream for help then the rock smashes against my head and I fall on the ground bleeding. Everything goes black. When i awaken I Malt running towards me. I scream for him to run but I can't. I can't move either. I wtahc as he is stabbed multiple times in the stomach. Malt falls to the ground next to me and holds my hand. I realize that he needs comfort because he is in pain. I am in pain to. Wtaching him bleed to death.

Trillium Siege POV

I run out of the room leaving the other tributes behind not caring that Anna will be mad! SHe runs down the steps after me chasing me around the house with the knife. I quickly lock the door crying. I sit there in the bathroom. Then the lights go off I feel something brush up against my leg. They turn on and I see Anna right behind me. I sceam realizing that its impossible for this to happen because the door was locked. I burst out of the room running upstairs. I lock the door behind me only for Anna to apear on the bed. I run to the door only for the knob to come off. Anna lifts up her knife. She falls and is then pulled by an unkown force into the closet. I hear her scream. Then I run out of the house screaming myslelf scared to death of what I just witnessed.

Sparkle Chan POV

I heard the sounds of screams coming from upstairs. I quickly left Marvel and walked upstairs. I opened the door a crack to see Anna laying on the ground. I ran at her ready to kill her when the door slammed shut behind me. Scared to death I turned to see nobody. I walked over to Anna passing a mirror. I poked Anna. She didn't move. I felt her. No pulse. How could she have died if nobody had been with her. Then Anna grabbed me. I screamed. It was impossible. She was dead? Then i watch as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. I ran passing the mirror. I stopped dead in my tracks. The person I was looking at in the mirror wasn't me.

Campbelle Frost POV

I sit there along with a girl I have made good friends with. Jupiter. We sit in the basement along with Marvel. Then we hear a scream. Then the announcer says,"If you have noticed there have been some odd things going on...What? What do you mean? OH MY GOSH! THIS JUST IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD YOUR ARE IN IS HAUNTED! RUN TO THE CORNUCPOIA FAST IF YOU WANT TO LIVE! THERE WE WILL SAV THE REMAINING TRIBUTE RUN! RUUN! This explains the screams. I quickly run with Jupiter to the coruncopia.

Announcer POV

So far only Jupiter, Campbelle, and Trillium have been able to make it. So far they are the winners. More winners will be announced in the morning when the rest of the hovercrafts come to rescue. Good luck tonight though..


Aquamarine Summerton- Killed by Anna

Damian Tinder- Killed by Anna

Malt Easer- Killed by Anna

Day 4

Ray Plug POV

I awaken to see Amanda laying there wearing a wedding dress. "What are you doing?" "Getting married" She then turns around and I notice a giant cut in her neck. Isn't she dead i think. "Who are you getting married to?" her eyes turn red and she screams in a low voice that throws me against a tree. "YOU!" I run. As fast as I can away from her. I get to the cornucopia. "Come on! Come on!" I see the sun start coming up. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING!" she screams. She lunges at me with a knife. The hovercraft apears right away and saves me. I am safe..adnd a victor.

Marvel Dismond POV

I awoke laying there..My legs have still never gotten better. Then Sparkle runs down to the basement screaming. "What happened?" I ask. "She was dead! And then she wasn't..and the mirror...and that girl..the reflection..and knife..and..and..and!" I watch as Sparkle falls to the ground screaming. Then she realizes how close we are to survival...She helps me up and we run to the cornucopia. What we see is distrubing. I see Amanda chewing on the girl. Quhynm I think her name is. I know she is dead now. But its distrubing to see this. Then I finally realize what is going on...There were in fact no mutts this year...And the neighborhood wasn't haunted. The possed people and made them the mutts. Then the hovercraft shoots down and rescues Sparkle. Its about to do the same with me when I am attacked.

Sparkle Chan POV

I look down to see Marvel being attacked. "NOOo!" I scream. Amanda and Anna quickly bite him on his neck and legs. He screams out in pain. Then I am pulled into the hovercraft and I am carried away by people. I scream and kick for them to save Marvel. "You need to help HIM! HE'S GOING TO DIE! HELP HIM! HELP HIM!" Tears poor out of my eyes..I am screaming it now. Then I am dropped...I see them everywhere...they are attaking me..

Campbelle Frost POV

I look at my remaining victors...They have to talk to Trillium about something creepy that has happened. I hear her screaming about it. Saying that there coming for her. I then see them enject something into her. She falls to the ground. She wakes up shortly after and they tell her that there was never and Anna in the games...nothing bad ever happened in the games..There were no evil spirits or tortuing. I don't know why they tell her this. I exit the room. Then I realize something terrible has happened in the games...I am guessing something that has to do with nightmares and stuff. I see Sparkle on the floor screaming. Kicking and screaming. The people try to stop her. She screams for them to save him. Who? I don't know. She is screaming its coming. She twitches several times. Then she stands still. She lets out an blood curdling scream. And she collapses. They quickly take her to the other room. I watch as they help her into a staight jacket. They are going to explain to her it never happend. then i see a boy come buy. He has bites marks all over his body. Marvel I think his name is. This is who she must have been talking about. They quickly take him into the ER. I realize somethign terrible has happened...Something that will make most of the victors go mad for the rest of there lives..I realize these gmaes have ruined peoples lives...I don't know what was so bad that drove many insane. I look out the window and see it. I scream. And collapse to the ground.. Twicthing just like Sparkle.


Anna- Killed by an unkown force.

Amanda- Possessed

Quhynn- Bitten and killed by Amanda.

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